Ray Park (Edgar, Heroes) says hi to Heroes MUSH.

Inspired by the hit TV series that stirred the hero inside of millions of viewers around the world comes a roleplaying game that puts the future in your hands.

Welcome to Heroes MUSH.

Those with evolved abilities are scattered all over the globe amidst billions of ordinary everyday people — and they too are just everyday people, but perhaps not so ordinary. Regeneration. Time travel. Telekinesis. All of these unusual powers exist. And now everyone knows about them.

The world is still the world we know, but it's been changed; there's no doubt about that. With change, however, comes adaptation. Evolution. It's a Brave New World.

Here, we delve into the lives of powered people — or "ability positives" — and unpowered alike. People are finally settling into adjusting powers into their normal lives (though some businesses still ban the use of powers inside their premises, leading to plenty of discrimination arguments). A special division of the police handles powered cases. Legislation has people register their powers on another card, with plans to include it on drivers' licenses in the near future… The highest point of turmoil and change is past, but these things always have a way of coming to boiling at any time.

The four seasons of Heroes paved the way for this Brave New World, and those familiar faces like Claire, Peter and Hiro are out there somewhere, but now the Heroes MUSH focus is on new, original characters. The possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit. Who will you be?

Watch our previous volume's promo video made by Pistachioclick here!


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