2009-11-13: 15 Minutes of Fame



Date: November 13, 2009


The masses descend on the local karaoke bar. Hilarity, scandals and partial nudity ensues.

"15 Minutes of Fame"

Midtown, NYC - 15 Minutes Karaoke Bar

For anyone who'd ever had the misfortune of hearing Miss Jade Eastly sing, taking her out to karaoke would be about the same as inserting overly-sharp toothpicks into their ear canals. Unfortunately for Lena and Tiago, they haven't been witness to that spectacle yet. The dark-haired girl had reluctantly agreed to a karaoke getaway, as it saved her from an evening of boredom closing up shop, but had made it very, very clear that she wasn't going to do any singing.

Very clear.

With no cover charge, and no bouncer at the door suspiciously checking the identification cards and/or driver's licenses of all who entered, Jade at least manages to squirm her way into the bar free of any brightly-colored wrist ornaments that all who were under twenty-one must usually suffer. The bar wasn't overly crowded, but was filled enough to make the place seem cozy, and would have looked right at home in an ad for the old television show Cheers, with everyone laughing and having a good time. Except most of them were having a good time as they laughed at a pair of Japanese businessmen trying to belt out 'You Drive Me Crazy', which wasn't going well for them. A booth seat was out of the question, as those were the first to be taken up, so Jade elects to motion towards the bar, which was only half-full.
"What about over here? I'm not sitting at a table. I hear people pick their noses and wipe them on the underside."

It isn't often that Tiago can convince Lena to get all dolled up. Her attire tonight is the result of multiple tubs of cherry cheesecake ice cream, and several days of begging and pleading but the Brazilian declared himself satisfied with the result. Lena's playing the alternative schoolgirl, complete with short skirt, suspenders and loose tie balanced by wide fishnets and engineers boots. All that's missing is a sulky or sad expression as she ambles into the bar behind Jade. But! She has promised to forget her troubles and worries for this night, so an honest attempt is made to look around with bright interest.

"Works for me! You want anything to drink? Chi's buying." Lena eases to a spot at the corner of the bar, preferring the elbow room there, and sets her back against its edge. The poor gentlemen on the stage receive a grin for their efforts. "Okay, yeah, this was a good idea…"

The evil mastermind behind the whole event, Tiago has gone out of his way to ensure that everyone is going to have a good time (or die). Or at least, he's gone out of his way to ensure that /he/ is going to have a good time. And this includes purchasing(read that as stealing) a particularly spiffy fedora that he things gives him points for sophistication. He trails after the pair of girls with a broad, smug expression plastered on his features, moving with that gangster swagger he does so well.

"Heh heh. Check it Jade, they your ancestors or somethin'?" The Brazilian drawls to the brunette with a good-natured snicker, sliding into his spot beside Lena at the counter. "Man, this is - wait. I'm /what/ now?" Automatically, his features fall, and he turns to peer at Lena as she volunteers him to be the wallet behind this operation. "…Yeeah. Yeah, sure, I guess. But Jade don't like doin' that much, do you? I mean, she's kinda no fun at all." Leave it to him to turn the innocent suggestion into a sort of challenge.

Brayden managed to give most of the reporters following him the slip before stealing into the Karaoke bar. This is his kind of scene. A place where people can sing, even if they can't. It's about fun, right? He's still wearing his Hallis-bought dress pants, and his dress shirt, but ditched the suit jacket (and never redawned the tie after Charity suggested he take it off), trading it for his old standby: his worn-out brown leather bomber coat.

Immediately he sits at the bar, turning to the waitress, "A B52, please." He turns around and beams at the Japanese businessmen as they finish their song. Immediately he claps his hands, "Whoo! Yeah! Way to go!" When he turns back to the counter, his shot is in front of him. Immediately he downs it.

"He is, huh? Careful, someone might mistake him for a gentleman."

Jade straddles a seat at the bar next to the other two, unfortunately with a large, sweaty male on the other side of her. No sooner was she seated than the guy turns to leer at her, also subjecting the poor teen to his Ogre-breath. Trying not to be too conspicuous about it, she turns away, holding a hand up to the side of her face both to protect her sight from viewing him, and to deflect some of the beer-induced halitosis. Silently, she looks at Lena with a grimace and mouths 'ew'.

"Yeah, can't you just see the family resemblence? You know, you're a lot better looking when your mouth isn't moving to ruin it." The dark-haired girl casts an aside glance at the Brazilian as he indicates the men on stage, but refusing to look in that direction for fear of coming face-to-odor with Ogre-Breath. "No. No, I'm not very fun at all. In fact, I'm the opposite of fun, remember? We had this discussion the other day in the shop. But then, when a woman talks, I wouldn't expect someone like you to actually listen." She tosses her hair back over her shoulder with an evil smirk. "Now do like Lena said and order me a cosmo."

There is nothing more effective than a practiced good cop/bad cop routine. Lena and Tiago have that one down pat, with the former sending the latter a devious little grin for the challenge issued…and accepted. "He listens a lot better if you unbutton your shirt a little," the little brunette informs Jade, having long since taken her own advice. It's why the criminal pair get along so well. Her gaze wanders idly over the Ogre, his expression and body language studied a moment before she steps around the other girl's chair to re-position herself between them. A subtle elbow nudge later, some brief arm contact, and the big dude's going to start having problems focusing his eyes, much less leering.

"Hey!" This is called down to Nathan, accompanied with a wave of one hand to summon his attention. "Is the set list down there? Can you slide it over?"

Tiago leans back against the counter casually, letting out a low sort of whistle as Jade rips into him, although the grin on his face proves that he is quite amused by it all. Turning to Lena, he tips his hat upwards before pointing to Jade with his thumb. "See what I meant, huh? She's a charmer, aint she? I regular ray of fuckin' sunshine, I swear. Anyway, I'll listen ta you women-folk the moment ya'll say somethin' interestin' and /not/ shoe related, so there!" With this playful gender jab in play, the Brazilian twirls around in his spot to flag down the bartender. "Alright, bro. Can I get…what, a cosmo for the priss, a rum and coke for me and…a glass of pineapple-orange juice."

Once this is done, the lad turns around once again. "Alright! Since I'm fundin' this here adventure, you mooch, let's make it a little fun, yeah? Maybe we should…play a li'l game or somethin'."

Following his shot, Brayden orders a neat scotch, which the waitress places in front of him. Unlike the shot, he sips at it, nursing it for awhile. Lena breaks into Brayden's thoughts and he turns to face Lena. He offers her his easy, charming toothy smile. "Yeah, just a sec," he glances at it quickly before sliding it over to Lena. He offers her another smile, "So what are you going to perform?" He chuckles at the latest performers, three very intoxicated guys singing Pokerface. "Choose something ironic," he urges the girl he doesn't know. "I think it's funnier and far more entertaining if it's ironic." He smirks and sips at his scotch.

Jade's eyes roll first to Lena, then to Tiago, then back again, before she finally raises her eyebrows and shakes her head, pursing her lips into a thin line as if making a hard decision. "I… think I'd rather just be ignored then." She scoots the barest bit away from Lena as she wedges between her and Ogre, though now stuck between her and Tiago, she didn't have much room to get away. Jade, blissfully unaware of the other woman's abilities, was prone to touching people while trying to get their attention or speaking to them, a habit that could get her in trouble if Lena wasn't adept or aware enough to pull some evasive action.

At the mention of a game, Jade leans slightly away from Tiago, towards Lena, shooting the male a glance that suggested she was starting to doubt his overall level of sanity. "A game? Wow. I don't even know what to say that. Shoot greaseball. What'cha got for…" Her eyes flick towards Brayden for a moment, before returning to the Brazilian. "…for a game?" Covering half her mouth with a hand, the teen leans towards the other woman with a sly whisper. "Is that total babe at the end flirting with you? Because meow, I'm jealous."

"Fuck you and your stereotypes," Lena says comfortably. Tiago earns himself another grin, this one both warm and fond. "I think she's adorable, for a kid. Go easy on her, Chi. Oh, hey, thanks man!" It becomes that much easier for the girl to converse with her escorts and Brayden when the ogre in between suddenly stumbles off of his chair, veering off in the direction of the restrooms. Meaty hands are grasping at the air, as if he were chasing something just out of reach. Lena ignores that behavior, but does help herself to the vacated stool. The set list is flipped through idly. "I dunno what would be ironic! Addicted to Love, maybe…? Hey, Tatu…" The search for The Perfect Song is put on hold though when Jade weighs in on Brayden's physical merits. Dark brows quirk up and she spares a more speculative look for the fellow before whispering back, "…shut up."

"Y'know what they say - there's truth in every stereotype. Why else d'you think I wouldn't let ya drive when we came up here, hmm?" Tiago offers Lena wryly, shooting the brunette a glance over Jade's head. He is momentarily distracted at this point by the arrival of their beverages, and a short exchange later leaves Tiago sipping at his rum and coke, offering first Lena her fruity concoction, then Jade her Sex and the City inspired drink. It is only then that he offers the youngest of the crowd a deliberate snort. "Well damn Mulan, how the /hell/ didya get that stick so far up your ass, huh? Re-lax, okay? We're jus' here ta kick back and have a good time…and, I guess, makin' fun of me can be a good time too but y'gotta give me /somethin'/, alright? How 'bout a question game or somethin'. A…agame o' truth and dare - I haven't played that in ages."

After speaking, this is when he notices the fact that Jade and Lena are whispering to each other none so subtly. The young man swallows, narrowing his eyes on the troublesome pair, before flickering his orbs over towards Brayden. "…The fuck're you two whisperin' about?"

That same charming toothy grin is flashed to Jade before Nathan arches a single eyebrow, "Well, only you know what's ironic for you." He smirks as he sips at his scotch. He slides over to glance at the list again, yes, the stranger is invading their space a bit, but he's not being domineering about it. "Although, it's better if it's openly ironic." He reaches over and points to Single Ladies on the list with a broadening grin, "Now if I sang that, it would be ironic because I'm male." He gazes over his shoulder as his pointer finds another song, "This one might be ironic for you." His finger rests on Goldigger. "Not the easiest to sing, especially if you lack rythym but a heavy dose of irony." He winks.

"Oh, so testy. Well, you know us kids, we just can't help ourselves." As Jade leans back away from Lena, recovering her more neutral position between the duo, reaching out to snatch up her drink and take a sip of it. She gives a casual shrug of her shoulders at the comment about a certain item jammed in her posterier. "I think big, smelly Huns like you put it there with a decade of making me inhale the stench of too much testosterone. She the drink makes the trip from her mouth to be set down on the counter, she affects a sideways grin.

"Truth or Dare? Did I just flashback to my unfinished High School years? Okay, okay, if it'll make you that happy, I give."

"Mmhmm. So you're saying she should sing a guy song?" She leans over to tug at the hem of Lena's skirt meaningfully. "I'm not sure that'd work with the punk girl motif she's already got going on. Shouldn't she sing, I don't know," she gestures idly in the air with one hand. "Something sweet and sappy?" Raising her eyebrows in question, she glances to the other woman, with a smile on her face hiding the 'If you're a great singer I'll hate you forever' expression just beneath the surface.

"Huh? Oh! Uh…Jade thinks you're hot, Chi. She was wondering if I'd get pissed if she grabbed your ass." After tossing that hand grenade into the conversation, Lena takes a break from perusing the song list in order to reach for her depressingly non-alcoholic drink. Of course, her attempt at distraction would be far more effective if Brayden hadn't just schmoozed his way over into their little circle of happy.

It's early yet in the karaoke bar but not so early that there isn't an air of celebration. A couple of folks are attempting a rendition of Lady Gaga's 'Pokerface' up on the stage and the set list is being hogged by Lena up at the bar. To one side of her is Nathan, to the other Jade and Tiago. Drinks are being sipped, banter is being exchanged. Life is good. "I think he's trying to say I don't look like I have any rhythm," Lena corrects Jade, reaching down to nudge the hand away from her skirt. "What's your name, dude? You look kinda familiar."

"Geez Jade - I mean, Minnie Chang - at least get it right! I aint a Hun, I'm like…a smelly Mexican or somethin', I guess. And you love it. Y'can pretend all you want, but I know you're like, itchin' for me." Tiago protests, and soon enough his eyes flash from Jade over to Lena as the latter offers her not-so-subtle attempt to write his attention away. He doesn't buy it, not for a second, but decides that he can use Lena's lie to his advantage. "See? I knew it. And, chyeah. That's kinda funny though - I didn't finish high school either. It means we're all missin' crucial bits of our past, and it's only right for us ta take it back tanight."

As Nathan approaches the girls, Tiago can't help it. His eyes narrow speculatively, his lips pursing, though he manages to keep from jumping forward by swallowing a generous amount of alcohol. "Hey! Lena. Are you goin' ta sing, baby?"

Brayden's lips spread into a wicked grin at Jade's comment, "Well, you have a point there." He nods slightly, "Sweet and sappy might be the way to go. A love ballad would certainly present an element of irony." He offers Lena his hand, "Well, people around here keep calling me Nathan." Such a relief not to be outright recognized! Maybe ditching the suit jacket was a good idea. He shrugs a bit, "But if you want me to respond, call me Brayden." There's a pause as he glances from Lena to Jade to Tiago. "And who are you folks?"

Seems like another is making there way into the Karaoke Bar, Andra glances around curiously as she pauses at the door, long enough to unzip her jacket and take in who all may be around. Not like she actually know anyone in this city to start with. She moves along humming a faint happy little tune to herself, she's here to watch and get in a few laughs, perhaps actually relax after a week about worring about one thing or another. Though she is not here to sing, she can't sing its just that simple. She takes over a free seat at the corner of the bar, rubbing her hands while asking for a soda when ever the bar tender wanders her way. Bit of conversations are picked up while she leans against the bar allowing her arms to fold upon it.

The deadpan expression Jade gives to Lena after that little remark clearly told that if the dark-haired teenager had laser eye powers, she'd have used them in that moment. The same I Hope You Die stare is then turned on the Brazilian male. It's a stare that only becomes more malevolent and unholy with every word that comes out of his mouth, her brain trying to collapse his mouth in on itself through sheer willpower. When that doesn't work, she elects to take a drink.

"Well, a girl's gotta lust after something in life." Her tone is monotonous, dripping with sarcasm. "Might as well be your bony butt." As the girly drink is polished off by the dour teen, she holds the glass up towards Tiago's face, nearly shoving it up his nose. "Princess Mulan would like another, please."

As the newcomer male introduces himself to Lena, Jade takes advantage of his question to inject herself into the conversation, a much-less-evil expression on her features in the form of a smile as she holds out her hand. "I'm Jade. Jade Eastly. Ignore this." She waves a hand, palm out, in front of Tiago's face. "I'm not asian. Are you going to be singing anything tonight?"

Lena is usually the first to leap into a rousing game of Truth or Dare, high school being about the right maturity level for the little punk, but Nathan's offered handshake is distracting. This could be fun, especially with Tiago getting all puffed up. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm gonna sing. I could do a love ballad, or maybe Jade and I could do a little something…hey there, Brayden." And the deed is done, Lena's hand jumps Jade's to clasp the man's with firm familiarity. This being a party, she hasn't bothered to modulate her natural ability, and so he might feel a pulse of warmth and a not unpleasant tingling, before she releases him. "The big guy there is my boyfriend, Tiago…Chi-ah-go, or Chi, and I'm Lena. You oughta play Truth or Dare with us. Everyone oughta play," she remarks loudly enough to carry down the bar.

Tiago stares. He merely /stares/ at the current happenings, at the attention Nathan/Brayden's managed to garner with little to no effort. And he scowls, sinking back into his seat closest to Andra after finishing off his current drink. It is then that he starts grumbling under his throat, words that seem to vaguely resemble: "So they like old crusty grandpas…whatever." It's true. /No one/ can sulk like the Brazilian, the self-pitying fool.

When Tiago is viciously attacked by Jade's glass, he blinks and frowns to her petulantly. "Well, since ya said /please/…"He turns on his heels with a roll of his green eyes, tossing Andra a look in search of sympathy. "So demandin', y'know? I'm always taken advantage of and shit. Anyway, bartender, man! Can I get me 'nother cosmo and…and a shot of vodka, man. Make that two."

"I don't know," Brayden smiles easily at Jade. "Not sure I could match the talent in this room tonight." He winks as a pair of tone deaf drunk teens finish their rendition of Can't Fight This Feeling. But the handshake does just that, tingles and warm feelings. Kind of like when morphine first hits your veins, but it does far more than that. In fact, the high is unbelievable. "I think I will sing! And I'm totally game for Truth or Dare! WHOO!" the smile stretches across his lips. He certainly doesn't sound like a forty-something at this moment. Everything feel so good right now! He stands to his feet and marches on a mission to the front. Shortly after he reaches the stage, Single Ladies begins to blare through the speakers, and yes, Brayden begins to sing AND dance very very sloppily. No inhibitions. At all.

And as Brayden begins his performance, several photographers take out cameras. Won't his publicist be pleased?

Andra offers a smile and nod to the bartender for her drink and is taking a sip from it when she catches Lena's words. She sputters faintly and blinks while peering down the bar curiously. Truth or dare? Isn't that a /kids/ game? A faint heh escapes her, perhaps there just over look her? A curious glance is offered to Tiago as he sinks down into a seat near her. "Ah.. well.. Tell 'em no?" She questions, that totally makes sense to her at least. "I mean.. if you don't want to do something an all.." There's a pause at the sudden loud voice from down the way and she lifts a brow while peering towards the man on the stage. "What was he drinking?.." Because she doesn't want any of it.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said anything about me singing? I told you guys on the way over here, the both of you, that I'm not getting up on that stage." Jade shakes her head, holding her hands up, palms out. "I just came here to laugh at other people, not be booed off-stage while trying not to screw up Genie In A Bottle."

A smile that read sweet on the outside, yet something more sinister underneath, is thrown at Tiago as he acquieces her desire for more of the 'high-class' alcoholic beverage, leaning back against the counter and tugging the hem of her shirt down. Lena gets a slightly-disbelieving look as she seems to go along with the idea of Truth or Dare, a groan being elicited. "Oh, not you, too. Okay, okay, I'm in."

"R-Really?" Jade, taken aback by the sudden boyish exuberance of the otherwise distinguished-looking male, looks almost startled by his sudden shedding of twenty years. She casts a glance to Lena, then back, just in time to see him storm off in the direction of the stage. "H-Hey… Should we…" She points ineffectually after him, then rubs at the side of her temple. "Do you think he's… Was there something in his drink?" The last is said as she looks suspiciously at the Brazilian.

Lena's job is halfway done, and she grins as Nathan charges the stage. Triumph! Maybe this being a freak thing isn't so bad! "Aww, cmon, he's having fun," she assures Jade, giving the other girl a rather maternal pat to the hand. Warm warm tingle tingle. "You should loosen up! Sing something with me once he's done! We could do "All the Things She Said", maybe?" The brunette leaves Jade to consider the set list, hopping down from her chair to circle around behind Tiago. He's treated to her arms winding around his waist from behind. "Don't be grumpy, I was just starting the party…hey, who's this?" Andra receives an inquisitive look, a thoughtful smile.

The drinks arrive in due time. This time, Jade can grab her own, seeing as Tiago is too busy throwing down his first shot and cringing at the pain that attacks his esophagus as a result of the liquor. His lips are pulled back into a hiss of pain, and he ends up tossing Andra a fleeting sort of shrug. "Well, I gotta man. She asked. I can't jus'…not do it." Beat. "Wait…can I?" On the cusp of this revelation when it comes to handling women, he is immediately distracted by the pair of arms that slink around his waist. His eyes shoot downwards, peering without comprehension at the pale limbs for a moment before his lips are reluctantly drawn into a wry smile. "I aint grumpy. Shut up." He protests begrudgingly.

In light of the dose of attention (he runs on attention, much like an electronic runs off of batteries), the young man turns in Lena's arms with his second shot in place. "Who's this? I dunno. But, I gotta say…you're old geezer of a friend up there?" His grin grows broader, more mischievous. "He's fuckin' good, man." Cue a healthy dose of snickering on Tiago's part. He manages to catch Jade's look, and he meets it with a double-take, glowering over to her sullenly. "Don't look at me like that, man! I didn't touch his drinks none! Why would I wanna fuck 'im up anyway? He aint really my type, see."

Upon finishing his song, Brayden takes a deep bow. "WHOO!" he cheers as he raises his hands in the air at the end. There's some sparse clapping, but to Brayden this could be an entire crowd appreciating his —er —talent. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" He bows again and virtually skips off the stage. He strolls back to the group, "That was AWESOME! Did you see me?! I nailed it! Totally nailed it!" He sits on his stool and then remarks, "You ladies are all strikingly beautiful." He flashes them a charming smile. Yup, he's confident, and Lena-dose only ups the ante. Turning to the waiter he points to the group, "Next round's on me!"

Andra ahs softly while tilting her head, her gaze drifting back to Tiago while she has no choice back to listion to the acts of the man on the stage. "Well.. Why wouldn't you have the right to say no?" "I mean.. Anyone can say no to something.." Makes total sense to her. Another sip is taken from her drink before another comes over. So much for that not noticing her bit. "Hi.. I'm Andy." Her nickname is good enough at the moment, not like she wants to go giving out her full name for a while still. The conversation between Tiago and Jade is lost as the once singing man is now near the group. She just peers at him, rather unsure what to say to the beautiful comment, especially seeing how the guy could easily be her father's age.

"Eh, I guess. If you can call that fun." After Lena pats the back of her hand, Jade points mildly towards the photographers. "But I don't think he's gonna like it come morning. And forget it! I just said I'm not… Not…"

Everything was becoming a bit too surreal, the colors more vibrant, the sounds more clearly defined, just her sense of touch was becoming overwhelming. Suddenly, the thought of some pop song had her giggling, a hand coming up to cover the sound. "W-What? I've never heard that song. Your skirt is moving…" Of course, it was moving mostly because the woman wearing it was moving, which at the moment Jade couldn't quite comprehend, as she was all but hypnotized by the pattern. Eventually though, the other woman would move far enough away for the dark-haired teen to turn back around in her seat and face the bar.

Ah, the delicious bar. Placing her palms flat against it, Jade proceeds to rub her hands across the slightly-sticky surface, back and forth, smiling contentedly to herself as she detects the feel of the wood. Eventually, her hand comes into contact with her glass about the same time Brayden returns to the group, causing her to look quizzically first at him, then back to the now-empty stage. "Song's over? Mmm, you think I'm beautiful?" Looking entirely too pleased with this statement, Jade attempts to bring her glass to her lips, misses once, then manages it, sipping healthily. "So what about this game, huh? Who starts?"

"You shut up," Lena counters for Tiago's benefit, still looking at Andra. There's only a brief hesitation before she temporarily releases the young man, in order to extend her hand towards the unfamiliar teen. "Nice to meet you, Andy! Welcome to the party. I'm Lena, this is Chi, Jade and Brayden. Brayden's buying, if you want another drink." Now would be the time for evil giggles, seeing as how Nathan has returned to the bar in such high spirits and Jade is looking a little glassy, but it wouldn't do to tip her hand too early. "It was Chi's idea, so he starts! Pick someone, darlin', and make it good."

"Andy, huh? Well, cool. I'm - …well, she's got me, I guess," Tiago offers to Andra amiably, nodding over to her before his eyes travel around the karaoke bar speculatively. His attention fixes on the return of Brayden/Nathan, and he finds his lips curling into a wry, cruel little smile. Satisfaction cover his features. "They are, huh? I betchya you've got a daughter that looks like 'em huh, old man?" With this jab given he takes in a deep breath before fixing his attention onto Jade, professional counter inspector. "Truth or dare, Sakura? Dare, huh? Well… Y'know what, lemme start out easy on ya. I want you ta sing me a song. Sing me a love song, and mean it."

The waiter brings Brayden another scotch. "Very beautiful. I'd ask for your number if I thought I had a chance," Brayden breathes the word with that same broad grin. Another camera flashes as the forty-something grins at Jade. "Someone gimme a dare! And make it good, dammit, none of that streaking crap!" He smiles at Andy and gives her a nod before he raises his glass to his lips again, "Brayden. Good to have you onboard!"

A petite thirty-something red-head decked out in a well-tailored grey pant suit pads up to Brayden irritably and nervously picks the scotch away from his hands, "Senator Petrelli, you're supposed to be regaining your memory." Her tone has an edge to it.

"Helen! Come join the party! Folks this is Helen, Helen, the folks: Jade, Lena, and Chee… or something. And new girl."

"Senator," the publicist speaks sternly as she pushes the scotch towards the teen/twenty-somethings, "partying with… hooligans won't help you to regain your identity." She reaches for his hand to help him up, but quickly comes to realize that he's not staggering. In fact, other than his erratic behaviour he doesn't seem intoxicated. She peers from one teen to the next, "What did you give him? He's a very important man." Swallowing she puts a hand on Nathan's back and ushers him towards the door.

Before leaving the bar, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wad of cash that he thrusts at the waiter, "For the drinks." He keeps smiling as his publicist pushes him out of the door.

Andra offers a smile and nod to Jade once Lena offers name, along with the same friendly smile to Lena and Tiago. "Well nice to meet you." She lifts her hand about to shake Lena's and is inches away from taking hold of it when the dear publicist just happens to be pushing the glass towards one of the group and its rather near her. The glass is half pushed into her hand and more fear of it getting dropped Andy takes hold of the glass and just blinks while eyeing 'Helen'. "Hey.. I'm not a hooligan.." She states with a faint tone while hufing and sets the glass down upon the bar. There is a pause in her movement as she picks up on senator finally and she ums faintly. "I wonder if all the senator's act like that when there trying to fit in with the public." Like she would know.

At the mention of her name from Lena, Jade, with eyes a bit unfocused and pupils entirely too large, looks up and waves a hand slightly. "Someone call me?" As Tiago's eyes line up with hers, she gives a small frown, even hopped up on the older woman's bodily chemicals, she could discern that nothing good would come of that look. She could see his lips moving, but his words didn't reach her ears until a few seconds later, as if coming through a veritable wall of water.


The word was out of her mouth before she could even think to restrain it. She starts to object, opening her mouth and lifting a finger, only to snap it shut once again, coming to the conclusion that he'd just make her do something worse upon refusal. Of course, her mouth only comes back down again at the exchange between 'Brayden' and his publicist, though her reflexes are entirely too sedated to do anything to interfere, other than to giggle shyly at his blithe flirtation. And no sooner than he left, than the faux-asian turns and smacks a hand into Tiago's chest. Hard.

"Good going, greaseball! You just made the hot, rich, senator leave! Without my num… ber… Your shirt feels so good."

She takes a good, long moment to rub her hand around the feel of the fabric, spending entirely too, too much time doing it before she shakes her head, swats the Brazilian again, then makes for the stage. She beats another teenaged girl to the microphone by a few heartbeats, snatching it up and waving it triumphantly at the group at the bar, pointing at it with her other hand with a goofy 'look what I got' expression on her face. Unfortunately, she could read rather well, but she was certainly having trouble focusing on what she was doing, getting lost in the chorus of colors the screen offered. Once she's made her selection, she beams broadly back towards the bar, pointing excitedly at the machine.


Lena is deprived of a handshake with Andra, which would be far more disappointing if she too hadn't overheard the harried assistant's remarks on Nathan's identity. "Oh shit, did she say Senator?" Her back is turned to Tiago, not only to allow her to lean against his side also to allow a better view of their new friend's departure. "Maybe I shouldn't have…uh, Jade, what in the hell are you doing?" Groping Lena's boyfriend, that's what! But before the brunette can decide on whether to pretend to take offense, or laugh it off, or panic about having gotten a U.S. Senator stoned off of his ass, Jade is bouncing towards the stage.

"Oh, man…this is going to be good."

It's a good thing Tiago's already leaning up against the counter, because if he wasn't, he'd definitely be sent stumbling backwards as Jade decides that she can abuse him all she wants. "Ow! Hey!" He protests to the clearly inebriated individual, his brows arching and practically disappearing into his hairline. He shoots Lena a curious glance, as if asking exactly what he should be doing - because he's not used to this. Being sober while everyone else trips away. So /this/ is what it feels like to be a walking drug lab… "Hey, I was doin' you a /favor/ Jade. He was like, old 'nough ta be your fuckin' grandpa, and you told me you don't want ta do the random sex shit no more, remember?" He explains to her, jaw set stubbornly.

His expression switches over almost as quickly as it sobered, as Jade bounces off towards the stage. He squints to her a little bit in disbelief, before glancing over at the remainder of their little group and allowing a broad, bemused grin to spread on his lips. "Oh yeah, baby. It so is. Woohoo, Mulan! Take it /off/, baby!"

In retrospect, he probably shouldn't have offered that suggestive tease over to the clearly high out of her mind individual.

Andra hums faintly as she watches Jade while the girl makes her way up the stage after the little groping routine. "I don't think I what what she's been drinking either." She murmurs faintly to herself while sipping at her soda. She glances back to Lena and then blinks at Tiago at the talk of getting Jade to take off her top. "Is that such a geat idea to suggest.. At the moment?"

For the first few moments as the opening musical instrumentation of 'You Give Love A Bad Name' begins to pour forth from the the speakers, Jade idly sway side to side, staring at the screen and it's wonder colors, the microphone held close to her chest. It takes a few calls from the audience of 'sing already' to get her to stop gazing dreamily and to begin to read the words, almost a third of the first verse having been missed.

And as bad as sober Jade is in the shower, she's much, much worse uninhibited.

Every note is off-key. Every. Single. Note. Sometimes the words on the screen don't even match the ones she sings, having apparently decided the song wasn't good enough as it was written. When it gets to the chorus, she doesn't just sing it with gusto, she absolutely screams it, enough so she has to bend over at the waist to force more oxygen out of her lungs in order to continue making a sound. The rest of the bar was a mixture of jeers, boos, and laughter at her expense, but in the stoned teenager's mind, she was a goddamned rock star like Bon Jovi could only dream of. For the grand finale, as she hits, or rather completely misses, the last note, she takes the Brazilian's words to heart, lifting her shirt over her head and chucking it at a booth full of thirty-something men, including the previously-singing Japanese duo.

At least she was wearing foundation garments.

At least her final act got a few cheers, and a number of dirty looks, not the good kind. Afterwards she makes her way back to the group, weaving around every table in her path, and touching every single head of hair that was in arm's length. Finally, she's standing back at the bar, breathing hard, a bit of persperation from her overly-enthusiastic routine, idly wiping a bead of sweat from around her bare navel. "Guys, I don't quite know how to say this…" She looks around, first at Lena, then Tiago, then Andra. "I don't know where my shirt is! All right, now it's my turn." Rubbing her hands together maliciously, she slides over to the woman she didn't know, slipping an arm across her shoulders.

"Andy! Truth or Dare? Andy. Andy, that's," with a too-amused giggle, she rests her forehead on the woman's shoulder. "A boy's name! Ahem, did you say dare?" Picking her head back up, she cups a hand to her mouth, then leans in to whisper in her ear.

"Shut it!" Lena aims a disciplinary elbow back at Tiago's ribs before resuming her comfortable lean against him. Although her eyes remain locked to stage (who could look away, really?), she picks up the thread of conversation with Andraa. "She's been drinking cosmos, I think. See, this is why I don't drink. You do stuff like that."

And "that" is a campaign of shock and awe unrivaled by any military campaign. "Ho-ly shi-it." Lena's jaw is still hanging by the time Jade completes that performance and returns to the bar. It's only then that she bursts into a belated round of applause. "It's too hot for shirts anyway! Damn, girl…you oughta be on MTV."

"Ow! She wouldn't do it baby, don't wor-…" But she is doing it. Jade is plucking off her shirt and throwing it over to the crowd. And Tiago? Well, he is effectively shut up. The young man stares at the stage in equal parts surprise and awe, before growing decidedly flustered. After all, it /is/ all his fault. "Oh, fuck me. You…jus' keep her under control baby, I'ma go steal her shirt back," Tiago grumbles under his breath, allowing his hand to linger on the small of Lena's back for a moment before ducking into the crowd. After a period of slightly raised voices and a premature hand-wrestling match with Mr. Takanaki, the man grumps back with the flimsy fabric in hand.

"Here," Tiago gruffs, eyeing Jade suspiciously as she whispers to Andra. And though he sits back, waiting, the moment Jade finishes giving her dare, the man moves to try and pry her away from the teenager with a hand on her shoulder. "C'mon, Jade, let's put your clothes back on, okay?" Beat. "I cannot believe I jus' told a girl ta put her clothes back on. What the fuck is wrong with me?"

Andra blinks as she sits there watching Jade on stage, her mouth drops open, more in surprize that the girl actually did it. "Told you it wasn't a good idea.." This said towards Tiago as he says Jade wouldn't do it. Seems he was /wrong/. A confused look is seen across her face as Jade comes over to her and lays a arm across her shoulder. "Hey.. Wait I wasn't.." Playing this game is lost as Jade whispers into her ear and Andy sips at her drink. Which she promptly sputters out and starts to cough at the dare that Jade wants her to do. She coughs hard a few times before taking in a couple of deeps breaths. "Um.. Um.." Oh geezs, she's unsure what to do and just eyes Tiago as if someone just told her to kill a bug. A quick glance is offered to Lena and Jade before she hunkers down in her chair. "Nope.. Not doing it.." Well she told Tiago that he could say no if he didn't want to do something, why can't she say no then?

"Thank you, thank you. Lena, you are too kind." Reaching for a drink, any drink, to wet her parched throat after that impromptu performance, Jade brings it to her lips and guzzles with gusto. If it was her own hoity-toity concoction, so much the better, and woe to anyone who had left theirs unattended by her for too long. It's right about then that Tiago's hand on her arm catches her attention.

"Huh? You're really, really warm, Chi-Chi." Once she has her shirt in hand, the dark-haired girl goes about rubbing it against her face with a tiny smile, as if it were giving her the most wonderful feeling imaginable. "It's a little hot to be putting another shirt on, isn't it? A quick look down at vast swaths of bare, tanned skin kept modest only by the white linen bra reveals the truth. With an overly-exaggerated "OH!", she begins to squirm back into her top, pulling the hem back down around her waist.

Before she can do anything awkward involving the male Brazilian again, her attention is yanked away by Andra's refusal to take part in the dare, her face contorting into a scowl of outrage. "You can't say 'no', that's not how the game is played! Fine! If you won't, then /I/ will, but it's still /my/ turn!" Indignation shown, she turns back to Tiago, hooks her hands into the waistband of his pants, and gives a heroic yank in the downwards direction, throwing her weight behind it, attempting to pants him right there in the bar.

If he's truly unlucky, his underwear would go with them.

"What? Oh, yeah, I'm a real warm type of guy, see. And no, not 'nother shirt. C'mon, jus' it on, Mulan. I'll help ya out, see, I'll…" Tiago was being so nice and helpful, too. A regular stand up kind of guy, a great example to people everywhere. And when Jade manages to somehow out-awkward herself. Somehow. Before the Brazilian really knows what's happening, Jade is throwing herself down and forcing his baggy jeans to fall to his knees, revealing a pair of white boxer shorts, complete with adorable pink little hearts dotting around it. Down goes the girl, down goes his pants, and yet Tiago is not pleased. This /is/ a strange night, after all.

It is all the man can do, to stare down at Jade in complete awe of her boldness. Then, he glances up, first to Adra, then swiveling his attention over to his esteemed girlfriend, arching his brows slightly. His expression is an open book: 'What do I /do/'!? "…Well, fuck Jade. If you wanted my pants off so bad, y'shoulda jus' asked." He grumbles, shell shocked, as his hands go to his waist to make sure his boxers are quite snugly secure around his waist. All in all, he doesn't seem all that preoccupied that he's just been pantsed. After all, why would he: he loves strutting around naked. "Shit, you better by me dinner or somethin' later, princess, 'cause this show aint free or nothin'."

Lena is left to use the bar as a leaning point, but it's for a good cause. Tiago's being all chivalrous, and getting to clean up the mess that Lena has made. Win win! She re-secures her glass of plain juice and sips it while Jade and Andra confer about the next round of the game.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your handiwork. Savor all of the lovely, amusing chaos.

"You know, we really gotta stop doing this to her but goddamn it's funny," Lena remarks off-sides to Tiago, while the girl in question struggles back into her clothing. "I think—" Wait, what? Suddenly the young man is standing there pantsless at the bar (thank god for new boxers, with their grippy elastic) and Lena is left…gaping. "Jade! You don't do that shit! Chi…" Oh, Chi. It's so unfair, but he gets the glare.

Andra huffs faintly as she hears Jade. "Hey.. I don't have to if I don't /want/ to." She points out with a mock glare towards Jade. Andy might not get herself into much trouble but being told to do things she doesn't want to do will never happen. "Wait.. Jade.." That's about all she gets out before the other girl is going after Tiago's pants and there all the ground. She just peers at Tiago and snickers a few moments. "Hearts? Nice boxers there cupid." Seems she is rather amused at the moment.

As the pants go down with a bit less resistance than she'd anticipated, so does Jade, having yanked so hard she's now sitting on her bottom on the floor. After a moment of coming face-to-boxers with the little pink hearts, Jade cackles, stops, then stares, reaching out to poke one of the tiny designs, which she could have sworn were dancing in her field of vision. It's Lena's outraged voice that yanks her attention away.

"But… It was a dare." The dark-haired teenager pulls her feet back under her, popping back up, adjusting her shirt around her shoulders and waist where it had crumpled with her impromptu fall. "It's still my go, it's still my go." Yes, she's fallen into repeater mode, waving a hand mildly, as if the fact that the Brazilian was sans pants didn't matter, stepping away from him and towards Lena.

Reaching out, she grabs for one of the suspenders, only to find that they stretch. Attention divided, she mumbles her question while stretching and unstretching the elastic. "It stretches so much… Truth or Dare? Truth? Tch!" She lets go of the suspender. Let's hope Lena acts fast, or that's gonna be one nasty snap! "Okay… uh… What do you like the most, and least, about Chi-Chi the Pantsless?"

It's incredible. Tiago could be the greatest person in the world. He could be Mother Theresa's twin soul, and he would /still/ find some way to be blamed for cancer and the spread of SARS. The man, all things considering, is quite level-headed and calm about the situation, and after letting out a soft sigh, he bends over with the intention of both dragging his pants up his legs and forcing Jade to stand up as well, although he ends up faltering half-way through as a result of Lena's sobering glare. He blinks, not once, but twice, automatically seizing up in a defensive manner. "What! I didn't do nothin', you can't - this wasn't me!" He protests, a definite whine in his voice. /Why/ him. Always him.

When Jade pokes at his boxers in a not-so-kosher location, that is when the lad begins to freak out. Tiago jumps back in surprise, color beginning to flood his cheeks as he hastilly jerks his pants back on and proceeds to glare at Jade. This is all her fault, that he's in trouble! The glare softens after her question, however, and he ends up gulping almost anxiously as his eyes fly back towards Lena, waiting for her answer.

Lena is waaaaay ahead of Jade. The instant the teenager fixates on the suspenders, her hands come up prepared for the grab that will save herself and certain vulnerable portions of anatomy from a nasty sting. It would not be lying to say that there is abject mistrust in the look given to the tripping girl. On the bright side, Jade's provided enough distraction that Tiago is saved from further scolding. After the flinch and the catch, she divides a frown between Jade and Andra. "Don't be looking at his boxers…what? Oh…uh…well, princessa, Chi's there for me, you know? He got me out of some bad shit, and he's got my back. Always."

Now for the bad. Blue eyes dart at the young man, lit with a faint and unamused smile. But after a brief study, that expression softens. Reprieve! "What I like least? He doesn't go commando nearly enough."

Andra shakes a hands lightly. "Sorry sorry.." Is offered to Lena, but really hearts tend to stand out on white shorts if you think about it. She looks off and makes sure not to look back at Tiago while he is still pantless. Just meeting everyone here she'd rather not make them mad at her after all. Another snicker escapes her as she hears lena's comment on what she likes least. Her glass is snagged and she takes another sip from it.

There was some amount of internal debate on Randall's part, whether to risk coming here - he has a bit of musical talent, but it doesn't much involve his voice. But then how's that make him any different from ninety percent of everyone else who's going to be there? And so here he is, drink in hand, wandering through the crowd at a leisurely pace.

Walking up next to Andra, he squints at the half-undressed guy and the one responsible for undressing him. "So the last-fifteen-minutes contest is just the hook, huh?" he calls out, raising his voice to be heard over the background noise. He hasn't recognized Jade yet; her head was turned the wrong way when he looked.

Poor Tiago. If Jade was in her proper state of mind, she might have taken pity on him, but at the moment, she was intoxicated with the magic of suspenders. "Who, me? I wasn't looking at his boxers, I was looking at your… stretchy things." With that, she points boldly at the other woman's chest, more specifically at the thin straps of elastic, but it was just as easily misconstrued.

She manages to catch on as Andra replies, though, shifting her pointing finger at the third female of the group as Lena snipes at her for wandering eyes, slithering back onto her previous stool. "Oh, you mean herrrrrrrrrrr." She rolls her r's far too much, as if saying them were more fun than it had a right to be. At her answer, though, she glances first at Tiago, even as he was yanking his pants back up, her expression going embarrassingly mushy and soft, then back to Lena as she places a hand over her chest.

"Awwww. That is so sweet." Another mystery drink is scooped up and summarily mostly-drained. As she slams down the glass and/or bottle back on the counter, she lays her head down on the counter, resting her cheek on her forearms. "So. Sweet. …Lena? Lena. Hey, Lena. Did you- Huh!?"

At the intrusion of an all-too-familiar voice upon the gathering, she picks her head up, focusing her eyes through the torrent of colors onto an all-too-familiar face. "Whoa. It's Rrrrrrrrrrandy. Did you call my boss on me?" She frowns at Tiago, then at Lena, whipping her head first one way, then the other. "Just because I pulled down his pants?"

Tiago fastens his pants around his waist, only for them to sag afterwards. After all, this is what he gets for wearing clothing that happens to be at least a size or two too large for him. He continues to stare at Lena in particular, although something she says finally strikes some sort of cognitive nerve in the Brazilian. His eyes widen, before lowering slightly in speculation, though the beginnings of his concerned expression ends up disappearing as the brunette finishes her assessment. By the end of it, he can't help himself. He's grinning, in that broad, 'aw shucks!' kind of manner. "Yeah, well…I can work on that, Lena. Huh?"

His attention swivels over to Randall as the man approaches the group near the bar, and after giving his lips a casual lick he speaks. "Yeah, man. I got on in intervals of fifteen, but - ah - for a bit o' green I can give you a preview, huh?" It's a clear jest, though his playfulness is lost as Jade seems to wake and recognize the man. His attention flies from Jade, over to Randall, and his lips press together thoughtfully. "Nah, we didn't call your boss Mulan. Chill out…hey, man. I know you. You were there that night, yeah? At Club DNA?"

"Yeah, well…a guy saves your life and it kinda gets you, you know? Right here." It may or may not be coincidence that Lena pats the same spot on her chest that Jade was seeming to point to. They will just have to decide for themselves after getting a look at the way her smile goes all quirky and lopsided. "Yeah, yeah, whatever…you think she's going out? Did I what, Jade?" Jade's shoulder earns an experimental prod before the brunette looks up to squint appraisingly at Randall. "Hey, the fairy tale dude. We didn't call him," she confirms, the bridge of her nose crinkling for no discernible reason.

Andra peers up at Randall curiously as he stops near her and the others. A slight nod is offered to him along with a faint smile. She peers over at Jade as she seems to get all worried that one of them called the new man in. "Naw, we didn't call anyone on you, promise." Is offered while she leans against the counter with a arm. Hearing Lena she can only wonder why she called the new guy fairy tale dude. Perhaps she'll find out at some point.

But not right away, as Randall promptly has a number of more immediate things to worry about. First and foremost of which is— "Jade, hi, no you're not in trouble." Well, she probably will be soon, the way she looks to be going - pulled his pants down, she said?

Speaking of! "Yeah, I think so," he calls back to Tiago. "Right before they got fined for letting someone roofie all the drinks, right? Only I think it was more like the air vents, 'cause I got caught up in it too and I didn't even have a drink— I had two but I gave 'em both away." Meanwhile, he watches Lena and Andra out of the corner of his eye, waiting for more context on how they know one another.

"Princess Mulan is out of drink, Chi-Chi." Jade picks up a glass, that clearly wasn't hers to begin with, and begins holding it out towards the Brazilian, waggling it at him expectantly. "C'mon, didn't the hottie Senator leave you a bunch of money to pay for everything? A little service!"

Yanked away by a poke at her shoulder, the dark-haired girl's attention turns back towards the woman ultimately responsible for the whole situation. "You did what now? What are you talking about, Lena? Don't be weird. I never introduced you properly to Rrrrrrrrandy, did I?" Picking her hands up from the marvelously smooth wooden counter, she turns to the empty stool next to her, patting it's surface roughly with the flat of her hand. "Randy, come over here. Come sit. Right. Here. And quit talking about roofies, people will think you're strange." Patpat.

Whether he obeys or not, Jade begins to point at people. "That's Chi. He's from Guatemala, I think. He belongs to," she turns in her seat to point next at Lena. "Her. This is Lena, I don't know where she's from, but she keeps Chi in line. And that," Her finger next jabs in Andra's direction. "Our new friend Andy. She has a boy's name."

"Yeah…I'll get ya a new drink, Sakura. Gimme a second." Tiago is still watching Randall quite carefully as he backs up and heads towards the bar, looking a bit uncertain. In the end, he leans over the counter to make his order, voice low so that Jade can't hear him. "Yo? Can I get jus' a cup of coke? I think she's had 'nough for tanight, if you know what I mean." With this decision made, he eventually receives the drink and saunters over to Jade with his jaw clenched. "Here, chick. Rum and coke, s'good stuff."

His brows furrow slightly at her introductions. "Oy! I aint no-…" Actually, in retrospect, he should probably just let that one slide, unwilling as he is to piss of Lena. "I aint from Guatamala. I'm Brazilian, but whatever. Randy, huh? Well…nice ta meetchya, man." Once the coke has been handed out to Jade, he settles into place beside Lena and offers Randall a firm, outstretched hand. "You goin' ta sing tanight?"

Lena props herself against Tiago again once he's arranged himself on the stool, adopting the most casual of expression and posture as the Club DNA debacle is discussed. "Hey Randy…jesus, the shit they're pushing out there these days. Makes you nervous to go outside, huh? Drugs through the vents, what'll they think up next?" Oh, she is just so smooth. The glass of unspiked juice (which had been set safely out of Jade-range) is plucked from the bar and pressed against her cheek. The glass is still cool, and she smiles as she studies the trio before her. "Andra should sing, we haven't heard hardly anything from her tonight."

Andra peers slightly back at Randall as she notices the look from him, she tilts her head while watching him curiously, and perhaps a bit nervously. Well she is a run-away after all. She blinks at Jade and smirks some before shrugging. "A name is a name.. I can't complain about it." Which if Andy was really her name she would have complained a lot to her dear family. "Nice to meet you." Is offered to Randall before she hears Lena. "Uh.. I can't sing.. Its like nails on a chalk board bad.." Really it is.

"I think that's the point," says Randall, after shaking hands briefly with Tiago. "I'm not terrible— they got Auto Tune on this thing, or does everybody come through as lousy as they really are?" Eyeing Jade - and her latest drink, which for all he knows really is rum and Coke - he wanders over to the open stool, but keeps a little bit of distance between her and himself, even so. What's he so uptight about, anyway?

Once she has her new 'drink' in hand, Jade cradles it to her chest protectively with one hand, the other snaking out to pluck at the edge of Lena's skirt as she frowns at it, her vision homing in on a loose thread with microscopic clarity. Of course, pulling on it only causes it to get longer, and she's soon enough forgetting about the thread altogether and poking at the pattern of the material instead, as if it were somehow significant.

"Oh, yeah! Make Andy sing!" Turning away from Lena's attire as attention is brought onto the least familiar of the group, at least to her, she frowns at the refusal. "C'mon, Andy, you're not being very fair. Is there anything you do like to do? You wouldn't do a dare, and now you won't sing. Even I got a few cheers, so how hard could it be?" Nevermind what the cheers had actually been for… Jade has determined they were for her talent and natural enthusiasm for the Bon Jovi song.

Randall might have been intent on putting distance between the two of them, as much distance as two barstools would allow, anyway, but as he seats himself Jade leans over, way over if necessary, to sling a skinny arm around his neck. "We don't hang out enough, Rrrrrrandy." Sipping at her coke, she makes an appreciative hum. "This is delicious. You are warm. And has your hair always been like this?" Oh yes, the teen's hand has traveled up high enough to toy with the hair on the back of her employer's head.

Tiago nods to Randall, pursing his lips slightly as his arm drops to his side and he continues to watch the interaction between Randall and Jade. Slowly, he flickers his orbs over towards Andra, his lips pulling into an easy smile "Yeah, c'mon Andy! She's right, y'know. You didn't play by the rules any, and now you've got ta put /somethin'/ out! Hell, I'll sing with ya, if you want. Or I'll dance with ya - I'll be your background dancer. Might even take off my pants for Mulan over there again." It's good natured, his jibes, and in the end he ends up shaking his head slowly and lifting an arm to wrap solidly around Lena's waist, also leaning in towards her to facilitate the whisper that follows.

Tiago whispers: Hey…listen, maybe we should stop fuckin' with Jade so much. I really like her, man. She reminds me of…us. Also…we need ta watch her, okay? I…wanna make sure she gets home nice and safe.

"Like he said, that's the point! If you're that bad, you should camp it up a little, folks'll love it," Lena remarks, adding her arguments to the others for why Andra should get up there on that stage. She bats absently at Jade's hand as it works with such dedicated to leave her skirt-less; her investment in the gothy schoolgirl outfit is not such that a more angry response is required. "Hey, background dancers! There you go, Andra! Randy here can join in, you'd have two hot guys backing you up!" The suggestion is punctuated when the little devil leans forward and snakes an arm past Jade to pat at Randall's hand. The touch lingers just long enough for another victim to feel the warmth and tingling of receiving a dose of Lena's version of ecstasy.

Maybe she should have waited until after Tiago's whisper to strike again. Straightening up, she finds an arm around her waist and lips at her ear, head tilting to better hear the message being delivered. "…um. Oh, well, shit…yeah, okay. Give it a minute, you know?" she murmurs, eyes cutting to the side towards the others. "Then I'll, uh…take one for the team."

Andra smirks faintly as she hears everyone in her little group telling her to go up on stage. Maybe she was better off doing the pant pulling after all. "Fine.." Is finally offered as she seems to give in to it all with a faint grumble escaping her. Another sip is taken from her glass and she finshes the coke, figuring when she's done with the song she'll be racing out of here to escaping the booing anyway. A faint ah escapes her as Tiago offers to go on stage with her. "Well, if you want I guess so." She peers at Randall as Lena offers him up as well and a faint smirk is seem. "If you want more the meerier." She stands up and wanders on over to the stage peering over the music selection.

"Last person who told me I was warm, I ended up getting in trouble…" Randall is trying to be good tonight, really! He even sat his drink aside as he sat down… but nooooo, someone just had to go and dose him up extra good. "…but that wasn't you," he adds, scooting closer and helping Jade get her arm settled into place. "The hair— well, as long as it doesn't get rained on, you know? I end up looking like a drowned rat that got run over a few times after it drowned." Well, he's definitely going to need the rest of that drink if the self-proclaimed nails-on-chalkboard is next up on open mike night.

"Lena gets mad when your pants come off~." Jade's observation comes along with a giggling snort, as she points with the index finger that was holding her glass at the Brazilian's pants. "Though I think we'd all love to see your deliciously pink-hearted designer boxers again!" There's more pointing, enough that she actually spills a bit of her carbonated beverage onto the floor at their feet. "You two're being awfully suspicious all of a sudden."

After casting a suspicious glance between the Brazilian and his girl, she beams entirely too broadly at the third woman as she finally agrees to get up on the stage. She drains half of her coke, still unaware there was a lack of alcohol in the beverage, snickering with fiendish fervor at the power peer pressure. "We'll be cheering for you, Andy." Her train of thought is soon enough derailed by the male who's hair she's busy playing with. Eventually, she sets the coke down to better run both hands through her employer's locks. She recognized that he was talking, but it was more of a droning hum to her than anything meaningful. "It's so soft. So soft. Hey guys," She turns her neck to look over her shoulder. "Guys, you have to come feel this."

Tiago offers Jade a bright, lopsided smile at her observation. "Nah. She jus' gets mad when someone else takes 'em off. She's fine when she does, though." He points out helpfully, before glancing down to himself. "Yeeah, you /would/ like my boxers. Geez, Ching Li. Firs' you wanna grab my ass, now you wanna see me in my underwear, I dunno what I'm goin' ta do with ya. I - err, what? Suspicious?" Beat. "You're bein' awfully paranoid, too. And, hey! Sorry ta take your hair…thing, but c'mon man. Let's go up there and dance, help her out some, y'know? Give her the ah, masculine touch. Let's go!" Enthusiastically, he encourages Randall to extricate himself from Jade and drag him onto the stage along with Andra.

"I'm kinda picky like that, you know? But it is a nice ass," Lena volunteers, lips quirking with a small, intensely amused. Suspicious? Well, sure. Andra's flashed a thumbs up of encouragement before the brunette eases closer to the touchy-feely pair. Lena's on a mission and that mission appears to be 'distract Jade from her employer'. Tiago's handling the male of the pair, now for the female half. "That's nothing, kid. Soft is okay, but you gotta try this shit," she goes on, curling her fingers up onto their nails and dragging them lightly down the younger teenager's back.

Truthfully Andra isn't that bad of a singer, everyone feels there bad at something after all. She's more the quiet and shy type of person that doesn't enjoy being the center of attention type of deal more then anything else. With her group at the bar behind her, talking and what not she can't really hear, or see what is going on while she picks a song and then takes the offered mike. A glance is offered back to Tiago and Randall and she blinks before chuckling. "Thanks." Is offered to one or both of them if Tiago is able to get the other up onto the stage as well. Once she's on stage the music starts and it doesn't take long to figure out that it happens to be a Britney Spears song known as Toxic. Blinking Andy eyes the DJish person, that wasn't the song she picked! Still she doesn't have a choice in the matter, and lucky the words are there. "Baby, cant you see Im calling a guy like you should wear a warning its dangerous Im fallin." Other then a few missed notes she really isn't that bad.

Squinting in the light, Randall sets his drink down again and turns around, trying to see what exactly Lena's doing back there— but then there's Tiago dragging him up toward the stage, and they're already halfway up before he considers objecting. And by that time, well, it'd be a dick move to get that far and then leave him on his own, right? If he's not big on singing, he's really not big on dancing - he may have heard the song before, but certainly hasn't paid attention to the video - so he just goes through the motions of whatever he sees Tiago doing.

"Hey!" Jade scowls, holding up a finger as she momentarily releases Randall's head from her grasp, rounding on Tiago. It doesn't hold, however, and soon breaks into an earnest grin before she's even halfway done speaking. "I grab whatever I want, Pink Boxers. My bra was more masculine than your underwear!" She almost folds into another bout of giggles that she'd deny ever having made the next morning before Lena takes it upon herself to save Jade from the very intoxication she'd caused. The younger brunette's expression is amused, and a little bewildered until she feels the nails raking down her back.

By the time the girl has stopped squeal-gasp-laughing, loud enough to actually be heard over the music for a brief moment, Jade has half-turned around in her seat, one hand braced against the bar, the other gripping the edge of her seat to stare at Lena. "Did you just scratch me!?" She doesn't really wait for an answer, though, turning back to face the bar, leaning back as she presses her knees together and squirms in her seat. "That felt so weird! Do it again, do it again."

"Ha, /yeah/ it was! I've seen drag queens wearin' sexier bras then that, man! My boxers are cute, man. And shit, I look good in 'em!" With this called over his choulder, Tiago continues to drag Randall over to the stage, only relinquishing the man when he's on the stage. It's only then that he realizes…shit. He's in the front of a room full of people. Confusion crosses his features, followed by momentary fear, before he finally realizes what this is: the star attention he craves and demands so often.

Pretty soon, it becomes apparent that Andra has released a whoring beast. At first, Tiago plasters a goofy grin on his face and proceeds to kind of sway in the background, but after a while his confidence grows. And so do the intensity and scope of his movements. Before long, he's moonwalking back and forward, pelvic-thrusting, and generally appealing to the small gaggle of girls with great personality's near the left side of the room. At one point he starts to lift his t-shirt up, only to cover the tanned skin revealed right afterwards, like he's performing some sort of burlesque strip tease.

Andra's got a voice! And it's loud enough to cover the sound of Lena's sigh of relief as Tiago succeeds in parting Randall from bar and girl in order to hit the stage. See, they can be good guys too. "I totally just scratched you," she replies, indulging in a giggle of her own now that their witnesses have departed. How could she not, with Jade reacting that way? "Jesus, settle down…okay, ready?" The brunette uses both hands this time, fingers stiffening as all ten are drawn in a leisurely arc down Jade's back. But it doesn't stop there; forehead rumpling in concentration, Lena applies that same technique to the other girl's arms. But this time, the brush of skin to skin is used to push a more sedative effect to counteract the euphoric high. "You getting tired yet, kid? Maybe we should get you home soon."

Andra is a bit surprized that Tiago was actually able to get Randall up on stage. As for dancing she hopes they wasn't really expecting a show, because she isn't going to dance along with it, save for a slight sway of her hips from one foot to the other. "Theres no escape, I cant wait I need a hit baby, give me it youre dangerous Im lovin it." The music continues and she keeps singing along with it, though she has to wonder if she could stop in the middle of the song instead of actually singing it all. "Too high cant come down losing my head spinning round and round do you feel me now." The song goes on a bit more until the end of it, with Andy singing all the while as she watches Tiago looking rather amused by his actions. Once its over she gives a slight playful bow, offers the mike to who ever wants it and is off the stage fearful of someone suggestion she do another song.

Even with Lena's special touch and a drink or two to urge him on, Randall is not so flamboyant a dancer as Tiago, not least because he'd fall on his ass within seconds if he tried it. He mostly ends up spotlighting Tiago by contrast, and when Andra makes her departure, he's content to do likewise. Let's see, now where was he sitting a few minutes ago? All the stools look alike. He was talking with Jade, he remembers that much. Is she over this way? No, doesn't look like it. Maybe over that way, then…

Letting out an ecstatic groan as the nerve endings along her back go through complete sensory overload, Jade archs her spine almost hard enough to launch her out of her seat, all but squirming under Lena's nails, caught somewhere between a sigh and a giggle, slightly ticklish. "Go home?" As her arms are subjected to the same treatment, which leaves her skin prickled with delightful goosebumps, she tries to turn her head enough to look at the woman over her shoulder. "But Andy's still singing…"

She's cut off by a prodigious yawn, bringing a hand up to her mouth to cover it, pushing one arm out to the side in a mild stretch. Even still, she tries to talk through the yawn, "But I'm not tii- *yawwwwwwwn* -ired." With eyelids that were inexplicably heavy, Jade spins around in her seat and slides off of the stool, draping her arms across Lena's shoulders both to hold herself up as chemicals warred in her body, and to have a chance to play with those spiffy punk girl suspenders again, tugging them back and forth.

"Mm'kay, let's go. But… you don't know where I live. Hah hah… I don't know I remember, either." The sheepish smile fades away as she looks around momentarily. "Are Chi n' Rrrrrandy n' Andy coming home with us?"

Tiago is busy hamming it up on the stage. Much too busy, even, to realize that Andra's finished singing half a minute ago. As realization seeps in, he stares forward, glancing around, before breaking out into an incurably boyish smile. "Thank ya, folks! I love New York!" It's to cheers and jeers that he hops off the stage, carving through the crowd to return to the bar, specifically, towards the two women he arrived at the bar with. "Okay! How'd I do, girlies?" He preens, puffing out with pride as he looks from one to the other to hear their review. "Oh…I mean, how'd /we/ do."

"…oof." This was not in her contract, Tiago's supposed to do all of the heavy lifting! Lena braces herself and gets her arms around Jade's waist to help support the sudden addition of sleepy girl weight. "You can crash at our place if you want, take my bed. Um, the spare. Dunno about Andy. Randy's…uh." She tilts her head up, trying to look over Jade's for the people in question. "If you snap me, I swear to god I'm dropping you on your ass…Chi! That was great, really. I think we're ready to go now. Like…now." It's apparent she didn't get to see a lick of the young man's performance. And that she expects him to shoulder some of this burden, now that he's done with his adoring public.

Andra offers a few guys a smile on the way to the bar, though she pauses and looks back to Randall who seems rather lost. She ahs faintly and moves back over to where he is. "Hey.. Jade an 'em are over there." This is pointed out while she tries to turn Randall around and push him somewhat towards the right direction. She doesn't here anything about the talk of the other three leaving, not like she would be offering to quickly that she doesn't have a place to stay save a woman's shelter some to many blocks away from here at the moment anyway. Well she did just meet this group of people.

Randall is still scratching his head when Andra grabs his arm and points him in the right direction. Unaware of her lack of digs, he just calls out a quick 'oh, thanks' and continues forward. "Hey, is she all right? Looks like you could use an extra hand there." He hovers somewhere between Lena and Tiago, trying to figure out where he can fit in without bumping into anyone on the way out.

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