2011-08-31: Calm Before The Storm
AIR DATE 08.31.11
Cast: Nicol_icon.png
Featuring: Cal
Location: ???
Synopsis: At a meeting between Nicol and Cal, it is decided to begin the next step.
Calm Before The Storm

The evening rush hour is just ending, still the sound of honking horns and loud swearing fill the hot LA air. A billboard with the face of Van Dallas can seen, his smoldering looks along with the message,"Is your blood red or blue?". Plastered on the billboard is a wide range of graffiti. Someone is happy about that message.

There’s a sound of a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway as it makes it way to the next exit and zooms down a nearby side street. The woman riding wears no helmet today. Her dark brown hair whipping in the wind, aviator sunglasses protecting her eyes.

15 minutes later

The air within the warehouse is cold and stiff. Dry, it hasn’t been aired out in a long time. That much Nicol can tell as she walks in through the sliding door. “Honey, I’m home.” She offers out in a sweet tone, it’s a tad mocking though. Especially using the word honey in regards to who she’s addressing.

It didn’t take nearly as long to get here as she thought, traffic was forgiving that’s for sure. The evening rush was light today, something that Nicol thanked God for. Though she’s never been much of a religious person.

Out from the corner of the warehouse steps a darkly dressed figure. His dark eyes on Nicol the whole time before she holds up a hand. “I can hear you from a mile away, haven’t I said invest in some stealth training?” she grins widely as she wheels around and puts her hands on her hips. “Cal.” She says curtly.

“Don’t try to sound cold, you can’t fool me Nic.” Comes the deep voice of Cal, he would be considered handsome by many. With his strong features and olive skin, his dark hair is unruly. He rarely really takes care of it. Nic likes it that way, she encourages it and so he keeps it that way.

“You need a haircut,” is her only response to Cal’s calling her out. She does visibly relax though, she trusts Cal. More so than anyone else right now. “I’ve gotten a few more people interested. We’ll see if they make the meeting. If not, we’ll find others along the way. Especially once everything starts.” That’s said as she leans against a nearby stack of boxes. The whole warehouse is full of boxes actually.

She doesn’t bother looking inside, Cal will explain later. “Well that’s good at least, we can use as many people as we can muster.” He says quietly and then he’s walking forward. “Do any of them have any special talents?” To which Nicol only shrugs. “A couple yes, a few of them I’m not sure yet though. I had to offer money to a couple. But I figure you wouldn’t mind.”

Cal shrugs his shoulders. “It’s of little importance. We’ll get whoever wants money.. their money.” To which Nicol shakes her head, “It sucks that you have to bribe people into this. They should want to do the right thing.” The dark haired woman is clearly irritated by that fact.

A hand is waved dismissively and Cal walks away a bit, hand clasped behind his back. “As soon as our name is known.. we won’t need to bribe. They will flock to us, all of them. They’ll see what we’re doing is right.” He says it with such conviction, he knows it to be true.

“If you say so, bud.” Nic offers before cracking her neck from side to side. “So Van Dallas.” The mention of the TV star has Cal stopped and turning his head to the side. “We gonna go through with it?” she asks the man in front of her, a gentle breeze from somewhere blows through her hair.

“He’s a blood traitor, the worst of our kind.” He grits out between tightly clenched teeth. “Of course we are.” A dark look comes over the handsome man’s face, Nicol leans forward to touch his shoulder.

“We’re just going to give them a message right? Get the people talking?” Because that’s what the plan has always been. “Oh and.. I kind of punched him in the face. He.. dude he’s a total prick. So I got fired from the studio, but I there’s an event soon that he’s gonna be attending.” Nicol raises her eyebrows as she looks at him for confirmation.

With a rolling of his eyes, Cal throws his hands up. “Come on Nic. I asked you to keep your temper in check. For fuck’s sake.” There’s moment of silence where Nicol still looks at Cal with raised eyebrows and he glares at her. That only last a moment before they are both grinning and he’s asking the question,

“Did you at least make a mark?”

“I couldn’t tell, they ushered me out so fast. But they were applying makeup on the spot.” The young woman chuckles before folding her arms. “So, do we get Raven to start the calls in a few days?”

There’s a long pause that’s filled with tension, you can feel the pressure building in the warehouse practically.

The calm before the storm.

A pensive look crosses Cal’s look in this time before he tightens his fist and Nicol smiles, knowing what’s coming next.

“We’re ready.”

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