2007-03-11: A Brief Interrogation


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Summary: Namir drops by Ling's apartment to ask her a few questions about the Fabergé egg given to him by Richard. He doesn't find out much until he overhears the start of a phone conversation, from which he picks up the name "Vince" and something about someone's memory getting erased.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

A Brief Interrogation

Ling's Apartment

After doing as much digging around as he could manage concerning the egg and Ling Po, Namir has come to the conclusion that this is all either a very /large/ mistake on the part of his mysterious informant, or a very /covert/ operation on the part of the Asian woman in the penthouse of Parkview Estates. There is really only one way to know, and that's to talk to the woman herself. He did have the decency to call ahead and inform Ling that he was with the police, that had her egg and he would like to return it to her in person, and when would be a good time for that? Today, apparently. The Muslim has taken the elevator and is nearing the penthouse, the expensive egg cradled carefully in cloth wrapping between his hands.

This was a bad day. Her criminal operations were found out. Vince showed her his image in the 9th Wonders comic, and now she's just trying to relax trying to find out more about the comics. So..right now, she's in her couch gently petting the sleeping rottweiler puppy on her lap as she does some google searching on this comic book. And yes, she feels incredibly juvenile right now, but maybe there was something to what he said.

Once the elevator has come to a halt, Namir steps out and into the penthouse apartment, glancing about with casual interest. He's dressed well today. He even broke out a suit: charcoal with a silver tie, all worn beneath his usual overcoat. "Miss Po?" he calls, careful not to step too far from the elevator in case he's, well, intruding. "It's Namir Dayan."

Her mind is elsewhere as she finally thinks she found something. As she's looking through the 9th Wonder Comic, she stops before finding the page that she's actually on. Phew. "Oh..Detective Dayan.." Ling says as she puts her laptop on sleep and eases on up while still petting the sleeping puppy. "Would you care for a drink?" she asks, motioning towards the liquor cabinet as she's always the gracious hostess afterall. "Or perhaps something to eat?"

"Ah, no, thank you." Namir offers a faint, polite smile and raises one hand in a stopping gesture. "I don't drink, and I have already eaten." His examination of the apartment continues as he steps further inside. Hmm. No Asian bodyguards around to beat him senseless. Richard's down one on that count. "I have your egg here— " the cloth bundle is lifted invitingly "— and was wondering if you might answer a few questions for me."

Well that's one thing going in her direction. Gently easing the sleeping puppy off her lap onto the couch, Ling's eyes widen as she lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness.." she says as she heads on over to take the bundle from him, making sure that it's still in mint condition. "Thank you, Detective Dayan..I havent exactly felt safe snice its disappearance. And of course I can answer any questions you have.."

The egg is still in perfect condition, as Namir has done nothing harmful to it. He gives it up easily before tucking his hands into his overcoat pocket and examining Ling closely, the disarming smile never leaving his face. "When I was conducting my investigation, I happened to dig up a few rumors about you, and I thought it might be a good idea to put them to rest. For starters, where did you happen to get this egg?"

Opening up the display case where the egg use to be, Ling answers rather matter of factly. "It was a birthday gift.." Once she sets down the egg, she takes out the certificate of authenticity from the display case and hands it to him. She is its rightful owner.

After giving the certificate a once-over, Namir hands it back with a nod. It /looks/ authentic, but then again he'd have to get it to the documents experts to be /really/ sure, and he's not exactly a detective to begin with. All this is just free-time. "That is a very fine birthday gift," he remarks, his smile growing slightly. "Whoever gave it to you must have been very rich."

"My family is very rich.." Ling says with the same tone she had earlier. "And I admit it..I'm spoiled.." letting out an impish giggle as she heads on over to her couch, flopping down and crossing her legs ever so slowly, ala Sharon Stone style. "What else can I help you with, Detective?"

If there's one thing to which Namir is impervious, it's sexual manipulation. He doesn't seem to be affected by Ling's rather feminine features — such as those legs she's crossing — and he keeps his eyes locked on her face. "What is it you do, Miss Po?"

"Vice President of Operations, Wong Pharmaceuticals.." Ling says matter of factly. Again, she knows her record is spotless, at least with the name he knows her as right now.

Good, good, that's what Namir had learned in his investigation. He nods a little. "Would you happen to manufacture or know about a drug called 'soma', perchance?" As before, he watches the woman's face closely, to gauge a reaction one eyebrow lifting quizzically.

If he was trying to get a reaction, she certainly doesnt give one. Ling remains deadpan as she raises her brows in a quizzical manner, "Soma? Nope, cant say I've heard of it. Why is it something Pfizer or Glaxo-Kline-Smith is putting out?" she asks curiously. "Cause if it is, I believe you would be breaking patent law, Detective Dayan."

Miss Po is a very good liar indeed, as Namir can't seem to pick up any hint of falsehood on her person. This doesn't deter him much, however, and he only smiles again. "I'm breaking no laws really, Miss Po. I was merely hoping you had some information." And then he changes the subject with: "What about Primatech Paper? Would you happen to have any information about them?"

"They have scholarships for young men and women of college age. And they're a paper company.." Ling says with the same tone, as well, this time she's telling the truth. That's all she knows about it.

Which is, again, information Namir already knows via his quest for information. He nods again, pauses, and then speaks once more: "This is all very interesting, Miss Po, because your name has come up in conjunction with a drug known as 'soma', among other things. I am curious as to why that is, and why it is that I can find very little information about it." If any at /all/, really.

Ling shrugs her shoulders and lets out an amused chuckle. "I'm the vice president of a well to do pharmaceutical firm. This wouldnt be the first case of corporate espionage..or perhaps someone trying to frame me so I can lose my greencard and be deported. The pharmaceutical business is very..dog eat dog.."

Out comes a pad and pencil from Namir's pocket. He flips to a blank page and raises an eyebrow at Ling. "Can you give me any names — anyone who might want to do that sort of thing, why they would try to connect you to a drug that nobody seems to know anything about?"

"Jeffrey Kindler..CEO of Pfizer? The ceo of of GSK? I dont know? There are a lot of people out there who do not want my company to succeed.." Ling says with a slight shrug of her shoulders, not really knowing what sorts of answers he wants.

"Mm." A few things are jotted down in Arabic before Namir looks at Ling again. "You are from Vietnam originally, correct? What did you do there?" Again the pencil is poised and ready to write.

"Do you want one more tale of a Vietnam girl? Want to know how I was bound to a man I dont love? Do you want to be told how my village was burned? How to hear how my family was blasted away? How I ran from the rice fields and saw them in flames? How my parents were bodies whose faces were gone. I have had my fill of pain. I will NOT look back again. I would rather die.." Ling says matter of factly and impassioned.

While he isn't a heartless man by any means, Namir has seen more than his fair share of pain and suffering. In his line of work, he's guaranteed to see it, actually. He isn't fazed by Ling's story, however stonily she relays it, and he regards her with eyebrows slightly lifted. "I am sorry for your hardships, Miss Po, but I was merely asking after your profession before you moved here."

Oh. Well maybe that sob story wasnt needed, and she looks over towards him once more. "I was a business woman like I am here.." she says, leaving it vague. Being in charge of accounting for brothels doesnt exactly look good afterall.

It's then that her cellphone rings which is on her coffee table. "If you'd please excuse me.." and with that she picks up her cell. "Hello?"

Before he can ask about what line of business that /was/, Ling's phone rings, and Namir nods in deference. Meanwhile, this gives him plenty of time to examine the apartment again at his leisure, looking for anything that might constitute as stolen, as Richard suggested.

~THEY ERASED HER FUCKING MEMORY!~ can be heard in a muffled sound over the phone and Ling chews on her bottom lip. "Vince..calm down. I have Detective Dayan here right now and he's found the egg, so I'll come over soon.." and with that she puts her phone on mute.

A slight cough and nervous little chuckle escapes from her breath as she eases on up, "Detective Dayam..if you dont mind, I have an appointment I have to go to..so if you wouldnt mind.." she says, motioning him towards the door. And it seems nothing else in her apartment is stolen.

It takes some degree of control not to /increase/ the sound of the voice on the other end of that phone call to make eavesdropping easier, but Namir refrains. He's a good man who doesn't use his powers for bad. However, he /does/ scribble something down in his pad and then tucks it and the pencil away again with a genial smile. "Very well. I hope you don't mind if I stop by again, in case I have any other questions?" He's easily led toward the door, as he has no reason to resist.

"I dont mind. You're just doing your job and all, I understand." Ling says with a warm smile as she motions towards the elevator, so he can go. Oye. This day has just gone from bad to worse…

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