2007-05-14: A Brilliant Mind and Beautiful Hair


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Summary: Mohinder meets Mara in the park to discuss possible side effects of the injections he's been giving her. The two have a serious, albeit brief, conversation about feeling sorry for oneself.

Date It Happened: May 14, 2007

A Brilliant Mind and Beautiful Hair

Central Park

After having received a call from Mara, a meeting place and time was set up with her. With his ever present security tailing him, Mohinder heads into Central Park towards the designated meeting grounds. Since the conversation could possibly go into a sensitive nature, the guard is hanging back at a reasonable distance. Quite possibly only because he is good at range or distance fighting. At any rate, security is present and taken seriously, even if the geneticist is walking at a brisk stride as he looks around for Mara, keeping it in mind that her appearance is changed.

Mara pushes off from the lamp post she was leaning against, crossing the lawns to meet Mohinder. "Thank you for coming," she says with a somber expression. Her hand is extended to shake.

Mohinder ignores the guard tailing him as he is learning to do while he approaches Mara. He smiles at the woman and grasps her hand in a firm shake. "I'm just glad to see that you are recovering, and able to get about. Has there been a change of plans? Or is mum still the word?"

"Yeah, mum is still the word," Mara confirms, leaning against her cane heavily. The limp seems to have improved considerably since the last time they spoke in person. "I'll have a psychiatric evaluation at some point to determine if I'm fit to return to desk work." She pats her right leg gently. "No active duty for me for a good while. But it'll be nice to get back to the department. I hate hearing a siren and not knowing what they're rushing to." The time spent with the NYPD has spoiled the girl, what can she say?

"Good. I would hate to have accidentally spilled some information." Mohinder gestures towards a nearby bench with one hand, while offering the other for assistance. "Exercise is good for that leg, but no need in overdoing it." He nods in understanding for the evaluation statement. "Which is generally procedural." He wisely keeps his mouth shut about the possibility of Mara's return to active duty.

"It's better this way," Mara tells her friend, taking his arm gratefully and allowing him to lead her toward the bench. "Better to stay at a desk. I'll get to hear more this way. Gossip about the squad room and all of that. I do so love gossip." There's something in the way she says that. Like the statement is more meaningful than it should be. "But I didn't call you just to talk about the state of my union." She actually smiles faintly, but it's almost a sad smile.

Mohinder makes sure his gait isn't too fast or his stride too lengthy for Mara as he walks her to the bench. A smile is made in return, "There is that positive angle, yes. Look on the bright side." After making sure Mara is settled, his expression and tone turn a little more serious while quizzical. "What's wrong?" Gauging from that smile she's giving, he can't imagine the news is all that good.

"I've… discovered a side effect." Mara's smile fades entirely and she swallows uneasily. It isn't so much that the side effect scares her, really. It's the notion that he might stop her injections because of it. "I… I usually close my eyes when I have my visions. Force of habit, you know? I'm used to just being out like a light. Even when I don't expect the vision. As soon as I… I can /feel/ it. I mean, now I can. Without the injections, I don't know what's hit me until I wake up. But now, I feel it and then I see." She's rambling. She knows she is. But she can't help it. "So, usually, I close my eyes as soon as I realise it's coming."

Mohinder's gaze drops to Mara immediately as she mentions a side effect. He falls silent as he pays close attention to the woman's expression as she speaks. "Go on. What is the side effect?" There's no anger or annoyance in the question, more of an urgency as to find out what's possibly going wrong with the formula.

Mara's eyes dart about. First, she focuses on a tree, then the security detail. Shit. She drops her voice to a low whisper. "I can't see." She frowns as soon as the words leave her lips. "That… That's not the best description of what happens. But, essentially, that's what it is. I had a vision the other night, and I… I had my eyes open. And I couldn't see anything but the vision playing out before me. I could still hear what was going on around me and I could move and speak and everything." She shakes her head. "I guess I don't know what I expected. I mean, what else would happen when I'm having a vision. But it freaked the hell out of me." Does she stop to /breathe/?

"Damn." Mohinder pats down his pockets, scrounging up his PDA and starts taking notes on it. He wastes no time in firing off questions, "When did this start? It could be that this is perfectly normal as before as you said, you were blacking out, or closing your eyes. We won't know until we have further testing."

"It happened… Monday? Monday morning-ish? I haven't tried to have another vision since then. And nothing's really… popped out at me lately. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm losing my touch or if my not being so terribly sensitive to the objects I come in contact with is a sign that my control is increasing." It's obvious that the idea of losing her ability terrifies her more than the psuedo-blindness it causes.
Mohinder nods his head, making note of that. "Don't try to have any visions. Easier said than done of course. If it can be avoided, make that attempt. I want to get you into a controlled environment where we can make sure that this isn't a side effect." There's a pause, and he gives her a reassuring smile, "If you were losing your touch, you would know. You've become more in tune with your ability. There is a virus known to infect and inhibit ability usage.. hmm.. I'll want to run a blood test and rule that out. Just in case."

Mara looks panicked at the mention of a virus that could strip her of her ability. "You don't think…" She sits back on the bench heavily, staring off ahead of her while taking deep, calming breaths. If only she looked as calm as she was trying to feel. "Blood tests. Controlled environment. No vision attempts. Got'cha." She nods numbly. "Where? When?"

Mohinder stops putting notes into his PDA as he looks at Mara, giving her his full attention. "I don't think, but I would like to rule that possibility out," he says as gently as he can manage. Seeing as he can be a little blunt when he should sugar coat bad news. "I may have to fit you in somehow. I'm afraid Bob and others in the higher up are keeping me busy.. seeing as I am under orders to stay in the facilities." They seem to find that a convenient excuse to work him further. "Hmm.. This weekend should give me a more manageable schedule. I really don't want to put it off further."

Mara's gaze snaps to the side quickly, fixing a serious and decidedly determined expression on Mohinder. "I'll come to Kirby Plaza if I have to. I don't know if I can avoid my ability until the weekend."

"I'm afraid you just might have to. The good news is that I'll be better prepared there, should anything go wrong. Not that I anticipate it." Yet, Mohinder would rather be prepared for anything. It's the nature of science to throw a curve ball. "Understandable. Just do what you can to avoid it."

"I'll be a good girl. Better than any other time I've sworn to you that I'll behave." Mara purses her lips and nods once. See? I'm serious. Obviously I'm going to be true to my word this time. "We can keep this quiet, can't we? I don't want anybody getting the bright idea to run /tests/ on me or something. You don't count. You're my doctor." More or less, anyway. "And you're not out to see how much you can put me through before I overload." Even though he kind of has caused it once or twice.

"Mmhmm.. We shall see about that." Needless to say, Mohinder has his doubts. This /is/ Mara after all. "Yes, we can keep this quiet. I won't go telling my coworkers around the water cooler what we're on about." A wide smile is given to the woman as she says he doesn't count. "Then I'll try to not make you into a test subject beyond what is necessary.. No. I'm not. I can see the point in seeing a person's limits, but I'll not press. Unless you want to. Are you offering?" He's now starting to tease. Just a little. "I just want to make sure you can use your ability and still function when doing so.. without any adverse effects."

"If you do," Mara warns him of gossiping, "I'll tell them that you're just covering up for this torrid affair we've been having." She pauses and considerings what he's saying. He really would turn her into a test subject, wouldn't he? …Would he? "If it's you? Yeah, I'd offer. I trust you not to fuck me up beyond all recognition. I /should/ test my limits at some point, but I won't do it with anybody but you."

Mohinder blinks and would actually blush, if his complexion really allowed for a noticeable flush of embarrassment. "I wouldn't put it past you," he sort of mumbles in response. Clearing his throat, he nods. "In a way, it is good to know your own limits, but I won't push just for the sake of pushing to the point where your mind and body break." Yes, change in conversation. Gratefully, he launches away from Mara's little threat, or was that a promise?? "I am glad that you put that trust in me. However, I'll not be going down that road."

"Now I'm just disappointed, Mohinder." Mara smirks faintly. She really does enjoy teasing him. He makes it so much fun. "You wouldn't break me. You're too nice." At least, that's her assessment. "I don't think you could if you tried anyway. I'm a tough one to crack. I'd find a way to kick your ass first." She winks, obviously more comfortable now. His lack of immediate concern goes a long way toward assuring her that she's not on the brink of losing her ability.

Mohinder is indeed too nice, so it's a correct assessment. "Quite so, and I would be disappointed in you if you didn't." It's not that he has a lack of concern, it's more that he's burying it. He tries to give Mara a reassuring smile as he ducks his head to check his schedule, "Shall we plan on no later than Sunday morning then?"

"Call me whenever you've got the free time. I'll drop whatever I'm doing." Because this is just that important to Mara. "Can I ask you a… I don't know if you'd consider it a personal question or not, but I promise I'll respect it if you don't want to answer after I've asked."

Mohinder nods his head, "Then consider Sunday morning set aside for you. Just come by as early as you feel comfortable with. Check in with security and they'll let me know you're on your way up." The PDA is tucked away in a pocket as he blinks briefly as he ponders the coming question. "Go ahead and ask."

"Check in with security," Mara muses darkly. "Check and check." The amusement fades and she presses her lips together, apparently unsure of how to begin. Finally, she just asks the question on her mind: "Does it ever bother you that… you don't have an ability?"

Mohinder looks mildly taken aback by the question. "I can't say that I ever sat and dwelled on it. So no, it doesn't bother me. I.. my work. My father's work. It is now my life. Yes, I quite enjoyed teaching, but this.. what I do now, is so important. Even if I were the sort to sit and pick at why I wasn't chosen, I don't have the luxury of time to sit and bemoan the fact. That's the long answer, the short is no. I feel honored enough as it is with what I do, the amazing people I come in contact with and do my best to help."

"Sure you do," Mara says quietly. "Everybody's got time to feel sorry for themselves. Lord knows I do it an awful lot." She gives him a smile that says she knows it's the sad truth. "You're genius, though. As much of a gift as I've come to see my ability as, I think you're far more fortunate to have such a bloody brilliant mind."

"I have other things to feel sorry about, more important things than 'why wasn't I given an amazing gift'?" Mohinder reaches a hand down to squeeze Mara's shoulder lightly. "Thank you for saying so. We are all given our own gifts, curses and burdens to bear in life. We should make the best of what we have. In the broader picture, our time here comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Embrace what you have." He withdraws his hand and tries to give a comforting smile. "Of course I'm a hypocrite as I have enough keeping me awake at night and I do not need my own words."

Mara smiles, maybe not happily, but certainly a lot less sadly, and reaches up to rest her hand over Mohinder's for the duration of his reassuring touch. When he withdraws, she brings her fingers up to brush at his curls. "And you've got amazing hair, too," she teases. She does hear his own self-admonishment however, and it's her turn to rest her hand on his shoulder sympathetically. "We've both got a lot to worry about. But we carry on anyway. Because you and I are good like that, right?" She pauses, seeming to study his face for a moment, as if she could read him. "Do you really believe in seizing opportunities while you have the chance? Damn the consequences?"

Mohinder rolls his eyes, he can't help it. The comment about his hair is just too much. "Is this going to lead to a comment about how you hate it that this comes naturally?" Then again, perhaps not. About further commentary that is, as his hair /is/ natural like this. "Maybe for other people. Myself? I seem to have a difficulty in making the time these days." Since his life is work and tending to Molly. Nothing he complains about at all. Giving Mara a smile, he retreats. "I should be going. I'll see you on Sunday."

Mara raises her brows and watches Mohinder make his escape. "Sunday," she confirms. He just makes it so easy. That poor man. "Be safe, Mohinder." She grins and waves, opting to sit a little longer before she decides to take her leave as well.

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