2009-10-27: A Call For Help



Date: October 27th, 2009


Gabriel makes a phone call for help.

"A Call For Help"

Gabriel's Apartment, Deveaux Building

Dusk is falling on the majestic city of New York. People go about their daily business, unaware of the world hidden behind their own, the world of those with special abilities, the world of those being hunted. One of those being hunted moves his way through the crowds, taking care not to bump into anyone, although he can't avoid that completely. Bypassing a women he just accidentally moved up against (and the guy she's now accusing of copping a feel), Gabriel finally enters the Deveaux Building, pausing for just a moment to take a look at the Mysterious Black Van that has been parked outside for a few days. There's no way it's just a coincidence.

The elevator doors open, and Gabriel slips inside, pressing the button for his floor. The doors close, and once they do, he drops his invisibility. Leaning against the back wall, he brings a hand up to his face, covering his eyes as he thinks for a few moments. A DING! later, the doors open, and he moves down the hallway to his apartment, the penthouse suite on the top floor. Making a mental note to visit Hiro sometime when this is all over (if it ever is), he opens the door and steps inside. "Zelda?"

Though she doesn't like staying in the apartment alone - for one it's boring and for two it's nerve-wrecking to think of Gabriel caught by those people - Zelda does it. She wants to be out helping, out doing things and not stuck in a vulnerable apartment. So, she takes her frustration out the only way she knows how - baking. The kitchen is covered in flour and sugar. Still wearing an apron she found in the kitchen (it's navy blue with a president's seal with the words 'Hail To The Chef' underneath it) her hair is still lightly dusted in the white powder and a bit of batter has been drying on her wrists and a bit on her cheek as well. While the cookies are cooling, she sits against the kitchen wall, practicing her ability. It's all she can do to keep her mind off of what has been happening. Right now, she's attempting what she would deem the most useful - camouflage. It's still splotchy, but she's managed to make a field in front of her that mostly hides the fact that there's a person there. The disembodied voice of Zelda replies, "Gabriel?"

Turning his head towards the kitchen where the disembodied voice comes from, he walks through the large archway into what looks like a bakery wrecking zone. Flour and sugar everywhere (does he smell cookies?), pans, batter, spoons, cookies (he smells cookies), and generally a mess. Not that he minds. He's been with Zelda long enough to know she takes her frustration out through baking, and who's he to complain? He gets cookies. Grabbing one from nearby and nearly dropping it as it's still rather hot, he bounces it back and forth on his hand to let it cool down as he turns to look for the source of all the baking. "Zelda?" he calls, turning— and running right into her forcefield and bouncing off of it, dropping the cookie in the process. "Z— Zelda? What are you doing?"

Whenever Zelda makes a mess such as this, though, she also cleans it up! That's important. There are dozens of cookies left out to cool. Unfortunately, she's packed up most of them into a tupperware container to save for later. They'll be knee deep in sweets for however long they're hiding here. And maybe even longer than that. Who knows where she'll be in a decent kitchen again in the near future. When Gabriel enters the kitchen, she debates dropping her field for a moment. But, then, she decides to test herself. See if he can see her. If people are still after them, this is a good way to make sure they stay off their tail. Hiding in plain sight. Gabriel has his invisibility and she has this. The better she is at it, the more ways they have to stay ahead of whoever it is that's after them. When Gabriel runs into her barrier, though, she immediately drops it and pushes herself up off the floor. "I was practicing!" she replies in a defensive tone. Mostly, she's just a little upset to have possibly hurt him. "You didn't hurt yourself, did you?"

Gabriel is a man! He didn't hurt himself! Maybe a little. Shaking his head, he dismisses it with a wave of his hand. "I'm fine," he says, leaning over and kissing her battered cover cheek quickly. "It's a good thing you're practicing, because I think we need to leave here. All of our accounts are frozen, and there's still that van outside… I'm pretty sure they're part of the people who tried to take us. I don't know why they're just sitting out there… maybe because of what happened, but I don't like it. I don't like it at all."

Even if it's a little hurt, Zelda reaches out to rest her hand on his cheek. He probably just bumped his knees on her forcefield, but this is a more intimate gesture. "Leave?" Her brow furrows at the thought and she looks around at the dough covered kitchen that she has just gotten used to enough to make the perfect cookies. While she doesn't want to be caught and taken to who knows where, she also doesn't want to leave the little bit of normalcy that she's gathered back to herself. "Why would they do that? We haven't done anything!" Angry at all the injustice of it, she wipes her hands on the apron with a frown. "Where are we supposed to go?"

"I don't know. Because we're… different. Special. Someone is scared of that, I think, and they're doing what they can to take us down." Stepping forward, he slips an arm around Zelda, pulling her close. "Don't worry, we'll make it through this. Once it's over, we'll be able to come back." Pondering the question of where they would go, Gabriel steps away, pulling his phone out of his pocket. "Not your mother's, that's for sure," he begins, a wry smile on his lips as he flips the phone open. "I know someone that I can call. I haven't talked to her in quite a while, but I think… I hope she'll be able to help us. She… can take care of things that others can't."

"That's not a reason to do this to anyone." Zelda is righteously indignant and she'd like it to be fixed right no. Letting Gabriel slip his arm around her, she gently leans against him, while still frowning and being angry about their situation. "Yeah, but when will it be over? Who is even doing this to us?" The black vans, freezing their accounts - why would anyone do such a thing? Why would they matter that much to dot hat? At the crack about her mother, she rolls her eyes and gives him a little push on the shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm sure she'd approve of you. Though she probably wouldn't like the black helicopters we brought with us." Folding her arms, she watches him pull out his cellphone with a single raised eyebrow. "Who is it? And how can she do that?"

An… old friend," is the mysterious reply from Gabriel, who inputs a set of numbers on his phone that he committed to memory a long time ago. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have the ability to never forget nearly anything, too. Putting the phone to his ear, he keeps his arm around Zelda as she dials, only pulling away when it seems the other line picks up. He hesitates for a fraction of a second before speaking. "It's me."

"Yes?" The greeting, if it can be called such, comes clipped, breathless and impatient. It is, however, undeniably Angela Petrelli on the line. "Gabriel? Is that you?"

Puzzled, Zelda takes a step back to lean against the kitchen wall. She doesn't go so far as to practice her camouflage again, but she certain is intrigued by this 'old friend' that can help them with all their troubles. Make no mistake, she's listening in quite keenly to Gabriel's side of the conversation.

"Yes, it's me," Gabriel says, a bit of relief overtaking him. She answered. That's a start. Giving a smile that's meant to be reassuring to Zelda, he begins to pace around the kitchen. "I'm sure you know what's going on. What's happening to… us." She'll know who he means by us. "… I need your help."

"I'm afraid the only help I can give you is to tell you your best bet," Angela replies. Her advice is as sharp as ever, but there is a certain dismal tone to her voice that is not normally there. "Hide. It's be invisible or put it all on the line and fight this."

As soon as she says it, Gabriel freezes, bringing one hand up and placing it on the side of the island in the middle of the kitchen. He hadn't expected this. "Where can we hide? That's what I need. My home, my shop, they're both being watched. All of our bank accounts are frozen… how can we even begin to fight something like this?"

"It's worse than you know. They may have gotten to Peter. The Company is in shambles. I'm told I shouldn't even be using this phone." Angela, somewhere across the city — not entirely far away from the Deveaux Building, as it happens, in the Petrelli family mansion — touches the curtains and looks outside. "I'm afraid I have yet to figure out where's safe." Uncertainty from Angela: never, ever a good sign. Especially under circumstances such as these. "I may be able to get you documents to make it easier for you to be on the move, but there are no guarantees. My resources aren't what they used to be."

All the hopes Gabriel placed in this one phone call are slowly tumbling down into a pit of despair. If Angela Petrelli can't help them, who can? She's been the one thing, nearly since the beginning, that was constantly foolproof, stoic, never backing down. She may have had her own ways about things, trying to twist him into a weaponized monster, but she still knew what she was doing. She had the resources, the power to back them up, and now she's saying she has nothing. She's even saying they may have gotten to Peter. Falling into one of the chairs, he leans forward, eyes pointed towards the ground. "Those won't help. They know who I am. Next time they come, we won't be as lucky as the last. I don't think they were prepared. This time they will be." Shaking his head slightly, he looks up at Zelda as he speaks. "Angela," he says, calling her by her first name for the first time he can remember. "I don't know what to do."

"But you do, Gabriel," Angela says with an injection of confidence. Reassurance. The powerful words Gabriel should recognize. In the mansion, she turns away from the window. The sitting room is in darkness. "Playing house for so long, maybe you've forgotten how capable you are." She doesn't think so, that is solidly, blatantly obvious.

When Gabriel moves from the kitchen to the table, Zelda follows, worriedly. She can only hear the conversation from his end, but whatever the person he's talking to on the other line is saying, it doesn't sound good for them. When he looks up at her, she frowns and drops her arms from being crossed in front of her. Instead, she gives him a curious tilt of her head and reaches out to put a hand on his shoulder in comfort. She doesn't know what else to do.

"I gave that up," Gabriel says, his words firm, cutting across Angela's— a little hint of the man he used, the man Angela is telling him to be, coming through even now. Angela seems to have that effect. "I…" He pauses, looking up at Zelda, and he averts his eyes, all but turning away from her and her touch. She has no idea what he used to be. What he used to do to people like them. What he's capable of. "I've gone for so long without… I've managed.. I can deal with it. It's taken a long time, but I've managed to tame it." Angela will know exactly what "it" is. And while he's tamed it, what she's asking of doesn't exactly help keep it tamed. "What would you have me do, go bust down their front door? That's why I'm trying to hide. I don't want to get caught up in all of this again."

"No, walking in the front door, guns blazing, is exactly the wrong move. A spectacle is the last thing we need when they're hunting us down," Angela says, brush-offish. Get with the program, Gabriel. "I'm not talking about how strong you are with your… prize abilities. I'm talking about how you think; how you understand. Don't forget yourself entirely."

This whole conversation is completely confusing to Zelda. Gave what up? Dealt without what? Is Gabriel calling a drug dealer at a time like this? She doesn't believe it, but she can't imagine what else he could be talking about. When he turns away from her hand, she pulls it back and folds her arms again. She steps back from the chair and the conversation, moving to the couch on the opposite side of the room. What is going on? What is Gabriel talking about?

"My abilities aren't some prize!" Gabriel says, finally snapping. "They're a curse! I wouldn't have to get rid of him if it weren't for my abilities!" Shaking his head, he stands from the chair, all but throwing the phone at the wall, not really recognizing that Zelda is right there and has no idea what's going on, or that he's revealing more than he ever wanted to reveal. He doesn't want to lie to her— not in the least— but if he can avoid telling her about Sylar, he will. "You want me to think like that?! To understand?! There are reasons I don't want to do those things, Angela!"

"There's something to be said for rising to the occasion," Angela's reply is whip-fast and with a helping of well-meaning condescension: a paradoxical tone she is a mistress of. "Surely you have some control over yourself after all this time? Do you really think you're that weak?" The woman on the phone pauses; she takes a few steps across the Petrelli mansion, looking charily over her shoulder to the garden doors, her expression dark. Unseen by Gabriel, but perhaps heard in her voice. "If you're still in the state a week from now, meet me at Apelai Restaurant at seven P.M."

At Angela's whip-fast reply, Gabriel promptly sits himself down in one of the chairs of the kitchen, his mouth slightly open in stunned silence. She still has her way with words. It's a good question, a necessary question. Does he really have that little faith in himself, that he won't be able to fight these people, to use his abilities, his own ability, to understand the best way to take these people out? He has Zelda. If there's anything in this world he still has that he needs, it's Zelda. She could be the anchor. "You…" he begins, trailing off, and he looks into the living room at Zelda. "No," he says, weighing his words carefully. "I'm not that weak. You're right. Hiding… isn't going to make this go away." He stands from the chair, crossing the room to Zelda and sitting besides her, taking her hand in his. "I'll be there. Seven P.M."

Obviously, Zelda is startled by the sudden outburst of Gabriel's anger. She's never seen him this upset before. Not even when they were being attacked. This is different - a whole other side to him that she's never seen before. Obviously she has no idea about Sylar or what he has done in the past, but she's not sure what to make of this mood change. "Gabriel!" She hisses at him when it looks like he's about to toss the phone against the wall. What is the person on the other line saying? When Gabriel moves to sit beside her, she reaches out a hand to take his. Not hiding any more? She thought that he said that's what they needed to do to survive.

"In the meantime, leave where you are." These are Angela's last words of advice. Looking around the dark room with its lavish decor and empty seats, she knows she should follow her own advice. And soon. "Both of you." The phone is hung up.

"Alright," is the simple response from Gabriel, squeezing Zelda's hand tightly. However, her next words 'cause the ex-killer to look at his phone once she hangs up, his mouth, once again, slightly open from shock. How did she know about Zelda? It seems that she may have been keeping tabs on him all this time… a thought that, quite honestly, aggravates Gabriel a little bit. But then, it is Angela, and she may be the one person who can help them. He'll have to deal with them another time. "We have to leave," he says, sliding the phone back into his pocket and turning to Zelda. "This place isn't safe for us anymore."

Either she knew about Zelda from before, or just inferred from Zelda's single outburst in their conversation. "I thought you said that we could hide any more!" Though she only heard a bit of that conversation, it was enough to confuse her thoroughly. "Who was that? Why did it make you so upset and what exactly did you give up?" She has so many questions, now. Everything has already been turned on it's head and now there's this to worry about. "You said your abilities were a curse. Why?"

"I know I said that," Gabriel says, standing from the couch. "I know. Things… have changed. That was… her name is Angela Petrelli. She… can be friend or foe. She's choosing to be a friend. She's going to help us." He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes, and when he opens them, he's looking at Zelda. Taking a step forward, his voice is low when he speaks. "They used to be a curse. They… I can't properly explain it. I used to have trouble controlling… some of them." He's hating himself inside for not giving her the full truth— but it's either a twisted version of the truth to keep her by his side, or tell her the real truth and more than likely lose her. "I love you, Zelda. You have to trust me."

That's not exactly an answer. Of course, it sort of is, but he's only giving her half truths, which she can tell. Zelda frowns for a moment. She doesn't have half the abilities that he does. In fact, she only has the one and it's not anything that could hurt someone if it got out of control. She can't quite understand the dilemma that provides like he can. Squeezing his hand, and even reaching out to put another under his chin, all she says in response is, "I love you, too. I trust you. I trust you with my everything." After all, she's been on the run with him, abandoned everything to go with him. She sighs. "Let's pack up the cookies and make a break for it."

Smiling at Zelda, Gabriel leans forward and gives her a quick kiss. "That's a good plan. You pack them up, and I'll go get some clothes and other things we'll need." He squeezes her hand again, moving into the bedroom and leaning against the wall. Fugitives. That's what they are now. How long will they be? Will they ever get out of this? And how helpful will Angela prove to be? Will she really help them, or will she try to bring out the monster within? He looks out at Zelda, who is no doubt in the process of packing cookies, and simply looking at her gives him resolve. Grabbing a nearby duffel bag, he begins to pack clothes, trying to keep his mind on the task at hand.

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