2010-03-31: A Chance Meeting



Date: March 31st, 2010


Fate, it would seem, has a mind of it's own and it brings old acquaintances back together again.

"A Chance Meeting"

Battery Park

It was getting late, the sun nearing the horizon but all ready hidden behind the city skyline to the west, while Tyson sat on the bench near the altar set up at the Hope Gardens. He had his legs extended out into the path in front of him with his arms spread out on the back of the bench, his eyes focused on the altar with its engraved with messages of peace, winged angels huddled over the structure- ready to provide solace for anyone under their outstretched hands. Tyson looked around and saw less people than the last time he remembered checking. "I swear," He muttered under his breath and taking a break from staring at the statues to look up into the atmosphere at nothing specific or beyond his normal 'human' perception.

It's the end of the day and Ophelia is, for once, headed home early. It's mostly because she's decided to take some 'me' time, which she rarely does. Usually she's busy researching and doing whatever odd jobs George has her off doing. Headed through the park, though, she's decided to take the long way, complete with iPod earbuds in her ears, hands in her coat pockets.

After her arguments the previous day, and finally making it to a new safe house, KeLyssa decides to try to let off some steam and take a walk through battery park. She's not wearing a jacket or mittens, or anything a person would imagine would be good for cold weather. However, she doesn't seem cold at all. In fact, she seems like she's perfectly warm. However, the walk so far has done nothing to calm her down, her mind just reeling with all the events that have happened. Hopefully, however, the anger does not appear evident. At least not at a glance.

Still looking up at the darkening sky, Tyson slowly lowered his head to look around again. There shouldn't have been any reason for the feeling in his gut but as soft breeze blew past him a feeling of nostalgia crept in- and for the life of him, he couldn't figure what it meant. He had been in the park before, even the same bench before, but…. Then he saw them, coming towards each other- coming towards him! Tyson couldn't believe how long it had been since he had seen either. "Phi! Kel!" Between Ophelia's tame features and KeLyssa's ragged appearance, he hoped he would be recognized as easily despite how little he must have changed.

Thankfully Phi's music isn't up too loud, so she actually hears the shout. She pulls the earbuds out, a little surprised, then grins. She quickens her pace, headed over towards him. She'd recognize him anywhere. "Ty!"

KeLyssa furrows her brow as she hears someone calling to her. Looking in Tyson's direction, she eyes him cautiously, slowly walking in his direction at the same time that Ophelia does, only at a slowly pace. "I…I remember ya'll." How could she forget? That one day at Time Square is burned into her memory.

"I can't believe we're all together again, it's been so long…" Realizing everything he had just said was really corny, Tyson shook off the shock of seeing the two ladies, "Except for you." He nods his head over at Ophelia, "I saw you, what? A month ago? It's sure not like I haven't seen you in months like usual…" Then his attention was on KeLyssa, "But you, Kel…" He seems to pace himself, "How have you been?"

"Fate's like that. People always come back." Ophelia explains, glancing back between KeLyssa and Tyson. "Yeah, could've been longer, but I guess we're lucky this time, you know?" She offers them both a smile.

KeLyssa doesn't offer any smile of her own to either of them, but looks both of them over. "Yeah…luck…fate…that's what it is. Must be." Though she doesn't quite sound like she believes her own words. "Me? Oh, I've been absolutely peachy. Ain't had no problems none ta complain 'bout at all." She shakes her head. "Sorry ifin that sounds a li'l…oh, I dunno…sarcastic. But yeah…" She doesn't go into explinations, just shaking her head. In an attempt to smile, she says, "An' how're ya'll doin'?"

"Exactly, Phi-" Tyson grins, only to have his brown eyes suddenly drawn away from both Ophelia or KeLyssa. Directed at the figure of a young male, that couldn't have been much older than Tyson, his facial expression- somewhere between certain, agitated, and relief, "Excuse me, just a second…" He excuses himself, starting to sprint towards the guy, silent and fast. Before he gets too far, his voice is heard (almost like a whisper), "If I'm not back soon, I'll find you." Tyson sounded like he had all ready returned, despite his abrupt disappearance.

Ophelia glances after Tyson, shaking her head a little. "Didn't see that coming.." She murmurs a little, though there's a bit of a smile there. Her gaze darts back to KeLyssa quickly, however. "What's going on? You don't sound so good."

KeLyssa watches Tyson run off, shaking her own head a bit. "Things…they always come up, don't they?" She frowns, turning her attention back to Ophelia. "Oh, nothin' a li'l hidin' won't fix up none." She says, rolling her eyes.

An eyebrow is raised as Ophelia takes a quick look around. "Anything I can help with? I've got a bit of pull in arranging that sort of thing, if necessary." She offers a warm, reassuring smile.

KeLyssa chuckles humourlessly. "Not 'less ya know how ta hide a person from the government. Though I'm already in hidin' someplace." She shakes her head. "But m'sure ya ain't wantin' ta hear 'bout nobodies problems none."

Ophelia suddenly grins a little. "Actually, I can say I do. I've got a pretty good connection or two, I might say." She raises an eyebrow. "And you'd be surprised. I don't mind hearing the problems of others."

KeLyssa laughs and shakes her head. "Girl, I ain't sayin' ya ain't tellin' the truth none, but…connections at our age? Well, I'm surprised." She lets out a little snort of a laugh. "What I'm REALLY wantin' ta do is fight the government. Though I s'poose ya got connections fer that as well?"

Ophelia shakes her head a little. "Well, the guy I work for is making things work for the better, basically from the inside out. He's pretty high-ranked and he's working to expose everything to the public, but we've got to gather enough information before we turn the tables or it'll just ruin all of our chances."

KeLyssa lets out a little scoff. "Tryin' ta make thing better, eh? Yeah, like that's gonna happen anytime soon, with all've the stuff the government's doin'!" She shakes her head. "An' what exactly's his plan ta expose everythin'? Tell people what's goin' on an' have 'em freak out?"

"Not really. Mostly we're carefully plotting things out… gathering information, moving to try and get hard evidence so we can prove who's in the wrong. Either way, people will freak out. That's just the nature of people." Ophelia says, shaking her head. "I think we're doing a decent amount, though."

KeLyssa frowns. "So yer 'fightin' the good fight', are ya? Tryin' ta get rid o' all the bad guys an' everythin'? Hmm? Seems yer goin' 'bout the tamer way, though!" Is said easily. "I'd say go in fightin', personally."

Ophelia frowns. "That's how you get yourself killed, you know. There's a reason I'm not the one having to hide out. I'm safe, at least, and soon enough we'll be able to make a move and take care of the situation."

KeLyssa scoffs again and shakes her head. "I'd bin careful too! I 'ad bin! An' they caught me! I don' know how they knew 'bout me, but they did!" She takes a deep breath in, though it doesn't help much. "Look, ifin ya'll need some help, give yer boss m'name. In fact, I'll write m'name an' e-mail down fer ya so 'e kin contact me."

Ophelia gives a nod. "Any extra help is useful. I'm sure we'll be contacting you… we can make sure you get help. I'm careful, trust me. No one's caught wind of any of the stuff we've been up to, as far as I know, and even if they have… we're pretty powerful. They won't mess with us." She fishes through her purse, pulling out a pen and paper, offering it over to KeLyssa.

KeLyssa takes the pen and paper from Ophelia and writes down her name and e-mail address. "I don' need no place ta hideout. Not right now. I gots a place. Bu' I'll help ya'll, ifin I can." She hands the pen and paper back to Ophelia with the info on it.

Ophelia tucks the info back into her purse, giving a quick nod. "I'll let him know. And even if you don't need somewhere else to hide.. we'll help you how we can. I'm sure there are others that could use our help as well."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I ain't knowin' of no one else who needs assistance right now." She says firmly. "Bu' jus' lemme know. I wanna do damage ta them people as best as I kin!"

Ophelia grins a little bit. "I'll see if I can find you somewhere to make some damage."

KeLyssa nods firmly. "Tha's all I wanna do. Cause damage to 'em. They need ta know that they ain't as high an' mighty as they think they are!"

Ophelia chuckles. "They think they're untouchable.. and we'll find some ways to knock 'em down a peg or two. I'll just see if I can find some way you'll be able to do it a little more directly."

KeLyssa nods firmly. "Thanks a tonne. I'd love ta be able ta do that. Absolutely!" She frowns and looks around. "I'm gonna have to go. I'll talk to ya soon."

Ophelia gives another nod. "Kay. Just take care of yourself." She glances around. "Stay safe."

KeLyssa raise her hand and wiggles her fingers in farewell. "Don' be a stranger now, ya hear!" Is said as she make her way back to her safe place.

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