2008-03-01: A Coffee Shop Hangover


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Summary: A bunch of New Yorkers meet up in the same place, giving one customer quite a hangover.

Date It Happened: March 1st, 2008

A Coffee Shop Hangover

Common Grounds

"Okay. So. Chai." Ali offers this, as she meanders in from the outside world, holding the door for Jamie. "This is the /nectar of gods/. I'm not kiddin', either - even Starbucks doesn't dare mess it up 'cause Ganesh would come down and kick their CEO into their next karmic cycle." She grins, impishly - continuing her current ward's education, apparently. "It's even better than hot chocolate. It's like drinkin' a pumpkin pie."

Sophie has a book in hand, nose in said book as she pushes open the door, almost running into Ali and Jamie in the process. Blue eyes peer over the edge of her book, blinking owlishly, then the rest of her face is revealed with a bright smile as she sees who it is, saying, 'Oh, sorry. I really have to watch where I'm going.'

Not everyone is in the stages of ordering or walking through the door. Some of the tables have people! Not many, but some. One of the tables happens to have a young man that recognizes a voice coming in the door. It's just the sound of the voice, but he knows it. Peter met her a few times in the future— heard her on the radio besides. He glances away from his own coffee and looks in her direction. He's not alone at his table, either… but he blinks at the person who steps in after her, too.

Jamie walks along with Ali and looks skeptical as the DJ describes it as being better than hot chocolate. "I like pumpkin pie, but I like hot chocolate more." She grins up to Ali again then, and says, "Can I try it, though?"

Her hands curled around the cup in front of her, Elle is oblivious to the new patrons as she sits across from Peter; her back is to the door, and she has no reason to recognize the voices, besides. Her attention is fixed on the papers on the table in front of her, brow furrowed as she reads the words on the page. When Peter looks up from his own coffee, however, she glances up from the papers to watch him. Turning her head, she looks to the door, no recognition on her face, before returning her eyes to Peter. "Let me guess," she says brightly, cautioning a smirk. "You know one of them."

Tyson didn't know what mood he was in, but he figured he might as well get some stimulating liquid in him to keep him up. Something about walking alot, it makes you tired. As such, he happens to enter the coffee shop behind a little girl he had only met once but was starting to recognize her from behind… He says nothing though, not yet. Instead he simply surveys the shop a moment, spying vaguely familiar faces and total strangers alike. Shrugging off whether or not he should say something to the multitudes, he turns towards the listing of drinks and finds himself quite undecided for waht to get. "I don't know why I come here…" He sighs, shaking his head.

"More than one of them… sort of," Peter says quietly. There's something thoughtful in his voice as he tries to think on the best way to explain the way he knows the two of them. "One of them was helping a friend of mine… we met each other when I visited her in the hospital. The one who came in first… that's McAlister. The other you knew her… I'm not sure how well. Right before we… I just know the two had been friends." It's awkward talking about a girl who looked and act similar enough, having friends that the one still here doesn't remember. At all. "Heidi knows her too. I've never technically met her… in this timeline." Technicalities.

The door to the coffee shop is opened and in walks a woman with honey blonde hair and light blue eyes that scan the place as she walks in. She wears a pair of black jeans and a dark tank top along with a pair of dark brown boots.

She comes to stand in line and wait to order her drink. Meredith Gordon has entered the building. A few men actually openly stare at the beauty as she crosses her arms and waits for the line to move. One man whistles, a raised eyebrow is cast in his direction.

Ali grins, walking backward for a step or three, reaching up to adjust those criminally awful glasses. "Oh, please, Soph - I mean, what, you hit me with a door, I throw an elbow, we're even, life goes on." She rolls her eyes - and looks down to Jamie.

"You go grab us a table, kiddo - and sure thing. Cinnamon and whipped cream.. and what. Hot or cold?" She grins. "You pick." So far, she hasn't picked up on Elle at the table, but it's only a matter of time.

Jamie looks up to Sophie and grins, smiling, "Hi." She then nods quickly to Ali, "Um… hot, I guess?" She shrugs to that and grins and says, "Whatever! Just wanna try it." She then moves to find a table. Ending up at one right next to Peter and Elle's table, she climbs into a chair.

Sophie laughs at that, and she nods. "Well, alright, then." to Sophie. She greets Jamie too. "Oh, hey there." she smiles, "Mm.. I think I need something very caffeinated to drink." As always, lately, yes, she is wearing gloves. "I think I want just cappucino, extra shot."

Elle can't be sure she knows who came in first, of the people nearest the door, but she fixes her attention on the one she thinks might be her apparent former-friend. "McAlister, huh?" The mention of timelines has her confused, however, and she looks back to Peter with a raised brow. "So we used to be friends, and you know her from another… timeline." A beat of silence, then: "I need a chart." Folding the papers on the table, she shakes her head and slips them into her bag. "I give up on these. I'll read them later. Gabriel can help me." Finding her attention wandering to McAlister once more, she asks Peter, "Think she's going to remember me?"

Tyson continues looking up at the menu and eventually attracts the attention of a male barista whom Tyson notices as he approaches and nods in acknowledgement. Before the guy gets a chance to greet him, however, the patron speaks up abruptly, "Um, yeah. I don't know what I want… so you might want to skip to someone else… I'm still stuck between pumpkin spice and mocha. Hmm." He thinks on that a moment longer. "Hey, you can't mix the two, can you? I mean, I think that'd be awesome." Tyson was seriously asking that, but the Barista just stared back blankly.

"Trust me, I need about… ten charts," Peter says with a shake of his head. Meeting people in different timelines and having those timelines have a profound effect on how he views them in the present timeline… abilities he absorbs from people that he needs to keep track of… "You're difficult to forget, so she probably will remember you…" He trails off a moment, before reaching for a napkin. Their table doesn't have candles on it, or anything of the like, but unnoticed at first, the top of the napkin he uses to wipe down his hands catches on fire, just a small hint of a flame. "How goes the house hunt?" That's why they're out here, after all.

Ali, remember? Oh. Yes, yes she does. Yes indeed. In fact, she watches Jamie for a sec with that wry smile, then looks up past her and .. well. Stares for a moment. Then? "Elle?"

The line, even the lure of Chai - neither's enough to keep the DJ from all but bounding over to Elle at that table. In fact - oh dear. That looks like an incoming /hug/. Be afraid. Be very afraid. "Oh, man - where have you /been?/"

She does not squee. Jersey girls never squee. Never.

Jamie blinks as Ali goes running past for the woman at the next table over, loking curiously. Then she blinks as her attention is drawn to the small flame of the napkin, staring a moment with a slightly confused look.

After Meredith orders her drink, she goes to sit at a table not to far from Peter and Elle, she looks out the window and sighs. Still no Claire. A hand goes through her hair and she takes a sip of her coffee.

The conflict on Elle's face is plainly obvious even before her name is spoken. It's for the best that Peter warned her about her connection to McAlister, or else the poor girl might be in for more than what she gets. Before Elle can respond to his question, before she can even register that he just set a napkin aflame, McAlister calls her name and swoops in for a hug. Her heart racing, the little blonde, with her lacking social grace, can't quite stop a tiny shock from travelling from her hands into McAlister's side as she awkwardly raises her hand to half-meet, half-ward-off the embrace. "Uhhh." Articulate. Wincing, she says, "It's a long story." And it's not QUITE a lie…

Tyson gives in the realization that he will never end up getting his blend on and turns away from both the menu and barista in time to see… well, something people didn't expect to see. What's more is that Tyson thought he recognized the dude with a flaming napkin. "Hm…" He says to himself, "Just the pumpkin spice, I guess." Tyson shrugs and looks back at the barista.

And… looks like he'd been right. McAlsiter wouldn't just forget her good friend Elle. Who she's never met. Peter is watching the hug with some surprise when… the napkin suddenly starts hurting him. He glances down at it and makes a surprised sound as he pushes it down against the table and puts it out with his hands. The burn he gets shouldn't happen. With the power alone, it wouldn't have. Whatever he'd absorbed, though, cut out and took the protection from it's own fire away when it did. "Um… hi," He says softly, touching his mildly scortched hands.


Ali flinches, but oddly enough, either half-expected it.. or. At least. Isn't /pissed/. That's something. Instead she laughs, ruefully, backing off - "Sorry. I know, I know - I just. You know, it's been a while. Whatever's up - seriously, you don't have to tell me - " She even raises her hands (well, one hand, the other's rubbing at her side) - "I just forgot - " But her grin remains, that rich voice of hers touched with laughter.

"You /really/ need to let Jane know you're alive. She's worried sick, sort of." A shrug, and Ali.. looks across to Peter. No recognition in the slightest - "Hi." She offers a hand. "Alyssa McAlister - so are you the reason Elle kinda skipped town?" The words fall like rain, the DJ letting thoughts flow from one to the next without really.. you know.. stopping them. She actually leans toward Elle, offering a stage-whispered. "Rowr." The fire? Missed, it seems.

Tyson is waiting for for his drink now, he has no reason to walk over and greet the people he did not know to confront someone on an issue no one should really be talking about out loud. Nope, not Tyson. He has tact.

Sophie watches Ali go running away. Then she realizes where Ali runs, following the path. The girl she hugs.. she doesn't know. But she does know the man beside Elle. She gives a sort of abashed waggle of fingers in greeting, deciding to take her spot in line. Got to actually get her drink sometime.

McAlister's remark elicits a flush of colour in Elle's cheeks as she turns away, looking back to the table. Her newly-cut hair falls to partially obscure her face, thankfully, and she glances sidelong back to the other woman. Having someone speak this way to her, about her, is a very strange sensation for Elle. Conflicting desires are still at war in her mind as she evaluates this particular situation, uncertain how to proceed. "I…" Scrunching her nose, she glances back to Peter once more, shifting her injured leg beneath the table. Is something burning? She shakes her head, returning her eyes to Ali. "I'll tell you about it later? It's seriously long."

Jamie grins as Peter douses the fire, giggling just a little perhaps. She glances back up to Ali again then curiously, watching her and Elle, but so far staying back at the table she's chosen.

Was he the reason she vanished? …it depends on how far back one looks? Peter could blame himself for part of it, which might explain why his eyes drop and he looks quietly guilty as well as embarassed. The finger waggle from the line earns his attention, a shy wave returned… reddened fingers. What is it with him burning his hand around this woman? But then he has to address McAlister, "It's… nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you. I'm… Peter Petrelli," he says, voice quiet. Yes. The boyfriend. Ex now. Former. "Jane knows that— she knows what happened. I told her. So it's… okay…" he shakes his head, more and more sheepish. "Maybe we should— " That's as far as he got. Tact, Tyson? Well… you can have tact, but it's difficult to have tact when someone suddenly… vanishes.

At first it looks similar to when he'd go invisible, only it's just him, not his clothes. And then he falls downward, clothes ending up in a puddle. A rather good sized and very wet puddle. Where did Peter go? He just happens to be the puddle. Only one person in the room might understand how disconcerting this could be. Hopefully everyone else was interested in their coffee…

Ali nods to Elle, distracted by that - "As long as you stay in touch this time." She retrieves her unshaken hand, already going to that bag slung over her shoulder, fishing - "I got a.."

And see, there's a pause. "Did you say Peter Petrelli?"

Ever seen someone go from 'zero' to 'snarl' in seconds? Ali does. Right there. There's even a fist made, as she rounds on the man, listening to him explain - and then he's gone.

And she's looking at his clothes.

And she gawks. I mean - how often do you get ready to slug a guy and he just vanishes?

"Thanks." Tyson says as the barista returns with his drink and he pays. It was a sweet trade and as Tyson turns around its just perfect that he'd not only see Sophie coming towards him but that he also notices the man that had the flaming napkin had disappeared. Only… his clothes… Tyson really couldn't believe what he had scene, but then he really sees Jamie for who she is and nods. Taking a sip of his pumpkin drink and starts walking, first up to Sophie, "Hey, hey. What's up?"

Jamie blinks, staring at the suddenly puddled Peter. And a big grin appears on her face. She quickly hops up and scrambles around the table, careful not to step in the puddle. "Like me." She says it quietly, but if there's any type of shocked silence, probably everybody can hear her.

Uh yeah, Meredith was sitting right next to Peter and Elle's table and the activity over there drew her eye. With a sip of her coffee, Meredith watches the table and when Peter goes puddle-like.. she blinks. "What the hell?" she asks and places her cup down to lean forward. Is that a man puddle?!

Elle, for one, was not interested in her coffee. She's been dividing her attention between Ali and Peter pretty evenly, and once Ali reacts quite so strongly to her companion's name, well… her eyes are already headed back for Peter when he starts to vanish. Instantly, she shoots up from her seat, letting out a yelp of pain as she puts sudden weight on the cast-wearing leg, hands pressed against the table for stability. "Peter?!" Circling around the table, she stops dead at the sight of his clothes. "What the— "

Sophie was, after all, right by Jamie, and was just looking at Peter. So, it isn't even 'suddenly gone, look at the clothes'. She sees it all, a gasp escaping. Oddly enough, to others, she shifts her gaze immediately to Jamie, and then back to the puddle, leaving the line and heading that way.

Say what you want about Ali - but the ferocity fades in an eyeblink, the woman giving Jamie a suddenly worried look - then the coffehouse around them. "… I.." At an abrupt loss, the DJ still reaches out for Jamie's hand.

The man puddle seems to move. It physically flows away from the clothing as if trying to hide under a table. What happened!? Peter wishes he knew. All he can think of is that this is very very new sensation. So new he's not sure he can do anything besides roll away under a table. And leave his clothes behind. All of his clothes. And his cellphone. And wallet.

The table he picks happens to be Meredith's, oddly enough. Bad choice? Maybe.

Jamie doesn't take Ali's hand, but moves to follow Peter-puddle. "Wait!" Quieter when she's closer, she asks, "This your first time?" A guess given he's trying to hide under a table and not escape down a drain, perhaps. "Took me hours to figure out how to turn back. You just got to think of yourself normally, what your body feels like, and you'll take the shape and change back." Wisdom given, she quickly retreats back to Ali, taking her hand finally.

"My.." Meredith looks down at Peter puddle and looks at Jamie as she talks to him. "You might want to go outside, since your clothes are right there.." Meredith points at Peter's clothes and prepares to stand. She looks to Elle and Ali. Her light blue eyes then go back to studying Peter. Good thing Flint isn't here, he might have tried to make Peter evaporate!

At this point, Tyson decides its best to keep things private and thanks to his things he can do too… he extends his wish for privacy towards the table and area where things had apparently gotten a little more fun. As such, as he moves towards the group he begins folding space so if nothing else, people not in the group could see Jamie and puddle man under the table. Seeming to look towards everyone else, he really speaks to Jamie and the guy, "So, um… this fun… really should happen somewhere else. Jamie… is this guy, a good friend of yours? I could take him to the bathroom…"

Hobbling backwards awkwardly as the puddle moves, Elle stares in disbelief, tracking its movement without quite making sense of what she's seeing. When it moves beneath the table, the blonde lifts her eyes to the woman seated there— and stares, recognition clear on her face. Could this get any worse? Muscles tensing, Elle shuffles towards Meredith's table, her walking cast making the movement clumsy. Anything she might say to Meredith is cut short, however, by Jamie's words. "Peter…" Whose clothes are on the floor. Sucking in a breath, she shrugs her coat off her shoulders and stoops to hold it out, ideally shielding the space beneath the table. Too bad she can't crouch, thanks to her leg.

Sophie is close enough to hear. She tries to stand somewhere between the pile, and the rest. Nothing to see here.. as she kicks tries to kick the clothes closer to the table where the puddle has moved.

A very confused DJ just.. puts an arm around Jamie, protective, biting her lip - bending for a moment to snag the wallet that's been knocked away in the kicking. "Did you.." It's aimed at Jamie, stunned - "'cause - I was just gonna punch him. We.. we gotta go." About as lost as can be managed, that.

Try to think about himself… That's easier said than done. The water actually quivers visibly under the table, as if it's actually terrified. Or maybe he's trying to change back. All these people talking to him! The ones he knows aren't the ones giving him advice, either. Though something about Meredith looks really familiar. There's a shifting under the table, and suddenly a sound is heard. A bang. Trying to reform seems to have been successful, or maybe he's doing other things to make it happen more quickly. There's a mild "Ow" to be heard as well. Looks like he banged his head when he reformed. On the table. And he's… naked. Thank you for the modesty, Elle. Good thing he can turn transparent… Without turning into a puddle. "Can… can you grab my clothes, Elle?"

Good. Now the puddle was back to being a man, not that anybody not in the immediate area could see it and this time it wasn't even his doing. Who else besides the ones he knew in this group had powers, he could only wonder. "Okay. Well… I'm glad things are coming up swimmingly… Sorry about your head, guy."

Jamie blinks, looking up to Ali, "Did I what? Change him? No, can only change myself. He must be like me." She glances back, but with the coat providing modesty she misses that he turns invisible. She can hear his voice then and looks back up to Ali, "See? He's back to normal."

Well isn't that strange? The puddle is now gone and Meredith blinks and she settles back in her seat. Did that man reform back or something? She hears him though, she can't see him. Her eyes go wide, this guy has more than one ability or something? She doesn't say anything yet just sits by her forgotten coffee.

"Sure thing, aquaman." Elle has decided that she will just take this in stride. She won't question. She'll just turn away from the table once more, hobble back to the table they'd been seated at, and stoop to gather up all of his clothes from where they lie on the floor. But there are an awful lot of people here, all trying to give advice, and before she hands the clothes to the man beneath the table - whom she can't see, but knows is there - she clears her throat. Harshly. "Everyone whose name isn't Elle needs to back away from this table. Now." And she isn't saying please. She'll just shove right on past everyone, hobbling on her walking cast, with a glower for anyone who gets in her way or doesn't do what she asked, and thrust her hands beneath the table with the pile of clothes.

"He's not. He's nothin' like you." Ali sounds oddly.. bitter, at that.. but she seems to remember herself. "Look, kiddo - " She keeps her voice low - "I.." And she sighs, looking across to Sophie, then back. "We gotta get out of here. Okay?"

The woman whose table Peter kindly decided to reform under does not move but looks at Elle with a raised eyebrow. "Friend of yours?" she asks and brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes. She looks at the spot where Peter-puddle was with worry. Ali and the others are given a look, why isn't anyone freaking out? Meaning the customers of the place..

Sophie hears a loud thump. She winces, sympathetically, but is also blushing as, well, she can imagine the situation. She stays with her back firmly, to the table.

Sophie does move a touch further from the table, at Elle's request, though.

Jamie blinks at Elle's order, and says, "But…he…" She bites her lip, and glances back up to Ali again and nods a bit, following her, but disappointed.

There's a sudden shifting of the table, as if the man under it is having a difficult time. So much happened in a matter of seconds. McAlister looked at him with anger and hatred. She'd been one of the few who didn't look at him like that in the future. Peter is unaware of what he had done to cause such a reaction… If he knew why, he'd probably understand it. The clothes are taken. They turn invisible with him, but it sounds like he's fumbling under the table. There's a lot of banging. The invisibility falters by the time he gets his pants back on. He's looking feverish. Something not totally uncommon of him, though less common these days. A lot of abilities. A lot being used uncontrolled… it was actually invisibility that had tipped the scale. "You… might need to call a cab. For us," he manages to say, as he pulls the shirt over his head. More layers to get on. Why is no one really noticing what's happening?

Tyson continues to hold things invisible even if someone else was as well, even though he takes a step back from the woman with a look to kill people if they didn't listen to her. "Well…" He takes a sip of his drink. "How is everybody today? Seeing so many people I know and don't know like this is definitely a highlight of my day. Though I'm thinking, we might want to end this little get together soon…"

Ali's apparently completely forgotten about the wallet she's got. Instead, in fishing around in her bag, absently - she leaves that behind and - well, she drops a card where Elle was sitting, hands shaking.

She seems surprised by that, the shake in her hands, taking a breath, steadying herself a bit. "I'm sorry kiddo. Just.. I'll make it up to you, okay?" Tyson gets a vaguely hunted look. Apparently, there's been a bit of a weird overload, there.

It's something Elle's beginning to wonder, herself. People used to be surprised when someone turned into a puddle or let out a bolt of electricity, and for very few people to have even seemed surprised by his transformation— well, it's not sitting well with her. And it's making Elle acutely aware of how much she misses her father, in a strange way, because this is one of times she'd really like to speak to him. Lost in her reverie, she nearly misses what Peter says, then snaps back to attention with a shake of her head. "Yeah," she says, fishing her cell from the pocket of her coat and flipping it open. "I'll get one. Just hang on." Standing up straighter once more, she takes a step back from the table, pressing the phone to her ear.

Meredith is still in her seat and she doesn't move. These people are strange, the older woman pulls out her phone as it begins to ring. "Meredith." She answers and nods her head to someone on the other line. "I'll see you then." She says and puts her phone away. She gives Peter a look, "You use your abilities in public often?" she asks with a raised eyebrow.

Some people are too distracted to notice the Weird Sh Stuff-o-Meter redlining. The rest… are probably just keeping their mouths shut, lest they all have to deal with a whole lot of unwanted attention. George, who's just stepped inside, is part of this latter group; he's not sure if he saw that correctly, but in any case he just bites his lip and reaches back to keep the breeze out.

Jamie nods a little to Ali and says softly, "Ok." She keeps a grip on the DJ's hand, waving a little to Peter as he comes out from under the table, but following Ali for now.

Once he's fully dressed, Peter starts to check his pockets in his feverish state. Cellphone check. Hopefully it didn't get water damage. But… "Where's my wallet?" he asks outloud as he leans against the table, looking at Meredith after she asks him a question. Yes, they need to get out of here soon, but he does want his wallet back. It's got important things in it. Like numbers to all the prepaid cellphones that he doesn't dare store on his phone considering they're kind of a spy operation… Sort of. "…no, not often," he grimaces, looking at the blonde woman and wondering… how many people in here is this old hat for anyway? While Elle calls to get a cab, he looks toward his table.

The woman sighs and stands up her. Her boots make a click on the floor as she begins to leave. This whole situation is just a little to weird for her right now. She looks at Peter and the others, "Shouldn't it be in your pants pocket?" she states the obvious as she begins to walk. Meredith's hair is tied into a ponytail.

Tyson just had to wait now, until he was no longer needed to try and keep the using of abilities a secret. He sips his drink, it was real good. Looking back toward the area he was hiding, Tyson shrugs and begins walking off. There was no real reason to stay so close to the area, it was suspicious… besides, the way the fold was set, the guy inside could leave at any point. His other reason for leaving was the look the woman he had seen with Jamie give him. Had he just been mauled with her eyes? Either way, he puts some distance between himself and the happening at the table. Yay Pumpkin Spice drinks to occupy one's time!

Snapping the phone shut, Elle turns her attention back to Peter at his question, frowning. "Your wallet?" In all of the madness (or maybe she was just distracted), she can't recall if she saw the wallet at all, let alone where it might have gone. "It's not in your— " No. If it was in his pocket, he'd have found it. She drops the phone into her pocket once more and turns back to her table, bracing her hand against the table as she ducks to look for it. "I didn't see it when I grabbed your clothes."

Ali has, apparently, had enough. Dissapearing puddles? Nobody panicking? God knows what happening /next/? Oh no - she's /done/. Worried, she heads for the door, tugging Jamie with her - "I'll.. We gotta go. I'll make it up to you later, kiddo, I promise."

Heck, she's not even really noticing more than 'gotta go'. Not a night gone the way she expected, apparently.

"Damnit," Peter curses, but he also knows he can't just stay here. "Come on… let's go," he says to the blonde, knowing that if they don't see it, it's likely gone by now. Maybe one of the people he knows picked it up when he turned into a puddle and left with it by accident. It could happen. Or an unscrupulous person stole it… Either way… "We won't find it. Let's just go… before I pass out in public." Or turn into water again? It does look like he might go and do that pretty soon, here. "I'll have to… find out who some of these people were…" Like… he looks to the blonde woman whose table he hid under. She looks oddly familiar. And the kid, who he doesn't see anymore to know the ability that turned him into water. The others he knew. And then there's George. Who he vaguely recognizes as someone who works with his brother.

"Problem, water boy?" Meredith asks. She is use to men looking at her a lot but Peter has just been /staring/. Meredith takes another sip of her coffee and looks at Peter and Elle again, she is still getting ready to leave. Elle is given a glance as well.

"No problem," is Elle's quick and dismissive reply to Meredith, before Peter can speak. "Don't worry about us." Gathering up her things, she pulls her coat back on, though she doesn't fasten the buttons. "I am two steps ahead of you," she quips, looping her arm through his as she heads for the door. "I can tell you who one of them is, but that's it." And that the woman isn't someone either of them wants to cross, but she'll get to that later. She keeps a tight grip on his arm, despite how she has to limp thanks to her injury; if he should pass out unexpectedly, she might be better equipped to keep him from hitting the ground hard, this way.

As busy as he's been lately at work - with a storm of activity that he basically initiated in the first place, but still - George is not looking for any more trouble to add to his to-do list. He stays out of the way as Ali and Jamie make their way out, and then Peter (he recognizes Peter, sure) and Elle after them. No one of consequence here, folks, just a nice loyal citizen looking to buy a cup of coffee.

"You just… look familiar. Sorry," Peter says, shaking his head. He might look a little familiar to her too, in the 'she knew one of his relatives'. In the biblical way. He nods at Elle's words, looking down at the grip on his arm. "Can't take me anywhere, huh?" Like a puppy or a overgrown kid. This hasn't happened often at all, but it reminds him of one time he went into Starbucks and she had introduced him as her boyfriend… and that had led to certain things too. It was a different coffee shop. It was a lot of people. Mysterious circumstances. And it draws a small connection… If he weren't so feverish, and if he weren't dating someone else completely… he might smile more. "You can tell me when we get back to the apartment." And maybe after he takes a long nap.

"Never could take you anywhere, Peter," Elle replies, her voice teasing, as she looks up to him with a smirk. It isn't clear whether she's made the same connection in her mind, at least not outwardly. "I'll tell you when we get back to your apartment. You officially get it back as soon as I figure out what these papers say and sign my name on them." …and Gabriel moves out, but. Gesturing to the cab pulling up to the curb as she leads him through the door, she says, "I'm guessing this one's ours. Try to stay conscious until we get through the door."

"Oh.. well.." Meredith doesn't finish, she just shrugs her shoulders and walks out after the two. She doesn't follow them, she turns towards the corner and makes her way towards there, the woman turns her head to look back at Peter and Elle. "Well I'll be.. a Petrelli." Meredith looks at Peter closely, he looks different but yes that's the younger brother of the man she once loved.. or loved for a night.. same thing? Her eyes widen, would Peter know where Claire was?

"I'm not in a rush to kick the two of you out on the street, you know…" Peter assures quietly, right up until he hears… Petrelli. He glances back at the woman and looks rather surprised. Elle may have to tug on him a little. He's not going to pass out this exact second, he just probably shouldn't be using any abilities. She… must recognize him from the newspaper? Unless… she's Company. Elle would recognize her if she were Company, though, wouldn't she? And Company wouldn't sit so calmly by and not start doing something… He looks over at Elle. "I…" What is he supposed to do here?

"Get in the car." That's Elle being very commanding, pulling the door open and tugging on Peter's arm to try and coax him into going first. Her voice carries with it a sense of urgency - not a panic, just the sense that they should get out of here at a faster pace than leisurely. Her attention is divided between Peter and Meredith, though the latter is regarded with more scrutiny. "We have to go. I'll explain later."

When Peter stops, Meredith begins to make her way over. "Excuse me! Is your name Peter?" Meredith is walking fast and she soon is standing in front of Elle and Peter. "I'm a friend of Nathan's.. from way back." She stares at Peter, "You look like him." She comments with a soft smile. "I'm looking for someone." She adds and decides to go out on a limb. "Do you know my daughter.. Claire?" Oh, so /that's/ how her and Nathan are 'old' friends.

Have to go. But this is… Claire's mother. Yes, that explains very well how she knows his brother, and why she looks kind of familiar. Peter can't help but stare as he's pushed to the door. She's not strong, exactly, but he's kinda weakened right now, so she manages to push him a few steps while he protests, "Wait… that's… Claire… I don't know where she is right now," he does manage to get out, while he gets pushed a few more steps outside. Toward a cab. Get in the car moment? It's not a lion…

George is still a nice loyal citizen getting a cup of coffee. But not 'just', not any more; he pays close attention to the conversation behind him, in case the press gets wind of whatever-it-is and grills Nathan's staff. It gets to the point that he points out the wrong thing to the barista out of distraction, realizing the mistake only after he hands over some bills and gets a souvenir mug full of neon-blue Powerade in return.

"And she's dangerous," Elle whispers harshly to Peter, shoving him again towards the cab as Meredith approaches them. "Like I said, I'll tell you later." Only Meredith is quickly closing in on them, and the smaller blonde tightens her grip on Peter's arm. He won't be walking away from her any time soon. In fact, she's only going to let him go if he gets into that waiting cab. "I know who you are," she calls out to Meredith, tipping her chin down, her voice carrying with it a vague threat. "And I know who your brother is. If you don't want to join him, I suggest you stay right where you are." Without taking her eyes off Meredith, Elle's tone shifts, the threat dissipating. "Peter, get into the cab. Please."

Oh she's your brother's ex? Yes how strange and weird. You need to leave ok, we will catch up later, I guess. Oh you have my brother again that's gr- WHAT? When Elle says those words to Meredith, her blue eyes narrow. "You took him again." Meredith moves forward even more. "How dare you." Her fists curls and whoa boy, mistake Elle. Mistake.

Get in the cab? "All right, just…" Peter says, recognizing that the situation is escalating out of control. The woman is angry, and if she's someone Elle needed to warn him about… she might be very dangerous. He looks past her at Meredith with a mild look of apology. A tired and feverish kind of apology. It's a busy New York street. And he grabs onto Elle and closes his eyes. And they're both gone. Without even a sound.

No need for that cab now, huh?

The cab was a better idea. As soon as they're both firmly in his apartment… his hand slips from her arm and he falls down. Unconscious. Not in a coma, at least, but definitely going to be sleeping off a power hangover.

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