2007-05-26: A Damsel In Distress


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Summary: The day after it opened to the public, Jonathan McCormick's small computer repair shop was visited by it's first customer.

May 26th, 2008

A Damsel In Distress

Lower East Side, NYC - Frontier Electronics

It's a quiet day at Frontier Electronics, and a lanky young man sits behind the counter with his feet up on a chair and a laptop on his lap, playing some sort of game. His hair is somewhat disheveled in that fresh out-of-bed look, but a bit of boyish flair to it. Once could tell it was a practiced look once they got a look at the tailored slacks he wore along with the silk shirt. Even if the silk shirt had Spiderman theme to it.

At least one person seems to be happy that it's not a crowded day at the tech store, simply as it means there's a better chance that she'll get her computer fixed. Moving into the entrance, Callista unslings her laptop bag from her shoulder, heading over to the counter. She leans against it, eyes glancing around the store for a moment while she waits for acknowledgement.

When the bell above the door jingles, Jonathan pauses his game and puts his laptop away underneath the counter before standing up to see Callista. He smiles for a moment as she puts her laptop bag down on the counter and leans against it, the moment prolonged as he looks down at the bag and then back up at her. "How may I help you today, miss?", he asks.

Shifting a little, Callista reaches in to unzip the laptop bag and pull her laptop out. "Can't get it to boot. I'm not sure if the harddrive itself is dead or if it can be salvaged.. I've got quite a bit of stuff on there I'd like to keep." Callista states, sliding the laptop towards him.

Jonathan takes a look at it for a moment before pulling up his own computer to sit on the counter beside hers. "I'm sure its nothing that devastating. Most computer problems have simple solutions. Though if it does come to that, are there things you'd rather I not looked at? Or had one of my female associates deal with?", he asks in a friendly tone, plugging her laptop in and connecting the two of them via an ethernet cord.

"Ah, see, I thought that too, but I listened to the harddrive and I heard a bit of a clicking noise, so it made me think it might be a bit more." Callista comments, though she laughs at the question. "Oh, no. Nothing like that. I'm sure my information on there is pretty tame. Mostly just some games and a few papers I was working on. Hate to have to rewrite them."

"Well, that's a bit more serious.", he says. "Luckily for me, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that work great for saving damsels in distress.", he says with a hint of a smile. Once plugged in, he powers the laptop on and watches it go through the boot sequence until it comes to the point where it freezes. "Have you recently hurt your laptop in any way? Drop it or the bag it was in, exposure to heat, humidity, etc?", he asks as he turns to his own machine and begins typing rapidly on it.

That causes a bit of a smile from Callista. "Well, I guess we'll have to see if you can bail me out of this one." She watches him work before vigorously shaking her head. "Nope. Nothing that I can think of. I'm usually pretty careful about it. Not sure why it's having issues.. just crashed while I was doing a little research."

"Did you buy the machine new?", he asks casually as he continues to work. "How long have you had it?". He continues to ask small questions, left hand jotting down notes onto a small work order pad while his right hand moves over the keyboard on his own computer. He offers her a smile if she notices his gaze on her, and doesn't look away, his eyes looking at hers when he isn't checking something on either screen.

"Yeah, it's a couple of years old though. Bought it when I started at NYU." Callista laughs. "I suppose if it's entirely dead it'll give me an excuse to buy a new one." She catches his gaze a few times, looking away after just a moment each time, fussing with the zipper on her laptop bag for a moment.

"Well, if it does come to your needing to buy a new one, it looks like I should be able to get a good deal of the information off of this hard drive for you to put into your new one.", he says kindly. "So no worries. At this point, it sounds like some of the internal drive mechanisms are touching the drive platters. So it's good that you brought it in now before more data gets damaged. I can replace the drive in this one for you, if you'd like.", he says. "Of course, I'd want to get in and actually check out the inside of the drive before I made a final determination."

"Sounds like a plan. Do whatever you need to to get the information." Callista comments, glancing back between the computers. "I just have this paper I need to turn in especially since it's a research project and that's the one thing I'm really worrying about right now."

"When do you need to have it in, miss?", he asks. "I can't give you any guarantees, but I will do what I can to help you out.", he says, tearing off the work order slip and taping it to the top of the laptop itself.

Callista pauses. "Well, I could get an extension on the paper, so I guess really just as soon as you have it done would be great. I don't want to put any pressure on you or anything. I think my professor would understand if I turned it in late because of computer issues. I can be pretty persuasive."

Jonathan can't help but smile at that. "I wouldn't believe otherwise.", he says, holding out his hand. "I'm Jonathan, by the way. Jon McCormick, owner."

Accepting the hand, Callista smiles back warmly. "Cali Barrington. It's really nice to meet you, Jon. You really own this place?" She glances around. "Pardon my saying, but you seem pretty young to be owning this place."

Jonathan smiles. "Don't let my boyishly attractive charm fool you, young miss.", he says, letting the handshake linger an extra second. "Masters in Computer Science plus MBA. That along with a fiscally sound financial plan convinced the bank to give me the startup capital I needed to get my foot in the door here in New York.", he goes on. He pulls a small toolkit from under the desk. "Well, I will have to take out the hard drive to confirm my assessment, but, barring anything major, I could probably have your disk imaged over to a new drive with very little loss by tomorrow afternoon."

Callista laughs, looking a little embarassed. "Ah, well I guess I was mistaken then. Pardon my silly assumption." She laughs, looking back over at him again. "Right, well, shall I just come back tomorrow afternoon then and see if it's all finished?"

"Yeah. There's a small matter of the bill.", he says. "Not that I intend to charge you now, but it depends on whether you'd like me to attempt to repair the hard drive or install a new one."

"That's entirely up to you if you think you can repair it or if it needs replaced. Just let me know what the cost is." Callista replies, giving another smile.

"Why don't you come in tomorrow at noon, it should be ready by then.", he says, pulling a business card from behind the counter and handing it to her. "You can call me later on. If you'd like. To find out about how the work is going, of course.", he adds quickly, smiling.

"Alright.. I'll give you a call later then?" Callista murmurs, tucking the business card securely into one of the laptop bag's pockets. "Thanks, Jon."

The phone number on the card reads 283-4321. "I'll get this taken care of for you.", Jonathan says, taking the laptop itself over to a table behind the counter and setting it down. "Stay safe out there, miss."

"I will.. thanks." Callista gives a nod, pulling the bag back onto her shoulder. "I'll talk to you later."

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