2007-07-05: A Day At the Gym


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Desmond hits on women at the gym and makes Gene feel totally threatened because of it. Manly stand-off ensues (in the most passive-aggressive way ever).

Date It Happened: July 5th, 2007

A Day At the Gym

David Barton Gym, Upper West Side

"Twenty nine… Thirty! And that's enough for now," Gene offers as he puts up the weight bar back onto its stand. As he gets up, the young genius looks toward the personal trainer. "See look at that? That's even better than I thought I could do. Thirty reps!"

The personal trainer looks to Gene, who is currently in a black sweat suit with white strips on the top. It looks like it came out of the eighties. The trainer is an attractive male in a black spandex top and bottom. "You know, you're supposed to put weight on that bar for it to really be a challenge for most people."

Gene gives a small frown in response. "Hey! If I wanted people giving me sass about training, I'd go back to high school!"

Currently located in the posh David Barton Gym, Gene attempts to see if he can get a good trainer in order to get himself nice and buff. While he doesn't really need to do this for work, he figures that it might help with the health issues that have mysteriously been popping up as of late. The jogging has been making him feel a little better, but he still gets sick… Perhaps if he had more muscle mass it could help. Sadly, it looks like Gene was not meant for upper class gyms. At least he's trying though.

Bekah is currently trainerless. Even in a place like this. She's dressed in a teal green tank and matching white and teal running shorts, a look that will fit in well enough around here. She's not far from Gene working out her arms on a weight machine, though she's not using free weights. She lets the weights sit back down with a light clink and rolls her shoulders, taking a break before she does another set.

Where's the best place to meet good-looking women and show off at the same time? The gym, of course. Naturally, Desmond Cusick would be in such a posh establishment as this. Sure he jogs sometimes, but really, the best place to show off that sexy core is at the gym, where the ladies can see it in action. So he's here now to pump some iron and work off some steam, as well as reinforce his wonderful body image. Right now he's taking a break from the weights and stands near his bench, wiping sweat from his brow with a white towel draped over his neck. The actor is dressed in a form-fitting black tanktop and black athletic pants with a white stripe down the outside of either leg. He's certainly noticed Gene and his … rather pathetic workout regime. He's laughing on the inside. Yeah, really. It's not long before his gaze rises to Bekah as well, to whom he offers a charming(!) grin and a small wink. Why hello there. He knows her.

Kitty has just finished running on the treadmill and she removes her iPod from her ears. She is wearing a sports bra that shows off her lightly toned tummy and a pair of black sweats that fit her curves nicely but are not too tight. She crack her neck from side to side and places her hands on top of her head as she catches her breath. She had been running for a while. She wipes her face with a towel that is lying on the treadmill and she grins to herself. She feels great at the moment and she just takes a rest as she watches Gene's uh workout? She smiles as she sees Desmond and she isn't that far from him, she waves a little and begins to walk over. She also waves to Bekah, even though uh yeah.

Rochelle is on the hunt for someone, by outward appearences. She's been popping around the gym elsewhere until now, stopping briefly in places to question a trainer here and a trainer there. Somewhere along the way, the brunette has been pointed to this particular part of the floor; in lieu of questioning anyone else this time, she seems to be waiting instead. Rochelle is dressed for the occasion of a gym visit, in a dark blue tank top and black shorts, and a pair of sneakers that have probably seen better days. Crossing her arms and adopting a somewhat impatient expression, wall meets back when Rochelle thumps herself up against it to watch some double doors across the room. She appears intent on waiting, rather than partaking. An especially observant person might see a little bit of distaste emanating from her.

Gene's personal trainer for the day begins to give the evaluation of how Gene has done on his assessment and starts to read off what an advisable regiment would be. After going through a few 'disappointing' finds, the trainer looks over toward Gene. The young geek has had enough time to not only notice Desmond who is here, but seems to be outdoing Gene yet again. While Gene didn't come here originally to impress the ladies, the fact that Desmond is here and doing exactly that causes a brief frown to form upon his face. If Gene didn't have a rational mind to go with his paranoia, he'd think that Desmond was purposefully following him around to mock him.

"You sure you want to do this? After all, perhaps you should start with some light hand weights and work from-"

"Positive. I'm making myself the best I can be, no matter what," Gene offers as he turns toward the trainer, a fiery determination in his blue eyes. He will win. He has no idea how this will help him feel better or even if it will at all, but he figures grasping for straws is better than doing nothing at all.

Bekah manages to catch Desmond's wink. He's charming, so he gets a grin and a nod back from the doctor. "Hello." She says, not too far away to be heard hopefully. Bekah reaches back to pull her hair out of it's tie, redoing the ponytail to catch a couple of curls that have come loose. "Come here often?" Yeah, it's cheesy, but it also sounds like an honest question. Bekah sighs as Kitty is noticed. Maybe not her favorite person at the moment.

Well, he came here to meet ladies, and that's just what he's doing. Granted, they're ladies he's met before, but they're just acquaintances. Desmond moseys on over toward Bekah's part of the gym and, spotting Kitty along the way, offers her a friendly wave and grin in return. Rochelle is also noticed and — wow, that's a tall … woman? She looks like a woman, even though she could probably break him in half if she wanted. He grips either end of his towel and returns his attention to Bekah at the age-old line. "Yes, actually." A glance toward Gene and his expression becomes one of amused concern. "I don't think he does, though."

"Aw, leave the poor guy alone" Kitty says and comes to stand next to Bekah and Desmond. She smiles at Bekah, "I saw your friend? The Arabian guy? There was a hostage situation on a subway train and I just happened to be there, and he led the police to us and saved the day" she says, even though, saving the day meant shooting two guys in the head. Still, saving the day.
She looks at Desmond out of the corner of her eyes and hopes that he doesn't notice that she is looking. Why does she always seem to have a crush on the older guys? Maybe because she has 'daddy issue'. Yeah, that explains it.

The first thing to catch Rochelle's eye is the exchange between Gene and the trainer, and really—Gene himself. Talk about outta place. While she isn't really listening, per se, it seems like she might be. The next look across the room gets her an unobstructed look at the trio speaking to one another; it is not hard for her to recognize Kitty right away, because of recent events, but the other two simply look like People At The Gym. At least Kitty seems to be getting back to her own thing easily enough? In retrospect, hiijackings, bombs and death can sometimes throw people off. They certainly threw Rochelle herself for a loop. Though Rochelle says nothing, the questioning look that rests on Kitty for a few moments is enough for her, at least.

Gene watches as he gets Desmond's attention as well as that of… Who is that woman? Rochelle looks like the kinda woman that he has nightmares involving blind dates and girls that don't take let down gently. Forcing down a swallow, Gene turns his attention toward the trainer, unable to hear that Desmond might be talking about him. Still, he knows he has something to prove, and by golly, he WILL.

"Alright, time to do the treadmill," Gene announces to the trainer.

"How about you just wait here while I go and make copies of recommended…"

"TREADMILL," Gene states in a level but serious tone. He will not be denied. Not this time.


With that, Gene prepares to turn on the treadmill. As he does, he already knows what Desmond is talking about with the two girls.


Desmond: Hahahaha, look at Gene. While he is smart and nice, clearly I should be mean to him. Because being mean is fun. Hahahahahaha. We should find Elena and the three of us should make out in front of him.

Bekah: The four of us? That doesn't sound right.

Kitty: Does Gene has a woman that taken him under her wing to replace the mother he painfully lost?

Desmond: Not yet, we should wait so it can five of us. The more we can scar him, the more fun it will be.

Everyone is laughing together now, even Rochelle and the trainer… Despite being 'off camera' for the first part of the odd daydream.

* * * * End Dream Time * * * *

Hiding the inner rage that causes his hand to quiver, Gene begins to press the keys to begins the treadmill running. The trainer just offers a weak smile and a wave to Rochelle, figuring that she might be here for a job opportunity.

Bekah gives Desmond another smile. "I've just started coming here. My Dad thought it would make a good birthday present. It seems like a good place to break a sweat." Even if a fancy gym isn't want Bekah would choose for herself, she does like to work out as stress relief. She looks over to Gene and shakes her head. "Hey, we all have to start somewhere. Maybe someday he'll manage the look you have." Someday far in the future her tone implies. Her gaze moves to Kitty and the woman actually gets a smile. "Oh? Well, Namir is with the ESU, so that's all in a days work for him. Thankfully he's good at what he does, or Sam might have to worry more."

Sure Desmond notices the ogling, but he doesn't mind. That's what he's here for. His eyebrows go up at the mention of a birthday present. "Oh, is it your birthday? Happy birthday! You're, what, 21, 22?" Rule #5 of Womanizing: always underestimate a woman's age. They love it. To Kitty, he raises an eyebrow at the mention of high-risk things like police and death and such. "You were part of that hostage situation, huh? Must've been tough. I heard about it on the news." Scary stuff, that. Another look to Gene and that grin is right back on his face. "Sure we've all got to start somewhere, but that guy? He looks like he might be starting a little too high up." He raises his voice to be overheard by the man in question: "Hey buddy, don't overdo it, huh?"

"Yeah, it was pretty bad, but what can you do when the crazies are out and about?" she muses and then realizes that her shoes are untied and so she promptly bends over to tie her shoes. Her back is facing Desmond and whether she does this on purpose, remains to be seen. As she is fixing her shoes, her head perks up a little. Oh shit, my ass is facing him isn't it? She thinks to herself. Guess she didn't bend over with her ass towards him on purpose. Oh well.
She straightens up and smiles sheepishly. You have got to stop making a fool of yourself! She yells inside her head. What are you going to do, slap me? She asks herself in a mocking tone. Err what? Kitty runs a hand through her hair and takes it out of her ponytail. She might be done working out. She might not.

Rochelle gets distracted largely by that flitting wave in the corner of her eye, looking at Gene's trainer with an obviously apologetic look on her face. Sure, everyone has to start somewhere—but like Desmond just said, perhaps this is overdoing it.

Don't over do it? What sort of comment is that? Gene doesn't response, ignoring the first and perhaps one of the last lines of defense for the passive aggressive. He's been jogging in the parks for awhile He should be ready for this. Still, perhaps still considering personal safety, Gene does turn it so that it starts out with a nice simple job. It's not much, but Gene is likely making sure that he has the proper rhythm before starting to turn up the speed.

The trainer gives a sigh before moving over toward Rochelle. "Anything I can help you with? Can get you some applications if you are looking for those…" the built man says as he points over to the Employee's Only door.

Bekah laughs over to Desmond's statement. "I'm a doctor. If I was 22, I'd have had to start med school really, really young. I can however say that I turned 29 a couple weeks ago. For the first time even." She adds the last bit with humor, as so many women will claim that age multiple times. She also rolls her eyes as Kitty bends over. It may not be intentional, but that doesn't mean that Bekah sees it that way. "Armed crazies. Everyone's favorite. Seems you can't go anywhere these days without them." Not even the bank or the subway. She glances over to Gene again. "So long as he doesn't try to sprint, he could do worse than a treadmill." She states before Rochelle gets a quick look before she starts another set with the weights.

"29? Really? I wouldn't have pegged you as a day over 25." Well it's somewhat true. Bekah does appear to be a little young for her age, after all. He, too, notices Kitty's bending over, but it's not quite in the same contemptible way as the doctor next to him. Desmond's gaze lingers just a moment — long enough for him to add, "Welcome to New York" — before he glances again toward Gene. "It's good to hear that you're a doctor, because at the rate he's going, he might need one." Maybe that's the point: maybe he's one of those self-destructive pathetic types. Aw. It's sorta cute in its own sad way. Another glance to Rochelle, then back to Bekah: "Need a spotter?" She's not on free weights, but hey, one never knows.

Kitty looks at Desmond and squints her eyes. She heard that. But she decides not to say anything to Desmond about that, "So you're a doctor? You see a lot of gruesome stuff I bet" she seems intrigued, but not in an oooh I love to hear about blood and gore. Just a curious sort of way. She looks back at Desmond, "What do you do for a living?" she asks and looks over to Gene again, she is still hoping that he doesn't fall, that would be a disaster and funny, in a way.

Rochelle blinks back at the trainer before letting out a puff of air through her nose and shaking her head. "I've got a job, thanks. Don't need another one that sucks people dry by their credit cards." She laughs and smiles a little bit, but it was still kind of harsh. "'M waiting for Gina, actually. The guy downstairs told me to wait up here. Looks like you've got your paws full, anyway." Rochelle tilts her head in a slight motion towards Gene on his treadmill.

Bekah looks over to Kitty. "I work in the ER. I see all kinds of things you'd never imagine." She states with dry humor before she gives Desmond an amused smile. "Thank you but I think I can…" She trails off as her cell phone starts to ring. She grabs it from it's spot on the floor by her machine and curses under her breath as she sees the number. "And that's the hospital. I'm sure that means they need me. Have a good workout." She says as she slips out even as she answers the phone.

Aw, she's gone. Shame. Desmond calls after her: "I'll give you a call later, maybe." And then it's back to Kitty and the others. He shakes his head a bit. "I'm an actor on Broadway," he responds, then glances down at his watch, "and I'd better hit the showers. Nice seeing you again, Kitty. Hope you're all right after all that." And with that and a winning grin, he sets off for a bit of scrubbing up.

Kitty watches as Bekah leaves and attempts to wave before she stops and looks back at Desmond, "See ya later!" she calls and decides to leave herself. She waves to Rochelle before she goes and then she hits the showers.

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