2007-11-10: A Different Kind Of List


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Summary: When Eric calls, Elena is reminded of her argument with Gene, and informs Eric on the latest.

Date It Happened: November 10th, 2007

A Different Kind Of List

Over The Phone

Its getting on in the afternoon, the sun going down on the big city. Eric Walker is still at work though, sitting at his desk and staring at a computer screen. He isn't getting anything done he isn't. A soft exhale and a slight smirk as he sees the reflection of himself in the monitor. He looks mildly rumpled, mildly tired, but otherwise just fine. Finally though he sets the latest file aside and reaches out to grab his cellphone and dial up Elena's number.

He's resisted calling her long enough. He can allow himself to give it to the temptation of it at least once or twice more.

Her phone rings. Still in bed despite the afternoon, Elena gropes for the phone to peer at the Caller ID. Dark eyes blink slowly seeing Eric's code name flashing on it, so she answers the phone and rolls on her back. Eyes focused on the ceiling, she can't help but smile faintly despite her weakened state of being. She wanted out of here, but this was something she couldn't do at the moment. "Hi, stranger," she murmurs softly, her voice hoarse from the incessant coughing. "What's up?"

"Hi back," Eric replies with a faint smile coming to his own lips. The smile isn't full though, he can tell that her voice isn't all the way perfect. He can tell that she's hurt, and weak. He has to smile though. "…what? I have to have a reason to call my favorite sick person on the face of the earth?"

She chuckles softly at the verbal riposte, Elena sinking back further into her pillows as she closes her eyes yet again. "How's work? And no, you needn't a reason. I'm just whiling away the time I've got here. Hoping to be cured next week." Next week? A little ambitious, but she could only hope. "I haven't heard from you lately, are you okay?" He's not getting sick too, is he? He doesn't seem to be, she could hear sounds in the background, an office environment, and his voice was as strong and as sure as ever.

"Next week?" A touch of hopefulness obvious there in his voice. He shakes his head slightly though before laughing softly. "..well I've been keeping myself busy. Getting the use out of that new plane. Have to have some reason to keep the thing up don't I?" He shakes his head. "No though I'm not getting sick you don't have to worry about that. I'm just missing you…" Pause. "…and everyone else." The sounds of the office are quiet and muted. He's in his office, secluded from most of everyone. "…but beyond that I'm just fine."

"That sounds good. I can't believe you bought a plane just so you could get back here. I feel so guilty," Elena croaks with a small laugh. "But I'm glad to hear your life and health are intact. I know Papa's been preoccupied and worried, that hasn't been affecting his work much, does it?" She lifts a hand to rub her face, though another smile flits over her mouth yet again. "I miss you too," she tells him honestly. "I've been going a little stir crazy here." There is a pause. "Hey, Eric…could you do me a favor and…." She exhales a breath. "Gene and I sort of had a fight over his cancer the other day. I was wondering if you have those list of contacts yet, those specialists, to give him. Has he talked to you yet?"

"Well when I heard you were sick I lost my mind just a little," Eric replies wryly. "I've been meaning to get one anyway though, so don't feel too guilty about it. Its useful enough…you can see it when you get well. I'll take us all to Cancun or something." He closes his eyes a moment when she mentions missing him before he laughs once more. "I can imagine…enforced idleness would make me go mad too. Is there anything I can get you? Send you to keep you busy? Books, puzzles, computers?" He pauses though at the mention of a favor and she can just hear the frown in his voice. "Gene and you had a fight?" Now thats different. "…no he hasn't talked to me at all…I have that list of contacts somewhere yes…" And the sound of rustling paper can be heard. "…anyway I'll find it. I can give it to him."

"Please do," Elena says. "I…didn't really have the strength to outright fight with him but we did have words. He's a little resentful we haven't made any progress. Even if he…tried to curb it with what happened with me on the virus and Nadia's death. It wasn't as if he was being inconsiderate, I do know how he feels." She closes her eyes. "I just…I hate fighting with a friend. It makes me feel ill." It did make her worse the day it happened, after all. Not like she would admit that to anyone. She had too much pride for that. But when he offers to send her anything, she chuckles. "I'm okay, Eric….the webcam and transmitter were great, you didn't have to. I've been using them when I can if I want to see someone's face. I'm…" She exhales a breath. "I'm sorry, Eric. I didn't mean to keep worrying you."

"…I will, I will…I'm sorry myself, I should have finished that list and given it to him already. I just got on so many other things." She can almost hear him shaking his head. "I'll get it done…don't worry about it anymore." He pauses a moment at the admission though. A wry smile crosses his lips. "…I know it does." He adds after a moment before he continues on. "I know I didn't have to, doesn't mean I didn't want to though." He's quiet for a moment before he chuckles softly. "Elena, there are several things you do very well. One of them is giving me just a bit to worry about. I'm glad you liked the toys I sent you though."

"You know I don't really want to," Elena grumbles. "It just happens." She rubs her face a little bit. "But thank you….I….haven't called him because I….it's too soon, you know? I don't want to approach this again when the hurting's too fresh." There's a few more moments of quiet before she speaks up again. "I should've tried harder to get him some answers while I was still well, Eric. I'm not the type to blame myself, but this was important, and I did promise him."

"Yeah well I'll make sure to return the favor sometime, that way we can be even eh?" Eric shoots back towards her, falling back into the familiar banter he used to have with her. To be honest he really did miss that more than almost anything. "…yes though, I know. I'll talk to him as soon as I can Elena. You have my word on that. It was important, but…its not entirely your fault Elena. You did have a few things happen to you along the way. We can get through all this, you know that."

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