2009-10-24: A Family Of Rebels



Date: October 24th, 2009


Almost immediately following the phone call Cass had with Rebel, Lachlan awakes and the two discuss their options and the rescue of Peter.

"A Family of Rebels"

Cass and Lachlan's Apartment

It's early morning and Cass sits on the couch with a now sleeping Abigail. She'd started crying maybe an hour earlier and as it was the bookstore owner's turn to go comfort the baby, she got out of bed to rock her daughter back to sleep. However, it's been awhile still and she's not come back to bed. Though Lachlan's a heavy sleeper he may have heard her talking in the living room, too, though that may have just been to coax Abby back into slumber. Whatever it is, it seems to have done the trick, but the brunette still has not come back to bed. Not yet, anyway.

It's weird not having another body in the bed anymore, and Lachlan's heavy sleeping has guaranteed that it's taken him this long to notice there isn't one. Stirring accordingly, he ambles out into the living room the picture of his usual cheerful morning self — which is to say: groggy, unshaven, and moving like something that just lurched from the Black Lagoon. "She wake you?" he mumbles upon spotting Cass, bending to give both his favorite girls a kiss on the head.

Despite what she just heard, Cass finds it impossible not to grin at Lachlan as he stumbles out of bed and raises her head up for another kiss - a proper one, if upside down. "She woke you up, too. You muttered something incomprehensible and then when I said I got it, you passed out again." Which is probably the same as not actually waking up at all. The smile fades somewhat when she looks back down at Abby and then her cellphone still on the coffee table where she tossed it once she was done talking to Rebel. "Would you mind putting on some coffee?" She'd prefer tea, but she knows Lachlan prefers coffee and the whistle of a tea kettle would only go about ruining what she just got up early to do. Plus, she needs to talk to him and she needs him coherent for when that happens. Caffeine should help in that matter.

Speaking of incomprehensible muttering, that's exactly what Lachlan does. He's already limp-shambling toward the kitchen to do just that, grumbling something to Bonnie. "S'the art o' no' wakin' up even when yer movin'," he calls, careful to keep his voice down. If anyone could perfect the art of not waking up even while moving, it would be Lachlan. After putting on the pot, he wanders back to the kitchen entrance and leans against the jamb, hiking up an eyebrow. "A'righ'?"

"Is that what you're doing right now? Are you sleepwalking and talking?" Cass shifts ever so slowly and softly as to not awake Abigail, but enough so that she can watch Lachlan move into the kitchen. "If I ask you about this in an hour, are you going to remember it? Or will you think it was all a dream?" She's teasing slightly, but that's because she's nervous and a bit distracted. The news that she was given earlier has shaken her somewhat. At the question, she frowns and looks down at the sleeping form of their child. "Not…really." She knows that leaving it at that isn't the best course of action, but she doesn't know how to begin.

It's almost as effective as caffeine in waking up Lachlan, though. Both eyebrows go up in concern, but it's obviously Important, and so he needs to be conscious. After a moment, he raises a hand as a gesture to wait and mutters, "Gimme a sec." And once he has a pair of steaming mugs, he makes his way back to the living room and settles himself on the couch next to Cass. "A'righ', wha's wrong?"

This is why she doesn't launch right into the explanation. Lachlan needs his caffeine, and, frankly, Cass does, too. Shifting Abigail so that she has a free arm to take the mug from her husband, she just sighs and looks over at her cellphone. "Peter's been injured. And taken captive." With Lachlan, it's probably best to just get it out right in the beginning so that she can use the explanation - something he'll most likely gloss over anyway - to let it all sink in. "I got a text message just a bit ago while I was trying to get Abby to go back to sleep. He thinks the government has him. And that they're after other people with abilities, too."

The reaction is as expected: first a blink, then another, then more furrowed brow. Peter taken captive, thinks it's the government, government after people with abilities. He retains it remarkably well for his current state. "Wait, he sent ye a text?" There's the sticky part.

"No, it wasn't Peter." Cass blows on her coffee, making sure that Abigail is far out of the way should she spill it. She's not exactly known for being careful all the time. "It was someone else. Someone named Rebel. He…can use his ability to make technology work for him. We know him - I think through Peter - but I'm not sure who exactly he is yet. I called him as soon I got the text."

That garners a small nod from Lachlan as it sinks in. "How d'ye know he's no' werkin' fer the government?" he asks. "An' how're we gonna get Peter back?" Because there's no question as to whether or not they will be.

"I trust him." Maybe it was just a way to snare them all, but he gave out the proper names when he said who they should talk to about organizing. Plus, there was concern there. Actual concern and not just the entrapment kind. "He gave me a list of names of people to organize. Of how to get him back. He said something else about rebelling against the corrupt government, but for right now I'm more concerned about getting Peter back." And anyone else they might have taken, but now it's personal. "I'm going to add a few of my own, see what we can dig up." Her face darkens for a moment. "He said they hit him with a helicopter. In order to incapacitate him so they could take him in." While it may not kill Peter, it certainly hurt him.

Another blink from Lachlan as he imagines this: shock, horror, concern, and … a little bit of intrigue. Okay, he can't help it, the thought of hitting someone with a helicopter is kind of cool in a morbid sort of way. He does try to keep that reaction to a minimum. "Jesus," the Scot mutters. "A'righ', then, who?" Half-lame as he is, Lachlan is all on board with the jumping in on the action and the rescue.

Of course Lachlan would find that cool. Luckily, Cass doesn't see that last bit of intrigue and wonder about the helicopter that came crashing down on Peter because he's their friend and she hates the thought of him in pain. "He mentioned Elena and Eric. A few other names that I don't know, but I now have to information for. Matt Parkman, Daphne Millbrook, Felix Ivonov. I think Jack would like to know. I'm thinking of going to my father." She takes a drink of her coffee and then sets the mug on the table for a bit. "If anyone knows about taking people with abilities, he would know who I should talk to."

What a way to sour Lachlan's expression. "Yeah," he grunts before taking a sip from his mug. It's not a very effective way of hiding his scowl. A brief pause. "Yer no' plannin' ta jump in the middle o' all this, are ye?"

That wasn't Cass' plan - to sour Lachlan's expression. Though there are still some leftover feelings she has for the Company, it's a bit different now. "Don't look like that." The scowl, she means. As for his question, she shrugs. "Define jumping into the middle of all this. We're getting Peter back. You said so yourself."

One of Lachlan's eyebrows goes up as he pauses, swallows his mouthful of coffee. He wags the mug around as an illustrative gesture: "There's a difference b'tween helpin' out an' runnin' 'round blowin' shi— stuff up." A glance at the sleeping Abby. "Y'know, things tha'll get ye captured 'r hurt." Things that he would undoubtedly be wanting to do.

The almost swear gets The Look from Cass. He knows how she feel about him swearing in front of Abigail. "I know that." Shifting Abigail, she holds her out for Lachlan to take. He's had caffeine and now it's her turn to take more than just a sip. "I'm just getting people together right now. I can't just…sit back and let them do whatever it is they may do to Peter without helping out." As for getting captured, she's had quite enough of that to last her a lifetime. "I'm not going to get captured again."

Another nod from Lachlan, who obligingly sets aside his mug in order to take Abby, as carefully as he would porcelain. "A'righ' then. 'Cause tha's no' somethin' I'd get through again." And neither would Abby, to be sure.

Once Abigail is in Lachlan's arms, Cass takes up her coffee mug and sips from it carefully. The mention of those dark times makes her frown into her mug. It's not something that she likes to remember. "Me neither." But, she shakes her head after another dose of caffeine. "They're not after people like me. They're after people like you. I know we've talked about that before, but this is different. These people wouldn't know me from Eve."

People like him — and possibly their children? Lachlan frowns, settling back against the couch and cradling the girl in his arms. "They dunna know I'm one, righ'?" Maybe? His ability is at least low-profile.

"I don't know, Lachlan. I don't think so." It's not like he has some big flashy power, but then she doesn't know what the other people who were taken had, either. "But…that's why we have to try and help them. There are people with families who they do know about. Rebel said they're even taking little kids."

Now that is just disgusting. Lachlan's expression hardens into another scowl. "Well, I'm in," he states with a half-shrug. "'F anythin's needed."

Exactly. Cass doesn't like the sound of it, either. "Getting the troops together." Though it may be a mistake to put Lachlan on the welcoming committee, he has mellowed out some and it'll be faster to get people together. "There's a bunch of people on the list. It may go faster if the two of us talk to them."

"A'righ', then." Lachlan's PR could use a little work, but he at least isn't inclined to club people over the head and drag them back to the Bat Cave by their collars, right? "Gimme some names an' I'll run by when I can."

True. And putting Lachlan on a duty always makes it easier in the long run with his involvement on a project. That way he doesn't feel useless and like he's just left babysitting. This way they can take turns. "I will." Leaning forward, as she's now free to do so, she gives him a kiss. "Thank you."

"Yeah." Snaking out an arm to tweak Cass' side, he adds, "Yer just usin' yer wiles ta rope me inta somethin' again." Lachlan half-grins at that, trying to lighten the situation.

"You like my wiles." He married them, after all. Cass gives a squeak and bats his hand when he tweaks her ticklish side. "You'll spill the coffee!" she chastises him, but there's no bite to it.

"'Ye'll spill the coffee!'" mocks Lachlan in a falsetto, grinning. "Yer wiles get me in trouble. Like gettin' married. S'trouble."

"Ye still like 'em," Cass puts on Lachlan's accent and waggles her eyebrows at him. Drinking from her mug again - less to spill! - she beams. She's not really gotten much better at the accent, but she does keep teasing him with it. "And ye like bein' married."

Naturally, Lachlan just grimaces at the accent butchering. "Chris', baby, ye'd think ye'd get better at tha'," he grunts. "'F Abby winds up with yer accent butcherin', I'm filin' fer divorce." Yeah, right.

"I leave all the accent talking to you." Cass gives him a grin. "And you better draw up those papers now. I'm going to train her how to speak bad Scottish." Finishing her mug, she sets it back down on the coffee table. Now that she's had her caffeine, though, she's a little tired - ironically. Standing up, she leans over to give Lachlan a kiss on the forehead. "I think I'm going to go lie down for sec."

"Yeah, you go lie down for a sec, then," utters Lachlan, doing his very best to slip into an American accent — which is about as good as Cass' Scottish. He grins and bumps his nose against her chin as she passes. "Dunna get eaten by the bed."

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