2007-05-20: A Far Cry from Albuquerque


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Summary: A somewhat awkward meeting between Mara and Benji at the office of a mutual acquaintance… Their therapist.

Date It Happened: May 20, 2007

A Far Cry from Albuquerque

Doctor Eames' Office

Greenwich Village.. early week, around mid-day. The scene opens in a comfortable waiting room at a modest office complex. The decor is meant to be welcoming and to put those within at ease. For the most part, it succeeds! Well, at least with one of the people sitting there, flipping through a dated magazine. Then again, Benjamin has been a regular sight in this waiting room, despite neglecting a few visits now and then. So, he's quite familiar with this office, the staff and good doctor.

Striding quickly from the doctor's office is the blonde, faux out-of-towner Benjamin met a few days ago outside his apartment building. Her cane clicks on the flooring as she makes her way to the waiting area. When she spots the man waiting his turn, she freezes. Instantly, she recognises him and recalls the situation of their last meeting. Her brain shift gears and she flashes him a smile. "Well, fancy meetin' you here," she drawls in that southern accent she played up for him at their first meeting. All traces of the British she was babbling on in in the office have vanished. Working with her accents is one thing Mara is extremely accomplished at.

Benjamin flips through the several month old issue of 'People', waiting patiently as usual. The lobby is generally free of traffic or other people.. at least on other occasions he's been here. So when he hears that Southern drawl, he jumps slightly, the pages of the magazine rattling in his hands. Slightly wide eyed, he looks up at Mara, a surprised expression on his face, "Oh.. Hi again!" He appears slightly at a loss, because really, what do you say when you meet someone again at your shrink's office?

Indeed. What /do/ you say to someone you see at your shrink's office? Christ, did he hear her shrieking in there? Good job, Damaris. Clearly, this doctor-patient thing has got to end as quickly as possible. "Mandatory? Or do ya just like having someone to talk to?" Because, really, that's the only two reasons Mara can see. He seemed, uh… mostly together when she spoke with him before. Insecure, but mostly together.

If Benji heard anything, he won't tell. He's good that way! "Huh?" confusion reigns for a moment or two as he processes Mara's comment then, "Oh! Well.. it helps.. Not really mandatory." Because months ago, he came of his own volition. "But Dr. Eames suggests that I keep up with appointments."

Mara nods slowly. Poor sap. Is Eames bleeding him dry? "Nice guy, ain't he?" She absently fingers the open row of buttons on her shirt. "I'm glad I ran into you again, Benjamin." She smiles, hoping that the gap in her teeth doesn't take from her charm. "I've been thinkin', ya see." She moves her hands to her thighs as she leans over to whisper in a sort of conspiratorial manner. "I'd really like to see more of you." Oh yeah, there's no double meaning there. Especially not when she's leaned forward so he can kind of look down the front of her shirt, you know, almost.

"Yeah, he's very nice, understanding too. I thought I was going to feel weird about talk to a… uh.." Then poor Benjamin's brain just quits functioning there and now as Mara leans over. This is where his daughter should be expected to run through and again demand to know what is in the aftershave he wears. "R..really?" Yeah, he's getting a peek, and when he realizes he's getting just that, he looks away. It's not nice to stare, even when there's a display.

"Mmmmmhm," Mara purrs. "We should swap digits. Then we can keep in touch." She smirks at poor Benjamin and actually gives him a wink. He's so cute. This is almost mean. Almost.

It really is mean. "I.. uh.. uhm.. that.. I mean that would be nice, and I don't want to seem rude or anything.." Poor guy, Benjamin stammers a little in the face of female interest (no matter how feigned). "Cause you seem like a nice person and all, but there uh.. please don't takethisthewrongwayoranything.." And he can't really bring himself to say 'we could trade numbers but another woman caught my eye'. That's just rude, and it could be a little insulting, or construed as such.

"Shhh." Mara presses a finger to Benjamin's lips and giggles softly. "You're so cute when you get all nervous." She grabs a small notebook out of her back pocket and scrawls a number in purple ink for him, handing it over. "Keep it. You know, in case you just want someone to talk to between now and, say, your next appointment?"

Seriously.. what the hell man. Benjamin just stares at Mara like a cow looks at an oncoming train. Did he develop a new ability recently? Attract Women +2, or is this a cruel joke. Really? "I.. okay.. thank you.. Sorry. I'm just.." Clearly not used to this.

Precious. Really. God, she's going to hate herself for this later. "Don't be sorry." Mara pats poor, hapless Benjamin's cheek gently and straightens up to her full height, finally. "Enjoy the rest of your day, sugar."

First Angie practically grabs him by the you know what's, leaves him, now this. Benjamin's stunned. Really. Well at least this gives him something new to talk about with Dr. Eames in just a few minutes. "…I will.." Too. Much. No. Really.

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