2007-10-07: A Fish Needs Water


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Summary: Meryl forces Ben and Megan into the same room for some practice and kiss and makeup time. Only without the kissing.

Date It Happened: October 7th, 2007

Log Title A Fish Needs Water

Meryl's Apartment

'Dear Benjamin and Megan,' the letter started. 'I'd like to speak with you about a very important matter that could be key to the success of our mission. My office has been taken over by two box-shaped dividers called 'cubicles,' which I believe to be an attempt by the mothership to discover our secret plan. Please meet me at my apartment:' There's an address, time and date written here, and then, 'This message will self-destruct in 2 seconds. Run for your lives. With love and kisses, Meryl Wolfe.'

The message won't self-destruct, no worries. At the appointed time, Meryl is in her apartment, though, awaiting the arrival of the others. She's successfully lured Nova in - she hopes - and now all that's left is to see— Well, she'll explain that when they get here. If it can't be done, it'll throw a bit of a wrench into things, but Meryl's sure everything'll work out, anyway.

Luckily for Megan, she knew where Meryl lived from when she was riding around in the other woman's head. The fact that Benjamin may be there, too, well. That's something that riles her slightly, but she'll meet with Meryl because the woman let her stay in her head for a few days and found someone to heal her burns. It would have taken her years to heal from that if they hadn't. Showing up right on time - punctuality is something she prides herself on - Megan knocks on Meryl's door. Thankfully her own message didn't explode, though there was a bit of surprised flailing when she read that part and scrambling to get away. All is, mostly, forgiven, now, though.

Benjamin can't say that he's surprised at the manner in which the letter from Meryl was written. Nothing should surprise him anymore about her. Expect the unexpected. That's the way to go. He shows up at the designated time and place, but not empty handed. He's got a grocery sack with chips and crackers. Y'know. Light to carry, so that he doesn't break his stitches open or aggravate the injury. There's also a box of chocolates, for Megan. He shows up at about the same time Megan does, arriving a few moments behind her. "Megan," he greets awkwardly. "I'm glad to see you got healed," he says with all honesty.

If Meryl's aware of the tension between the two - and she is! - she doesn't show it, greeting both as they arrive like she's known them for years. This includes hugs, though somehow, Meryl will manage not to undo the careful stitching job done by the doctors. "I'm glad you guys came," she says, and Benjamin will find that, in a nutshell, Meryl's apartment is remarkably like her office was back in Hartsdale, except slightly more spread out, and a lot cooler. And with one hundred percent more video game systems, because flashy graphics and Meryl go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like HAMS and Swiss. Like A FISH NEEDS WATER.

She'll show them into a small dining area, where there's a bowl of celery set out on the table. Might seem like an odd snack, that might also work better on a plate than in a bowl, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, and somehow she ate the pizza that she'd ordered for everyone to share. Essentially, Meryl had a bowl, and celery in the fridge. Instant snack.

"So, I have something I need to ask you two." Smiling, she looks between them. Perhaps that smile is just a little devious.

Already jumpy from the non-explosive letter, Megan straightens and makes a little squeaking sound when Benjamin appears behind her. She didn't hear him approaching. "Ye scared me." Obviously. "Yeah. Meryl helped." Though still not on good terms with Benjamin, she'll keep her snappish The door opened, the Scot is grateful to get away from the awkwardness that is being left outside with Benjamin alone. Devious smile? Uh oh. "Of course, Meryl," she replies meekly, reaching for a celery stick and munching on it. She's not about to complain about snack fare. "Wha's it ye wanted to ask?"

"Sorry," Benjamin says in a low tone as Megan snaps, with good reason probably. "I'm glad to see she was able to find a healer. Really." As Meryl greets, he winces just a little at her hug. Sorry, tender, sore, it's probably gonna ache a bit longer. Inside the apartment, he sets out the chips and crackers he brought, then, "Here. Since you weren't able to have gifts or enjoy anything before." Don't worry Megan, the box of chocolates he hands over is sealed. No tampering, if that was a concern.

See? This is a good first step, Meryl thinks to herself, hopefully, as Ben hands over that box of chocolates. Megan's taking what she said to heart, right? Give him a chance? There's an optimistic smile for both of them as Meryl jumps up on her dining table and grabs the bag of chips. Hers now! "Right, well, it's a little complicated, to be perfectly honest. I'm sure you're both wondering why, specifically, you were each chosen for the team. As random as I can be - and I know I can be - I picked you, Ben, because if we have to resort to an offensive tactic, I'd rather not hurt anyone, and you, Megan, because the man we're after isn't going to just fix things if I ask him to."

Meryl doesn't know if she made that connection when she read the file, which was itself full of notes with twists and turns that might not have made sense to the average reader. "I want to see if you can use someone else's ability, Megan."

There's a pause when Benjamin hands over the chocolates. However, trying to be civil at least, she takes them. And puts them down on the table to continue to munch on her stick of celery. "Thank ye," she says almost stoically. While she'll be civil, that doesn't mean that bygones are bygones. "Fix things? If ye want, I can get him to sit still while ye tie him down," If he's not too strong of a fighter or anything. "But…use someone else's ability?" She has trouble using her own ability with control. Someone else's? That's something else entirely. Especially since the only person she's ever actually practiced on was Meryl - someone without that noticeable pratfall to deal with. "'M'no' sure I can." There's an apprehensive look at Benjamin. "And why'd ye have to want me to practice with him?"

Benjamin eases himself into a chair at the table and nods. "I figured as much. I don't agree with killing, unless there's no other alternative." Fortunately, he's equipped to take down without a weapon. When it works. His brows raise in surprise when Meryl springs that last bit. Woah.. wait.. Back up there. He glances from Meryl to Megan, "It makes sense to me.. if she can possess someone, control them, why wouldn't she be able to force a usage of their ability?" Sorry Megan, Meryl is desperate for some professional behavior here. "Because she trusts me," he states without any mincing of the words. "We all have a job to do.. Think of us however you might want to off the clock, but one thing can be said, we watch each other's backs." He doesn't say that there really isn't and 'off the clock' time for Company employees.

"Fix things, as in reverse the damage he did to me and my family," Meryl explains. The mission isn't all about her, no. It's got overtones that the Company will find appealing, but if they have the guy… Meryl wants him before she hands him over. "And he's not just going to do that if we sit there and tell him to. Chances are, he'll use the opportunity to mess up your mind, too. Or Benjamin's. I'd say mine, but I'm not sure I can get any w— And we can't give him inhibitors, because he has to be able to use his ability."

The question as to why Meryl would pick Benjamin is a very good one. "Because it's safer than having you practise with someone who can throw fire around," she says. "I like my apartment, I'd like it to remain standing for the forseeable future…" Digging her hand into the bag of chips, she helps herself to a heaping handful. "Bingo here can put people to sleep, which, last time I checked, isn't going to make my insurance go up."

She licks her fingers, sets the bag down on the table, and hops off of it. She's about to go into further detail when Benjamin speaks up, and Meryl thinks she might feel something like actual friendship for the guy. She certainly does give him a puzzled look. "And, yes. Because I trust him. And if I brought someone else into this, I'd have to tell them the whole mission."

Fine, try to make Megan feel like the child here, Benjamin. Megan finishes off her celery and goes for another stick. It's actually quite good. Fresh greens and all. "'S'no' as easy s'all tha'," the Scotswoman gives Benjamin a look. Not quite a glare. Just a look. She bites back the 'dunno why' comment that is just burning to be spit out, but she's in Meryl's house so she will play by Meryl's rules for now. "M'no' on yer clock, either." Shrugging, she moves for a chair as well. "Shouldna we have Mohinder here for this? Feels weird no' having him here if we're gonna practice." Since every step forward she's managed to take in her power has involved the man from India.

Benjamin takes the nickname from Meryl in stride. It's impossible to tell her no and to ask her to not use it. So. It's accepted and he's resigned to being called 'Bingo'. He drums his fingertips against the surface of the table. "Megan.. you can do this. You don't need a crutch or constant monitoring. I know it's scary, using your abilities on your own, without being watched. But you have to learn to use them on your own. You'll get better at it, I promise. I had no control or knowledge of my own power when I started. Now? I'm getting much better at it."

This is the point where red lights start flashing and alarms start going off in order to indicate the massive FAIL that is this meeting. However, like anything doomed to nuclear-meltdown-level failure, this can be salvaged! Meryl just isn't sure how to clear the water just yet.

Okay, it's not quite that bad. They're not throwing things at each other. Yet.

"Mohinder's not comin' with us," Meryl says, agreeing with Benjamin, in a way. "Meg, you're already good at it, to be honest. If we can get a little more practise in, get you ready for this…" She looks at Ben, then back, the resolute expression becomes someone less so. Meryl tries hard to see the Evolved personnel of the Company as assets, but they're more than that to her. She genuinely likes these two. "I'd like you to try. But I won't force you." … "But I will beg. Pleeeease?"

Flashing alarms should be going off now, since Megan doesn't really like the idea of being lectured to by Benjamin. Even if he does know what he's talking about since he has a power, too. There may not be anything thrown at Benjamin, however, there's a particularly vicious crunch on her celery stick. "No but…he knows what I can do. And studies it all." And know when to get her juice. "S'no' the same as walking or talking through someone else, Meryl. Abilities're diff'rent for everyone. Dunno how to use someone else's." That's not to say she's not going to help attempt it. Just that it looks like it will be difficult.

"No arguments from me," Benjamin says, settling in comfortably in his seat. So Megan, you've clearly got the man's permission. "Since I'm on light duty for awhile, I have nowhere to be anytime soon. Ready when you are, Megan." He reaches for a celery stick to break in half. Munching a little on it before setting the stalk down, he looks back over to Megan. "You won't know until you try."

"I know, Meg. That's why I'm asking you to try it here, instead of asking you to do it when we've got our guy tied up in Australia." Practise, in other words. It might take awhile, it could come naturally. Who knows? "And at least this way, you know, Bingo can help you out a little. Maybe tell you how he does it." Like Dorsey's going to tell Megan, 'Okay, this is how you make it work. GO.' This is probably going to be a lot different, but her ability's already come a long way. "Remember the first time you tried, you couldn't even hardly make m'arm move. Before long, you were walking. And after that, you were calling Benjamin a jerk. Baby steps. So where do you go from there?"

Ugh, this is, the last person in the world Megan wants to possess is Benjamin. Groaning, though, she doesn't reply to either Benjamin or Meryl's encouragements. It's just sort of grating because she's not sure she can dot his and certainly doesn't want to hear advice from the man she doesn't even really want to see at the moment. Not exactly being nice, she closes here eyes, reaches out and puts a hand on Benjamin's. Ew. Skin on skin contact. However, instead of going for a passive possession like she did with Meryl all those times, she moves for a full out Benjamin-no-longer-required one. The last thing she wants to do is share a body with the man.

"My ability is pretty easy.. but it's a matter of focusing on a single target. Lose control, and you could put out the whole block." Benjamin says as he sets the celery aside, not really wanting to snack. "But if I feel that control is slipping, I'll take charge. We just had that accident last week, I've also caused more than enough. We need to be careful… you called me a jerk? Huh." He doesn't seem offended, just resigned. Funny, Megan's acting exactly the way his ex-wife was acting towards the end of their marriage about touching him. Huh! There is no time to ponder this or offer up further discussion of the situation seeing as when Megan touches his hand.. he promptly slumps in his seat, almost sliding to the floor.

Well. Well that never happened before. "Meg?" Meryl asks cautiously, blinking. She reaches for Megan's physical self, making sure she's not about to fall out of her seat, before looking over toward Benjamin. Maybe she's not quite sure how this works all the time, but something is different about this one. "Bingo, everything okay?"

It's a good thing that Meryl reaches for Megan because as soon as the woman forcefully pushes her way through, she's gotten a hold of Benjamin's body and pushed his consciousness away. Now it's entirely Megan behind the wheel of Benjamin. Yucky. As the large man starts to slip off the chair, she reaches forward with clumsy large hands to grab the edge of the table and stop herself from falling further. "Aaah." It's also weird to hear her voice as Benjamin's. "Ew." Something Benjamin might not ever say. "I'm a big awkward lug," she kind of pouts and then looks over to Meryl and herself. "Bingo's napping. I can't deal with trying to fight with him for the space."

Once Meryl's sure that Megan's not going to fall to the floor and break another arm or something, she leaves the girl seated and unconscious in her chair. It's one thing when Megan takes control of her. It's something else when she's seeing this whole possession thing in action, as an outside observer. Fortunately, given the fact that Meryl fully believes in alien possession and invasion and weird paranormal shit that… Really everyone in the Company at least believes in a little, she's not too taken aback by the fact that Megan is now Benjamin. "Ew," she agrees. Sorry, Ben. Meryl likes you. Wouldn't want to be you. "So… You're doing what you did to me that one time? When I couldn't remember?"

"I think so?" Megiman isn't really sure how it looks to the outside observer or the person being shoved to the side. That hasn't been her yet. "There's no resistance, so I think he's just…sleeping, yeah." Or something like sleeping. Where ever someone goes when they're pushed down. What else is there to do. Getting used to moving in a much taller body with a very different center of gravity, she tries to make herself sit straighter. "Wow. Everything looks so much smaller from up here. It's like…I can look down on everyone." What a strange vantage point. "So. What is it that Benjamin does when he tries to make someone sleep? Do you know?"

"…If you'd like, you can paint his face with lipstick before you leave it," Meryl suggests. Hey, if it makes her feel better, and gives Meryl a laugh…? WHY NOT? Plus, the look on Bingo's face will be priceless, they'll all have a good laugh, and they'll all be friends. That's how it's supposed to work. That's how it works on TV, anyway. "Meg, you said you'd try to get along with him," Meryl says anyway, hand on her hip, tilting her head a little as she looks at him. Her. Megan? Ben-Megan. "I don't know. He did it to me before. He didn't even have to have contact. I just passed out cold, woke up a couple hours later."

"What?" A Benjamin patented defensive look is given to Meryl. Only it's Megan who is the one giving it. "I'm trying!" And she really is. She didn't shove the chocolate back in Benjamin's face! And she didn't say anything really mean about him to his face! "Maybe we'll try the lipstick thing later." But for now she has to figure out how in the world to make someone else's ability to work. Waving his hands around - more in a manner of looking like he's directing a gay opera - and then shaking them, nothing happens. Not even when she thinks 'sleep' really hard. "I don't know." There's a frown. "Try and scare me? Maybe it's like the hiccups."

Well, it wasn't bound to work right away, was it? Meryl does look slightly disappointed, even if she wasn't expecting instant success. Even so, it would have been nice, at least. "I know you're trying, I know." And really, Meryl can't expect them to be best friends ever. Benjamin - inadvertantly as it was - made Megan feel like less of a person, and that's a hard thing to fix.

Leaning on the table as Megan attempts Ben's ability, Meryl can't help chuckling. Scare? "Scare?" she repeats outloud. She can do scary. She's good at scary.

Her apartment is filled with a million little places to store things, and of course, her mind leaps right to the scariest thing possible. She has a watergun in one of the drawers under a curio cabinet, which is a perfect replica of the Beretta she usually carries. After rolling her eyes in thought for a moment, she pulls open the drawer, shuffles through it, and then draws a very realistic-looking fake firearm on Benjamin's head. And pulls the trigger. It's got water in it!

Flailing about with Benjamin's arms still - for some reason Megan thinks the key to Benjamin's power is by waving her arms the right way. Who knows, maybe it is for her. What she's expecting is for Megan to hide somewhere and then pop out and say 'boo'. What she's not expecting is for her to pull out a real-looking gun and pretend to shoot her. Terrified, she scrambles out of the chair, jerkily in Benjamin's bigger body, and that's when she starts to feel the adrenaline rising, the fight or flight instinct. And from there, something else, another kind of power that before she can help it, escapes right in Meryl's direction. Maybe it's not the controlled use of power that Meryl was hoping for, but she did actually manage to use Benjamin's power against her in a moment of fear. And, knowing how it felt, she may be able to reproduce it without the need for water pistols.

Too much?

"It's just a water gun," she says as Megjamin scrambles out of the seat. In fact, she turns to squirt herself with it, too. She's actually not sure how long that water's been in there. Awhile, certainly. It's a wonder she even knew where it was.

It kind of starts with a sudden fatigue, like she's been awake for too long, then it quickly progresses into the inability to support herself. Leaning on the table, she only has enough time to say, "Wait 'til I sit— " Before she's out, falling to her knees and then face-first into the floor. By some stroke of luck, she manages to not smack her head on the table on her way down. Really, this isn't quite what she had in mind, but considering that she's now snoring, that thought will have to be held until later.

Benjamin's head is now a little wet and Megan is terrified. What did she do? Lurching forward she manages to smack her head off the table, misjudging how tall Benjamin is. Rubbing her head and hissing in pain a little, she goes to check on Meryl. She's just sleeping. And the only way she has to understand what in the world happened is to give Benjamin control again. Good riddance, really. It takes a little more concentration because her - Benjamin's - heart is still beating very fast and the adrenaline is taking a little while to drain from her system. But, after a few steadying breaths, when she opens her eyes again it's her eyes and her body.

Coming back to his own plane of consciousness is a little jarring and disorienting for Benjamin. It's like he suddenly blacked out and lost all sense of time for the past few minutes. He raises a hand to rub at his temple.. wait.. wet.. sodden curls.. "What the.. why am I wet.." Before he thinks on that further, he looks down at Meryl on the floor. "You.. you did it?" He looks amazed as he turns to regard Megan with a pleased expression. "That's.. just.. fantastic!"

Instead of pleased, Megan is a little frantic. "What d'ye do! How long's she out for? Will she be alright?" Back in her own body, she goes to kneel by Meryl. "'S'no' fantastic! Canna ye see she's out? She's no' s'posed to be out for long!" She has no idea what she's done. "Why're ye pleased?!"

Grinning like a lunatic, Benjamin looks at Megan. "You used my ability, that was amazing. And Meryl's okay. She's just sleeping and she'll wake up on her own or I could try and make her wake up now." He's still looking pretty damn pleased with Megan's progress. "Because. Not only are you able to possess at will, you can make people do what you want, including using their powers. Do you realize how handy that can be? Think of the possibilities." Listen to him. He's sounding more and more indoctrinated. "It's okay to be scared of what you can do. I know I was."

"I dinna use yer powers, she scared me and it just happened." Megan moves to put a pillow or something else under Meryl's head so she's not just lying on the floor. "Dinna make ye do what I wanted. If I did, ye'd have lipstick drawn all over yer face." Making a face, the woman moves for another celery stick. Might as well eat something if they're trapped here with a sleeping Meryl. "S'that gonna hurt her? Makin' her wake up? Ye dunna do the excited powers talk as well as Mohinder. He's interested in the science. Ye seem to just care about…I dunno."

"You still used them," Benjamin presses on firmly, then, "Well I'm glad it didn't get that far." His tone turns faintly sour as he returns to his seat. He could wake up Meryl, but this is a good opportunity to talk to Megan. "No. It's not going to hurt her. This is better than Ambien or Lunestra, and without the side effect nighttime eating disorder." As to the next part? He simply shrugs his shoulders. "I was forcibly recruited to do a job. In order to do it well, I need full control over my ability. I also look at it as having been born with a gift. One to use responsibly and to help." Exhaling an audible breath, he looks straight at Megan. "I was scared of my ability. I didn't want to use it. I just wanted to go back to being normal.. but I learned fast and hard, there is no going back."

Meryl snores. There's a little bit of a red bump where her face smacked the floor.

"Dinna so much use them as felt them being used." Instead of returning to her seat, Megan debates dragging Meryl to the couch. And finally, she decides to go for it. Taking her arms, she starts to drag her - as gently as possible - toward that couch. It's tough going because the woman isn't exactly the fittest or strongest woman ever to be in Company holding, but she doesn't ask for Benjamin's help. "I dunna want my ability. S'no' something I can get rid of. But if I could, I would. Never asked for this. Dunna want to get in people's bodies and make 'em do things they don't wanna do."

"You're right. You can't get rid of it. So you have to deal with it. Fight it or use it." Benjamin actually looks like he may be losing a little of his patience with Megan. "Nobody asked for their abilities Megan. You aren't the only person in the world who woke up one morning to discover they can do things. Think of the people you can help, possible lives you can save with what you can do. Why do you think they haven't let you go yet?" As if he needs to elaborate on who 'they' are.

"Yeh, and didja hear me complain' to ye about 'em? I dinna ask ye yer opinion about my progress, Benjamin." Megan spits her words out at him. "I get it enough outta Mohinder and Meryl and even that doctor they wanna have me talk to. How'm I s'posd to save people by taking them over? S'no' saving anyone it's robbing them of their free will! If ye have any idea why they wouldna let me go, I wish ye'd tell me! Because'm ready to get out of here!"

"Son of a… Stop it. Stop yelling at me, and stop the attitude," Benjamin says with a frown as he shoves himself up from his seat. "It's getting tiring. I understand you don't like me. Fine. You think I had something to do with your kidnapping. I tell you otherwise, you don't believe me. Fine. But get off your high horse and look around." Visibly, his chest rises and falls as he breathes in and out as he finally snaps. "They haven't let you go because they want you. They want you to work for them. They want you and your ability. As for saving people with it? What in the hell do you think we're about to do here with Meryl?" He gestures at the prone woman who's still sleeping. "So sit down. Shut up and work with us here. When we're done helping Meryl, go back to hating me, sulking and basically pouting like a child."

No one talks to Megan like that. Mostly because if they did Lachlan would punch their lights out. And other than that, Megan is too sweet to get people angry at her. Flustered and flushing red with anger, she almost shakes with it. Still dragging Meryl to the couch, she manages to get her to the foot of the couch, but then she struggles to try and wrestle her up there. Finally, she realizes it's not going to happen and she just pulls the blanket down and tries to wrap the other woman in it. "Then stop bein' a jerk to me and talking to me like'm a child!" Whirling around at the taller man, she glares at him. Meryl's asleep and will not know that she's lost her cool and thrown out the whole 'trying to be nice to Benjamin' thing out the window. "Ye know what'm pissed off about is ye canna have it both ways, Benjamin! Ye can be sorry about what they did to me or ye can be yer good little Company Man. What'm doin' for Meryl is because she's my friend. And the only person in this place that actually cared about me enough to visit and to try and cheer me up. Ye canna be yer sad hurt little puppy and then tell me'm pouting. Yer the one who canna seem to like what yer doing and ye tell me'm s'posed to work with ye? To be //happy/ about it? Yer bloody insane."

Meryl snores loudly. "I DIDN'T TAKE THE PInk scisszzzzzz— " And then goes back to silent sleep.

"I am /not/ talking to you like you're a child, or being a jerk to you. I've been nothing but nice! I've /tried/ to explain to you about things, you're the one who's been a jerk!" Benjamin plants his hands on his hips and looks down at Megan. "Now who's trying to have it both ways? Even if I had of been allowed to visit, you would have ignored me anyway! You.. are more frustratingly dissatisfied than my ex-wife. And that's saying something." He moves in closer to Megan, making a visible effort to try and calm himself down. "You know.. I don't really like getting angry. I don't like being cornered into a job when I could have just been /asked/ and made a reasonable offer. I am still capable of doing my job, and disliking facets of it. Then again, going through what we did back in Hartsdale sort of puts things into perspective. There are things out there bigger than yourself. So I swallow my resentment, my dislike and I /work/."

The interruption from Meryl draws Megan's attention. She's not so angry that she's not keeping an eye out for her friend waking up. Something about scissors? Oh well. She's back asleep, turning back to the fight, she takes a deep breath of her own. It's easier to do now that Benjamin has backed off. Physically at least. "Everything've found out about ye's been a lie." It's a sentiment that she can't help but repeat because it's true. After the initial anger, she did actually want Benjamin to come by. To actually explain things. But he never did. It was only Meryl. And that's something she's not about to admit. Not when he's being a jerk. "Yeah. Can see yer work is important to ye." More so than friendship or anything else in her opinion. But she doesn't say anything else. Her piece so far has been said. She gives a look to Meryl. She's going to be out for awhile. "'D put her on the couch," she tells him and moves for the door. That's about as much group bonding time as she can handle for now.

"Oh? Everything's a lie? Like what?" Benjamin's not ready to end the argument.. but if Megan walks out, he's not going to stop her. He's not feeling that angry or fed up. "'Cause I'd really like to know, and if you would just… /listen/.. I could explain. But if you're not going to listen or at least think about the possibility that you're /wrong/.. then don't bother." Again, he's pointing at Meryl on the couch, "I'm going to say it again.. if you want to hate me fine.. But put it aside for her. At least until this is done."

"What d'ye think've been trying to do?" Okay, so anger's back. Megan puts a hand on the frame of the door. "Ye think s'easy for me to see ye all the time? I dunna go and make—-" she stops herself and just shakes her head, clamping her mouth shut. "Ye act like this is all my fault. Ye have no idea how I felt. How hard any of this was for me. Ye can go back to yer job that you have to do and yer girlfriend and yer friends. Dunna stand there and try and think yer in the right. And yer the one that's making the huge sacrifice for her. Ye have no idea."

Benjamin gives Megan a look of frustrated annoyance. "Then.. sit down and /tell/ me. We aren't going to get anywhere by butting heads and yelling at each other. This isn't easy for me either." He sinks down into a chair, suddenly tired and the fight has gone out. "Sit.. Please. I'm sorry I yelled and got mad. I didn't mean to.. and I do know how you felt. I was kidnapped too, and it was hard to return back to normal life."

Not about to actually sit down at Benjamin's assistance, at least she's not leaving. Instead, Megan just stays in the doorway, gripping onto the frame as if to keep herself upright. "'M'no'." Sorry, that is. Shaking her head, she doesn't want to talk, really. She's not big on sharing emotions with someone she doesn't trust all that much any more. Someone who hurt her. "Well, then ye should bloody well know why I dunna wanna be anywhere near ye. Especially when I thought I could trust ye."

"Right. You should. I'll hear you out if you hear me out. Okay?" Benjamin gestures for Megan to close the door, "We don't want the neighbors to hear.. although this is probably a normal conversation to them, given what they're bound to see and hear from Meryl." Hey, it's a fact.

"Fine. Talk." The door closes softly with a click and the woman leans up against it. For now Megan will listen to what Benjamin has to say and mentally draw mean things on his face with lipstick, like Meryl suggested.

"Where do you want me to begin?" Benjamin's not trying to be difficult on purpose. He just doesn't want to ramble on points that may not be relevant to the situation at hand.

"I dunno." It may be a good question if Megan had any idea about Benjamin's life other than the few glimpses she's been given. "What did ye wanna say?" That seems to be a good place for anyone to start.

"That I'm sorry I gave you the wrong impression and I know that I don't look very innocent to you." Benjamin turns around in his seat so that he's facing Megan. "I was just more or less forced into working for the Company when I asked you out for coffee. It works very much like most government agencies. There are security levels. I did not know you had an ability, or there was a plan to bring you in. I was just as surprised as you were by Armstrong and Swan. After they chloroformed you, I took a swing at Swan, that's when Armstrong pretty much broke my jaw. She ordered me to stand down. I didn't. I had no idea about the plan, and had nothing to do with the kidnapping." His tone is resigned, very much in a believe me or don't manner.

"Alrigh'." There's no arguing from Megan. No accepting of apologies or the like, but at least Megan isn't yelling at Benjamin. Or seeming ready to explode at him. Instead, she sounds just as resigned. Maybe one day she'll work it all out. But it's not going to happen in one day. In one training session. Neither is forgiveness. Maybe she believes him, maybe she doesn't. But at least she's listening.

"And when you were brought in, there was a security leak. I wanted to visit you, I honestly did. My partner.. the one who made me tag you? He has a lot of weight to pull around here. Since I was on a coffee.. well.. date.. with you. I was the number one suspect. That is why I wasn't allowed to have contact with you." Benjamin raises a hand to rub at his temples. Headache.. incoming. "I do like you Megan, there's no lie about that. My girlfriend coming back, that was unexpected. She left me a goodbye note back in April, that was worded as if she was never coming back. She disappeared on a mission. Her coming back was a surprise. It just happened to coincide with your kidnapping."

There's a grunt from Meryl as she wakes up, rolling off the couch and onto the floor with a thud. Her face hurts a little, and she vaguely recalls telling Megan to wait until she was sitting down before the floor rushed up to say hi to her head.

Though Tempted to fall back asleep, Meryl - Zombie-like - pushes herself to her feet, seemingly not even seeing Benjamin and Megan. She shuffles past them toward the kitchen, where she pulls a tub of strawberry ice creak out of the fridge. Putting a few scoops into a bowl, she adds the essentialls - a spoonful of sugar, for starters.

Then she pulls can of coffee out of a cupboard and adds a scoop of that, as well. So, Strawberry ice cream with sugar and coffee topping in hand, she heads back out into her dining room to slump into a chair by the table. "Nice work, Megan," she says, managing somehow to push some enthusiasm into her voice.

"Okay." Once again, Megan has mostly said all that she will say on the subject for the evening. She already told Benjamin her side. But what's mostly telling here is she's no longer attempting to flee. Poor Benjamin and his bad luck. And then bonding time is over because Meryl has sleepily pulled herself out of her condition and is stumbling around for coffee and ice cream. "D'ye need any help?" Pushing away from the door, she goes to try and assist the Australian in her endeavors. "Well. I dinna really mean t'do anything. But it did get done." Optimism. Sort of.

"I'm not much of a skirt chaser. To be honest, I'm surprised Alice returned. As you've seen, I'm not good with women generally. That's why my marriage failed, that and my ex was a witch.. It didn't help that my ability manifested and I was putting her to sleep accidentally, without realizing it." There. Now Megan knows a little something more about Benjamin. "I'm sort of relearning how to talk with people. Y'know. Be sociable…" He trails off from saying more at the thud, Meryl's emergence from hibernation. Wordlessly, he watches what she piles on her ice cream. Okay… Well.. Yeah.

It's Meryl. Surely coffee atop ic cream is nothing strange! She's also got a can of sour gummy worms, some sprinkles shaped like George Washngton's head, and CRAISINS. Among other things. "Think I'll be aw'right," she says through a yawn, waving off any help from either Megan or Benjamin. "Could use a nap, though. That nap wore me out." …Strangely enough. She's still feeling the effects of it, honestly, but she didn't want to sleep forever. "Just wanted to make sure you two didn't kill each other." After shoving a few spoonfulls of coffee-strawberry-sugar ice cream into her face, she gives them both a look, that's as close to annoyed as Meryl usually gets. Oh, she heard the tail-end of their peace-talks, even if she was still in dream-land for the most part. And as her eyes slowly close again, it seems as if she's heading back in that direction, despite her caffeinated treat. "…I… assume you… guys can find the… door?"

Not really. Megan has begun to expect anything from Meryl in terms of both food and statements. There's a nod at Benjamin's last statement, but with their hostess up, she doesn't really feel like continuing the conversation for the time being. Maybe later. Just the very fact that there may be a later says something about this meeting. "No' yet," she tells Meryl in a very straightman sort of way. "Yeah. We can." She'll speak for both of them for the moment, though she hovers by Meryl's side for a few moments to make sure the woman isn't about to topple over again. Once she's sure that she'll be alright, that's only when she'll make for the door to let herself out.

Benjamin gets up from his seat, and makes sure to push the chocolates at Megan once more. Take the freaking chocolate, okay? "She did wonderfully Meryl, you can be proud of her. See you at work later." He smiles a little at Meryl, giving a little nudge of his ability to make sure she stays awake.. at least to finish her ice cream, instead of wearing it.

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