2009-10-24: A Good Night

Starring: Alexandra, Quinn, George, Morgana, Portia, and Sydney


Date: October 24, 2009


Some ladies (and George!) let loose at the night club!

Full playlist (1:45:48)

"A Good Night"

Club DNA's

It's relatively late on a Saturday night and Sydney is all about blowing steam. And what blows off steam better than dancing? Very little! Regardless, Syd's freakishly excited about this. Actually, she's freakishly excited to be out and about with people again.

Like many women getting dolled up for a night at the club, Syd spent a good hour or more getting ready. As such, her blonde hair is curled, her make-up darker around the eyes than usual, and she's dressed in a shorter than usual black dress—inappropriate for anywhere except the bar (and the light dinner beforehand). She beams as the door man lets her and her cohort, Alex, in, "I knew it! You look hot tonight!" Right Round plays in the background (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MksTJeSRug).

It's…been a whirlwind few days, to be sure! In fact, it's hard to say this is even her life anymore. First she's meeting a strange dude in Battery Park who can do the stuff she can do (Pete), then she's getting invited and encouraged to go bust some innocent people out, wrecking Humvees with her ability, then getting teleported to an orphanage in Germany and then back…PHEW! So seeing Sydney's call on her first day back in her comfortable penthouse is…well, it's pretty awesome. Dinner? Clubbing? Yes please! Alex is typically not the type, but tonight? What the hell.

She's done up her hair in loose curls at the end, falling slightly past her shoulders, which are totally exposed. That's right ladies, she's gone totally strapless, in a shimmering teal strapless number with plenty of gold flecks and leafy patterns to go with her gold handpurse and her golden strappy heels. It's an unusual look for Alex, who's normally pretty conservative thanks to her job! "Ohmigosh! So do you!" she exclaims to Sydney, as they slide into the club without any problem at all (and despite the line on a Saturday night). One song fades, and the next begins (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq77pTi03qQ).

Quinn is always looking for new spots to go, and this is New York, after all. So there's plenty to choose from. She isn't the type to really do the club scene, at least the regular type. So, she wears her regular garb, a sort of androgynous sharp cut men's suit, slicked back her hair, with makeup so its obvious she's not in drag. Its not been too weird a week for her, for a change. Just her usual song and dance, literally.

"Seriously. So HOT," Sydney beams as she kind of shuffles to the beat and takes in the entire room. The energy of the room is just upbeat. People dancing, talking, meeting. Staring at the ceiling means, of course, that she's definitely not looking where she's going. The song changes once again (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR1lRM1DqFk) as Sydney turns back to Alex, "Ohmygosh! Can you believe the number of people here?!" It's at this moment that she bumps into an unsuspecting bar patron. "Ooops! I'm so sorry!" Her cheeks flush with embarrassment an expression that matches that of several other bar patrons which only increases Syd's embarrassment.

"Well…yeah, it's pretty packed! I guess that's kind of normal though, for New York, right?" Alex, not being used to all this, just sort of shuffles around on the dance floor, smiling, enjoying the freedom of just going out, hanging out, not worrying about work or…all this other stuff for one night. When she bumps into others, which inevitably happens on the packed dance floor, she too begins to feel a little sheepish, actually apologizing. As if that mattered in this place! But still, an apology, right? For the most part, the two stick fairly close to the bar, so they can scoot over and get some drinks now and then, as the need arises, spilling half the damn things before they get a chance to drink them as they're jostled around! The music isn't something she's used to hearing, being locked in her office and meetings at work, and preferring different stuff when she's at home, but it's not…bad. It's new and fun!

Quinn is used to a different kind of club, admittedly. She glances around, a little curiously at the clothes, and at herself. She shrugs, though, and dives right into the crowd, definitely trying to find her way to the bar, to get a drink.

"Yeah! I guess so! Haven't really been to a club for awhile!" Sydney yells over the changing music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MRaGMHysO0). "But New York is busy everywhere!" She inches towards the bar and quickly turns to Alex, "What's your poison?" After which she inches closer to get the bar tender's attention, "Bloody Mary please!" But the bar tender appears to be busy cleaning the back counter. Sydney arches an eyebrow at her own irritation. "Excuse me?!"

Alex isn't a huge drinker, but when she does, she prefers it girly. "Apple martini!" she informs Sydney, over the noise of the club. She slides up to the next to Sydney (and, perhaps, near Quinn!) as she waits for her drink. "What the heck!" she cries out. "Why does he have to clean that back counter right now? Can't he do that after he gets our drinks! Sheesh!" She slaps her hand down on the counter with an exasperated sigh and waits, though fuming. Once more, the music change, this time with a thumping bass line that does a little bit to hide the rumbling that happens as a result of her growing exasperation (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X5HoVtk8Wg).

Quinn slips next to the bar, yes, beside Alexandra. She may not know NY bartenders, but she knows the ones in Vegas, baby. Doesn't take much for her to wave down the bartender what a touch of the attitude, and the aura of 'good tip' she seems to carry with her. "Gin and tonic with lime, thanks. And I think they want something too." nodding toward the two other ladies at the bar.

As the bartender stops cleaning the countertop, the music changes again (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ase4jTbSMc&NR=1). "Yeah! We do want something," Sydney continues to yell over the music. "A Bloody Mary and an Apple Martini!" she forces a smile at the bartender and then redirects her attention to Quinn. "Well thank you for that! We could've been waiting quite a while for some attention, I'm afraid, I'm not quite as assertive as I ought to be." Especially considering she's a therapist. "Not that I didn't try to get his attention."

"And I hardly ever go to any places that aren't old school pubs!" Alex calls out to Quinn. "So…thanks! Looks like you know a heck of a lot more about getting their attention than we do!" And here she thought the secret was just to show some boob! Turns out that's not quite the trick, as Quinn totally schools the bartender, and him snapping into action *SNAP* like that! When he brings the drinks over, Alex grins a little at Quinn. "My dad really likes those! I can't stand the taste of gin though! But you know, the Brits used to drink that in Africa since the tonic has quinine! Good way to get drunk and avoid malaria at the same time!" she practically has to yell, as the club music changes once more! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk18IgLa_1s)

Quinn chuckles as she says, "I practically grew up in nightclubs." then pauses, with another laugh, "That sounded bad." she shrugs fluidly, "But yeah, gin, a good multipurpose drink." she grins, "I never was much for the sweet ones."

The song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLFkhH7qETI) changes as Sydney chuckles at Quinn, "Well I can imagine that would make you better at getting these fellows attention! Thank you so much for your help!" She beams as their drinks are placed on the counter. "I mostly like Bloody Mary's because i like the name," she admits. "There just seems to be something exciting about having like a signature drink with a fancy name. I wish I could make myself like something more exotic sounding though… like paralyzers." She smirks.

When this song starts, Alex looks up at the ceiling, like that's where the music is coming from in particular. "Sometimes, I think they play this stuff for girls like us!" she calls out, referencing the song's title and lyrics. But, the tantalizingly green drink in front of her is just too appealing; it almost seems neon green with the crazy lighting in the club, and she happily takes the broad, shallow martini glass with the imperious stem, and begins to sip on her super-sterotypical drink. "Hey, look, if I had gotten a blueberry one, it might've matched my dress!" she calls out to Sydney. It's…kind of dry humor, but come on, cut her slack; she's an engineer AND she just put her life at risk not even 48 hours ago! She's content to just sit with her back against the bar rail and sip, enjoying the night, and chatting with folks. As the song about single ladies and rings dies down, the next one starts without delay (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLdqe_Mck9M).

Morgana makes her way into the Club, quite obviously not used to this sort of environment. She squints a bit until she gets used to the lighting, her glasses missing as she gets used to new contacts. She shakes off an urge to smooth her skirt to try to make it longer, showing off more leg then she's used to. She walks in further, so as not to block the way for other people coming in. She guesses that the first destination should be to the bar. She makes her way over and waits for the bartender to be free to give her order. In the meantime she takes a glance around the room, as if scanning the crowd for someone in particular.

Sydney cracks a broad grin at Alex's joke. "I think the colours is awesome! Seriously, the dress is stunning! I have to say I'm not a fan of blueberry flavouring though. I like real blueberry, but not that fake syrupy kind!" She grins at Quinn and nods, "It's not really what most I listen to at home either, but when you want to dance the beat is much better than not!" She brings her drink to her lips and takes a sip. "Yes, this is… good." Smile. And then the song changes again (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-LhyAVzDBI&NR=1&feature=fvwp).

As Alex sips on her drink, she seems to be loosening up a little bit. Of course, some wine at dinner (which was mostly wine with some small appetizers!) has already gotten the process started. She thinks back to what Sydney told her on the phone earlier. This is a night to sort of…reconvene after what Sydney sort of talked her into the other night…and to dance that stuff off! So, that's when she sort of uncharacteristically just begins to dance in place at the bar, deciding what the hell, it's just a club, right? One arm goes up, the other with her drink goes to her lips, and she finishes it. "So! Which of you two is gonna dip me?" she says with a grin. "You look like you're dressed for it!" she says to Quinn!

Quinn keeps her sipping to a minimum. She tends to look like she drank more than she really did. A really handy trick in Vegas. Her eyes go up at the request, "Dipping? As in.. when you dance?"

Is the club destined for an all-night girls' night tonight? Well, not entirely. About a minute after Morgana makes her entrance, the door opens again, and about a dozen men filter in all in a bunch: about half of them open flamboyant, and all of them jabbering away on their cell phones. The lone exception (George), dragged along because their latest project is filming on location in his district and they need to bend his ear about it for a while, contents himself with hanging out near the back and letting them do most of the talking.

"Oh, I love this one," the front man in the pink shirt exclaims, "you hear that girl start screaming and you know exactly why!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rpVnP7sMKo)

Morgana smiles sweetly to the bartender as he makes his way over and orders a mojito.. That is what women drink at these things, right? She grabs a seat at the bar for the time being, not seeing her latest victim make their way into the club just yet. Looks like she'll have to wait. She does her best to not pay attention to any of the conversations going on around her. No need to get involved in a discussion that will mean nothing in the morning. She sips her drink and does more of what she does best, studying people.

Sydney giggles at Alex's dancing, and of course joins in right there at the bar. It was her idea to come out here! Of course she's onboard for some fun! She comes to the bottom of her Bloody Mary with a smirk. She's sedate now, and it appears, a lot of people in her vicinity are too. But then, perhaps they've all been drinking.

Syd's gaze turns to Morgana, and she tilts her head, offering a smile of vague recognition. Wrinkling her nose and that same smile she asks, "I know you, right? You work with the NYPD, right?"

George and his crew settle in with hardly any attention from Alex, at least, but…that's a tricky subject. By this time, thanks to the dinner wine, the appletini, and the fact that she rarely drinks and is super tiny, all compounded by the fact that Sydney's feeling pretty relaxed…and when Sydney feels realxed, the people pretty close to her feel relaxed as well, Alex has managed to wiggle and gyrate herself out into the crowd. She…doesn't seem to be dancing with anyone in particular, but then, she also doesn't seem to mind that people are grinding with her a little bit…ala Sydney. "OH I've heard this before!" she exclaims, as a piece of newish music (appropriately remixed, of course!) pops on. She just keeps dancing though! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NeaFsAuEH4)

Quinn doesn't usually get relaxed, though she oddly always looks relaxed. But every move is carefully choreographed, usually.. this time, though, she shrugs with a little more authentic ease and she offers an arm to be draped over, if she still wants to be dipped. Someone who imitates old school musicians, well, she's got some ballroom dancing skills. And yes, she can lead, too.

Morgana's eyes go wide, like a deer in headlights. That's the risk you take when you go out hunting in such a dense, public place. You take the chance of running into a co-worker, and not just any co-worker, but the head-witch to boot. "Um, yes." She says, trying to appear less surprised. "I run paper at the Downtown precinct." She says looking around. "Looks like a lot of people are looking to let loose tonight." Her eyes go to Alexandra, a body-check and a raised brow. She takes a sip of the drink and then takes a look at it, feeling a bit more loose then she typically would. Mental note: check to see how much alcohol they're serving. Mental note 2: Find less public places to stake out your victims.
Portia has arrived.

On second look, there are a couple of women amongst the film guys as well, they just aren't being quite so loud. Yet. George is engaging the more sober-looking one in some light shop talk, while Pink Shirt whips out a platinum card and gestures excitedly to a passing attendant. A couple others have already wandered out to the dance floor in all their black-leather-pants glory. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjMt8qH9EpU)

Eyes sparkle with that same recognition, as Sydney nods at her, and sidles next to her coworker, "I thought so! Have we actually met before? Gosh, when I'm actually at the precinct they normally have me looking at files rather than talking to anyone. It really is a lonely practice that should be rectified, don't ya think?" SMILE. Apparently when she drinks she becomes not only relaxed but also very chatty, "I'm Sydney, by the way." Her cheeks flush brightly. Like Alex, Sydney enjoyed wine with dinner and multiple drinks prior to coming to the club; she already feels moderately tipsy.

How does one get into a club without being seen? By being Portia. One minute there's no one there, and the next, the girl, dressed in an appropriately club-going dress, is there. Glancing around for a moment and looking quite satisfied with herself, Portia makes her way through the crowd, taking a moment or two to scope things out and really see what's going on. By the looks of it, she's searching for something interesting… whatever catches her attention, really.

"I have to warn you! I've never really done any sort of fancy formal dancing before!" Alex calls out to Quinn as she come over to her on the dance floor. As she approaches the positively amazonian woman, the song changes again, and so does Alex's dancing. It must be tribal time or something, as they go from tribal dances to zombies (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOUgGA0lsog). Driving bass fills the air, and for whatever reason, Alex shakes her shoulders with the sound. She takes awkwardly heavy steps at Quinn, grinning, as each of her steps seems to thump a little more than it should, the ground quivering under the dance floor as she sort of…becomes a little tipsy with her own power usage! Just enough that those around her have to turn and make sure she's not like 800 pounds!

Quinn was going to offer her arm, that is. She staggers a bit, not from the drink, of course, but from the.. tremors? She glances around, saying, "I never knew there were earthquakes here.." in some puzzlement. "

Morgana swallows nervously as the woman comes closer. She takes another sip of the drink, feeling as if she'd had a few already. Her hunt is officially called off, since her prey doesn't seem to be here, and she's in no condition to do anything violent at the moment. Bummer that. "I..I don't believe so. I don't necessarily 'meet' anyone. I talk to the guys in forensics once in awhile, but that's about it." She shrugs. "I'm not so sure if it needs rectifying or not. That's not my thing to say." She smiles. "I'm Morgana." She says, noticing the people more, in general, and the women nearby more specifically. She must be more drunk then she thought, seeing as most people don't grab her attention in that way…

In fact, a lot of people who've been drinking are starting to think they're drunker than they realized. And the few who haven't had any drinks yet are wondering if maybe someone screwed up their orders. Most of them just shrug it off and keep on dancing.

"Oh. My. God." That would be the fellow sitting on the other side of George, who's just spotted Portia. "The singer, right? Come over here, we simply have to talk." Following his gaze over in that direction, George arches a brow: she looks sort of familiar, but between the club lighting and the shaky ground and the passage of years, it's hard to be certain until she joins the conversation herself.

Clucking her tongue, Sydney shakes her head, "Well that's a shame not to meet anyone." Mind you, Syd's not normally this friendly either. "There ya go! Now I can call you by your name and will go out of my way to say hello when I'm at the station." She offers another smile followed by a rather contented sigh. "You a fan of the music? I wouldn't normally listen to it on my own, but seriously, when out dancing, it is awesome." She glances over to Alex and Quinn with a faint smile. She's just emitting mild vibrations, right? No one will notice. The music fades once again and another begins (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qiljg9EsQ04). "Holy crap! I LOVE this song! Come! Come dance!" she motions for Morgana to follow her further onto the dance floor to boogey.

"Oh, it's not earthquakes at all! Nothing to worry about!" Alex says, collecting herself enough to stop thunderstomping around the dance floor. "Dip me!" she calls out, finally close enough to Quinn to take that offered arm! "I don't care that the songs are all clubby even!" She's smirking at the much taller woman, still unable to really stop shaking her hips. Dang you Sydney and your good vibrations!

Well, this is quite the scene. Portia hasn't had anything to drink, but the ground's moving a little and the club is definitely having some action. There's a smile on the girl's face, and she slowly moves towards the crowd dancing, moving in seamlessly and proceeding to dance along as well. Just another club-goer, after all.

Quinn shrugs off the shaking. Maybe its just the crazy amounts of bass in the music. When her arm is grabbed, she nods and chuckles to Alex's request. Quinn is smooth, you can say that, at least. In one graceful movement, she pushes off of the bar, spins Alex around with that same arm, ending by dipping her over the other arm. wWll, the gracefulness of that depends partly on Alexandra.

Morgana's eyes go even wider. CRAPcrapcrap!! This place definitely makes the list of places to never visit again, upon pain of death. She downs the rest of the mojito, because she's really gonna need the alcohol if she's going to pull this off. She's feeling good enough, but must follow Sydney or else chance singling herself out. Well, it could be worse, some random drunken man could be attempting this. "I'm a bit more subdued in my music, but it does have a decent rhythm." She says as she finally makes it onto the floor, taking her cue from those around her and trying her best not to look so absolutely dreadful on the dance floor. To top everything off, she's actually feeling giddy, which is not unusual in most people, is in Morgana since she rarely feels *anything* at all, nevermind anything remotely resembling happy. The dark passenger sitting in the back seat of Morgana's mind seems to have taken a nap for now.

The music maven among the film crew gets up and wanders after Portia, calling out to her again along the way. Must've gotten lost in the noise, of which there is a great deal. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hnYKTys8rU) The rest of them are occupied with their round of drinks as it arrives. "What is this?" asks George, then takes a sip without bothering to wait for the answer.

(Meanwhile, in a roped-off room near the back of the club, a couple engaged in a particularly intense round of lovemaking pause and look around. "Did you—?" they ask each other at the same time.)

"Me too normally!" Sydney agrees as she shimmys to the tunes. "Can't dance to that as easily though. Well, you can, just not alone," she calls over the music as she absent-mindedly runs a hand through her hair. Strangely, the more Sydney dances the more she starts loosening up, and the more those around her seem to loosen up. "Everyone's havin' fun at the club tonight!"

What was that? Portia looks up, only to notice someone was talking to her. She hadn't even noticed! Darn crowds and their noise. She offers a warm smile, especially since it's a guy. Oh, Portia has to be charming. "Hello there!" She offers, stealing only a quick glance around at the rest of the club.

"Wheeee!" Alex calls out as she's taken and dipped. And while Quinn's motion is smooth and elegant, Alex's is…not. Maybe it's the heels. Maybe it's the booze. Maybe it's Sydney doing her thing, but! Long story short, the spin ends with Alex tumbling to the floor, and then clamoring to her knees. She doesn't look mad or anything though! She's lauging, in fact! "Told you I couldn't dance really!" she says, looking WAY the heck up at Quinn now! She's holding a hand out to be helped up though, because (thankfully) she didn't just lift earth to help keep her from falling down in the first place, or to help her get back up. About that time, a new song starts up (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6MheqQLPqQ).

Quinn's brows go up, "Sorry.. hmm, that usually doesn't end that way." as she reaches out, to pull Alex up. She smiles wryly, "Maybe I should stick with my dance crew.

Morgana nods, feeling less nervous and more loose as the night goes on. Normally this would cause more suspiscion and walls to be brought up, but for now Morgana decides to let herself go, and to go with the flow. Her dancing is.. not entirely horrible, and she's got a cute blonde in front of her, she's not even caring about the fact that the blonde happens to be female. "As you can tell, I'm not much of the dancing type.." She says nervously.. "You don't seem to be having too much difficulty, though." She looks as Alexandra goes ass-over-teakettle and makes no subtext of looking.. "Is your friend ok? Maybe she's had too much..?"

Portia's number one fan catches up with her and takes her hand in his, rattling off an excited spiel. Blah blah cameo blah blah short-term contract blah blah lawyers are ttly sharks but what can you do, right? Meanwhile, while George has yet to be dragged out to the dance floor himself, he does have his chair turned around so he can get a better look at it. "You okay there?" he calls out as he sees Alexandra trip nearby.

Sydney flashes Morgana another warm smile as the music continues (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQYFgVyvWjs), "You sell yourself short! Dancing is just another expression of joy! If you can move, you can dance!" She giggles a bit while dancing towards Alex and Quinn, motioning for Morgana to follow. "Alex! Are you alright?" she giggles a little and then turns back to Morgana, "Nah, I think she's just drunk on life. And maybe a little bit of alcohol! You know, some days you just gotta celebrate even if you can't think of anything worth celebrating!"

Alex is a tough chick, despite it all, just a little too tipsy, as the glasses of wine and appletini set in a while ago. Without much fuss, she's already back up on her feet, randomly spinning and shaking around. To say she's…uncoordinated might be an understatement. Boy, you can dress her up but you can't take her out! She's a total engineer, and even drunk, she can't dance! But…in that dress, does it matter? She certainly is having a good time though! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3DrA_kOISQ)

Well, there's the fact that Portia's getting attention lavished on her, but the guy is blathering on about things. Still, it's attention, and the girl is quite content to take advantage of it. She continues to smile and look interested in what the guy says, though she does steal a glance or two around once more.

Quinn glances at her watch and sighs, "Well, I'm afraid that's all the dancing for me tonight anyway. I have an early morning rehearsal."

Morgana follows Sydney over to the other two. How can she explain that she can't feel joy, so there's no way she can express it? She focuses on Alex since that seems to be where the focus has shifted to. "I guess so.." She shouts to Sydney over the music. "So there's no real reason for you to be celebrating?" She asks, curious as to what would bring people out to a place like this if it weren't for something specific to celebrate.

Finally, the guy does leave Portia to enjoy the rest of her evening in peace, but not before insisting on her phone number so they can get her added to the schedule. The rest of the group is torn between more drinking and more dancing (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGECJP3phyY). At some point, the girl who works the sound board has found her way into George's lap, which would probably bite him in the ass except for his own ability - a nice subtle one, in this case making sure that any paparazzi who might have followed after this group were caught in traffic. Or got a hotter tip on someone else. Or whatever.

"Um. Nothing in particular," Sydney answers Morgana almost too-quickly. And then for good measure she explains equally quickly, "Just a lot of stress with work and stuff lately that's over." Yes. Very stressful stuff. But both women escaped with their lives and moderate success, right? That deserves celebration! She offers Alex a hand in an effort to steady her friend. Of course, this may not be the most effective means of steadying Alex as Sydney is also tipsy and the two may fall together.

Sydney reaches for Alex, but she's not exactly in the same place Sydney left her! She's wandered back over to the bar, where she looks like she's following Quinn's advice from earlier. "Hey! Two appletinis please!" she calls out, clearly above all the din! When she gets her drinks (and settles up with a 20, she gyrates back over to Sydney. "Hi! I'm Alex!" she tells…well, yells at Morgana. "Want an appletini?" she says, thrusting the drink toward the both of them, but not particularly caring who wants it. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vj2fzTIBuYU)

Well, with the guy leaving her alone (and taking her number with him), Portia thinks nothing of it and focuses on the dancing. Here, at least, she could be one of the crowd.. an individual, and yet one of the fellow dancers. She moves, slipping back into the crowd, enjoying the music as she proceeds to dance.

Morgana blinks as Alex makes her way back and shoves a drink in her face. She glances at Sydney and takes it just so Alex won't have to drop it. She looks back to Alex.. "I'm Morgana." She yells back. She looks around.. "Should we head back to the bar if we're not dancing? I think there's a rule implied in the name. It's not an UnDance Floor." She says, an attempt at humor.

As Morgana desperately attempts to extricate herself, George finds himself dragged into it. Well, at least dancing amidst a crowd doesn't carry any risk of being mistaken for a lap dance, so he goes along with it. There's nothing particularly impressive about his style, but he doesn't trip over his own two left feet either. Another anonymous face in the sea, that's all. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppHS81YECYY)

"Wow Alex!" Sydney stifles a giggle at her friends' behaviour. Turning to Morgana, she nods a bit, "Agreed. Let's shuffle back that way." She's still beaming and pleased as punch to be out and about enjoying the night out on the town. And as she shuffles, the joy seems to follow her in the crowd. However, milling through the crowd she's constantly bumping people, her balance seems to be particularly off. Fortunately Morgana is the one holding the extra drink. "Ooops! Excuse me!" No embarrassment is expressed this time, however. Just good, good, good, good vibrations.

About the time George hits the dance floor, the DJ decides it's time for some, well, more traditional music (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAyRAXAAcDQ). And while Morgana and Sydney decide they've had enough on the dance floor, Alex takes her painfully full drink and keeps right on doing her thing out there. But that's until…as luck would have it, she bumps into George. Literally. Like…ironically literally or something. It's full on, spinning while dancing, drink held up in one arm, bumping-into, collision-causes-appletini-down the back contact. "Oh! I'm so sorry!" she exclaims, with appletini running down his back, as her arm went over the shoulder, thanks to chest-on-chest bumpage.

Morgana blinks and instinctively reaches out to grab Sydney's hand with her free one, to help steady the girl. "Are you alright? I certainly hope you're both calling a cab to get home tonight." She should take the same advice, not feeling safe enough to drive home either. She stops when she gets to the bar and stares in shock as Alex gets the Sharp-Dressed Man(TM) covered in appletini.. "Um.. Oh my god! I think perhaps you need that cab sooner then later.."

Wait, someone's falling on him! Acting on instinct, George abandons the dancing and reaches out to throw both arms around Alexandra's waist, leaning into her until he's sure she won't drag them both crashing down. Which, as he did have a little bit to drink earlier, takes a half-second longer than it would otherwise. Why, hello there, Alexandra. Only afterward does it register that the back of his shirt is soaking wet, and hers isn't in great shape either from what he can tell. "Um. I think I might want to split it with you," he offers.

Throughout all this, the sound board girl keeps on dancing, her attention smoothly drifting over to a trio of frat boys who she'd previously been ignoring.

She stifles a giggle as Alex spills her drink. "I'm sorry for my friend, sir!" She beams at him. "We've been having a lot of fun tonight." BEAM. She shrugs a bit and then turns back to Morgana, "Of course we're taking a cab!" Sydney smile is pasted on her face as she chimes with a fluid arm movement. She wrinkles her nose, "We're in New York! Does anyone drive in this city?" She beams as she spins in a small circle. "A person can hail a cab in the middle of the street and it can stop. Sometimes. Mostly." As the music changes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnBWGQK67R0&feature=related) Sydney absent-mindedly sings along, "I don't give a damn about my reputation…"

Morgana smiles as she leans against the bar, tipsy and tired. "Well, I drive to work and back… gotta love the morning gridlock." She takes a sip of the appletini. Morgana's oddly in a 'F It' mood now, feeling better and better the more she's in Sydney's presence.

Alex manages to steady herself enough to peel herself off of George. "I'm…really sorry" she says, still with it enough to recognize that that big green stain down his shirt probably won't come out in the wash. "I didn't mean to…honest. Guess I should…uh, being getting toward home soonish, since I can't even dance anymore!" she exclaims. She's smiling up at him, but with empty glass in one hand, she manages to stagger her way back to the bar and find Sydney. She looks…well, pretty partied out!

George steps back carefully, inclining his head to Alexandra. "No, it's my fault too," he replies. He wasn't watching that carefully where he was going. And with part of his attention span devoted to keeping any potential media jackals at bay for the evening, that might have contributed, too. "So did you want to split a ride? I think your friends are having a moment," he adds, glancing over toward Sydney and Morgana. And then back at the people he came in with, a couple more of whom have wandered off in their own directions by this point.

"I can only imagine what driving here must be like. I haven't drove…driven?…drove (I think) since I moved like seven years ago," it's an exaggeration, but she hasn't spent much time driving since she's moved. As Alex finds her, Sydney offers her that same easy smile. "Hello friend!" Her smile turns empathetic and she stifles a giggle, "It looks like you're about ready to go, my Dear! That expression appears when you know you've partied enough for one night." She nods at this as she offers Morgana a bit of a wave, "I think we're done for the night! It was lovely chatting with you! I'll come find you at the station when I'm in next!" She offers Alex an arm with which to steady herself.

Alex takes Sydney's arm, and starts to sort of…wander toward the door. Before she steps outside though, she gives George a wave. His offer is very nice, but she came with Sydney, and she's gonna leave with her too, mostly so that nothing super bad happens to them when it comes to men they've just met!

Morgana waves at the pair. "Have a good one. Get home safe. I'll keep an eye out for you!" Will she? Probably not. once out of Syd's sphere of influence, it's back to the old Morgana, the dark passenger stirring and urging Morgana to take up her hobby once more.

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