2007-07-10: A Healthy Brain


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Summary: The two good doctors take Andrea for a round of testing

Date It Happened: July 10th, 2007

Log Title A Healthy Brain

Primatech - Hartsdale Facility

"How is Cass doing these days? I think that I've frightened her off, then again, work has kept me far too busy to socialize.." Which is always par for the course with Mohinder Suresh. Work. Molly. Work. His life is very focused and single minded. Or dual in this case. He's conversing with Dr. Aldric as the pair approach the cell where their latest patient awaits. With them, is an orderly in scrubs, pushing a hospital bed with restraints. He has a medical chart in hand and he's flipping through it as he walks. Every now and then he makes a noise of interest as something is seen on those pages. There is nothing in the paperwork about Agents Swan and Winters paying Miss Neal a visit, and as far as the geneticist is concerned.. they may have to tranquilize the woman if she puts up a fuss. Not a pleasant thought.

"Ah, Cassandra is… she's well. She had a bit of an uuhhh. Incident. She's healing. She seems to have a busy life nowadays too, I'm sure she doesn't hold it against you." Across from Dr. Suresh, but separated by what passes as an orderly around these parts, is Dr. John Aldric. A Caucasian man who looks to be in his fifties or so, he wears a white lab coat over his slate blue dress shirt and khaki dress pants; it clearly designates him as Someone Important. As he heads down the hall of the facility, he peers through rectangular-framed spectacles at a document cinched by the metal claws of a clipboard. It looks like a chart; more than likely, it's an exact copy of the page Mohinder is examining. As they approach the cell designated, by the chart, as Andrea Neal's, the orderly slows down his wheeling. Dr. Aldric halts outside of the door, clears his throat and knocks. "Miss Neal?" He likes to give them fair warning. Just incase.

Hearing the noises outside her cell, Andrea rustles awake. She squints at the light above her and shakes her head to ride herself of the drowsiness. "Damn Agent Winters put me sleep?" She sits up and draws her knees up to her chest. So there are others like me. She pulls at her hair for a second and looks at the door leading to the hallway. Hearing the knock, Andrea sighed. Guess Agent Swan and Winters are coming to bother me again. "Yes?" she says as she lays her head against the wall and puts her hands behind her neck.

"I hope it wasn't a terrible incident, yet judging by your tone, it wasn't pleasant. Hmm. I would hope not. I still think she has a fascinating mind." Leave it to Suresh to not see past a person's brains. Mohinder too wears a white labcoat with his ID clipped to his pocket. While Aldric is wearing professional dress, the Indian man is dressed in clean and neat jeans, and a button down shirt. Their polite banter about daughters comes to a halt now that it's time to get down to business. Hearing that Andrea is awake and answering, Mohinder speaks through the intercom, "Good afternoon Miss Neal, my name is Doctor Suresh and with me is Doctor Aldric. We are checking in on you and have a few tests that we would like to run. You will be taken up to the hospital facility for them." He smiles pleasantly through the glass in greeting as he speaks.

Dr. Aldric pokes at a few buttons beneath the intercom, removes a card from his labcoat pocket, swipes it, and urges the door to the cell open. He nods for the orderly to go in the cell, bed first, and follows suit. "'Evening Miss Neal. How are uh, how are you feeling?" The doctor smiles, albeit briefly, barely a twitch around his scruffy goatee. His eyes are kinder than his demeanour lets on, however, as he regards Andrea. There's a criticism to his gaze all the same, as if he's checking for imperfections. "If you'll please take a seat on the bed here…"

"You guys are certainly more polite than Agent Swan and Winters" she says out loud and gets off the bed, the springs making noise as she hops to her feet and leans against the wall, staring at Mohinder. She smiles weakly at the doctors and nods, "Even if I wanted to stop you, I couldn't. But sure come on in. I've been told that people here want to help me and Agent Swan even said you are going to experiment on me, as long as you don't try to cut me open I'll be fine" she jokes lightly.
She might as well get used to what is going on. Who knows how long she will be here? Andrea looks at Dr. Aldric, "One of your agents tried to strangle with a metal chain and the other put me to sleep. The latter felt really good actually even though, I wasn't planning on a nap" and after coming to the conclusion that they aren't going to strangle her she hops on the bed and smiles at Dr. Aldric

Mohinder's brows lift then lower in displeasure. "I shall have a word with Agent Swan, this must have been his doing." It fits his profile, not Winters. "No one will be cutting into you.. Isn't that right Dr. Aldric?" Once Andrea's on the gurney, the orderly moves in to fasten the restraints. Suresh is quick to explain, "This is purely procedure. For everyone's safety. I hope that you understand. We have no intention of harming you. Think of this as no more than a yearly physical."

"He— what? Metal chain you say?" Dr. Aldric blinks rather dumbly for a moment through the lenses of his glasses, holding his clipboard in the crook of his elbow, frozen. Blink. Blink. Aaand he's over it, filing that bit of information away for later. He clears his throat. "That's right. We have no reason to… cut you open. They have machines that do that now." He stares at Andrea. Wait. Correct yourself, Aldric. "Ah, CAT scans. MRIs. To see the inside from the outside. We'd like to run some baselines." The man moves to re-open the door and hold it open for the others.

Andrea snickers, "I think a time out for Agent Swan is in order" she winks at Mohinder and stiffens as the orderly puts the restraints on, she thinks of knocking him out, but nah. These guys are being nice and polite. Why should she give them trouble? At least of the moment. "Ah, you want to peek inside my brain. I guess I can deal" she tries to get comfortable on the gurney and she looks at the two doctors. As if she wants to ask a question.

Mohinder ignores the winking.. which is easy to do considering the fact that he missed it entirely as he's looking back at Andrea's chart. "I see nothing of earlier visits being planned.. Must have been another training session.." From his tone, he sounds quite displeased, as if everyone should ask Medical and Science before guinea pigging on anyone. Looking from chart to Andrea, he's smiling again, "Quite so. There is nothing like the brain." Everyone has their quirks that make them geek out. With Mohinder, anything related to the science of the human body and genetics will do it. "Just for today.. standard tests, MRIs, CAT scans, bloodwork.. then later on we can move to more practical testing."

The older of the two medical professionals trails out last. The empty cell shuts securely behind them as the orderly more or less leads the way to the hospital wing. Dr. Aldric consults his chart once more, distracted as he heads down the hall. "Miss Neal, have you been experiencing any nausea? Weakness? Dizziness? Anything out of the ordinary?" A few twists and turns and another secured door, the hall opens up into a wider corridor. This wing has a distinctly medical feel; several people in lab coats and/or suits flit here and there.

"What like making a pen fly across the room? That's easy" she comments to his mention of practical tests. She looks to Dr. Aldric, "Well just when I was kicking Miss Bonham's ass. I did something with my ability that I've only done once. She really had me freaked I guess. It left me /very/ tired and I had a nosebleed from it, I don't usually get tired from using my ability" she looks at the other people in the hall walking around and her eyebrows arch. "Got yourselves a little operation going on here eh?" she asks and tilts her head up to Mohinder, "How did Miss Bonham find me anyway?"

Mohinder lets Aldric do the questioning this round, as he takes down notes on the answers there in the medical file. For the moment, he has no questions of his own as he follows the orderly and gurney. "Hmm.. nosebleeds can be common when an ability is overused, or an attempt that is greater than your current level is made." He doesn't remark on Andrea's comment about the operation they have. "Our employees have a way.. There are several different methods that we utilize. Personally? I prefer a genetic algorithm my father created."

Dr. Aldric hurries to flip through the pages on his clipboard to make a mark, but speaking of pens, he doesn't have one in his hand. He fumbles for a moment to take one out of the front pocket of his lab coat before he manages to scrawl some note or other. "Mmh, you must have strained yourself past the limits you're used to," he offers in accordance with Mohinder, a slightly sympathetic undertone to his voice. "The practical testing will give us, and you, a better understand of what you can do. Oh, stop here." The latter is to the orderly; Dr. Aldric moves around the gurney to open the door to what looks like a Medical Imaging room and lab. "Set her up over there please. Dr. Suresh, would you like to start with the blood tests? I'll prepare the imaging equipment."

Andrea looks closely at Mohinder, "Your dad made up a program to find people like me? He must be very smart" she comments and her eyes get a little misty as she thinks of her own deceased father. "I can tell you a lot of what I can do Dr. Aldric, I've been using my ability for awhile now. But I guess extra training in it, couldn't hurt" she eyes the room, they are in. "So do you usually take people against there will? I find that to be quiet rude Mohinder"

Mohinder follows after the gurney and enters the room afterwards. "My father was a brilliant geneticist," is the reply he gives about his father. "It's not so much additional training as it is knowledge behind what it is you can do, what you could be capable of doing.. and of course Dr. Aldric." The room was prepped quite well in advance of Andrea's arrival. The geneticist frowns slightly at Andrea's words as he preps her arm with an alcohol pad and rubber hose, readying to draw some blood. "Attacking people could also be considered quite rude as well Miss Neal. Sometimes, people are brought to us against their will. We are not given much in the way of a choice on the matter."

Half of Dr. Aldric briefly disappears behind a glass observation wall. He can still hear Mohinder and the patient, however, and a solid frown has settled on his face ever since Andrea started talking about 'taking people against their will'. It's still there by the time he re-emerges to stand on the opposite side of Andrea's bed from Mohinder, but softens as he removes a stethoscope from around his neck. "Please take a deep breath," he says as he adjusts it in his ears and presses it to Andrea's chest. "And again. … … And here. And again… good, thank you." Thrilling, huh? Next up: the blood pressure cuff that Dr. Aldric obtains from a nearby wall, meaning he has to remove one of Andrea's restraints.

"Well I was a little disturbed by her. I reacted on instinct, disable her and get away. I got cocky, my dad always use to tell me that you should never get cocky in a fight. I guess I was never really that good at listening to him.." she bows her head and sighs. " Call me Andrea. I can see where you're coming from. I never knew that other people were out there like me. I suspected because it would be pretty arrogant of me to think that it's just me that has an amazing ability like one of the x-men, but I had no proof" she looks at Dr. Aldric and smiles at him, he seems so uptight to her. She does as he asks and then waits for the next round of things to happen. Noticing that they have to remove a restraint to take her blood pressure. She grins, "I won't /try/ to escape. Promise. I wouldn't even know my way around here anyway"

Mohinder takes his time, drawing two vials worth of blood from Andrea. Both are placed on a tray and labeled, so that there shall be no mistakes with them. "That would be most wise.. escape attempts never end on a pleasant note around here… and your father was quite right." Leaving the blood on the tray, he moves over to a computer monitor, ready to observe the MRI and CAT results as they're taken. A kindly smile is made towards Andrea, "No. You are not alone with your abilities. There is an unknown number of people out there with special powers."

"You might have a bit of trouble if you were to try," Dr. Aldric points out, not unkindly or as a threat, just a fact. He places the blood pressure cuff around Andrea's upper arm and situates the stethoscope, but waits for several moments after Mohinder has finished taking her blood to fo further. "I'm sorry that we have to restrain you but, well. It's procedure. Quiet for a second please…" Pump pump pump pump. And *fsshhhhh*, the inflated cuff deflates. "Good, good. Ah. Now. A simple scan of your brain with the CAT scan, I think we can bypass the full body MRI until we have need, don't you, Dr. Suresh? Perhaps an EEG, EKG and ECG before the practical tests…" He's thinking outloud. Ignore him. Removing the BP equipment, slipping the stethoscope around his neck, Dr. Aldric nods and murmurs to the orderly, who brings Andrea to the CT scan machine, wheeling her straight up to it and intending to slide her up so her head can fit right in! Hope she's not claustrophobic. "This will just take several minutes. It might get a little loud. Try your best not to move, I know it's tough. We want to get some pictures of your brain."

" Are you really going to make me forget? Then I won't know that others are out there like me. And what if I want to stay after all these tests and stuff are done?" she gets a slightly vulnerable look in her eyes and this is not something she does often. Never show weakness. "I can be still for a couple of minutes. She says as they put her where the MRI is going to take place.

Mohinder is used to Aldric thinking aloud, so it is not a distraction to him. "I think that should be fine," he agrees as he moves to watch the images appear.. once they start of course. "Our apologies as to disabling your ability.. it's purely temporary and again, a necessary procedure for our safety and yours. Not everyone we have the pleasure of studying has as much control as you do." He blinks as Andrea mentions the forgetting. Someone has loose lips. "One thing at a time Miss Neal. Dr. Aldric and I make our recommendations, yet much of what happens to our patients can be out of our hands."

Dr. Aldric is soon beside Mohinder, observing the gradual results quietly, doggedly. Every now and then, he makes a note on his clipboard. When the CT has finished, the orderly rolls Andrea back out and adjusts the bed so that she can sit up, hopefully comfortably. "Your brain looks quite healthy from these results. Preliminary, but still," Dr. Aldric tells the young woman with a smile as he approaches again. "I know you weren't looking for a neurological check-up, but it's good to know, isn't it?" If she even remembers later. Dr. Aldric frowns and promptly turns around. "Is there anything else you had on your schedule today for Miss Neal, Dr. Suresh?"

Andrea nods at Mohinder, " I understand. You don't want to take the chance that I am a raving lunatic that wants to kill you all and rule the world. That's fair" she smiles faintly and then closes her eyes as she hears Mohinder's reply to her question. "Yeah I kind of figured that would be your answer" Andrea smiles back at Dr. Aldric, " It is nice to know that I have a healthy brain" she laughs softly and can't believe she is actually a little comfortable. " Would it be plausible to ask for a notebook and something interesting to read? I feel that I'm going to be really bored while I am in that cell of mine" she muses and shakes the hair out of her face. She smiles at the two doctors.

"There are already two too many of those," Mohinder states blandly and with a steeled expression on his face as he focuses on the computer monitor. He murmurs a few things to Aldric, and points out a few sections of Andrea's brain to the man. "I haven't anything else on the schedule for Miss Neal. I have a few other patients to check in on.. I think we can have her taken back to her room." Or rather.. her cell. It's just nicer to call it a room. "I think it might be a little early before making that determination, but I can see what can be allowed as far as entertainment goes."

Dr. Aldric murmurs something low and incomprehensible under his breath - seemingly quite neutral, whatever it was. He tucks his clipboard under his arm. "I'm there're some… magazines, lying around, somewhere, I'm sure that would… be fine." Right? "Cosmo— I think it's called. It was very, uh. It was very pink. Somewhere." Mooooving on, the doctor starts heading toward the door. This check-up is over, it would seem.

Cosmo would be great! And see ya around later Mohinder and Dr. Aldric" Andrea says and lays her head against the bed. She is still a little tired. Off to her 'room'.

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