2007-09-06: A Hero's Love



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We find out where Hiro has been the past month. In the past, with cavemen and frog. He proves that a hero's love is yellow. Why yellow? Why not yellow?

September 6th, 2007 (also September 6th BC 1000…or something):

A Hero's Love

Prehistoric New York - A Cave

"(Oh, Yaeko-chan. I loooooooove you. A hero's love. Pure and clean and kind of yellow.)"

It's been three days. No, wait. It's been thirty days. More? It's been more than thirty days?

It's anyone's guess what the year is. Hiro Nakamura has little knowledge of prehistoric times. He is sprawled out on the floor of the cave that has become his 'home' for what sometimes seems only hours, and sometimes feels like a lifetime. Stout bars formed from wood, animal bone, and vines keep him from casually escaping. That, and the bufotenin.

When Hiro last tried to time travel, he landed in the midst of a prehistoric shaman's ceremony. His sudden appearance was viewed as the arrival of a god. The strange, unsophisticated people did what anyone would. They clubbed him over the head, threw him in a cage, and rubbed him down with 'magical' frogs to keep him calm.

Now Hiro clings to one of those frogs, a slimy, squat, purplish creature with an unnaturally tiny head. "(As long as you are here, I am not alone. Also, the Japanese language is /SO PRETTY/. It tastes like cotton candy.)" He hugs the frog to his tattered sweater, smearing slime across the faces of cheefully embroidered snowflakes with large smiles.

The cave people who have taken Hiro prisoner (or have kept him as their God) are both complex and simple in their needs and wants. Their society has order, at least, and the Shaman rules through religion and ceremony. Starting to feel is power slip to a younger upstart, he started a ceremony. A ceremony to show his power, that the Gods were happy with his rule and wanted him to continue in his role as leader. And the Gods, in their infinite wisdom, brought him a plump Japanese time traveler.

Immediately taking that as a sign of his assured power, he quickly lauded Hiro as a God himself, surrounded him with a happy frogs of the Gods and put him in a plush cage for his own safety. Not to mention the fact that he doesn't want the young upstarts to try and steal his God for themselves.

Yaeko-chan doesn't seem to mind the handling she's given by Hiro. She ribbits happily.

Outside, things are not so tranquil. There is yelling in that prehistoric language that is not quite as good tasting as Japanese. It's more like broccoli. Raw. There's very clearly an argument happening.

"(Hirooo-kun,) Yaeko-chan croons to Hiro. "(Hirooooooo-kun. Wake up, Hiro-kun. Though we are happy here in feudal Japan, the time has come for you to go hooooome. You must gather your strength, Hiro-kun.)"

"(Wh-what?) Hiro sputters. "(We have been in here for two whole years! Why did you not speak to me sooner!)

"(Shhh,)" she replies. "(Now is not the time. You must be strong if you are to save the world. Now listen! Your captors argue. You may soon have your chance. No, Hiro. Do not lick me.)"

Hiro pauses with his tounge halfway to touching Yaeko-chan's back. "(Very well,)" he replies unhappily, and moves closer to the 'door' to better listen to the tones of voices, his companion still hugged protectively to his chest as he scuttles along in a half-crouch.

Unaware of conversations between Japanese men and frogs, the cave people have started a sort of revolution. Marx a couple of thousand years too early. The young upstarts have decided to overthrow their chains and the Shaman and take the God for themselves. They'll kill him, roast him and eat him to take his power. That's the way it's supposed to be done. The clan has split with more people joining in on the younger caveman's side. They don't like the fact that the God has taken most of their happy frogs, either.

A fight has broken out, not in view of Hiro quite yet. But there is yelling and the sound of spears breaking against the rocks. Others are yelling in ways to invigorate their fighters, more in pain from getting a rock smashed against their heads or a spear to both vital and non-vital areas. The younger side is winning. Very obviously. The leader, dressed in furs and with a large spear starts wading through the battle toward Hiro's area and cage.

"(Oooooooo,)" Hiro clucks disapprovingly, his mouth pulled into a small, prim 'o'. "(They are fighting. It sounds like watermelons.)"

Wait. Wait a second.

He shakes his head vigorously, sending shaggy, unwashed hair bouncing wildly too and fro. He lifts his not-frog-holding hand up in front of his face. Dirty. Very dirty. The portion of his brain that's still rational knows that he hasn't had a dose of frog in almost an hour. Yaeko-chan's crooning has ceased, and the Japanese language is starting to taste more like words and less like confections. "(Why do I always smell bad when I time travel?)" he complains. He presses closer to the bars, unable to see the conflict, but now able to hear it without also hearing fruit.

Not understanding God language, the young leader kicks over a dying body and finally steps into Hiro's cage cave of worship. Clutching onto his spear, he stalks over to the handmade cage, toeing a frog out of the way as he does so. Then, he crouches down and studies the 'God' the old Shaman called down. There's no talking from his end. And Hiro wouldn't be able to understand him even if he did start to do a soliloquy in caveman language. Instead, he uses a language that everyone should understand - facial expressions. In other words, he smiles. An evil little smile. He has plans for Hiro. And most of them include spitting him over a fire. Standing up, he moves forward, holding his spear up, poised to plunge it right through Hiro.

Hiro might still be hallucinating some, but he knows that a raised spear is a far cry from the international sign for friendship. He sets Yaeko-chan safely aside and scootches backward on his bottom, away from the threat. When his hand contacts a leg bone, he grips the remnant of some long-past meal and tries to ignore its greasy feel. Unsteadily, he rises to his feet, then lifts the leg bone in a defiant, faux-confident gesture. "(You should not attack an unarmed foe,)" he advises gently. "(That is not the bushido way.)"

The caveman knows nothing about bushido or about sportsmanlike conduct. He just staged a coup of the current leader and is planning on taking over by skewering an old God and eating it. This is a man not worried so much about codes or killing someone who is unarmed. In fact, he'd prefer it. Not that he can understand what Hiro's saying anyway. The smile returns before he steps forward and shoves downwards to try and pin Hiro to the rock floor with a spear.

Somehow, through all his trials and adventures through time, Hiro has managed to keep hold of his glasses and keep them intact, which allows him to make this face:


Operating on instincts honed under the tutelage of Kaito Nakamura, Hiro brings up his improvised club and deflects the spear thrust. Immediately shifting his momentum, he turns the parry into a heavy, spinning counterattack. "(It feels gross,)" Hiro whines, but he doesn't loosen his grip.

Frustrated, the caveman makes a grunting sound when Hiro fails to be killed or mortally wounded. He's supposed to be blissed out on frogs. Happy frogs. And easy to take down. The smile turns into a very distinct frown as he steps backwards out of reach of the bone. Then, angrily, he makes another stabbing gesture with the spear, lower, but still meant to kill.

"(I do not want to hurt—AHO!)" Hiro skips back out of the way, narrowly avoiding the second thrust. ("You might be my ancestor,") he finishes mournfully. Must focus, Hiro. Must focus.

"(I will not hurt you,)" Hiro insists. Pausing only to stoop and scoop up Yaeko-chan, he moves against the far wall of the cave and raises his femur-weapon defensively. Though loops and swirls of color and light still dance at the edges of his vision, this is as coherent as he has been in… he's not sure how long. If he is to take a chance, now must be the time. He squints his eyes closed, wobblecheeks frantically, and concentrates.

Who knows what this caveman is. It's also likely that he's going to step outside this cave and get killed by the people he's trying to usurp. What is certain is that despite all of Hiro's Japanese, he doesn't understand what's going on. Even less so when Hiro starts wobbling in concentration and then disappears in front of his eyes. With a startled back peddle, the spear that he tried to kill the time traveler with drops to the ground and he gives a startled yelp. Then he moves forward and starts to try and puncture the air with his spear before running out of the cave in fear.

There's no sound. No puff of smoke or flash of light. Hiro is there and then he's gone, simple as that. The spearhead clangs harmlessly against the rock he'd been leaning against a moment ago.

When Hiro pops back into existance, he does so several feet above the ground. Floor? Floor. He immediately drops his leg bone (but not Yaeko-chan) and begins to flail. When he lands, he lands on something soft and latches onto it with desperate fingers. "(AHHHHHHHHH!)" he screams, which sounds the same in English or in Japanese.

The room that Hiro pops into is one of those cozier cells that Megan has been locked in, but is privileged to for being cooperative. As of the moment, the Scotswoman is trying her best to calm herself down and practice her powers. Or, really, just focus on her moving her own body so that she'll know exactly what she's moving when she's possessing someone elses. Seated on the floor in a cross-legged style, she's utterly not expecting a Japanese man to fall from nowhere on top of her. He doesn't exactly smell good, there's something slimy involved. Kicking and flailing, she freezes when she suddenly feels something latching onto her chest. ARE THOSE HANDS?! At first she's too startled to do anything, but then, there's a piercing screech that rings out through the hallways and maybe even the entire Hartsdale Facility


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