2010-05-26: A Job Well Done



NPCs: Emilio and Jimmy

Date: May 26, 2010


Stef and Lyss take pride in their work.

"A Job Well Done"

FlashDancers, Brooklyn

The club's gimmick du jour is old-school techno, with a splash of industrial as a nod to the warehouses that occupy most of the rest of its block. The lights are down lower than usual, except for the house dancers blue-spotlighted at two corners of the floor area. Even most of the clothes on display are black or purple or dark red - brighter colors are being saved for the back corners of the place, and more intimate company compared to the people dancing or drinking in full view.

Gonna be a good night, Stefano thinks to himself, leaning forward against the bar as the shouty green-and-pink-haired couple in front of him finally decide to move their conversation over to an empty table instead. Out loud, he saves his own voice and just points out a bottle to the bartender instead.

One of said dancers on stage right now, Sugar Doll, A.K.A KeLyssa Gallagher, has been on stage for her second time of the evening. This had allowed another dancer to take a short break. They all need a break every now and again, right? She has, however, been at it for some time now, and she's due another break. So when a her time comes to an end, she gladly gets off stage and covers up, barely, with a purple see through robe and makes her way to the bar.

She leans on leans, near Stafano and flags down the bartender. He gives her a quick nod and brings her a water shortly thereafter. KeLyssa takes a few slow sips of it, savoring the cool drink, the respite, before she has to head back stage to get ready for her considerably shorter and final performance of the evening.

By the time Lyss arrives, Stefano has moved over to the side enough for the line to keep moving forward - but the tables are all full for the moment, and he's not here for the dance floor, so he continues to stand. "Water? Seriously? Oughtta give ya a free round— gig like this, it's all about the perks, am I right?" Reaching across the bar, he grabs an extra napkin and tosses it to her: maybe for the drink, maybe he just spotted her thin sheen of sweat as the lights played across it.

KeLyssa glances around the room, bright lights shining in her eyes. Despite having been in a spotlight a fair bit tonight, the light quickly passing her by still causes her to blink a little bit. She looks over to the voice that seems to be talking to her. "M'sure I'd like it if we got free shot, hun. But I ain't gonna be drinking on the job. I save that fer after work fun." She says to him, giving him a wink and a sly grin. Catching the napkin as it's tossed to her, she smile sweetly. "Why thank ya, sug."

After-work fun, huh? That tends to fall into a few categories, all of them worthwhile. If she was still dancing, then Stefano would write her off as probably just trolling for bigger tips, but this is her being friendly on her own time.

"Listen," he says, after the obligatory wink back - lips perking up as the Southern accent drips through the air - "I gotta go take care of something here in a minute, but how 'bout I come find ya after your next set, and we see about that drink, huh?" A glance backward: sure enough, some more people are already clamoring for more room near the bar. And he really does have some more work of his own to take care of.

KeLyssa glances up to the stage. "Well, sug, m'last set's about ta begin." She says, inching closer to Stefano as the crowds get bigger. "Ya sure ya can't jus' stay 'til I'm done. M'not gonna be long, none. It's a real short set." Finishing off her water and giving her face a good wipe, she says, "Tell ya what. In 'bout…half an hour or forty-five minutes, I'll meetcha 'round back." She winks and in no time flat she skirts back stage, throws off the robe, and makes her way onto the stage for her last dance of the night. Just an average night at the club. Yep.

Stefano sticks around long enough to finish up his drink - and to get a better look at KeLyssa as she reappears, one piece of clothing lighter - then he's off, face an impassive mask as he checks out the last couple of routes in and out of the building. Don't mind me, people, I'm just some antisocial asshole. Go waste your money on Sugar Doll up there— as if you're getting a piece of her.

Not that he will, either, unless he makes this job go off without a hitch - but then he was planning on that anyway. "So far, so good," he says, ducking out an unmarked side door and nodding to two of his fellows in crime. "The truck arrives in five minutes, which gives us fifteen to make the switch and get everyone back outta here before the club starts emptying out. Anything goes south, we split up, head there and there— let the bananas take the heat."

While KeLyssa is up on the stage, doing her show, one of the men who went outside with Stefano glances at him. "We expectin' any trouble?" He asks, patting the inside of his jacket. "If we do, I'm ready to rumble. I ain't takin' no huff from no one, and you'd better believe that's the truth!" This yet-to-be-named henchman says firmly.

It's how a well-oiled team operates: everyone has a different role. Let the associate be enthusiastic; he's right, they might need it. On the other hand, if he spends too much time looking for a fight… well, then it becomes Stefano's job to make sure that he doesn't take the others down with him. Until you get that promotion, you're expendable.

Keeping these thoughts firmly to himself, Stefano leans over and claps his hand against the man's shoulder. "Not expectin'," he says, shaking his head, "just prepared. In case. The Bonannos hear we're using their parking lot to pull a switch, they might not appreciate it none too much." Or random cops or civilians might show up, but that should be so obvious even to this guy that it doesn't need pointing out.

The man nods firmly. "Where in the blazin' 'ell is the truck? If we want this ta go off without a hitch, then they should be here now. We shouldn't be kept waiting, should we?" The man asks, glancing to his fellow gang members. "'Course, I ain't the boss. But you'd think they be here in no time flat, wouldn't they?" He seems antsy. Maybe he's just itching for a fight. Who knows. "And of course they wouldn't like it, but what they don't know won't hurt 'em, right?"

"That's the idea," Stefano replies. The trucks are coming in from Lucchese territory— and speaking of, there they are: headlamps, squeal of tires, lingering scent of diesel. "See, what'd I tell you? Right on schedule. C'mon, boys, time to get to work." Leading from the front as usual, he climbs up onto the back - the door is already being rolled up - and makes a beeline for the merchandise.

The nameless man leans back as the trucks arrive, heading over to them and starting the work. "What's the plan then, moving them from one truck to the other?" He says, as if this was the most difficult operation ever. He starts a chain, moving merchandise from one location to another without a second thought.

At this point, one of the others - recently made, and still riding the sense of owning the damn world that tends to come with it - decides to pipe up. "No, ya dumb fuck, we're gonna stick 'em back in the same truck. Yeah, we're movin' 'em! Jesus, next you'll be askin' how they dick with the paperwork so we get away with this." A pure bluff - he doesn't know either, he just knows it's being taken care of.

The man scoffs, eying the man. "Screw you! I gots rights ta ask questions if I want to. 'Cause maybe these two trucks was full of stuff and there was two other trucks comin' soon after 'em! You don't know!" He shakes his head. "Smart alecky know it all!" He mutters. "What does he know? He ain't been 'round long as I have. I deserve some respect right round here!"

Back in the club, KeLyssa's set is ending, a lot quicker than she expected. However, the lights began to flicker on and off, a good indication that the boss wants someone else up there now. 'Maybe it's the new girl,' KeLyssa thinks to herself, despite the fact that she is fairly new herself. Finishing her set, she heads backstage and starts to get out of her work clothes and into what she came in…a skirt, a tank top, and a little jean jacket.

Passing by, Stefano taps the second guy's shoulder this time, just enough to get his attention so he can shoot a meaningful look at the both of them. "Hey, let's just finish up here, all right? You two can bust each other's balls after we're clear." And he can go catch up with Sweet Blonde Alabama, or whatever. Hopping back down to the blacktop again, he nods and motions for the newly empty truck to close up again and hit the road.

The guy glances at Stefano. "I'd have no problem if it weren't for him. Don't go tellin' me 'bout getting this done. I'm still working, aren't I?" He says in a matter-of-fact tone.

Slinging her purse over her shoulder, KeLyssa starts to make her way out. As she passes through the bar, she gives a little wave goodnight to the bartender and pushes open the door to the back alley, the standard place of exit for her and many of the girls here.

And the two goons are still razzing on each other as the second truck follows suit, the crew hanging out in back as added security - minus Stefano, who's already heading back toward the building. "All right, see you guys in the morning. Be on time, or you lose out on your bonus!"

One last piece of business for him to take care of… as the door opens and the noise from the club briefly grows louder, he glances back and squints at the truck, bringing its rear lights down to a dull glare until it reaches the street. And then he's all smiles as he walks over toward Lyss. "Hey, right on time," he calls out, fishing out a crumpled pack of cigarettes and offering one to her.

KeLyssa smiles at Stefano as she catches sight of him. With a quick glance down either side of the alley (you never can be too careful, after all), she winks at Stefano. "Well, I certainly do aim to please." She says softly. "M'just glad I ain't kept ya waitin' nothin' awful. 'Cause that wouldn't be fun." She says happily. "Now, how 'bout 'em drinks?"

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