2007-05-26: A Jog Between Friends


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Just a jog in the park in which video games and laser tag are discussed.

Date It Happened: May 26th 2007

A Jog Between Friends

Central Park

It's a nice day out, and happily for William, the holiday means there is no school. It also means that Central Park is busy today, with many families choosing to make their dinner a picnic in the park. William and Namir had arranged to run together tonight, and William is waiting in the assigned place, dressed in work out clothes. He stretches out his legs, giving him something to do in that bit of time alone in the crowd.

A good run is always a nice way to finish off the day, though for Namir there are no holidays from work. He had a very early shift today and will be back on-call in about an hour's time. That's the perfect timeframe in which to have a run, then get home, shower, and play some Halo until he's called in — there are very few 'ifs' in this business. He's a bit late due to traffic being hell (it /is/ a holiday!), but the Muslim arrives not more than five minutes after the appointed time. "«Sorry I'm late,»" he tells William as he walks up, a bottle of water in one hand. "«Memorial Day.»" Namir's dressed for the occasion in a pair of black athletic pants with white stripes down the sides and a gray T-shirt with the word 'Army' emblazoned across the chest in bold black letters.

William's t-shirt bears the words "Naval Academy" so it's a good pairing to Namir's. "«I know. I've been enjoying the day to get caught up on grading papers before report cards are due.»" William slides easily into Arabic with Namir around. "«How's your day been?»" He finishes his stretching to stand up straight.

"«Refresingly busy.»" Namir smirks a bit, doing a few mild and quick stretches. He stretched at home, and the walk to and from the subway was sufficient warm-up for him, but one can never be too careful. "«The insane people in this city don't rest, even on Memorial Day.»" They get worse, actually, because a lot of them get drunk and do stupid and irrational things. Still, it's a nice reprieve from the forced leave he was on earlier. Finishing his own pre-run ritual, he rolls his head, neck giving a soft pop, then indicates the path with a nod. "«Shall we?»"

"«Happy to be back to work?»" William asks before he starts off down the path at a run, turning his head to make sure Namir is beside him. "«I'm on the other side of the spectrum. I'm looking forward right now to a summer break.»" He looks around the park at everyone there. "«People in this city never ever rest.»"

Namir falls in step beside William easily, moving with long and rhythmic strides. "«I had an extended spring vacation; I'm very happy to be back.»" He grins again. "«It's funny, sometimes I think I would like to have a job such as a teacher's, where I get several months off in the middle of the year, but then I /get/ extended leave and go completely batty from the lack of anything to do. I suppose a teaching job is much more trying, though. You deserve the long vacation.»"

"«With the group of kids I work with, sometimes I think it's more trying than being a SEAL.»" William says with his brand of deadpan humor. "«I have some classes to take this summer towards a permanent teaching degree, so I won't be totally free and bored. I hope. If I am, I guess I'll just work out. A lot.»" He states as he keeps up the pace. "«I'm glad to hear you're back on the job, though. Next time your team gets called my school, I'll expect to see you.»" That last part might even be a joke.

"«I'll be sure to give you a wave while I've got a gun trained on an armed student,»" Namir laughs. "«It /is/ a lot easier to deal with extended vacations when you can move around. It was absolute hell being trapped in a hospital bed and then on the couch for so long, and Sam is almost fanatical about bedrest. Never date a doctor and you'll be a happy man.»" Not that Namir isn't happy. He's very happy. "«But you know, I'm almost always free to do something, if you ever /do/ happen to get bored.»"

"«I've still got to beat you at laser tag sometime. And it's great to have someone to run with sometimes.»" William nods his head then. "«I've been stuck in a hospital bed before. Though thankfully without a doctor significant other to order me around. I'll make a note of that. No dating doctors. Even if they're hot.»" He keeps the same calm tone throughout, still running easily. "«Though at least being stuck on the couch gives you a good excuse to play lots of video games and watch movies.»"

Oh Lord, laser tag. Namir lets out a sound that is half-laugh, half-groan, rolling his eyes heavenward. "«Sam would have to come with us again so that I could knock her down a peg.»" He's never gotten over the one time she shot him. Never. He will /never/ get over it. "«I was a terror on Halo during my couch-time. I think I played with everyone ever on Live at least once.»" At least it felt like it.

William laughs at Namir's reaction to the laser tag comment. "«You mean so she could shoot you again? She seemed to quite enjoy that.»" He points out before he asks. "«You play Halo? I must be the one person on Live you didn't play with. Or I just didn't know it at the time.»"

"«She did. It will be a story to tell for generations.»" Something to tell their chi— well. No. Something to talk about around the dinner table, granting some miracle that allows for either one of them to share a meal with the other's family. But. Best not to think about such things. "«I do, actually. Nyninja1116, if you ever happen to catch me online. I play Call of Duty as well, but not so much over Live.»"

"«I've played Call of Duty, but I do Halo more. One of my sisters is trying to convince me to play Garage Band with her.»" William states. "«I don't always have a lot of time for it though. I work, then workout, then I have things to do for work. Papers to grade, plans to make, and on and on.»"

"«Garage Band?»" That's a title Namir has never heard of, or at least never played. What's the fun in that? There's probably nothing to shoot at in Garage Band, right? And it's probably some sort of musical game, too, which means it would be more Sam's thing. The Muslim is clearly amused at the idea of such a game. "«This is why you teachers deserve such a long break. With my job, you go in, you keep people from killing each other, you go home and sleep. Sometimes you work out to stay in shape.»" But being on call is hell on the love life. Namir would like to break a pager or two sometimes.

"«But at least I don't have to be on call in my time off.»" William runs for a moment before he blinks. "«No wait. The game is Rock Band. Apparently she plays it with all her little friends.»" Granted, she also sent him a wonderful care package.

Oh, Rock Band. Probably something akin to Guitar Hero, which Namir also doesn't see a point in playing. There are no explosions or gunplay. "«Not really my type of game. If it involves rhythm and music, I can guarantee that I won't be able to play it.»" It's not that he's tone-deaf, really, or that he has a bad sense of rhythm — he just has a very hard time applying such things to actual /music/.

"«I'm not so good at musical things. Maybe she just wants me to play so she can beat me at something.»" William ponders as he continues running. "«Ah well, she's my little sister. I guess she should find her fun somehow.»"

"«Mm, yes. I've been considering getting one of those karaoke games for Sam. She likes that sort of thing.»" And Namir really likes her voice, so it works out. He could withstand a bit of humiliation for that. Noting how far they've come, the lawman glances over his shoulder, then over at William. "«Shall we head back?»"

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