A Joust



Date: December 19th, 2009


A Joust for Tracy's honor. Of course, it's never as it seems.

"A Joust"

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Nathan adopts Tiago.
Tracy adopts Lena.
Nathan marries Tracy.
Tracy :D
Lena says, "…"
Nathan :D
Nathan lets Tiago be best man over Peter.
Lena says, "Does that make…wait. I thought no Petrellicest!"
Tiago says, "!!"
Nathan also get Gabriel to be other best man.
Tiago says, "…It's okay, baby. That just makes us wrong and hotter."
Lena says, "…"
Tiago says, "You know, Tracy."
Lena says, "I have SOME morals, okay?"
Tracy >.>
Tracy says, "What."
Lena says, "A few."
Tiago says, "This means I'm in two of your weddings."
Tracy says, "T-"
Tracy says, "Two?"
Nathan says, "WHAT!"
Tiago says, "Flower girl to you and Erin"
Tracy says, "who else did I— oh yeah"
Tracy >.>
Tiago says, "(She gets around, Nathan)"
Nathan says, "(s'okay, so do I)"
Tiago says, "XD"
George says, "Threeeesome."
Nathan says, "(Right Heidi?)"
Nathan says, "(Right Niki? Right Jessica?)"
Nathan says, "(Right Mara?)"
Tracy >.<
Lena says, "Tracy + Peter."
Tracy fdghj
Nathan shifteyes and might be missing someone.
Nathan says, "(Right Meredith?)"
Tracy XD
Nathan smooches the rest of Nathan's trysts.
Tiago says, "The Petrellis should joust for Tracy's honor."
Tracy says, "J— joust."
You say, "Th-that's."
Trina says, "…"
GAME: Lena has rolled LITTLE BLUE PILL and got a result of GREAT.
Lena says, "YES!"
Tracy says, "……."
Tiago says, "THINK about it."
Tiago says, "…IJNUHFOUG"
You say, "I think this idea."
George dies.
You say, "Go for it."
Tracy says, "the moment would—"
Tracy doesn't say it.
Cass laskjdg
George says, "TOO LATE"
George says, "You're damn lucky I wasn't drinking anything just now."
Lena does a victory lap.
Tiago loses the Game. Again. :<
Tracy just cracks up.
Tracy fan self.
Lena wipes eyes and giggles.
Nathan says, "Peter would win."
Tracy says, "Belatedly, pe"
Tracy says, "…"
Tracy says, "Nathan"
Nathan says, "Yes?"
Tiago says, "There's a little something something in the MUSH orange juice today, isn't there?"
Tracy says, "I was about to say the same thing exactly."
Tiago says, "…"
Tracy says, "Sorry.)"
Nathan says, "HAHA!"
Nathan says, "We both know it's true."
Tracy says, "No offenceto your skills or anything."
Nathan says, "I know."
Tiago patpats Nathan. It's how you use it, old man!
Nathan says, "He's got MAD SKILLZ."
Nathan only has SKILLZ.
George says, "And I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!"
Nathan says, "Wiggedty wiggedty wiggedty WACK!"
Tracy says, "He may just forfeit though so you win by default."
Tracy says, "…"
Lena says, "Man. I should just quit now. I'll never top that."


Nathan says, "Wait. What were they jousting with that they needed the Little Blue Pill?"
Lena grins.
Nathan DIES.
Nathan totally just got that!~
Lena says, "…if we have to tell you, Nathan…"
Tiago says, "Oh god, Nathan. XD"
Lena says, "Then Peter really WOULD win."
Nathan IS 10 steps behind!
Tiago says, "Regretting the fact that you said Peter would win yet? XD"
Nathan says, "This is what happens when a person tries to keep their Karmic Cleanliness good!"
Tracy says, "I really want a chance to say Tracy's 'He was lousy in bed.' line down the road. (Sorry Nathan.)"
Nathan says, "Peter can win everything."
Nathan DIES.
Nathan says, "Poor Nathan."

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