2010-02-06: FB: A Killer Of A Miracle



Date Set: August 6th, 2009


A young man dying looks for life in the hands of a killer.

Six Months Ago…

"A Killer Of A Miracle"

Gabriel's Apartment

A dull, gray sky looms over the city of New York, threatening rain that seems to be just waiting to unleash its fury on the city. Cooped up inside of his apartment to avoid the inevitable downpour, Gabriel sits in near darkness, the only source of light coming from a light sitting straight over his head, directed so the majority of the light focuses on the coffee table in front of him. A handful of watches are spread across the cloth he's draped over the stained wood, each one in various states of disassembly except for one, which he just finished putting together. Holding it up to his ear, he closes his eyes, listening to the gentle rhythm of tick-tick-tick. Satisfied, he places it back on the table, carefully pulling the next piece towards him.

Pale to the point of seeming an albino, Gene moves through the streets of New York, dressed in his usual black peacoat and blue jeans. A black messenger bag with the Triforce on the front flap rests at his back, Gene sighs as he turns around. Taking out a piece of paper, Gene unfolds it to look it over. "Well, this is the address." He prepares to go in, but he figures he'll talk to the woman that is with him. "You know, you don't have to come with me. In the end, I don't know if he'll try and kill me or help me… And if you got hurt because you were doing me a favor…" Gene looks down for a moment before giving a weak smirk and looking back up toward his swift footed friend. "You've already done a lot for me."

It's unusual for Daphne to be taking the streets at such a lame pace, but she keeps up the steps easily enough today, with the odd glance here and there for her paler companion. She's got her own long brown jacket, leggings — even a knit hat that reins in her spark of ultra-blonde hair. She's passing for normal. When they reach the address, she glances down the street where they came from but, thus challenged, she faces Gene, and the location, with high bravado. "I've done a lot, so I should take off the second you say a guy might kill you? Think straight, geek, I'm the best escape route you've got." So saying, she'll go for the door, herself. They're both in this, or bust.

Ting! That's the sound of one of the watch springs flying off of the watch itself. Whether he's a little distracted, or simply not putting all of his heart into it, Gabriel had his tool just a bit too far to the left, which lent itself well to the spring becoming dislodged. As soon as it goes flying, Gabriel tries to follow it with his eyes, but it's a near impossible feat to accomplish with the object being so small. Uttering a soft curse under his breath, he puts the watch down and stands from the couch, moving behind it and falling down to all fours to search for it on the ground, thinking (and hoping) it landed somewhere near the kitchen table.

"Fine… But as I said, be careful, I have no idea if he'll be willing to help, but let me do all the talking. Do not use your ability unless you have to. If he likes stealing powers, no sense showing him an awesome one likes yours," Gene states as he moves into the hallway. After listening to Daphne's response, he is silent all the way until he gets to the Gabriel's door, where he gives a knock. "Remember, let me do all the talking, I'm the super genius." As soon as the door opens, Gene gives an awkward smile.

"Hey, Sylar, I'm Gene and I was kinda hoping…" Suddenly horror appears on the young man's face. "Crap, I used the wrong name, didn't I?" It appears that despite his best efforts, Gene is still not super smooth superhero.

"Fine, fine," Daphne echoes on their trip down the hallway, "I've made it this far like a snail, I can go a little longer." This, it sounds like, is the absolutely worst she's had to endure for him so far. But she stays cool; she even flashes him an encouraging smirk when he reminds her about not talking. "For the record," she pipes up just in time before anything else can happen, "That usually makes you worse at talking." The instant there's a creak in the door, though, she backs off. Just a few steps to the side, but it puts her almost not even in Gabriel's doorway anymore. Positioned behind Gene, she's free to get tense all over like she's been avoiding the whole time for appearances. Yet, when he messes up, she's still got it in her to give him a switch pinch behind his shoulder.

Crawling along the floor, Gabriel's nose is all but touching the cold linoleum of the kitchen. He finally spots the spring, reaching out and snatching it with his thumb and index finger, rising from the floor. Moving to the table, he drops near the watch, right about the time someone knocks on the door. He wasn't expecting visitors. Closing the distance between himself and the door, Gabriel peeks through the peephole to see who's outside before he answers the door. It certainly isn't anyone he recognizes. Maybe they're traveling salesmen, or something like that. The male is carrying some sort of bag on his back— probably has whatever he's selling inside.

Opening the door, it becomes clear very quickly that they aren't in sales, and all it took was one word: Sylar. Eyes flashing at the name, Gabriel lets the door close a few inches, not keen on having it so wide open. He's sure he doesn't have anything to fear from these two— after all, he's certain he could dispose of them if he needed to, but that's exactly the thing he wants to avoid. He doesn't need anymore trouble. "Who are you, and how do you know that name?"

The flinch reflex is comes as Gabriel speaks, but thankfully, there is no thunder behind it. Lowering his arms as the pinch, Gene shoots Daphne a mean (at least for Gene) look before look toward the watchmaker. "I told you, my name is Gene. I know that name because I'm a super genius. And super genius people have their many sources of heroes, federal reports, and stuff like that. Can we come in and chat? I really don't want to talk about your 'nifty' and my 'nifty'… You know, around people that don't have 'nifty' if you know what I mean. Oh, this is my good friend, Miss Mystery." Gene throws a thumb back to Daphne. "That's not her real name, but well, big surprise here." His speech is a little rapid, making it clear he's a bit nervous about all of this.

Daphne's retort to his mean look is a quick 'brows raised, lips pursed 'so what?' which is as much to get him to focus as to fulfill her quota of sassy expressions. While Gene talks, she holds her spot, weight dramatically on one side and head tilted skeptically like she can't imagine what they're doing here. Or she's bored. Gabriel's appearance - as in, his flat hair and unbuff sweaters - is actually somewhat calming. Her hand falls away from her friend's shoulder where it was still hovering in possible anticipation of having to drag him off at top speeds. She uses it, instead, to jut up next to her face in a jerking wave. "Hi, I'm Miss Mystery." Some parts too-perky, some parts 'what the hell did I just say'.

One hand gripping the edge of the door, the ex-killer looks back and forth between Gene and Miss Mystery, clearly debating whether he wants to let them into his house or not. The self-proclaimed super genius seems to know a little bit too much about him. That name he no longer goes by, the fact he has a 'nifty'… it's lending a good deal to Gabriel's suspicion. Still, he opens the door, slowly, to allow them entry to the apartment, keeping his eyes on the pair of them.

Waiting until the door is closed, Gene looks around. Making sure there isn't anyone else around, the young genius coughs. Instictively or by chance, he keeps himself between Gabriel and Daphne. Coughing into his fist, he begins to speak rapidly and perhaps a little too quietly to be understood entirely. Unless you have SUPER VULCAN EARS (or just evolved hearing). "Okay, I know you might want to kill me, but I am on a mission of peace and self-preservation. I have an brain thingy, I know brain thingies are your thingy so I was wondering if you could fix my brain." He opens his messenger bag. If not interrupted, he pull out a chocolate bar, a Mr. Goodbar. "Sign of good faith?"

Daphne does nothing to disrupt the natural way of things, stepping in only so she's about at the door, Gene in front of her. There's a quick cursory glance to take in what the apartment looks like before she's eyeing the men. Though she looks more skeptical than hopeful now about this 'mission of peace', she keeps her trap shut so the menfolk can figure it out. She's only there for support and retreat, and she's better at the latter.

Taking a few steps back so there's room for them on this side of the door, Gabriel seems a little taken aback once Gene explains the reason he's here. Eyes moving to Daphne for a few moments, then back to Gene, the ex-killer shakes his head before speaking. "You want me to fix your brain?" Taking the Mr. Goodbar, his attention shifts between it, Gene, and Daphne, as he tries to comprehend this turn of events. "As in.. slice your head open and fix it? Most people don't come back from that. I only know one person who did, but she wasn't your run-of-the-mill Evolved."

"I know, it's a bit odd… But as you can see, I don't exactly have a lot of options. I have a gift, one that I use to help people… One that is who I am," Gene explains as he moves around the appartment, picking up random knick knacks to investigate them as he speaks. "From what I've been told by conventional science, to remove the issue would remove the gift." Gene looks up to Gabriel, fire in his eyes. "And I would rather die before I'd live like that. If you need money, I have money. If you need resources, I have resources. I have everything to make a miracle, save the worker." The item is placed back where he got it, Gene's attention having shifted back to item as it rests. "Your demenor suggests you might be more willing to help than I planned… But if you need a carrot, I can offer that. Sticks really aren't my thing."

There's a companion look from Daphne at the mere mention of the loss of a gift, though she's gotten a bit more antsy than a moment ago. Fingers twitching, she shoves them into her pockets to avoid something of Gabriel's vanishing unexpectedly. Her eyes widen, but she bites her lip to try and stop from interfering. It doesn't last, however, and on the tail of Gene calling the other man a 'miracle worker', she blurts out, "He said 'slice your head open', Gene." Her skepticism is evident over the means, but her concern probably is, too.

"I'm not saying I'll do it," Gabriel says, raising a hand in front of him, palm out towards Gene and Daphne. "I'm not saying I won't, either. But you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that if, if I do this, there's a chance you won't leave here alive. A very great chance, I would say. I won't be held responsible for that." Eyes shift to Daphne, who he watches for a few moments after he little outburst. "Yes, slice his head open. Which is why he might die. Which is why you'll have to be the witness to this."

A bold step is taken foward as anger seeps into Geek God's voice. "I'm dead either way. I'm asking for your help… understanding the risks entirely." He turns to Daphne, his tone softening only a hint. "This is Sylar. Cutting people's head open is what he does best. I thought he would want to use to help and to heal… If not for his own desire to help for some arrangement we could come to." Glancing back toward Gabriel, Gene continues on. He stumbles as he walks a couple of steps, using a hand on the wall to right himself. "If you need a medical facility, I'm sure I can find one, maybe even some staff to help if you so require. Obviously, death is something I want to avoid here, but if it happens, I'm ready. For you to refuse… Not so much."

"Gene…." Daphne doesn't look altogether convinced by either of their words, but the other's anger has the effect of quieting her. The next moment, though, her intense staring lets her catch him start to trip. Before there's time for thought, she's instantly by his side to grab an elbow and ease him into balance. He uses the wall, but it's already too late to back off. She's over there, and there's a wake of disturbed items in the apartment still settling back down to prove it. There's rule number one broken… now she defiantly looks between them to break number two: "Look. I get it, I do. And I'm here for you. I'm just thinking you should try and get the best odds possible." She pins one on Gabriel. "So. What's the best way to lessen that very great chance?"

As soon as Gene stumbles, Gabriel takes a step forward, but the sudden blur of motion and the fact everything in Daphne's wake is unsettled causes him to pause. That, plus he'd never make there as fast as Daphne can, anyway. "You can… super speed?" Gabriel says, momentarily distracted from the matter at hand as he watches the disturbed items settle back into place. Turning his attention back to Gene and Daphne, he thinks to himself for a few moments. Jawline tense, brows furrowed as he thinks, he finally motions towards the couch, to the spot where the lamp is shining directly over it. "Sit down," he says to Gene. Turning to Daphne, he jerks his head in the direction of the bedroom. "I'm going to need a couple towels, and anything he brought to help, if he did."

A swift glance comes as Daphne is at Gene's side There is a tense moment as Gene waits. Will Sylar move on the offensive at the promise of a tasty power. He doesn't. Gene grits his teeth as he removes his bag strap from his shoulder before he offers it to Daphne. "Thank you, Daphne and be careful… With the stuff," Gene states, making a pronounced pause between the words. It is likely Gabriel will be able to read between the lines, but hopefully, Daphne will as well. While Gene is fully prepared to die here, the death of a friend would be the worst possible ending from all of this.

"I have roughly half a vial of a regenerative person's blood. From what a friend of mine said, it could be of use to us. I used some to try and rid myself of the condition, but the effects were temporary. I have a first aid kit here, but I didn't know if we were doing this here or not." Sure enough, there is a small thermos and within it, some ice and the vial in question. There is also the medical field kit, the sort one would usually find in cars or on camping trips.

There is a time to brag about abilities — this is not it. Daphne bypasses her slip-up by concentrating on the matter at hand. Hefting the bag onto her own shoulder, she starts to dig in for the medical kit when Gabriel indicates the bedroom. Before the words are fully out of his mouth, she's become another blur. A blur that's back standing with them before there's even time to registered it happened at all. Only now Daphne's clutching an armful of towels. She spares only a moment to glance over at where Gene should be seated. Her sorry expression isn't very apologetic, but pointed enough to suggest she might have gotten his earlier warning — and is artfully ignoring it. Just so he knows. Pushing that away, she guiltlessly eyes Gabriel again, "It doesn't have to be from here. I can get anything, anywhere." And she will. For him.

"Medical supplies," Gabriel says, accepting the towels from Daphne. Her ability isn't even causing him worry at this moment. He's seen plenty, and this one seems to be one of the more normal ones. "Gauze, some tape.. if I'm going to cut open his skull, I'm going to have to be able to stop the blood loss once I put it back on. I'm assuming," Gabriel says, shrugging slightly and shaking his head. "I'm not a doctor, but I know that I'll at least need those." His eyes travel to the medical kit, especially in reference to the vial of regenerative person's blood. He wonders who it came from… but he has a pretty good idea, nonetheless. Most likely the same person who gave him the ability to regenerate his own wounds. If only he could heal others', this process would be a lot easier. Bringing himself back to the present, cursing himself for getting lost in thought, he turns his attention to Gene. "Whenever you're ready."

"I took four extra strength advil before coming here… I guess we're gunna have to make due with that," Gene states. "You might not be a doctor, but you know as much as me." He would question Gabriel, but it is clear that the man isn't sure of himself. Risking his chances on account of a few questions. "If we are doing this right here right now… I guess give me a washcloth for my mouth… and one for each hand," Gene states meekly as he moves to the bedroom, seating himself down. His breathing becomes controlled, clearly attempting to calm himself for whatever comes next.

Daphne keeps the bag around her shoulder, but the medical kit she sets besides Gene, flipping it open to inspect just how much of what it has in it. Whatever it is, it isn't satisfactory. Since Gabriel has the towels, she has nothing to give Gene but a sympathetic, worried glance. She finds his fingers, squeezes. "I'll be right back." It means something when she says it, too. Sparing one more calculated look at the supposed savior as he comes over, she then pulls back and sprints away. Once again, the apartment goes into a flutter of disturbed papers and other things more light-weight. If the door was locked, it isn't now. And, out there, some hospital is about to find its inventory count off.

Handing three rags to Gene, Gabriel waits off to the side as Gene prepares himself for what's to come, and shares a moment with Daphne. Once the blur that is Daphne is gone and out of the apartment, Gabriel moves forward and stands slightly behind him, so he has a good view of the top of his head. Adjusting the light so that it shines directly on his crown, he looks down at Gene. "Cute girl," he says as he lays a towel out on the bed before placing his hand on the top of Gene's head, his eyes closing. "She yours?"

Daphne's hand is given a swift but strong squeeze and then… she's gone. As if expecting her back sooner, Gene looks back to Gabriel after a couple seconds, only keeping still when the hand is placed on his head. "She's a friend… A good friend. Not sure it would work out. I'm not exactly… you know. I'm just glad I got to meet with her. Help her out. I guess we all need help, one way or another." With that, Gene grabs the rags, placing one in his mouth, testing it to see how well it holds up to his tightest bite. Spitting it back out, he states simply, "Good rag."

Voila. The cute girl is back! And besides that Gene's bag looks slightly more fully than when she left, Daphne's also holding several rolls of gauze, packages of tape, medical staples, a prepared needle, and the medical chart of probably whoever was about to get that injection instead. The chart she tosses to the side carelessly, but the rest is thrust forward. "Gauze, painkillers, I raided part of the surgery ward just in case… we've got the blood in here, too…." But as her gaze falls to Gene, nervous rag-holding Gene, her own expression quivers. "I…" To Gabriel, the stuff is dumped on the bed as she backs up several steps. "Maybe I… should wait in the other room…"

"You know, if this doesn't work, you should…" Gabriel pauses for a moment, opening his eyes, even though his hand still remains on the top of Gene's head. "If there's anything you need to tell her, you'll have a bit before I get to the bad part." Whoosh! Daphne suddenly reappears in the apartment, loaded to bear with medical supples. Motioning towards the bed with a flip of his head, he turns his attention back to Gene, but not before he looks up at Daphne. "I won't lie, what you see.. you probably won't like it. You can wait in the living room, if you want, but it's between the two of you." The smell of burnt hair accompanies his words, as the hand resting on top of Gene's head glows softly, just enough to burn away the hair in a circular spot on the top of the man's head, but not enough to cause any pain or damage to the skin. The most he'll feel is a small warmth coming from Gabriel's hand.

There we go, fast as ever. The blond speedster gets a smile from the young operatee. "Thank you, Daphne… If you want to wait outside, that's fine. If you want to go to, that's cool, I'll understand. While I am positive this is going to work out, if it doesn't…" Gene looks down, unable to move his head as he loses a bit of hair. "Just tell my grandfather 'The phoenix flies'. He'll likely tell you some stuff about me, may not… He'll likely cry, so, you might want to do something like bring someone else to deliever the news. He's nice though." Gene pauses sighs as he thinks about his grandfather. "Real nice. Oh, and if you ever meet someone that claims to be my father? Tell Eric or Jaden, they'll handle that loose end." Does he plan to kill his own father? Who knows, but it is clear from the slight chill in Gene's tone that they don't see eye to eye.

Looking to Gabriel, Gene points out, "You know… you never said what you wanted in exchange for all of this."

Those are some lengthy 'last' words, or instructions, really. Daphne accepts all of it with a jerky nod of her head. Then she pulls the strap of the bag so that the main part of it is in front of her. She pats the flap with both hands. Underneath her fingers, and that bit of fabric, she's left the container of special blood, keeping it with her. Considering how much Gene treasured the stuff, it feels better not just leaving it out in some dude's apartment. "I'll be right out there," she intones, a trace of wobbliness under her usual carelessness. "And I'll have this with me, so, you know… if you need me…" Her gallant attempts to be flippant with the situation failing her, she just cocks her head to the side and makes a 'whatever' motion with her chin. "See you on the other side, big geek." And she vanishes from sight to go do.. something time-consuming in Gabriel's other rooms.

Taking care to try and ignore most of what Gene and Daphne say to each other, as it really isn't any of his business to listen to what may end up as a final goodbye between friends, once the two of them are done speaking, he returns his attention to the task at hand. "All I need…" Gabriel says slowly, as the warmth turns to an extreme cold— not meant to hurt Gene, but hopefully numb the area without damaging any nerves or skin. Hopefully, it will let him cut into the man's skull with less pain for him. "… is for you to stay still." Once Daphne is out of the room, he takes one, final, deep breath, and looks down to Gene. "Ready?" Let the cutting begin.

As soon as Daphne leaves, Gene places the rag in his mouth, giving a firm nod to Gabriel…. His head feels a little numb. However, there is only so far that the freezing will do, and soon he will feel the odd and incredibly painful sensation that has led to the deaths of so many. Only one thought goes through Gene's head as it is cut open:

Dammit, I forgot to take my peacoat off, now blood is gunna get all over… OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW

The muscles tighten and the teeth bite down. While Gene's encountered pain before… this is something all together unique.

The noise of bone splintering and slicing open echoes through the apartment, even out where Daphne would be able to hear it, and it's a sound Gabriel is all too accustomed to. This time, however, the sound is a sign of something good being done. Well, hopefully. He still isn't sure he can even fix what's wrong with Gene.

Pop! Once the cutting is finished, Gabriel uses telekinesis to gently pull the cut portion of skull out of Gene's head, the suction creating the small popping noise. Closing his eyes, he places his hand over the exposed portion of Gene's brain, two of his fingers making contact as his head jerks slightly to the side. His eyelids clench tightly as he absorbs the information, trying to locate the source of whatever is wrong inside the man's head. After another moment, his eyes open, and he removes his hand from Gene's head. "… I can fix you."

The young genius twitches a little here and there, clearly not doing too hot despite his efforts to keep cool. Gabriel's powers might have slowed the bleeding, but it is far from completely stopped (which is good becuase that would kill Gene). That and his head is cut open, which really isn't that fun. While he still has the gag in, Gene manages one simple muffled words as he fights to stay seated. "…Feeeeex…"

Overcoming his surprise that he can fix him, Gabriel refocuses on the task at hand. After all, the man's brain is exposed, and he should probably get him patched up before any lasting damage can be done because of it. Placing his hand back on Gene's head, he closes his eyes once more, his face scrunching up with concentration as he begins to choke the supply of oxygen and blood off from the tumor cells riddled throughout Gene's brain. If he can just get them all…

Gene's eye twitches as the oxygen flow is messed around with. The rags are tightly clenched still, tears starting to falls from his eyes. Just keep holding on, Gene tells himself. His breathing begins to lose its regularity, starting to become faster and uncontrolled. It's gradual, but it is clear that Gene is start to lose control of his end of things.

And then there's Daphne again. No one's called for her, only the terrible sounds of breaking bones getting out to the makeshift waiting room, but she appears nonetheless. So quickly in front of Gene, she ends up kneeling daintily at his feet, staring intently at his face — and pointedly not at any suggestion of his exposed brain. While he's gripping those towels, she attempts to work her fingers in between so he'll be clenching her hands instead. "Hey," she pipes up, trying to sound light and breezy and sort of half achieving it, "I forgot to tell you how awesome you are."

Eyes still closed tightly, Gabriel's eyes move rapidly behind his eyelids as he continues to focus on killing off all of the malignant cells inside Gene's head. Just a few more…

"… done," Gabriel says with a deep breath, gently pushing the cut out piece of skull back into place. Holding it there with a combination of telekinesis and his own hand, his eyes dart to Daphne. "I need to clean it. We're going to lose him if we don't hurry. I need you to get the blood ready— when I say to, inject him. Got it?" Even if she doesn't, Gabriel carefully lays Gene down onto the bed, and although he's sorry for the strangle angle at which he has to keep the man's neck (mainly so the piece of skull doesn't fight him and try to fall out), he grabs a a vial of sterilized water and gently pours it over the open wound, the water mixing with the blood and running down the back of Gene's neck onto the bedspread. "Do it! Now!"

When Daphne returns, Gene fights to smile through the painful express he gives. His body is starting to quiver, but he lets the rag drop from his hand and his mouth. The pain doesn't seem to be as bad for some reason. Gene has no idea if that's a good or a bad thing. His breathing all over the place, it takes a bit to say what little he does "I bet you s-say that to a-all the g-guys with their br-brains sho-" Gene stops as his whole body tenses, the blood from his head mixing with the tears falling from his eyes.

She might have been avoiding looking in that direction, but when Daphne realizes she's being spoken to, it's all business. You don't have to tell a speedster to hurry twice. Or, really, once. She keeps a grip on Gene's hand as he's laid down, and as long as she can while using the other to open the bag, but caution calls for her to finally use both hands when juggling the precious blood. It's ready in a flash, though, so that she's already hovering over them, syringe raised, as the water is poured. Her eyes flicker to Gene's. "Yeah," she spouts off in half a breath, "But I only meant it with you." Now! The needle is slipped into his arm; she compresses.

The syringe does its thing and by the time Gene is laid out on the bed, the wound begins to heals and the bone fuse. Oddly enough, it only mostly heals, perhaps due to how long the blood has been out of its host or merely not enough to complete the job. Still, there is a only a thin cut where the skull splicing occurred. The ragged breath slows and steadies, Gene wanting to rest on the bed after the experience. To both parties involved, he offers softly, "Thank you… thank you so much."

Daphne stands there vaguely aiming the empty syringe at him, as if that'll help, until it's obvious the healing has begun. Then she steps away, arms falling to her side as everything seems to slow down in terms of emergency. She watches Gene up until he spouts thanks, then her gaze goes between the two, more openly staying on Gabriel in terms of waiting for answer. "So we're… he's good now, right? Everything's good?" She ends on the miracle worker, too, having missed any back and forth about payment or lack of.

Once it looks like the blood is going to take, and the skull begins to sew itself back together, Gabriel lets out a final, deep breath. This is something he's never done before, and if he's honest with himself, he was pretty scared the entire time, considering Gene's life was quite literally in his hands. "He should be fine," he says with a wave of his hand, picking up the few pieces of waste from the operation and disposing of them in a nearby trash can, which he mentally notes to get rid of as soon as possible. "I think, for now, we should just let him rest," he continues, moving past Daphne and pushing the double doors open, leading into the living room.

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