2008-02-13: A Kiss Between Seconds


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Summary: An awkward follow up to their accidental date produces …

Date It Happened: February 13th, 2008

A Kiss Between Seconds

Deveaux Building, NYC

After a brief phone call, Hiro decided that rather check up on Kitty via the telephone line he'd come and see her himself. To be honest, a lot of things have happened lately and he needs her help. Well, he thinks he needs her help. He's not quite comfortable with asking her given everything that has happened but … hell, maybe he just wanted to catch up with her?

After a stop over, they've teleported to the roof of the Deveaux Building. Hiro has been here many times before. It does conjure some bad memories but it also one of the places he feels closest to his father. And one of the places where he regains his confidence in himself.

After the teleportation, Kitty walks to the edge of the rooftop and looks up at the sky. "This place.. it's so nice." Is it really all that nice? She runs her hand along the low stone wall as she walks around the roof.

"Thank you." For bringing her there, it's sweet. Kitty blushes as she stares at Hiro for a bit too long and she looks across at the city. "You good?" she asks worried.

"It is okay," Hiro answers in regards to the thank you, bowing deeply - he's not quite sure why he's being thanked but he wouldn't dream of rebuking it. The question gives him pause for a moment, his uncertainty keeping him from telling her his tale just yet.

"I am. How have you been?"

"Worried." Kitty isn't all the way back to her normal self but she is slowly making her way there. She looks better at least, cleaner clothes and hair combed. Must be Jane's doing.

Kitty tilts her head and looks to Hiro.

When Kitty turns to look at him, Hiro looks a little flustered himself and offers a smile in return. The smile only lingers for a moment, however, as he quickly turns his face away to look out at the City. He clears his throat. Attempting to sound more serious.

"You don't have to be worried. They won't get you."

"How can you be sure?" This coming from a woman that can see the future and a man that can be in the future. Kitty looks at the city as well, a soft smile plays across her lips and she walks over to Hiro. She leans in to give him a warm embrace. "You're the best." She breathes out and grins. Hiro the man that takes time out of saving the world to check on the crazy seer woman.

Hiro is, as usual, surprised by the sudden embrace although he's not quite so shy that he backs away or tries to get out of it. Instead, he stands with his arms out to the sides a little before he hazards a friendly pat on Kitty's back. He doesn't quite know what he did to be labeled the best but he's glad he did it.

Kitty tilts her head up to look at Hiro and he would notice that her face is not to far from his. "Nervous?" An impish grin is given to the man and Kitty's arms are around Hiro's neck. She is enjoying this moment, of non-crazy Kitty. She feels almost something like normal.

Hiro is nervous. Incredibly nervous. He's not really been in this situation before. He knows what this situation is … well, he thinks he knows what it is. It isn't a bad kind of nervous, so much as the kind of nervous that makes him worry he might do something wrong or offend or … something. He only manages to ask, his voice quiet, "Why would I be nervous?"

"Because.." Kitty leans in closer. "I'm going to try and kiss you." Bold woman, as she leans in and begins to close her eyes. Hopefully Hiro doesn't teleport away from her.

The last time Hiro was in this sort of situation, time froze. The time before that, he teleported away out of nervousness. Thankfully, there is no teleportation this time. Even as she leans towards him, Hiro's mind is racing. Should he? Is it just because she's thinking differently after her abduction? But wait, what if she really does want this? He does. He really does. Wait, she's almost here … here goes!

He leans in, his own eyes closing as he moves to meet her in the kiss. Around them, time freezes. A pigeon in the middle of taking off for parts unknown sits frozen in mid-air, wings mid-flap. The sound of the City below stops completely. All is silence save for the pair of them.

When Hiro doesn't teleport away from her, Kitty relaxes in Hiro's arms and she deepens the kiss, more passion behind it. Her heart thumps in her chest and she begins to move away. Not wanting to scare him away, her eyes open and she looks to Hiro.

Hiro isn't actually a picture of calm himself. He's breathing heavily as Kitty draws away, blinking a bit behind glasses that have been clearly driven askew by the connection. He looks right back at her, lifting a hand to fix his glasses. If he wants to say something he can't quite get it out at the moment, so he just sort of stares.

She has no problem staring, seeing as she doesn't know what to say. Kitty's eyes bore into Hiro's. She licks her lips, tilting head at Hiro.

Hiro looks right back, eyes blinking owlishly behind his glasses. He lets the absolute silence reign for a little while, finally opening his mouth as though he's going to ask something when he realizes time is frozen still around them.

"… oh!" He concentrates and suddenly the noise of the street below comes roaring back, the pigeon's wings beginning to flap again as it disappears over the rooftops.

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