2007-05-23: A Lack Of Lawyers And Poachers


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Summary: Leo and Nadia go on a date. They almost argue. Ryan, also, doesn't poach for taken girls.

Date It Happened: 23rd of May, 2007

A Lack Of Lawyers And Poachers

Club DnA

This is what we call a date. Leo even managed to convince his mother to let him borrow the car for the occasion. And do you kow why it's a date? Because they don't have to pretend it isn't one! For real, there are only so many pizzas slices and careful non-couply interaction one can do in a pizza parlour. Slinging an arm over Nadia's shoulders, /because he can and not get kneecapped/, he says, as they walk in, "Aren't there exams you should be studying for about now?"

Nadia says nothing about the fact that Leo's borrowing the car.. from his mother. It's more than what she has. Then again, she really doesn't want to drive.. and why should she? She's got Leo to bum a car off his mother! Leaning into Leo as they walk into the club, she's got her arm around his waist. "Yeah, so? You complaining that I'd rather be here with you than studying right now?," is the quip that comes with a smirk. "I just want to dance, goof off with you and have a lot of vodka." So what if she's underaged? Cousin Tony (yes, she has a cousin Tony. Several actually) got her a great fake ID to use.

"Maybe I'm complaining," Leo says, clearly teasing. "Or maybe I dig hearing you say that. Vodka, huh?" Sadly, Leo has no uncle Tony (there's a crazy uncle Theo, but Leo stays far away from that one), but unlike Nadia, he's of age, so he steers them towards the bar. He goes for a beer, nudges Nadia to make her order as he pulls out his wallet, taking out whatever cash is necessary for both drinks. As he glances at her sideways. "Not to be a wet blanket but uh…" Cash is tossed onto the bar surface. "Law major, huh?"

Nadia bumps her hip against Leo at the teasing. "Sure you are. If you're complaining then I'm Mother Theresa." She bellies on up to the bar next to Leo and makes her order. No argument is put up against Leo covering for her drink. It's kind of expected. Not that she's /totally/ spoiled or anything. "Oh man, way to kill the mood genius," she chastises some as she looks up at Leo. "Look mister," she jabs a manicured nail into Leo's chest, "Dad won't ever in a million years let me do anything useful for the family. You know the ways of the business, women aren't allowed. He won't even let me touch a gun for crying out loud."

Leo puts up his hands in a sort of surrender, one gripping his beer bottle and the other splayed out. "I wasn't killing a mood," he says, defensively. Because that's important! "I was just asking! I haven't had time to really check up on that." Because during the car ride, he was too busy explaining out what awesome car he was going to buy one day so he didn't have to use mom's Nissan forever, and that took some precedence. "And your dad's married to Cesca, he can't really be complaining about women, you know," vague gesture, "participating. But I mean, still. /Law/? You gonna be a lawyer?" Because that's really the only conclusion he can come to.

Nadia rolls her eyes some as she picks up her glass, tossing back the contents neatly. Complete with alcohol burn shudder there. "I know.. It's just.. we have our own back alley doctors to go to for patching up. I want to be of some use. I'm pretty sure dad's had it in his head that all I'm going to do is marry the capo of his choosing or something." Signaling for another shot of vodka, she leans against Leo, "That's not what I want. I want to be able to /do/ something. I was thinking about my options, what kind of difference I could make.. and really, what if something happened to you? Or dad? You get into a tight spot and need some help. I don't even necessarily need to go into being a lawyer."

An arm goes back around Nadia's shoulders when she leans, more money dished out for the vodka. "I dunno about it," Leo admits, a little stiffly, but then shrugs. "But it's not my call, Carmine's already okayed it anyway. It'd probably be good stuff for you to know." He takes a break to partake in a long pull of beer, then grins at her. "I guess cute lawyers aren't just for TV, anyway." Because /you can only be a lawyer with a law major/. Nadia may have to sit down with Leo about this. The beer is set down. "Okay, I'll stop making you talk about boring things."

Nadia's brows lift as she eyes Leo skeptically, almost daring him to make this an issue. Her vodka refill is left alone. For now. "It /will/ be good to know. You know you're gonna want me to help bail you guys out of tight spots. Weasel lawyers are easy to come by, but like I said.. I /have/ to do something useful, and I won't run squealing on the family." Again, she gives Leo that /look/ as she reaches around to pick up her glass, tossing that one back too. She just might be working on an early buzz. "Damn straight cute lawyers aren't just for TV. If that's what I choose to do. Since you don't seem to like this idea smarty pants.. what do you think I should do instead? Hmm?"

Ryan comes walking into the club. He's been by this place a couple times in the past few days and decided to check it out on hs last night before he heads back West for a bit. He bobs his head a bit to the beat and checks out the club-goers, dancing past a few on his way to the bar. Checking out the selection, he decided to order a Guinness and then leans back against the bar to drink and check out the club.

…so many wrong answers here. Leo blinks once, twice at Nadia, before downing a little more beer. "You could…" Quick. Think of a compliment. /That will divert the situation/. "You could always be a model." BEAM. Also, because girls are unpredictable, especially the ones in his family by blood or by marriage, Leo edges away a little so that he could possibly divert a good kneeing.

Nadia reaches a hand up to pat at Leo's cheek, "Aw, that's so sweet. But do you really want other guys looking at me?" Good thing the rapid downing of vodka is traveling fast. Otherwise, well, this could get ugly. "Besides, you saw daddy's reaction yesterday.. imagine the coronary he'd have if I did modeling. Now. Be a dear, I need more to drink!" She then picks up her empty glass, shaking it a little to emphasize, need maor naow plskthx.

Ryan takes a drink from his pint glass as he looks around. He the sees a familiar face, once that he (admittedly) had been hoping to see again. Before he heads over, he notices that she's shaking her glass at a guy. Boyfriend, maybe? He decides to wait and see how things play out before going over and talking with her. He goes back to crowd watching, but check back at Nadia and her friend every so often.

Oh, yeah. Good point. Leo frowns at this, swirls the beer he's holding. "Well I meant like for a women's magazine," he mutters, more to himself than actually raising this as a point. At her need for more drink, Leo gives her a slightly lopsided grin. "Careful on that, people'll start thinking I'm trying to get you drunk," he says— but obliges anyway. He takes her glass from her, looking around for the bartender - who is not waiting on them hand and foot, apparently, having moved down the bar. "Gimme a sec," Leo sighs, heading off to fetch that drink rather than wave his arms for attention.

Nadia throws her head back and laughs, "Women's magazines? You mean for.. y'know.. lesbos? Or just women's fashion? Cause men /totally/ don't read those. I saw Vinnie in the back with a Cosmo because of the cover girl. So c'mon." She gives a playful punch at Leo's shoulder without any force to it. The drunk comment warrants an unladylike snort. "Like you need to get me drunk or anything. Sure thing," she says as Leo takes the glass from her and moves off for refills.

Ryan sees Leo move off for refills and decides to go say a quick hello. He walks over to Nadia, glass in hand and stops a friendly distance away. "Hey there, how's it going? Nadia, right?"

"Make it two, this time," Leo says, discarding the dregs of his beer in favour of the vodka. Currently, his girlfriend is slamming the alcohol down more hardcore than he is, and that's just not on. He drums his fingers against the surface of the bar impatiently, sparing a glance back to Nadia, where she seems to be talking to a guy. /Well jeeze that was quick/. Leo patiently waits for his drinks, however, rather than moving in and claiming territory as appropriate.

Nadia leans against the bar, watching Leo drift off for refills. She startles a little as Ryan comes up behind her. "Oh hey again," she greets, turning around to see Ryan there. Back now to Leo, well, she doesn't think anything about talking to a fellow student who happens to be male. Although.. in the family she's in? She really should know of jealous streaks. Really. "Finding your way around the city okay I take it?"

Ryan nods, "Yeah. Been having a good time. I'm flying out tomorrow, but I should be back in a week or so." He sees Leo returning with drinks. "Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and see if you made a choice on your major yet."

Drifting back, Leo holds Nadia's renewed drink in front of her, sort of a physical interruption in the conversation. "Hey," he greets, to Ryan - not coldly, either! In fact, it's accompanied with a friendly smile. He's just standing closer to Nadia than he was before. However, what tail end he catches of the conversation implies that Nadia knows this guy, so. Friendly. "She's going for law." To be a lawyer.

"That's great!" Bubbly much? Yeah, Nadia's not really a lightweight, but, tonight's kind of an exception. Before she can answer Ryan's question, up comes Leo. "Oh thanks," is said as her drink is handed to her. Leo's closer than before? She hadn't noticed! "Yeah, dad and I kinda had a fight about it last night. Leo here's not sold on it either. He's such a sweetie. Oh yeah, Leo, this is Ryan, he's looking to transfer to NYU. Ryan this is Leo!"

Ryan nods to Leo. "Nice to meet you, Leo." He looks back to Nadia. "Anyways, congratulation on the law major." He looks back at Leo and Nadia both. "Well, have a good night you two. See you around." And with that, he gets set to walk somewhere else and not get into a teritorial conflict.

"You too," Leo says to Ryan, this time with a chin up, then drops a kiss on Nadia's cheek. "Well what do I know about law majors anyway?" Then Ryan is set to leave, so Leo nods to him, feeling the beginnings of a smile before knocking back a sip of vodka. "I don't mean to scare your friends off," he says as an aside to Nadia, still teasing. "You gotta not take me anywhere, I guess."

"Aw, gotta go so soon? Well you have a safe flight back to California. Maybe I'll see you once you get back to New York!" Jealousy, what? Nadia is oblivious at the moment. She grins widely at the kiss Leo places on her cheek and turns to look up at him. "Aw, but I like taking you places. It's the only way we get to do anything. You wanna see what'll happen if dad catches us making out in the shop?" She knocks back her drink, then sets the glass on the bar. "C'mon, I feel like dancing now."

Ryan nods as he walks away. Cute girl, but she's obviously taken. And Ryan's not really a poacher.

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