2007-03-09: A Late Night Appointment


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Having been recommended by certain business associates, Arianna Rockford-Johannsen begins to enact her plans to retaliate against Primatech by meeting with Mr. Hendrickson with an offer that might be hard to believe.

A Late Night Appointment

Chinatown, NYC - Cherry Blossoms Restaurant

Here in this out of the way Chinese restaurant in the midst of Chinatown, City Councilwoman Arianna Rockford-Johannsen sits at a table near the back of the restaurant where the lighting isn't all that bright. Still, she's wearing a pair of sunglasses and casual wear in the form of slightly worn blue jeans and a flannel shirt over a white cotton undershirt. There is a large man sitting near her dressed in a black suit that couldn't be anything other than the Councilwoman's hired detail. Her foot taps nervously as she waits for her dinner appointment.

Mr. Hendrickson steps into the resturant, dressed in his usual black suit and fedora. He takes off his hat, tucks it into the crook of his arm. He speaks some words to the seater-person, who then directs him back toward Rianna and company. He nods once, and then makes his way toward the back. He nods to Rianna and her suited Bodyguard before taking a seat, placing his hat off to the side.

Rianna doesn't stand up from her seat as Mr. Hendrickson approaches, and surprisingly enough, neither does her bodyguard. She does, however, take a moment to peruse his thoughts to make sure that he is actually who he says he is and ensuring he is not with the Company. Once she is satisfied, she extends a hand across the small table to exchange a small handshake. "Mr. Hendrickson, you come highly recommended.", she says, looking up at him even from their sitting position, their fifteen inch height difference very noticeable.

Mr. Hendrickson is thankfully ignorant of Rianna's thought-reading. Otherwise, he would have likely been very offended. Regardless, he accepts her handshake, the bland look on his face barely flickering as he glances between the two of them. Once the conversation gets going, he nods slightly. "I'm glad to hear that. You have a proposal for me?" The glint of metal is visible when he speaks.

"Yes, I do.", Rianna says quietly. "I would like very much for you to act in my interests as a more physical presence in a way that I cannot. I have become embroiled in matters that require more attention to my own personal safety. I also need someone who is not adverse to carrying out acts of physical harm on someone.", she says. "Before you make a decision, there are aspects to this that you should be made aware of. I will be intentionally vague on some regards, but will give you all the information that is pertinent to how you would act of my behalf.", she says.

Mr. Hendrickson listens to her whole little speech, before nodding slightly and leaning back in his chair, clearly unperturbed by the proposal. When she pauses, he waits a moment, expectantly, before prompting, "Go on."

"Very well. The things that I am about to reveal to you will sound outrageous, and you are more than welcome to regard me as insane or whatever similar description you wish.", Rianna says, adjusting herself in her seat. "Most prominently in the last 50 years, but as far as back as 500 years, humanity has been undergoing the next step in our evolutionary process. Humans are being born every day with the power to manipulate reality as we see, each one in different ways. I am one of these human beings, born with what people refer to as Telepathy.", Rianna says, her eyes all seriousness.

"In the last two weeks, the Foundation that I created so that I could begin to build the framework for a peaceful future for those of us who have Evolved and the rest who have not was burned to the ground by a Company that seeks to control those like myself, and kill those whom they deem to be a threat.", she says, taking a moment to pause and draw a breath. "That's the short version of it. If you are interested, I can explain as much as you'd like once you have made a decision as to what you'd like to do. You might wonder why I'm telling you this, and the reason is because I need to fight back against this Company and their agents. Some of them are normal, but there are those who have powers, and if you took the job that I am offering, you would eventually have to deal with people like them. I am not completely powerless to stop them, but as I said, I need someone who wouldn't be afraid to be a physical enforcer for me.", she finishes, regarding him and giving him a moment to digest.

Mr. Hendrickson listens to what is a most fantastic story with that same bland look on his face. He nods at all the appropriate parts, and aside from his expression, appears to be listening. When she is finished talking, he picks up one of the pieces of silverware on the table, examining it for a moment as if it were truly interesting, before glancing up at Rianna. He mulls over the information for a moment, before speaking. "So the short-and-sweet of it is a rival corporation wants to wipe you off the map. And you want me to shoot their goons, who could possibly have laser eyes, or something. That's fine. What are the terms of your employment? How much are you offering?"

"You would be a legitimate employee of the Johannsen Foundation, Mr. Hendrickson. With the type of work you'd be doing normally, I offer $7,500 per month. The Foundation has excellent benefits. Full medical benefits, dental…", she says, pausing the automatic detailing to grimace somewhat. "Well. Anyways. Full coverage insurance through the Foundation for life, home, auto, anything you need. In the instances where you would be acting as an enforcer, a contract price can be negotiated on your behalf if the salary is unacceptable.", she says.

"My protective staff change every six hours, so you would be looking at a 30 hour week, most of which would likely be spent at a desk outside of my office."

Mr. Hendrickson nods slightly, noticing her pause when she mentions dental coverage, and chuckling silently, to himself. He withdraws a small black book and pen from inside his coat, and jots something down before closing it with a snap and sliding it back into the coat pocket. "That seems reasonable. And where exactly is your office?"

"As I mentioned, the building that we had before was burned down in an act of arson, Mr. Hendrickson.", Rianna says, the thought of which is obviously upsetting as her features sour a bit briefly. "At this point, I'm likely going to be renting space in an established building near central Manhattan for an indefinite period of time so that I can use the increased area activity as a deterrent. The Company I'm referring to refrains at all cost to let the public know about its existence.", she says. "You do not need to make your decision immediately. However, I am looking to deal with a member of this Company fairly immediately. I'll offer you ten thousand dollars to assist me in the torture of this individual. After we are done, you can make a decision as to whether you would like to work with our Foundation full-time, Mr. Hendrickson. What do you say?"

Mr. Hendrickson nods slightly, and smiles briefly, metal teeth shining in the resturant's dim light. It disappears before he speaks again. "Then I shall bring my tools. Simply tell me when, and where. Afterward, I will decide upon whether or not to join your Foundation."

"Excellent, Mr. Hendrickson.", Rianna says, standing up. "I will get in touch with you when your services are needed. Though you do come recommended, I must insist that the contents of our discussion this evening remain confidential. I have a public image that I must maintain.", she says, extending her hand once more.

Mr. Hendrickson nods, not standing, but takes that hand once more, giving her a firm shake. Once that is over with, he picks up the menu, and begins to peruse it idly, before snapping his fingers and waving over a waiter or waitress to come take his order.

Unfortunately, Rianna does not have the time this evening to join him. walking away from the table she was occupying with a quick step. Her hired man is not far behind as she exits, the hanging bell above the front door jingling as they proceed to a car parked across the street and pull away soon after.

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