2007-09-30: A Little Relief


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Summary: Ben wheels down to the burn unit to visit fellow Company employees. He manages to bring a little relief to Niel's pain.

Date It Happened: September 30th, 2007

Log Title A Little Relief

St. Vincent's Hospital - Hartsdale

After having been doing nothing but laying in bed since Saturday night, early Sunday morning, Benjamin is off his IV, he's off oxygen and has claimed a wheelchair. So long as he's careful to not bust his stitches and exhert himself, it's been okay'd. It's slow moving, but he wheels himself down to the burn unit. His first stop was to see Megan, and he wishes he hadn't. It was enough to make anyone want to vomit. Meryl said it was bad, but he still wasn't prepared. Looking like he's gonna be on the ill side, he moves on, looking for other familiar faces to check in on.

There are quite a few familiar faces in the burn unit. Right next to Megan is Niel Youngblood, who was brought in with second- and third-degree burns on his shoulders and back. This means he's laid out on his stomach with little more to do than stare at the floor or to either side of himself. Morphine kinda makes it all better — he's been in and out of consciousness since he was checked in. Currently the man is conscious, if not a little drugged up, with one hand on the dosage button and the other gripping the edge of the mattress as he peers out at the world with a glazed, half-lidded expression. He doesn't quite notice Benjamin — or anything, really.

Benjamin wheels himself in closer in the room, careful to not get in anyone's way or to hit any equipment. He's not sure if Niel's asleep or awake. "Youngblood..? Niel?" he asks quietly, tentatively, with and without choice. Seeing as breathing still hurts like a bitch. Ben isn't sure what else to say or ask yet. How ya doing, is just kind of stupid. It's obvious how the man's doing.

Whuh? The only people who really talk to him these days are the nurses. He already gave his statement on the events that occurred. Niel's eyes roll laboriously and come to rest on Benjamin, at whom he stares with some confusion. It takes him a little while to recognize the other man. "Hey. Winters." Last time he saw Benjamin, the guy had a knife in his chest. He looks better! "How you doin'?" Well someone had to ask it.

"Better than you, it seems," Benjamin says with a weak stab (harhar) at humor. "Looks like I really owe you a new cellphone now, just as a get well present too. Got a preference?" He pulls on the brakes on the wheelchair when he gets in close enough to talk to Niel. Focusing on trying to make eye, or rather, face contact with the guy to avoid staring at his back, he continues. "I thought it was bad down.. there." He doesn't say level 5. This may be a private hospital, but it's still not a Company facility. "I didn't even know there was a fire until St. James came to talk to me the other morning."

That gets a smile from Niel, even though it's a rather tired one. Making facial expressions is hard when one feels so relaaaaaaxed (and in pain). "No preference. Tell you the truth, it's been kinda nice not having my wife call me, y'know?" For all she knows, he was in a car accident and had severe burns. She hasn't been by to see him, nor has his daughter, and he doesn't mind that the slightest bit. "Lots of fire. I'll bet you guys had it worse, though. Didn't hear much about what happened where you were."

Benjamin winces at Niel's words. "She should still know what's going on, right? That you're in the hospital at least, not the details. I still haven't told my family what went down, just that there was a work accident." And not a massive number of paper cut related casualties. He shakes his head, not about to argue who had it worse. "It wasn't a picnic. I got hit pretty fast, but I couldn't do nothing. In retrospect, I probably would have been better off helping evacuate." But again, it's /Sylar/. It was half and half wanting to wet his pants, cry, run away, but knowing if he tried, he just might make a difference. "Not sure how much I can talk about here, but S came in, and started trying to let people out."

"That's what I heard, yeah. You're lucky you got away with … that." And with the top of his skull intact. Niel's just grateful that he's alive and that everyone else he was with managed to pull through. Even if the woman in the bed next to him isn't in such great shape. "Don't worry about my family. They know something happened. We're not real close, so I don't expect 'em."

"No kidding, so I'm not complaining any." The most Benjamin has been complaining about is.. It's gonna take me HOW LONG to get recovered? There is a job that needs doing, but fortunately, his ability can be used from afar and he doesn't have to get physical about it. Niel's comments have him frowning in thought. "I'm sorry.. Really." It's incredibly sad to hear that the family isn't close. "I've just told my daughter, since she lives with me. My mother? She would be up here every waking moment terrorizing the whole hospital. Patients and staff. So I didn't say anything to her." That's it for family really, for him.

"Don't be." Niel's not sorry. He's not particularly fond of his wife, and he doesn't really know his daughter. It's detachment, plain and simple. "My wife gets her kicks with other guys, and my daughter loves her mother. The other kids aren't even mine." This is about the most anyone will get out of Niel when it comes to his family. Blame the drugs. "Your mom sounds like a neat lady."

Benjamin is still frowning at Niel. Sorry, Ben feels bad for the man's life. Which.. in a way.. probably isn't too different from his own. "Maybe I should introduce your wife to my ex. And mom.. well she's mom. Former actress, so she has a flair for the dramatic." Falling quiet a few moments, not sure of what else to say really, he still finds a way to plunge on. "Is there anything that I can get sent here for you?" He looks to the monitors, the state the man's in, then offers, "I.. I've never done it before.. but I could try to maybe put you in a coma.. or at least a heavy sleep.. If that might help with relief from the pain?"

Niel grins a little. "You tryin' to get me to shut up, Winters?" It's a joke, at least. He soon turns serious again. "If you think you can manage it, go for it. It's probably a lot better for me than this shit they're pumpin' into me." Niel doesn't like drugs of any sort. It goes with being a big fat health nut
— well, not fat, but.

"No.. just.. wanting to help a little. I'd offer to try the same for Megan too, but she's able to cope using her own ability." Benjamin looks past Niel very briefly at Megan's form. "Meryl said she's going to look for a healer.. So hopefully this won't be for long." He looks over his shoulder, checking to see if anyone's coming this way. All clear! Turning his attention back to Niel, he tries to focus.

"Yeah, if only everyone could be so lucky." Niel would love to be carted around in someone else's head for a while. Probably not Meryl's, though. She's weird. Even if she's a pretty good agent. When Benjamin starts to focus, the other man prepares himself to be put to sleep — but outside of a little tiny bit of extra tiredness, there's nothing. After a few moments, he smirks a bit. "Don't think it's working."

"Sorry.. sorry.. I'll try again. I'm getting better than I was, but sometimes it's still a little undependable." If only Benjamin realized how /close/ he came to putting out the Cryo down in level 5. "I know Megan's never going to forgive me, but I'm still very happy to see that she's gotten enough help with her ability that she was able to quickly act. I'll try again." And so he does.

"Who's Megannnnnn— ?" Wowwww. Niel's mid-question when he starts to feel the effects. His mind fights it a little, however with morphine and Benjamin's help, his eyelids droop and his eyes roll upward as he rapidly starts into deep slumber. His entire body relaxes and goes limp. Before long, there's even a quiet snore.

Benjamin phews with a great sound and expression of relief as Niel drops off to sleep. He's no doctor, but he can see that he just helped the man. At least for a couple of hours. "Rest well," Benjamin says quietly before wheeling himself out and back up to his room.

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