2008-03-24: A Little's Enough


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Summary: Sometimes little rescues are just as important as big ones.

Date It Happened: March 24th, 2008

A Little's Enough


After an afternoon of frustration, getting in trouble at school for just being herself (a show off), Jamie's returned to the activity that brings her the most joy next to acrobatics itself: Death-defying stunts. She's found two buildings about even in height, yet are farther apart than she's ever jumped before. Looking out over the gap, she sits just short of the edge, taking off her shoes and socks and dropping them over the edge of the building, and then taking her hoodie off to do the same. Leaving her in the t-shirt she wore for gym class today and jeans, she stands up and backs up to the far side of the roof, a straight path to the ledge in front of her. A grin on her face, she starts to run, speeding up as she nears the ledge. Timing her run perfectly to use her foot to push herself off as she comes to the ledge, she attempts to leap for the other side…

The plan was to leap to the other side. Turn into water if there was a misscalculation. Either way, she never gets to find out if she could make the jump or not.

There's a streak of black in the corner of her eye, a rush of wind, and something barrels into her. It isn't violently jarring, but it does force her to move, arms wrapping around her and pulling her in a quick direction upwards. "Someone should tell you not to jump off buildings," a voice says, and older mans. The flight continues to climb. "Don't panic, you're okay," he adds, slowing the flight down so she can feel more comfortable. Peter's counting on her not turning into water in a panic.

She does give a slight shriek as she's caught, but the fear is instant, surprise hitting her at a moment that she was tense, ready to try to react quickly. Then for a moment, she's still in Peter's arms as her mind catches up with what's going on, but then she lets out a cheer, "This is amazing! Lots better than jumping!" If she's recognized who's caught her yet, it isn't clear. She does add, though, "I'm not scared, really."

"Then I'll carry you around for a bit," Peter says raspily against the wind. He can only barely be heard, but slowing down helped with that. He shifts his hold so she can see better, without letting go. No one on the ground will be pointing up at them, though. Combining invisibility and flight may not be easy, but it's much more possible for him now than it was in years past. The flight continues until he circles around a building, moving back to the one she jumped from, so he can set her down. The man she briefly saw in the coffee house, the one who could turn into water— the man who sets her down looks similar, yet different. A deep slash across his face marks the most easily recognized change.

Jamie holds out her arms like she's a bird soaring as Peter flies her around, laughing happily. When she's set down finally as they land, she steps back with a bit smile, "That was the best! Thanks!" She then blinks, looking up to Peter as she finally recognizes him. "What happened to your face?"

"It's a long story," Peter says, letting her move back more so that he can glance off to the building she was jumping toward. A long story. And one he's going to dodge telling. His voice and expression are serious, a difference from the confused and bewildered look he'd had back in the coffee house. "You were going to miss, by about a foot," he says simply, voice whispered and raspy, eyes looking at the building. "You would have impacted the wall there," he gestures at an area, close to the roof's top, but not close enough for this situation. "The impact would knock you out instantly, making you unable to transform into water. You would've landed on the balcony just below, unconscious."

Jamie blinks, looking across to where Peter indicated. His statements don't instill any disbelief. Jamie's a naive girl, believing everybody's telling the truth… in this case, that probably helps the situation. "Wow." Still, it does bring up one question. She looks up to Peter again and asks, "How do you know?"

"We met about a month ago?" Peter asks, trying to get a baring on his timeline for the moment. The meeting with the young girl who could turn into water had been before his stay in Level 5. He knows that. Before. And a while after. "I know McAlister, and Erin," he says, looking back at the building. "A while after you hit the side of the building there, I was told what happened to you. It was too late to heal you completely at that point, but I was able to bring you out of the coma." Before he spoke in a future tense, now he's speaking in past tense. He looks back. "I'm from the future."

Jamie nods a little to the first question, "Erin said I shouldn't talk to you." That doesn't seem to be stopping her, of course. She smiles then and says, "You can travel in time too? Wow! Oh, thanks! Glad you stopped me then." She looks to the ledge again and back up to Peter, and asks, "Did you come all the way back just to save me?"

"Erin had reason to tell you that," Peter admits, jaw tight and voice serious. There's a furrow in his forehead that doesn't disappear even as the girl thanks him, and smiles. "I can do a lot of things. Your ability— and the abilities of anyone I come in contact with. I can time travel too." It would have been so much easier to just tell her he saw the future, painted it, dreamed it. But the truth might be better right now. No reason not to. "Not just to save you," he clarifies. But then the expression softens, finally, the walls breaking as wind coming off the roofs dislodges slicked back black hair, making it fall onto his forehead. "I think it's a change worth making, though."

Jamie steps forward to give the man a hug, stranger and warned against him she may have been, "Thanks." She steps back then and asks curiously, "What else did you come back for? Can I help? Owe ya now."

"You realize helping me would be far more dangerous than trying that jump again?" Peter asks, a question that doesn't really need to be answered outloud. Brown eyes settle on her for a long moment, flecks of green catching the sunlight. "I hadn't honestly considered you as factor, but now that I am…" He looks up toward the sky, then back down to her again, "I might be able to work you into something, but it'll take a little time. Knowledge is just as important as timing, and I'm lacking in knowledge right now." He shifts to pull out his wallet, finding a card that he can offer forward. "My name is Peter Petrelli, in case you didn't know for sure."

Jamie just grins at Peter's warning of danger, and says, "Not much scares me. And, if I can go water, nothing can hurt me either!" So she thinks, anyway. Then she nods again, serious now as she takes the card and looks at it. "Ok. I'm Jamie Clancy, but guess ya knew that too, huh? Whenever ya want my help, come find me! Even… 'specially if I'm in school," she adds.

"I can find you," Peter assures. Even though his side of the hug had been stiff and unreturned since he set her down on the rooftop, he touches the top of her head. Jamie Clancy. He probably did know that. His present self doesn't, but he'd intended to meet her, at McAlister's request. Until he got shoved into a room and locked away. "You know you shouldn't miss school. But if I have something specific you can help with, I'll see what I can do about getting you out for a couple hours. Think you can get down by yourself?" Without trying to jump to the next building?

Jamie grins as he says he'll see about getting her out of school, but at the last question she nods quickly, "Uh-huh. If anybody's down there to see, I'll just climb down the fire escape. If not, I'll turn to water and fall down."

Jamie blinks at that question and says, "I guess so." She shrugs then and says, "Never really thought 'bout it or nothing. But… if I'm hurt, and I'm water and I'm mixing with other water, and stay there long enough I forget what's me and what's not, I come out not hurt. So guess I am."

That makes him nod. Peter has something to factor into her attempt to help, now. "I'll see you sometime in the future, Jamie. Be more careful when you choose rooftops to jump across." With that said, he takes off from the roof, flying straight up into the sky until he vanishes from sight.

Jamie waves and looks up to watch Peter go, grinning, "Cool." Then she runs to the ledge, peeking out over to see if anybody's below. Then she stands up on the ledge, letting herself drop over the side and turning to water as soon as she starts to fall.

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