2007-12-09: A Matter Of Trust

WARNING: contains Season 3 Material.


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Summary: Elena and Peter chat while he cooks dinner for Sylar, regarding…well. Sylar.

Date It Happened: December 9th, 2007

A Matter Of Trust

Peter Petrelli's Apartment, East Centennial Apartments Building, New York

The apartment hasn't had much in the way of life the last week. Not since Peter captured Sylar and locked him up in Bat Country. Most of his nights have been spent there. Not the greatest news for his poor dog, but he'd asked his girlfriend to take care of her if she had the time, and he's tried to teleport in to make sure she's fed and taken for walks as she should be. But today it's different.

Smells of cooking comes from the kitchen, seeping under the door and into the hallway. It smells pretty good, too. Light also seeps out from the cracks.

The security chain has been removed, the deadbolt still locked, but it's pretty obvious he's home, and cooking. A radio plays in the background, light music that sounds like a movie soundtrack of some kind. Snowy sits near his feet, looking up at him as if begging for scraps from the meal he's cooking. None are forthcoming.

Something smells good. Even as Elena emerges into the fourteenth floor of their apartment building, heading for the door across from his, she could smell it. A small smile tugs up on her mouth. She doesn't knock yet however, and instead walks inside her own apartment after unlocking it so she could dump her bookbag and her winter jacket. It was getting cold out. After unwinding her scarf and removing the beanie from her head to rest both items on the counter, she absently tousles her hair with her fingers and searches her own refrigerator for something to munch on before dinner.

One would chastize her for ruining her appetite before dinner, but….to Elena, who's regained her monstrous appetite since she's been cured, that's really not a problem.

After locking her door again and munching on a pear, she moves over across the hall to knock on the door.

The knock on the door gains Peter's attention and he shifts some stuff around on the stove before he nudges Snowy out from under his feet and walks over to peek outside. Elena. The deadbolt is unlocked, the door is unlocked and opened. "Hey— you have a key, you know," he says with a hint of a smile, before he motions her inside. The dog is expecially happy to see her, barking joyfully as she bounds up to stand near her feet too. The poor white dog, still a puppy by breed standards, has spent more time around her than she has around her owner for the last couple of months.

"I'm only here long enough to cook." From the look of things, he's not cooking for himself alone, either— looks like there will be enough to serve at least three or four in what he's making. Or one Elena, maybe.

"Come on in, I wanted to see you. How are classes going?"

"I know, but you're home. Plus I just miss knocking on your door, it makes me feel nostalgic," Elena says with a cheeky grin, leaning up to kiss him lightly on the cheek and moving in. "Go figure the virus HAPPENS to get cured just a week before finals?" she grumbles. "Someone up there hates me. So I've been playing catch up with all my study groups from the last few days. Seeing my student counselor too because a professor of mine got a little concerned about my grades. I guess once you're out of commission for so long it's just taking a while, you know? Nadia's….that wasn't helping any either."

There's a slight frown on her mouth, but then she gives Peter a smaller smile. "At least I wasn't kicked out of Dance Corps," she tells him ruefully, closing the door behind her. "Anyways, whatever it is, it smells good - what are you making?"

She follows him to the kitchen. "Do you need any help? And…where are you going?" she asks, furrowing her brows at him.

"At least you can tell them what you had— the Gemini Virus got a lot of publicity. You could probably get Cass or Dr. Applebaum to sign off on it so your scholarship board knows that you— had a legitimate excuse. In case they're that concerned, at least." Peter's not worrying too much about her education, because he knows how smart she is, and knows she can recover with all of her usual hardwork and then some. "I have missed you, though— but I'm glad you're feeling better and getting back to your life again. The virus messed everything up for a while…"

Thanks to him. But he doesn't say it again. At least they have the cure, and some clues as to what could happen— whoever this woman involved in it happens to be, he's sure they can figure out how to convince her to not do what she did in the future.

"Oh, it's… just alfredo mostaccioli," he says, looking toward the pasta. "And… I'm cooking for Sylar. I figure a normal meal might help him feel like less of a prisoner— especially since I…" He trails off, moving back to his pasta and the cooking of it. "I'm going to try to help him. I asked him about what happened to him, and I think it might be the fault of his ability— a side effect of it. He described it as a hunger— almost like an addiction."

"I probably could get Dr. Applebaum to do it, yeah." Cass doesn't have a medical license….her word won't fly, but Samantha's would. "Though it shouldn't take me too long to get back on track. I've been trying to keep up while I was sick. Still, it's great to actually go on campus again. And I missed my friends. And my boyfriend, who I think you know very well." She grins at him teasingly and leans against the counter, crossing her arms over her chest. "Meeting new people. My student counselor's pretty cool actually. Very easy to talk to."

At least he doesn't say that, and there is a cure. It was found, being distributed. The world didn't cave. People are still alive. It's really all they could ask for, for now.

"That sounds good, it smells delicious," she says. Though at what he says, her brows furrow. "Sylar?" She looks skeptical, even when he details what she says. "Peter I…I'm really glad you didn't kill him," she says. She could never encourage anyone to. Much less Peter. He isn't a killer. "….but….are you sure? I mean….he's not exactly the most trustworthy person around."

"I know what he's capable of Elena, believe me," Peter says softly, shaking his head. "What he could do in the future, what he's done in the past— but if there's even a chance that he's not acting on his own free will, if he actually wants to change— he deserves the chance to whether he's actually related to me or not. I promise I'll be careful, though— I won't let him endanger anyone if I can help it." And if he does… "He's being given a chance. If he gives it up… then I'll deal with it."

Which of course means killing him.

But— there was something she said before that which he chooses to acknowledge after saying this, perhaps to distract her. He moves away from hos cooking, to where she's leaning against the counter. Stove cooking warmed hands touch her neck. She's probably still cold, so such a thing will actually feel pretty good to her, before he leans in and kisses her. It doesn't last too long, just enough to warm her mouth and get his point across. "I missed you too," he says, nudging his nose against hers as he pulls away.

"I know but….I just don't think….if someone tried to kill me several times I wouldn't be so easy to trust him either. Just….alright, be careful, okay?" Elena says, looking a little more worried despite herself. "I mean, he is being held in Cass's clinic and people do come in there on occasion. I know people don't stay there overnight but it's not like he's not awake during the day too." She shakes her head. "Have you tried using…you know. Just telling him not to kill people?"

She knows he doesn't like taking someone's free will away. But the man was a murderer, and it was better than Peter actually being forced to kill him. "It's not like he's felt remorse before. What if he's just saying that so you'll lower your guard before…"

Her words are cut off, her face tilted up as he kisses her, and his warm hands soothing on the sides of her neck. She kisses him back - however tender but brief it is, and when he eases away a bit, she opens her eyes partway. "…that's not going to work all the time, you know," she murmurs.

\May not work all the time, but it works right now. Peter kind of smiles a bit, the corner of his mouth tugging in one direction before he goes and leans forward again. This time for a little longer, closing his eyes. "Works enough," he whispers against her lips when he breaks away this time. He cheats too sometimes. Still, he has to talk about some of the things she said, the points she made, so he breaks away to go back to his cooking while he addresses them.

"I don't completely trust him. And I'm going to get him out of Bat Country as soon as I find somewhere else— perferably with good locks. I'm going to be careful— not just with myself, but with everyone else who could get involved." He's not about to risk other people if he can help it, though he knows he'll need to call on people to help him out.

"According to him— he has felt remorse before. Even tried to kill himself after his first murder. But the Company found him and… I don't know all the details, but he said they practically handed him the next victim. Knowing the Company and some of the people in it… I think he's telling the truth enough for me to listen to what he said there." For the moment. Not hold it as the full truth, but… "I also asked Mara about it, since I know she studied him using her visions more than once… she felt it too, a guilt. I'm not pinning all my hopes on it, but he's asking for help, and I'm not about to turn him away."

The food is mostly done, so he turns off the burners and starts to pull down containers to take it to Bat Country in.

She could feel his smile against her mouth, and Elena can't help but return it, and the kiss that follows, disengaging one hand pressed against the counter to cup one side of his face as he does. And when he pulls away to whisper, she chuckles. "For now," Elena murmurs, her eyes opening just a bit to give him a -look-, but she does drop her hand from his face so she could lean further into the counter. When he returns to his cooking, she stays out of his way. A hand lifts to tuck a lock of her hair behind her ear this time, contenting herself to eyeing him prepare dinner.

For a killer.

Who was also his brother.


"Talk to Jack," Elena suggests. "He's got a few hidey-holes around the city, and if there's anyone who knows how to get in and out of someplace, without flash and flare, it's him…..I've seen him convert the Den into a holding cell for him when he was forcibly detoxing himself. I bet you he'll have an idea where to stash someone dangerous like Sylar, if you don't want to go to the Company." Yes, get him out of Bat Country ASAP.

She frowns. "Wait, so the Company deliberately….are you -kidding me-?" No of course he isn't. This was Peter. He wouldn't joke about something like that. She rubs her face, and she shakes her head. "I shouldn't be surprised but even then it's…who the hell do these people think they are?" How can any organization that tries to 'protect' the public encourage someone to kill like that?

Whenever Peter turns around, she looks irritated. Again, with the Company and their questionable methods. Now there wasn't any going back for Sylar. A continued taste like that…if that story were true.

No going back is pretty harsh. But Peter marginally nods at the mention of Jack, a hint of one at least. It's a good thought, a good idea, but he's afraid to call on the man for something like this, too. He won't admit his real reason for getting him out of Bat Country faster is because Cass went behind his back and woke the man up while he was away, stuffing him full of something to block his abilities… without testing it on him first. He's doing it half for the man's sake as much as for Cass and anyone who might visit Bat Country.

"I'm not going to ask you to trust him, Elena— and I don't want you involved anymore than you already are. I do want you to trust me, though." Because he thinks he's doing the right thing in this, and very likely no one can convince him otherwise except the murderer himself. By betraying what faith he's put in him to give it an honest try.

He lets his food cool for a time as he moves to look back at her, reaching up to touch her face again. Inevitably he will gravitate back to her, closer, tactile communication. "I'm not like them. I just want to teach him how to manage his ability— I was given the chance to do the same, when I could have killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people."

"I do trust you," Elena affirms softly. "I just— well that's the rub, isn't it? I trust you, I just don't trust him?" Every person had to have this same conversation with someone else they were close to. She crosses her arms over her chest again, but hopefully he'll listen to her suggestion. She has absolutely no idea what Cass did to Sylar, but she wasn't about to tempt fate and interact with a serial killer. ONE time was enough, and she hasn't thought about Carter for a while since.

"As long as you're careful, okay?" she asks. And that's really all she could ask of him. He's determined to do this, and it was a sight better than hearing about how he was going to kill him like she has been a few months ago.

When he touches her face, her hand lifts to touch the hand. She gives him a small smile. "I understand…like I said before, Peter, you alrways try to do the right thing, even if it isn't the surest bet in the world." She closes her eyes and leans her face against his palm. "I just don't want anything else to happen to you. At least…not so soon."

"I'll be careful," Peter repeats, keeping his hands on her face. She's definitely distracting him, which has sadly been something they've not been able to do since the night before he decided to go after Sylar for real. Almost every night he's spent at Bat Country, and he hasn't been sleeping much during that time. If he could abuse time travel a little more, he might do so to get back some of the hours, do what he wants to do, and still watch Sylar.

"It may not be a sure bet, but… I'll deal with it and nothing'll happen to me if I can help it, I promise," he leans in again, nudging his nose against hers and then drawing in for yet another kiss, a longer one.

The food continues to cool on the stove, not quite cold enough for packaging up yet. And he's far more interested in kissing her at the moment. She's such a distraction.

She doesn't really mean to distract. Though they haven't really been in the same room for over a month and they've got some catching up to do. Her face taken again, she nods, though Elena tilts her face up so she could meet his eyes. "Alright. Remember, you promised me," she tells him quietly. And she's definitely holding him to that. No more dying. She doesn't need to hear about him getting injured all over again.

Her lips part for his own and her arms curl around him when she realizes he's not going anywhere. Not for a while at least. Stepping closer, given he seems to be hunting for a distraction, she gives it willingly. It lasts a while, and it's not long that she's shifting so she could curl her arms around his neck and stay there.

She has to breathe eventually. Breaking apart and resting her forehead against his. "When are you coming back tonight?" she asks. It's winter. It's cold.

"I won't be coming back tonight," Peter says softly, closing his eyes and sighing regretfully. "I have to go back to Bat Country and keep an eye on Sylar. I'm sorry." It sounds as if he legitimately regrets this. "I promise I'll make it up to you someday soon, once I figure out exactly what's going on with him, and how to deal with it."

And the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks he should call Jack. Though he'd have to make it very clear to the man that he doesn't want him to be harmed if he can help it. Tormenting the poor man would only make his situation worse, and that's not what he wants to do.

"In fact I better pack up the food and get back there."

"Don't worry about it," Elena assures him, reaching up to cup his face with both her hands to give him a small smile. "You have things to do. And I'm not going anywhere anyway." And with that, she lets go of him, to let him finish packing up food and head back over so he could watch the serial killer and…brother? Half brother? She didn't know, but she said she trusted him, and she wasn't lying about it when she did.

She eases away from him so he could start on working on his package. "I better go do a bit more studying before bed." She'll sleep in her own apartment tonight. It's been a while and she did miss her bed. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay? If you're still monitoring him at Bat Country, I can stop by and bring you lunch…" Unless he doesn't want her anywhere nearby when Sylar's awake. It's a sentiment she appreciates. And she's not one to tempt fate like that either.

"I wouldn't let you go anywhere," Peter says with a final kiss before he moves away to do the preparing. Before he gets tempted to do more than this. "I'd like it if you did stop by with lunch, thank you," he says, not really seeming as concerned about it as he should be. It's just lunch. What are the odds this man will choose that hour to betray what trust he's put in him?

He starts to move the food into containers, grabbing napkins and silver ware so they have something to eat with. It would seem he fully intends to eat this too. Maybe he cooked for Cass as well. Who knows?

"Good luck with your studying. I'll see you tomorrow."

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