2007-03-06: A Modicum Of Control


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Date It Happened: March 06, 2007

Summary: Claudine starts to get restless in the custody of the Company. Dr. Katsambis promptly puts her in her place.

A Modicum of Control

Somewhere in NY

It's another lovely day at the hospital. If you're inclined to consider a day lovely, be the application sincere or sarcastic. Aletheia is mostly just focused on the day rather than its quality, and today, she's decided to pay a visit to the patients' halls. Dressed in a neatly pressed suit, hair bound tightly back and clipboard in hand, she raps on Claudine's door. That's the only warning; a couple of moments afterwards, the doctor simply opens the door and walks in.

Yet another battery of tests was just recently completed, and Claudine was just putting on her clothes after taking a shower. The tests results were fine. She moved some earth, changed some earth, and she did her usual thing. As the door opens though, she raises her brows and cants herhead to the side, not recognizing the woman at all as she says, "Um..hello.." rather meekly.

"Hello," is the automatic response. Dr. Katsambis offers Claudine a small, polite smile even as her gaze flicks over the room. The only thing it pauses on is the stack of books, to which Aletheia nods slightly. It might be approval, but she does make a note on her clipboard. Whatever that means. Her attention returns to Claudine. "Dr. Katsambis," she offers, by way of introduction. "You're settling in all right?" Even if that's surely been asked before.

"I..guess so. I hope I dont have to settle in too much to where it'll be a really extended stay.." Claudine admits ruefully as she looks over towards the doctor, not knowing who she is at all, or what she's doing here. "Pleasure to meet you Dr. Katsambis..and um..what do you do?" she asks curiously while canting her head to the side.

Aletheia inclines her head to Claudine, although she doesn't offer any opinion either way on the girl's potential 'length of stay'. She makes another note, then slides the pencil through the clip and lowers the board. "I do all the paperwork," the doctor remarks. If there was any humor in that statement, it's bone-dry. If. "Who's handling your case, again?" Immediately to the point. Maybe someone's under evaluation.

Both women are currently in Claudine's room, just chit chatting after the patient has just finished a series of tests evaluating her progress with control of her powers and to what limits she can do. Of course, she hasnt been pushed to the utter limit, but that's because the one handling her case doesnt want to push her too far.

"Um..Dr. Suresh is handling my case, I believe.." Claudine says matter of factly, not really liking to be referred to as such as well,it makes her seem like a patient..as if she's sick. And in her mind, she's quite the opposite..she just has a few control issues..like ya know..causing earthquakes under duress..

Aletheia nods as Claudine speaks, apparently finding the answer acceptable. It doesn't seem to merit another written note. The woman cants her head slightly, regarding Claudine steadily. "How do you feel about that?" It's a curious query, but a fairly impersonal one; Thea clearly isn't one of those doctors with a warm bedside manner, as it were.

"He's rather pleasant. I like him.." Claudine admits ruefully, as well, he hasnt done anything to get on her badside, and well, it seems like he's wanting to make sure she's okay. "He's quite attentive and knows when to stop the tests to where nothing bad happens. I can appreciate that.."

To these statements, Aletheia nods more slowly; although she gives no sign whether she approves or disapproves of Claudine's observations. She just takes the time to write another line or two. "Very well." A beat. "Is there any comment you would like to make regarding your stay here thus far?"

"I'd like to leave, go back to my friends and go to classes.." Claudine says matter of factly, as she's already missed so much, at least in her mind. And then there's the people she cares about as well, those she doesnt want to end up here.

Aletheia does write that down. Even if the note's probably a superfluous one - how many patients say that? "Everything else has been acceptable, then?" she rephrases, green eyes lifting to the girl.

"Acceptable? In what sense? In that while I'm not physically harmed, I'm treated as an experimental object to see what I can or cant do? Or are you talking about that my human rights are being violated because I'm being kept against my own will when I haven't done anything wrong? Tell me, Dr. Katsambis..is any of this acceptable?" Claudine asks, slightly irritated with the woman's rather curt responses…

The girl's irritation doesn't seem to affect Aletheia much at all. "And were you not here, Miss Salonga, what then? When your powers broke loose? Perhaps then there would be -" A nod towards the textbooks. "- no university for you to study in, no friends to study with." The clipboard is again tucked away. "How acceptable is it to leave that possibility wide open? Here, you have a safer environment in which to learn control, but every opportunity has its costs." That seems to conclude the doctor's thoughts on the matter and the encounter as well, as she moves for the door.

"I did nothing wrong. I left every time I felt my powers were getting out of control.." Claudine says as the anger inside her builds up, to a point where she's almost shouting now. she's expecting some rumbles, but surprisingly there are none and she wrinkles her nose, softening her tone. 'I…I've gained a modicum of control over my powers..I'm not a danger to you or anyone else anymore..I don't see why I still need to stay here.."

Aletheia pauses in the doorway, looking back to Claudine. "You should recognize," the doctor observes, "that 'a modicum' is not yet control." As simple and as literal as that, right through the hole in Claudine's argument. And then Dr. Katsambis leaves, closing the door gently behind her.

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