2008-03-16: A Moment In Russia


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Summary: A time traveler steps into Russian territory. All because of a girl.

Date It Happened: March 16, 2008

A Moment In Russia


It's a little hotel, in the middle of goddamn nowhere along the Trans-Siberian railroad. Kamyshlov. Another day, another place, another anonymous room. Misha is out, taking care of business, as Fel walks hand in hand with Sasha along the station, showing her the trains along the sidings. He's talking to her in English, but there's plenty of Russian mixed in, making it a sort of father-daughter pidgin. Both are bundled warmly, breath clouding on the afternoon air.

It took some time to locate them, but luckily, someone happens to have all the time in the world. A man stands off in the distance, near the station, holding a pocket watch open. Dark eyes check the dials one more time, before he snaps it shut and begins to approach the father and daughter. The way he carries himself looks like someone who's seen and done far too much, but there's also a familiar air about him. The coat isn't near warm enough for this cold, but he doesn't seem too quick to get inside. Long and black, falling down to heavy boots. No scarf, but a hat is pulled down over his head, black, covering the tops of his ears, the top of his forehead. This does not serve to cover a deep rivet across his skin, slicing up from one of his cheeks and disappearing under the hat. "Agent Ivanov," he says once he's close enough to speak. The bone structure, the face, it's familiar, but at least one detail is very much off. That and thick black stubble.

Two pairs of blue eyes fix on Peter's face, and Felix, futilely and reflexively, interposes himself between Sasha and Petrelli. "Petrelli," he says, even as Sasha peers around him. "You…..don't look well," Clearly censoring himself for the benefit of the six-year old. "Forgive me, but what do you want? This is a long way to come, I know."

Two eyes, though one set holds his attention more than the first. Peter looks down, into the eyes of the young girl. For a moment, his harsh expression softens, before he sets his jaw and looks up at her father. "Longer than you know," he says with a hint of irony. There's a pause, and then a soft whispered voice begins to talk in the back of the man's ear. I know you're still thinking of taking her to my father. I strongly advise against it.

Felix's expression, in turn, sets into something grim and resolute. He speaks aloud, but it's in murmured Russian. « I know you have many abilities. Are you yet a polygot? Do you understand me?» "Papa, Papa," Sasha whispers, "Who is that?" Fel smoothes her hair with a gloved hand. "That's Pyotr, tsarevna. He's a friend."

«I can understand you,» Peter responds, voice rasped, but Russian more or less accurate. The accent even carries similarities to the man's own accent. «Does she understand us?» He glances down at the girl, as if curious how much Russian she speaks. There'd been separation from her family, but that doesn't mean she wasn't taught. There's that softened expression again. Maybe he likes children? "We've helped each other in the past," switching back to English rather quickly. When his eyes shift away, back up toward the father, he adds on in Russian, «And in the future.»

She merely clings the harder to him. «No. They took that from her, too,» Bitter much? Like unsweetened chocolate. «She's learning, but for now, it's English she knows. Your father. I have no love for him, but as far as I'm aware, he's her one chance at a normal life. Do you have an alternative, Petrelli? She can't grow up hunted by your parents' minions. She's suffered enough already. As has her mother.» Fel's eyes are wary, cold.

«And how many others have to suffer just so she can live a normal life?» Peter asks, eyes narrowing, voice deepening. It's still raspy, but now it's tightened, tenser than before. «You know what her ability can do. What's the worst possible thing that someone could do with it, could use it for? You have every reason to want to protect your own.» He glances down at her again, a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth. It's not genuine, it doesn't touch much beyond that corner, but it lightens his expression. «But at what cost? There's always an alternative.»

«Let it be someone else's burden. I don't -care-, Petrelli. I want the Company and Pinehearst out of our lives, and so long as she can do what she does, they or someone like them will be after her. Give me a way to remove it that doesn't give it to your father, and I will do it. I want it gone.» As if her power were a parasite, an infection. The Agent's voice is a hiss, vehement. Sasha's eyes are wide with worry.

«It's your burden,» Peter says, eyes narrowing again as he looks at Felix. «That is her ability, and you're wanting to hand it over to someone who will use it to— » There's a tension as he bites down on the words, on the growing yell of anger. It's hard to pretend he's a friend when he's getting upset over it. «You're rushing into things. Children aren't stupid, Felix. Or blind. She'll know what happened. And how do you think she'll feel if she suspects what her ability is used for?» He keeps looking at Felix this time, probably to avoid inadvertently glaring at a young girl.

Sasha can't help herself. She whimpers, "Stop fighting," and Fel glances down, instantly apologetic. "I'm sorry," he says, putting the edge of his coat around her. "Just an argument. It'll be okay," he assures her, before looking back to Peter. «The Company had her for years, Peter. They took her memory. She doesn't remember her native language or her true mother. Nothing you've said offers me any hope of stopping this unending pursuit. Keep trying, Petrelli. What should I do, then?»

A slow breath is needed to calm himself down, Peter looks at the young girl again, and avoids glaring. Barely. Jaw still tight, mouth pressed together. He still looks tense. «I could try to give her back her memory. I can't give back the years she was seperated from her mother, but I could reverse that.» There's a pause, he looks up at the older man, though he's not much older man. «She needs time, and time is not what you're giving her.» Time is all that he has right now. «Arthur kidnapped my mother. I intend to make sure Pinehearst is destroyed. And saving my mother might get you clemency for what you've already done. Cause even if you strip your daughter of her ability… The Company won't stop coming after you and your wife for betraying them.»

What Peter's offering is valuable enough to give Felix pause. « You could do that?» His tone is tentative. «Time is not what we have. The Company pursues, so does your father. Nowhere is safe, Peter. You think helping you destroy Pinehearst might buy off your mother? What's to keep them from fucking us all? They can take memories, they'd make me forget I ever had a child. » He looks Peter over. «They don't seem to heed you, Peter. How can you bargain on your mother's behalf?»

«And what will keep them from taking your memories even if you hand her over to my father? They'll still be after you and your wife,» Peter says bluntly, looking at them plainly. «They hold your wife responsible for the death of Bob Bishop. At the very least she'll have cell underground with her name on it. And you as well, most likely. How would that give your daughter a normal life? One without an ability, but one without parents as well.» There's a stubborn set to his jaw, but he's avoiding yelling again. «Help rescue my mother and you may not need me to act as a bargaining chip to get her to listen to you.»

«Your father is responsible for Bishop's death. He duped my wife.» Felix says, very softly. «I'm willing to try, I'm not terribly interested in further involvement in this family feud, but it seems to just keep coming. So, we rescue your mother. Is she going to kill your father, Peter? Forgive the pun, but it's perpetually robbing Peter to pay Paul. How do we get -out-?»

«I know he is, but there's some people who won't forget your wife's part in it. Just like you— and I— won't forget their part in turning you against them in the first place,» Peter says, still speaking in the Russian tones, but he's starting to slip on the accent a little. Almost as if he picked it up from multiple areas, or multiple people. He glances down at the man's daughter again. That's why they turned against Primatech. That's why they went to Pinehearst. «Getting into something is a lot easier than getting out of it. But right now you're not on either side. You're trapped in the middle.»

Felix strokes Sasha's hair, but there's an air of resignation there, now. «So, we help you, Peter. Your mother is free. Perhaps the Company leaves us alone for a little. Your father, he'll come after us. Triple agents. Where does it end, Petrelli?» His tone doesn't hold out much hope.

«You're not helping me, Ivanov,» Peter corrects, watching the hand that rubs the daughter's hair. «You're working for her, for your daughter. For your wife. As soon as my part here is done, I'm gone. In fact— the sooner I'm gone, the better.» There's something in his tone, before he looks down at Sasha and speaks to her, "I'm sorry if I startled you, Sasha. I've heard a lot about you." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a card. «My cellphone number. It won't work here, but I'm sure your wife can find a place that it will get through. If you want to try to get her memories back, we can. I will warn you, it could be dangerous, though. She might not like everything that she remembers. And your wife should have a say in it, as her mother.»

Felix takes the card without hesitation, tucks it away. «I'll speak to her, when she's back.» His tone is calm again. Sasha merely nods, but doesn't abandon her clutching grip on Felix's coat.

«My mother tried to kill him once already. But I'll give you one piece of advice,» Peter sticks with the Russian, and reaches to to touch his face, right above his nose, where the scar breaks thanks to the natural curve of his features. «One bullet right here. If you can catch him off guard. Which will be nearly impossible, but it's the only way to kill him now.» Telling an former(?) FBI/Company Agent how to murder his own father? Things are different. «But only attempt it if you're sure that anyone with you can get away safely if you fail.» He takes a step back, and then begins to move away, turning his back to them.

Felix inclines his head, gravely. That's monstrous. But arguably, all three of those present are monsters, in more ways than one.

Before he even manages to get out of sight, the dark dressed figure just vanishes. There one moment, gone the next. Peter's long dismissed the possibility that people actually pay attention, or think much on it after a moment if they see it. People can usually dismiss anything as a trick of light.

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