2007-10-14: A Monumental Occasion


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Summary: No seriously it is. Erin doesn't blame Caleb!

Date It Happened: October 14th, 2007

A Monumental Occasion

On The Set of One Life To Live

"Hey, over here," she says, waving her arm at one of the set assistants. Mike? Is that his name? Why are there so many people named Mike? Is it just that so many parents actually liked the name 'Mike,' or that they needed something to name their kid and picked the first thing that came to mind?

The set is damp. Humid. The lights overhead are hot, and almost everyone is uncomfortable. This is what you get when you're having a scene in a rainy fortress, though! Mike brings the spray bottle over to Erin, who's standing up on a folding ladder, and she sprays gel stuff all over a fake tree. It's supposed to look like water.

Notably, despite the hot set, she's wearing long sleeves, when almost everyone who's not in wardrobe is in t-shirts and tank tops. The sleeves cover her hands, which feel a lot better, but still look pretty gross. And she'd rather not explain why her hands are bruised.

Eventually, she climbs down the ladder, handing the bottle back to Mike. "Look, less breaks, okay?" she says, a bit more snappishly than she means to, and turns to check the rest of the set.


There's one thing to be said about playing the creepy guy in a lab coat. He always wears a lab coat. Caleb stands by, a few pages in his hands of lines he was meant to memorise last night and didn't, not thoroughly. If it wasn't humid already, it'd be enough to make him sweat, but no, the temperature has that covered. So rather than line reading, he takes the pages and fans himself, heaving out a sigh and taking in the surroundings while he waits. You'd be surprised how much waiting there is in these situations.

It's then he spots Erin, fanning pages pausing for a moment before resuming, Caleb ducking his head and considering the option of finding a spot to hide. But who knows when someone with a clipboard is going to need him somewhere soon, so he stays put anyway, even as he unbuttons his lab coat to get a little bit of breathing room. Christ, could it be warmer? Everyone around him, in contrast, has things to do and places they need to be - Caleb instead stands still and a little awkward.


More yelling. Erin's in a bad mood, though oddly, she isn't making everyone sick. Maybe it's the work that's helping. Or maybe she reserves her actual rage for her family. Wouldn't that be special? More likely, it's the fact that she's always thinking about it here. Always being careful. At least she doesn't look near as tired as she looked yesterday.

Someone approaches her, and the yelling stops momentarily. Blue eyes glance upward toward where the woman is pointing, and her eyes soften a bit when they land on Caleb. Erin nods, then turns to head toward him. Well, this gives her an excuse to talk to him, anyway, considering the fact that she hasn't said a word to him since she and Mika left his apartment.

"Cay, makeup says they need you in twenty. Probably touchups or whatever." She reaches for his shoulder, then thinks better of it. Erin? Not good at this sibling thing. "…Are you all right?" she almost demands. Wait, that wasn't how it was supposed to sound. "Talk to me."


Caleb turns to Erin, and instantly looking down at the partial script in his hands where he'd crudely highlighted his own lines in a hurry, in fact, on the bus ride over. "Okay, I'll head over there," he says in his usual bland tone, and makes a move to go. Despite the fact that he was told to go in twenty minutes, it might be useful to at least camp out nearby and read his lines rather than just stand around and avoid eye contact with people.

But she's reaching for his shoulder, and though her hand doesn't find purchase, it's enough to make him pause and look back at her. Which. Traps him into that next question which was one he was hoping to avoid. "I'm fine," he says, but even his usual sullenness is amped up more than it should be. He resumes fanning himself with a rustle of paper. "Really. Did you see a doctor?"


"Okay. That's. Good." Good idea to head over to makeup when they need you. Time constraints and all. And Erin has work to do on the set or something, despite the fact that the other techs are looking at her as if they're really wishing she'd disappear today. "Uh. I'll walk with you. Maybe these idiots won't destroy the set while I'm gone." Glaring at some poor intern, she starts heading in that direction.

Collectively, the set breathes a sigh of (temporary) relief. Sure, Erin can be nice, but today, they'd rather face Godzilla. Or a pack of velociraptors.

Hungry velociraptors. "No, I didn't. They look pretty bad, but they don't hurt as much. I think everything's okay." Or will be, once the black and blue goes away. She's still keeping her hands covered, shoved into her pockets. "Got the feeling you didn't know you could do that. Sorry, I was a little too delirious with pain to point that out Sunday." Wait, no, that's wrong. Try not to be a snot for once, Erin. "Sorry. Look, I know what you're going through. I can't really help, but…


Caleb opens his mouth— then shuts it again, simply heading off towards makeup and allowing Erin to follow along, looking a little resigned as to this conversation, nervously fidgeting with the script in hand. He nods along with her when she tells him about her hands, feeling a little bit of tension untwist inside him that no, he didn't permanently deform her. Because he's done a lot of tricks with his ability.

But he had never fixed anything he'd done before that Sunday. What if he hadn't been able to?

He raises an eyebrow and shrugs when she accurately notes that no, he didn't know he could apply his power onto people, and glances at her as she sort of— attempts the older sister thing. That's enough to draw in sliiightly out of his shell of defensiveness. "You want to help?" he asks, with a slight note of surprise, glancing her way. "I crushed your hands. You don't have to help." He's pretty sure he'd be pissed at him.


She walks along in silence for awhile. She wasn't angry so much as she was scared. And while that could have been enough to trigger her ability, it didn't. Maybe it was the pain, or the desperation of the situation. The self-preservation - kill your brother, and you're probably not going to get this fixed. As they head into a side hallway, she pulls one of her hands out of her pocket, about to show him what he did, then… She thinks better of it and keeps it covered. Was that forthought? Stop the presses.

"Well, yeah, Cay," she says. Sure, there's a little wince when she recalls the pain he'd caused. "But I've almost killed you twice now. I'd say we're even. Ish." The words are forced. She makes a face that might be ill, or something of that nature. "Not that I really want you to— You know. Ever. Ever again. But…" How did he put it when her eyes were glowing? "I guess it's kind of cool. I mean, Mikayla obviously hasn't told anyone, or we'd be locked up by now, and… I think— I don't know. You want me to be mad at you?"


"Well no," Caleb says, glancing at her with visible irritation that fades as quickly as it occurs, and he drags a hand through his hair, resting his palm against the back of his neck as they wander through the studio. "I won't," he says, with a shrug, kind of mumbling most of what he's saying as he continues to not really look at her. "I won't do it again. At all, if I can help it. It was too easy to do. It's not cool. It's not even awesome." Because cool and awesome are different, and his superpowers qualify for neither right now.


Erin frowns. Seriously, this isn't her thing. As if hoping for Mika or Janet to spontaniously appear, she looks over her shoulder. No such luck. Her hands are already out of her pockets, so she… reaches over to awkwardly take Caleb's hand, holding it in her own that are still covered by her sleeves. "Look. See? You won't. It's okay." No, it's not. They're both dangerous.

They could both kill someone accidentally. What if he'd taken her face instead of her hands? What if he'd tried to give her a hug? It could have been so much worse than it was. She swallows, lip curling up just a little as she stops in front of him. Cue inspiration here. Something that may or may not make him feel better. For some reason, it's important that she gets him through this. Besides Ali, he's the only one who might understand, and he's family. Maybe her motives are selfish.

"At least it was me, and not some random guy in the zoo or something."


When Erin takes his hand, Caleb tries desperately not to flinch away. But he visibly tenses, along the shoulders, jaw clenching, before slooowly unwinding. Even so, his hand is carefully loose in hers, the other more tightly clenching the partial script to his chest. "It could have been some random guy at the zoo," he says, still at a mumble. "Don't you think that's how I found out about this? By accident? I'm just lucky it wasn't on a person." He shakes his hand free of her clasp, wrapping his arms about himself and keeping those pages pinned.

So far, he's come off as mostly sullen and broody, which isn't really a change from the normal for him, even if it is a little more heavy-handed than usual. But now Caleb pauses, and with a little less defensiveness and more regretful honesty, he says, a little quieter, "I'm really sorry, Erin."


Erin looks down at Caleb's hand before he pulls it away, then looking up to meet his eyes. She doesn't like being put in this position, where she has to worry for someone else. But here she is, concerned. Not only that, but she's empathising with her weird brother. There's a slight twitch of her lip. For anyone else, she would just say deal with it. She had to - she has to, and the very thought of having to help someone else through this is…


"Cay," she says quietly, gently, reaching for his hand again, then reaching up for his shoulder, instead. "It hurt, okay? But I, you know. L… You're my brother. And, you know." Yes, she loves him. But seriously, no, she's not saying it.


Stony silence for a moment, before a smile finally occurs, as small and crooked as it may well be. It's almost smug, because— well. Because. But he can be smug without a smile, so the fact that he is is a good thing, right? His hands don't actually touch her, but he does hook an arm about her shoulders, pulling her into a half-hug. "Yeah, I know," he says, before releasing her. Sappy moment over, his expression back to its usual stoic boredom, backing up from her again. "So. Is Mikayla okay with— stuff?" He didn't really talk much with either of them, despite the sleep over.


Good. Good, he's not making her say it, thank god. Sighing, she leans into the hug and runs a hand through her hair, pulling it back into her sleeve when she's done so. "You make it seem like it's all your fault." God, admitting that she wasn't actually the victim here? Perish the thought. "It wasn't like you weren't under a little stress, so…" See? Not his fault, and not hers, either. MIKAYLA. It's all her fault! Speaking of, though… "I don't know. She seemed okay, and she bounces back from stuff, but I don't know. Just put yourself in her shoes and imagine you just found out two of your siblings are freaks of nature. I'd be scared, too."


Caleb awkwardly fidgets with the hems of his sleeves, which are rolled up to his forearms - wardrobe won't be happy with that but it's freaking hot, okay. "I dunno," he replies, glancing at her face then back down to his hands. "I found out you were a freak and it was pretty okay. Even after you tried to kill me." This isn't said quietly, and a random person With A Clipboard walking by looks at them askance, but hey, they're actors, and it sounds like something straight from the show, so no one calls the police, to put it mildly.

Still, he's a little more relaxed, now. Erin doesn't hate him for almost deforming her hands and severely bruising them besides, and she's even shifting the blame away! A monumental occasion.

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