2007-03-15: A Morning In The Park


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Summary: Stefanie runs into Sakura in Central Park. Flirting ensues.

Date It Happened: March 15, 2007

A Morning In The Park

Central Park

A decent, yet dark Saturday morning. Clouds abound, yet the rain subsides for now. Stefanie is walking along the park, beige raincoat fastened but umbrella is closed. She decides to stop for a breather and takes a seat on a bench. A few of the die-hards are out as well, a group of students practicing tai chi on a grassy knoll by a set of trees. The temperature's moderate, and birds are flitting about. Typical NYC pidgeons flock the area.

Among the group of tai chi students is one that…doesn't exactly fit in. She's obviously not matching the movements of the group, or, in some cases, even coming close. Barefoot and dressed only in black martial arts pants and a white tanktop, Sakura lets each of her movements flow, the movement free but the finish strong.

Stefanie takes a deep breath, enjoying the morning and the weather. No responsibilities. No stress. She just sighs happily and smiles. It could only be better if the sun were shining and it were about ten degrees warmer. She watches the group nd peers, a chuckle as she peers Sakura, definately checking Sakura out.

The young Japanese girl remains oblivious to Stefanie's presence for the moment, mostly due to the whole…she's going through her routine with her eyes closed thing. The last movement, however, is a single punch in Stefanie's direction, and with a sharp exhaling of breath, Sakura's eyes open…to catch sight of the girl, flashing a smile and finger-waving.

Stefanie smiles brightly and waves back to the girl. Something catches her eye, as a wildflower blooms in the grass next to her spot on the bench. She giggles to herself at first, then her face turns dark.. Fear of her unchecked power slides in, but then a thought. She can control this one flower, right? She reaches over and pciks the flower before anyone notices, placing the stem behind her ear, turning her attention back to Sakura.

By this point, the tai chi instructor is a bit upset with Sakura, if for nothing else than confusing the students of his class. Only slightly sarcastically, Sakura bows to him, picks up her shoes from off toe the side, and kinda trots over to Stefanie, a smile on her face as she offers her traditional greeting; a tiny bow and the word "Konnichiwa."

Stefanie smiles and bows back slightly in return. "Konnichiwa. What're you up to this morning?" She asks calmly, leaning back on the bench. She watches as another flower starts to bloom next to the one she'd just picked…

Sakura offers a little shrug, "Well…I WAS practicing my katas…" She looks back, the childish aspect of her personality showing as she sticks her tongue out toward the tai chi class, "But he got…mad at me for being too close to his class…"

Stefanie shrugs. "The Park's a pretty big place. No need to argue about being too close." She smiles, reaching over and picking the new flower. She pats the bench next to her, offering the seat to the older girl. "Do you come out here often?"

Sakura smiles and takes the seat, stretching out just a little. She shrugs a bit, "Not…a lot-a lot…but sometimes, I like to." She smiles a bit, looking around, "I'm a, uh…sports girl, so…if i see a game, I might stop." She smiles a little, looking to see the flowers that Stefanie's picked.

Stefanie chuckles and reaches up, not even asking if its cool or not. She takes the flower and places it in the girl's hair, stem behind her ear. Within this close vicinity to Stefanie, the flower thrives, as does the one in her own hair. A small patch of flowers starts to bloom behind the park bench. "Sporty, huh?" She shrugs. "I'm alright.. I don't play pick-ups or anything.. I do enough in gym." She giggles. "I like to sit in the Park and watch the people. Try to figure out what they're thinking about at that exact point in time. The bums, the joggers, the business people, the soccer moms." She shrugs. "People are so interesting."

Sakura giggles a little as the flower's placed in her hair, feeling herself blushing just a little bit. She smiles, though, as the flower seems to be doing just fine. She nods a little bit, "I like…to get involved in games. Even just because." She offers a little shrug, "I can't…pick up American football, though…" It doesn't help that Sakura's version of "tackling" someone is osoto gari, which…yeah, Judo on a football field? Might not go over so well. She looks over at Stefanie with a little smile, curiously pointing to the tai chi instructor, "What about him?"

Stefanie smiles. "Football's tough, especially for girls. Unless it's all girls, then it's alright. i don't about you but everythime I play, guys try to tackle me just so they can get a free grope." She giggles then looks to the instructor. "He's not a bad guy. A bit stuck up. He probably has something better to do, but since his students are paying, he's obligated to take them out. Since that's aggravating him, it's going to wind itself into the rest of the day. He'll probably be drinking by the end of the night to deal with the stress.

Sakura blinks and giggles a little, both at the notion of tackling Stefanie to get a free grope and her friend's analysis of the tai chi instructor. Now, she's curious, "Okay…what about me?" She grins a little bit, curious to see what Stefanie thought she was in the park for.

Stefanie shrugs and thinks. "You probably practice your katas on a daily basis. The weather was a bit nicer so you decided to come to the Park to do it, like most people. You're probably trying to focus, either on something, or off of something." She smiles. "I can't assume what you're dealing with, or whether you want to deal with it or not."

Sakura smiles a little bit, actually finding herself nodding for the most part. The little blush remains on her cheek, though, and Sakura admits, "It's…mostly on something…" She smiles a little, the corner of her mouth peeking upward as she admits, "But…that sounds about right."

Stefanie nods. "So, you're working on something, or trying to achieve something?" She smiles. "I don't practice tai chi, but I do meditate." She smiles, looking around. She turns and looks behind, chuckling at the group of flowers growing behind them, then returning her attention to Sakura. "So, what do you do? Are you a student, or are you working?"

Sakura shakes her head a little bit, "I'm…trying to find a job…but, my English isn't…so good, so I haven't really…been considered anywhere." She pouts just a little bit at that statement but doesn't seem TOO upset. She does, off hand, mention, "I also…am looking for a martial arts school…or, if I can get the money, thinking about opening my own."

Stefanie nods. "Well, you'll probably have a hard time getting a loan without collateral, unless you have some really good credit. It may be easier for you to find a school. And English wouldn't be an issue. How many languages do you know?" Stef shoots off ideas, too many at once.

Indeed—too many at once. Sakura doesn't even know the word 'collateral,' let alone what it is. She blinks just a little bit, though, and says, "I, umm…speak Japanese…I'm almost fluent enough in English…and I know only a couple basic things in Portuguese."

Stefanie nods. "This may sound stereotypical, but I'm sure there're lots of schools in CHinatown.. I don't know how they'd feel hiring a Japanese instructor though, and you'd have to know their style." She shrugs, trying to be helpful, only not really.

Sakura smiles a little and nods. She'll take it into consideration, but…Chinese and JApanese martial arts vary greatly. Sakura decides to get the topic away from her own economic troubles, asking, "What about you…student?"

Stefanie nods emphatically. "Yeah. I'm a sophomore in high school, and then I work at my fathers' shop after school and on weekends." She shrugs. "Pretty typical, I guess. Nothing as exciting as what you do."

Sakura giggles a little bit, "Less…likely to get you hurt, though." And while she might not know Stefanie that well, still a plus in Sakura's mind. She can't help it…her curiousity's got the better of her, "So, uh…why the flower?" She knows she said it differently than she meant to, but hopes it doesn't come off as an unwelcome thing.

Stefanie nods. "Yeah.. I'm not as resilient. I'm a lover not a fighter." She smiles, then looks at the flower in Sakura's hair. "It looked like you needed one?" She shrugs. "That and I'm trying not to put too much attention on myself.. These things tend to happen whenever I walk around plants." She points to the group of wildflowers blossoming behind them.

Sakura giggles a little bit at the notion of needing one, but she can feel her blush returning. Okay, yeah, there is somethin' about Stefanie. She looks back at the flowers, unable to hide the smile at the sight of them growing…but she really doesn't understand how Stefanie has anything to do with it.

Stefanie shrugs. "I gotta try to tone it down.. i don't want to turn all of Central Park into a giant garden, even though it would be pretty cool to see." She smiles. "So what did you have planned today?"

Sakura shakes her head a little, smiling as she responds, "After this? Nothing." She smiles a little bit, stopping to think, "Did you still…want to go see a movie or something?" She offers a little smile, not going to be crushed if Stefanie has plans but certianly not complaining if she does want to.

Sakura smiles a little and nods, "Anything in particular you want to see?" Sakura's all for letting Stefanie pick…she's pretty much up for anything, and certainly isn't gonna complain about the company.

Stefanie shrugs. "I don't even know what's playing. Why don't we just choose when we get there?" She smiles. "Did you wanna head over now or go later?" She's not used to this, obviously.

Sakura smiles, "We can go now, if you like." She gets up to her feet, smiling and offering a hand should Stefanie choose to take it.

Stefanie stands and blinks, taking the offered hand. As they stand and start to walk away, the wildflowers shrink back into the ground they came from.

Sakura smiles, momentarily holding Stefanie's hand before realizing she's unsure of the gesture is welcome. She lets go, but leaves her hand open she Stefanie decide she wants to. Smiling, Sakura points toward the back entrance of the park, "My…car is over there."

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