2007-12-26: A New Artist


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Summary: Celeste comes into Slinging Ink for a job.

Date It Happened: December 26, 2007

A New Artist

Slinging Ink Tattoo

Dani steps out of the High Rise Apartments, pulling his jacket around him. He crosses the street and heads to Slinging Ink, pulling out a set of keys from his pocket.

Celeste walks down the sidewalk carrying a small backpack with her, that has her portfolio and resume inside it. Looking for places to apply to for work.

Dani moves to the outside of Slinging Ink, unlocking the front door to the shop before he opens the door and steps inside.

Celeste walks into a small cafe to grab a small cup of coffee to go before looking for a job.

Dani steps inside Slinging Ink.

Celeste has arrived.

Dani is busy setting up the shop, turning on the neon lights. There is no music playing at the moment. He is behind the counter, counting the money in the register.

Celeste walks in the store and looks around at the photographs, and the way the shop is setup before turning to the owner. "Hello, I'm looking for a job and I was wondering if you are hiring at the moment." she says politely, hoping not to interrupt his counting.

Dani looks up from the counting to look at the woman for a moment. He looks down at a piece of paper before he writes something down and then looks back up at her. "Yeah, actually. I'm the only artist right now. I'm just getting ready to open the shop, but if you can give me a moment, I'll take a look at what you got."

Celeste smiles, "Okay no problem." she says and heads to sit on one of the couches to wait patiently.

Dani returns to counting the money before placing it back into the register and closing the drawer. He writes something down on the paper again before he stuffs the paper in his back pocket. He leaves the counter area and goes to the front door, locking it. He then turns back to the woman. "Alright. Let's see what you got." He says, heading back around the counter.

Celeste puts her backpack into her lap and pulls out her portfolio before standing up, she walks to the counter and hands it to him with a smile of confidence on her face.

Dani starts to look through the portfolio and nodding slightly as he looks over the artwork contained inside. "Not bad. How long have you been tattooing for?" He asks as he flips another page.

Celeste smiles, "Well did an apprenticeship for Kevin Ervin over at Fuji's for a little over a year, and I also went to college for tattooing, and I have a few drawings in my bag if you would like to look at those also." she says to the owner.

Dani nods his head. "Okay. So you got your apprenticeship done. That's good." He says, looking through more of the pages. "No, I don't need to see your drawings." He says before he looks up at her. "What's your name?"

Celeste smiles again, "My name is Celeste Boudreaux, what is yours, if you don't mind my asking." she says confidently.

Dani smiles. "I'm Dani Stone." He says before closing her portfolio. "Well, Celeste, I think you've definately got some talent. And if you want, I can let you start working here. When where you looking to start?"

Celeste grins, "I know exactly who you are now, I thought you looked familiar, you are one of the best tattoo artists in New York." smiles, "Well actually I was hoping to start as soon as possible, so as soon as you can hire me I'll start." she says with a grin.

Dani chuckles and shakes his head slightly. "I don't know about the best in New York, but thank you anyway." He says before he looks at her. "Alright. I have a few clients to do today, so we'll have you run the counter today and you can sit in so you can see how things work around here." He moves from behind the counter. "I'll show you around."

Celeste smiles, "Thank you soo much." she says with a grin, "Okay that is perfect." follows Dani.

Dani nods and takes her around the shop, showing her where everything is. "Our prices here are any piercing is $20, small tattoos are $20 to $50 depending on size, color and location, medium tattoos are $50 to $150 and large ones are $150 and up."

Celeste nods, "Okay got it." she says continuing to follow Dani around the shop.

Dani crosses his arms at the chest. "All employees get a 10% discount when getting a piercing or tattoo here. Have you done any piercing before?" He asks as he moves to the fridge. "Oh, and all customers are allowed to get something from the fridge when they're waiting to get their work done or waiting on a design."

Celeste nods, "Okay sounds good, No, I have never done any piercings so that will be something I will have to work on." she says with a smile. "Okay, that's kind of you to let them do." she says with a grin.

Dani shrugs. "It's the least we can do." He says before he looks at her. "Alright, piercings isn't required, but if you want, you can sit in when I do some piercings."

Celeste nods, "Okay, I will probably do that so I can learn it, and get the hang of it so I can do some of those also to make the whole process go faster." she says smiling.

Dani nods. "Alright. Well, our hours are from 10am to 10pm on Monday through Fridays, 12pm to 2am on Saturday and we're closed on Sundays. We don't have set hours, just come in when you want to work and stay as long as you like."

Celeste nods, "Okay sounds good, I have bills I need to pay so I'll prolly try to come from open to close so they will get paid on time, so is there anything you need me to do at this moment?" she says to Dani.

Dani shakes his head. "No. Just finished with the opening stuff. I usually do that. But when we close, just need to clean up, sweep and restock the fridge. All the stuff for the fridge are in the office."

Celeste nods, "Alright, so time to sit and wait for the customers to start coming in." she says with a grin.

Dani nods. "Yup. Pretty much. I've already got the designs for the day done. So, we just have to wait for them to show."

Celeste nods, "Alright, sounds good." walks to the counter and pulls out a sketch book, and starts to draw.

Dani nods and sits back behind the counter, sketching on a paper. "What kind of music do you like? When you're working, you can bring in your own music and play it in the shop."

Celeste looks up from her sketch, "I listen to pretty much anything, mostly rock, metal, hard rock, stuff like that. I also have my own band. We play in a few clubs around the city. If you like I could bring a CD in so you can hear what we sound like." she says with a smile.

Dani smiles and nods. "Yeah. That'd be cool. Bring it in sometime and we'll put it on." He says before he reaches under the counter and a few seconds later, the music of Pantera's Cemetery Gates pumps through the speakers.

Celeste grins, "Okay I will do that, I'll try to remember it tomorrow so you can check it out." she returns to her sketch and moves her head up and down slightly to the music.

Dani nods his head. "Cool. Sounds good." He says as he looks around. "It gets pretty boring around here."

Dani unlocks the front door and flips the sign to "Open".

Celeste smiles, "I'm sure we could find something to do to make it fun." she ways with a grin, "Yeah sometimes it helps when the door is unlocked, we get more customers that way." she says with a giggle.

Dani chuckles and nods. "I know, just forgot about it when I had to interview you."

Celeste laughs, "Sorry, didn't mean to distract you from doing your normal routine." she says with a smile.

Dani shrugs. "It's fine. Just going to have to remember it from now on." He says with a chuckle before he goes back to his sketches.

Celeste giggles, "Yeah, if you don't I'll help remind you." she says before returning to her sketch also.

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