2007-12-31: A New Friend


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Summary: Celebration on New Years Eve in Time Square.

Date It Happened: December 31, 2007

A New Friend

Time Square

It's New Years, one of the most boozy holidays in New York City. Times Square? Everyone's boozed, high, and god only knows what else. Because that's the best way to start a new year, right? There are several stages set up around TS with live music, lots of idiots with microphones (and if anyone wants to push Carson Daly off a balcony, don't hesitate) and anywhere you look there are plastic top hats and giant sparkly 2008 glasses. It's New Years, bitches. Drink.

And who better to be drunk in Time Square than Mr. You-Can't-Kill-Me. Adam. Except, strangely enough, he's not drunk at all. Instead, he's picking his steps carefully through those that are passed out, or so faded they don't know the world is even revolving. Careful to not step on anyone, or part of anyone he just shakes his head. "What is the world coming to. It didn't used to be like this."

The alcohol is flowing well, from the bit of pink in Leah's cheeks. She's wearing a bright red dress with black leggings and peacoat. She leans over giggling onto a random stranger, as Leah fixes the strap on one shoe. Yeah, she's definatly been enjoying herself.

Celeste stands towards the back of the crowd so she isn't completely surrounded by idiots. She has a beer in one hand, with a noisemaker in the other. She is working on getting drunk so she can enjoy the new year in a traditional manner. She sings along with the songs she knows, and just dances along with the songs she doesn't. She's just having fun and enjoying her time while she can.

Dani moves through the crowd, his eyes scanning over the faces, a beer in his hand as he sips from the bottle. He winds through the crowd as he hums to himself. He staggers a bit, obvious that he's had a few.

George is indulging in a shatter-proof plastic glass of Long Island iced tea, standing still and letting the crowd flow around him. Well, mill about, really. Feeling someone brush closer, he turns and finds himself face to face with the back of
Leah's coat as she straightens up, and smirks in spite of himself. That's it, baby, use me like furniture.

"HEY! WATCH IT!" A half-dazed person shouts, as Adam accidentally steps on their hand. "Oh…sorry!" he says, quick-stepping off said hands. There's some he recognizes, and some he doesn't. But there is one he recognizes. The girl from the club the other night that he brushed off. And later felt bad about. Does he…or….no…wait….he starts to head towards her direction.

Leah giggles as she straitens up and sees the look on George's face. "Thank you! I didn't want to totally fall over!" And a drunken smile from a pretty girl should make up for invasion of personal space, right?

Celeste takes a drink from her beer still dancing and having a good time, then starts to sing a little bit to one of the songs that is playing, she isn't bad at it, but of course you have to be good at singing if you are the lead singer for a band, she takes another drink from her beer, then looks around the place to see if she notices some familiar faces.

Dani bumps into a few people as he moves through the crowd, careful not to spill his beer. He looks around and runs into a girl, spilling her drink all over her. "Sorry." He says to her. At least his beer is safe.

George offers Leah a hand back to an upright position. "Yeah, no problem," he replies. "Gravity always gets weird at things like this." He's leaned up against a vending machine for the New York Post, himself, but steps forward now and rubs at the spot that was pressed against the window handle.

Adam crosses through the trash-and-people-filled square, with a quick pace. His steps are still careful, but faster. Until he nears where Celeste stands. But he stops about 15 feet away, hesitating for a moment as if questioning should he even talk to her or just let it go.

Leah takes the help giving George a bit grin. "Yeah. Lots of people. I bet there's like some kind of relative gravity around crowds this side." She says in a bright joke pulling her coat in closer around her. "I'm Leah." She offers with a bright drunk tone.

Celeste continues to dance until she sees Adam the man from last night who just brushed her off as if she wasn't there but decides to talk to him, it couldn't hurt to try again, maybe this time would go better than the first, she walks to him and grins, "Hi." she tells him a little more confident than she was last night.

Dani continues to wander the crowd, draining the last of his beer. He looks around and goes to try to find another beer.
Then again, maybe Dani's beer isn't so safe after all; the girl he ran into back there attempts to follow after him, reaching a hand out toward his shoulder. "Hey!" The catcalls as others spot her impromptu wet T-shirt aren't improving her mood any, either.

And there it is. The first move. Made by her. Adam smile sheepishly and runs a finger through his sandy hair. "Hi." he replies, glancing down to the ground and then back up. Silent apology. "About the other night…." he starts, doing his best to smile.

"George," the guy next to Leah replies. "Hi. I knew a Leah back in college, but her hair was a lot lighter. Lots of peroxide." Speaking of public drunkenness, he's raising his voice a little more than the crowd murmur calls for, but at least not flat-out shouting.

Celeste smiles, "Don't worry about it, It was very rude of me to just interrupt you two. No hard feelings." she says to him smiling, "My name is Celeste by the way." she says grinning now.

Leah beams over to George. "Oh. That wasn't me then. Some people call me blonde, but they don't mean my hair. I've always kept it's natural dark color. I like it." She states candidly reaching out a hand for that newspaper machine to steady herself on her heels.

Dani glances back over his shoulder as he hears the voice of the woman. "Sup?" He asks as he sees the girl that he had bumped into previously. "Sorry about the drink thing." He says to her.

Adam lets out a sigh of relief, finally allowing a real smile onto his face. "It's ok. I didn't mean to be so rude. It's not normally how I react." he admits, returning her smile with his own. "Kensei." he introduces, extending out a hand.

The T-shirt girl is still on a tear. "Sorry? You're sorry?" she says to Dani. "I'm, like, freezing my ass off out here! You totally owe me another round. And a new shirt." Until he pays up, though, she contents herself with wringing her margarita out of the one she's got on.

George nods to Leah. Small talk offered, more small talk received in return. It's all good— until she reaches for the newspaper stand. That's when George tries to step out of her way, starts to lose his own balance, and instinctively flops forward to compensate. Leah, your presence of mind is about to be tested.

Leah reaches out to catch George as he loses his balance. And well, she does get a hand on him, so that might have been a good reaction if she was sober, and not 5'1" and skinny. As it is, she knocks herself off balance, turning a heel and collapsing into George. Whoops.

Celeste she extends her own and takes his hand smiling, "It's nice to meet you. I understand, don't fret over it too much." she says as she looks at him, "I like that name, it's Japanese right?" she says with a grin.

Dani looks to the girl and nods. "You know, you're right. I'm sorry. Why don't you wait here and I'll go get you a drink and a new shirt. What size do you wear?" He looks her up and down. "I'd say a medium." He nods. "Just wait here so I can find you again. What were you drinking?" He asks her.

This, finally, seems to get the girl calmed down. "Well, all right, then." She hands her glass to Dani, showing him the name of the bar printed on it— as if that explained everything. At this point, a couple of her friends catch up to her as well; one of them flips Dani the bird, but she promptly turns and shushes them. She's getting free stuff out of this!

Shaking her hand, Adam let's go as the smile on his face gets bigger. "I'm glad we got that out of the way." he admits, chuckling. "At first I didn't like it. It was my mother's idea. Fan of Japanese stories. But I grew to like it. I like your name too."

George regains a proper footing, just in time to spot Leah tripping toward him in turn. Acting on instinct, he throws his arms out and catches hold of her waist, blinking as he comes face to face with her once again. "I'm flattered," he quips, "but maybe we should just hold still now, sound good?"

Leah lets George catch her with a giggle. "Maybe." She straightens up the foot that twisted. That might hurt later but for now, alcohol is a wonderful thing. "Maybe fate is like totally trying to fling us together."

Celeste smiles a little wider, "Thank you, It's french." she says to him still smiling, "So having fun here?" she says with a grin, "This is pretty new to me though, haven't lived in New York but a few months, I was born in Brooklyn, but lived in Michigan for the most of it."

Dani ignores the girl's friends before he takes the cup from her. "Okay. I'll be back in a bit." He says, turning to move into the crowd, getting lost in the sea of people. He looks down at the cup in his hands and shrugs as he drops the cup and continues on to find himself a beer.

Adam chuckles and nods. "I figured it was French. Spent some months there. Seems like there's one on every street corner." he says, glancing around the square as she mentions fun. "Actually, I'm not a real big fan of the party scene. At least not all the time. I was hoping to get through the crowd and back to my hotel room before the cops start pulling out the riot gear."

Eventually, between the three of them, T-shirt Girl and her friends manage to get one brain cell up and running through the haze of however many drinks they've had already. "Oh my God, I think that guy just totally ditched you!" "I know, what a jerk! Well, screw him, let's go get another round anyway." Well played, Dani, but it may come back and bite you in the ass someday.

Celeste nods, "Yeah, I've been around the party scene pretty much my whole life, rough childhood so kind of flocked to the parties to get lost in the moment really, but now I'm responsible, and have a good steady job." she says with a smile, "Am I holding you up from going to your hotel?" she asks looking at him, "Don't let me stop you from going back." she says with a grin.

George laughs and nods to Leah, keeping his arms around her waist as she turns around. "Fate is important." This is as deep as he gets after four rounds, folks. "I think there's a sandal shop over there, you can probably make it once some more people wander off."

"I've seen and been through a great many parties myself." Adam admits, grinning slyly. Oh, if only you knew the parties he's been to. The stories he could share. "But yeah, like you, I sorta of had to become a little more responsible." He shakes his head lightly, sandy blond hair appearing almost to glitter in the festive lighting. "You're not holding me up. I'll get there eventually. Besides, I feel as though I owe you for brushing you off like that last night."

Leah gives George a smile and a giggle. "Yeah. That's probably a good thought if I want to survive getting home tonight. Something flat could well save me from total collapse." She adds with more giggling. Really, she's a giggly drunk. And quite the happy one.

Dani sighs as he looks around the area, heading towards a bar to get himself another drink.

Celeste shakes her head, "You don't owe me anything, It was my doing, I interrupted which in my book is really rude, I don't want you to feel bad." she says as she gives him a smile, "So wanna go somewhere else to talk, so it isn't as loud and we can actually hear each other better?" she says with a grin.

George, having lived through Mardi Gras in New Orleans - twice - arches a brow. "You're nuts," he says to Leah. "You were actually planning to go home tonight, in this traffic? I figure there's no sense in coming out here at all unless you're prepared to hang around till morning."

Snickering, Adam shakes his head. "It wasn't that rude. It was more rude for me to brush you off like that. But that was the past. It should stay there." he says, nodding towards Celeste. "Any place in mind?" he asks, though with the noise anywhere would be better than here.

Celeste thinks, "I don't care, it's really noisy here, so anywhere is good for me." she says with a smile, "I'll just follow you to wherever, I'm not too familiar with this place so you'll probably know a better place than I would." she says still smiling.

Leah stays still. And close to George, just in case. "Well, I didn't plan to go home at like midnight or anything. But maybe by two or three or later I can make it." And maybe by then she'll be sober enough to find her way. "You're gonna stay here all the way until breakfast?"

Given that it's New Years, there's probably not a whole lot left open in the city. Most are probably either here celebrating or packed into the bars covering the event. "Well, we can see if anything aside from bars are still open. Otherwise, I'd bet money that one of friends is out of town and we can watch the chaos on his big screen."

Dani grabs himself a beer at the bar, looking around before he downs his drink and heads home.

"Not here here," replies George, craning his head to get a better look at who he's talking with, "I was thinking camping out at one of the 24-hour diners. They don't seem to mind you claiming crash space as long as you order another appetizer every so often."

Celeste smiles, "Sounds good to me." she says still smiling, "Lead the way and I'll follow." she says with a wink.

Leah reaches up to push a curl out of her face, trying to get the loose one back into place. "Oh. That's a good idea. A diner would even have tea and stuff. Pancakes when you start to become undrunk."

Adam extends out his hand, smiling at Celeste. "In that case, Madame Moiselle, if you will…" he says, leading the way out of the crowded square and onto the streets of New York.

Celeste smiles and grabs his hand so she doesn't get lost in the crowd following closely behind him.

There's that smirk again. "If. There's my office over there, too," George muses as he squints past the glow of the animated neon signs, "but that's more of a last-resort thing. My luck, someone would drag me into some unpaid overtime." So it's a 24-hour office, too, apparently. Leaving that thought aside, he looks around again as the crowd does finally begin to break up a little.

Leah looks over towards the various neon signs. Apparently there's enough thought left in her head to ask, "What do you do? In that office?" She pauses for a second to cover a yawn with the back of her hand.

George turns a little, drawing his hands back now and rubbing them together as a fresh chill starts to blow in. "I'm on Senator Petrelli's staff," he explains, "help process all the day-to-day stuff between Washington and here. What about you, what do you do?" When you're not being a cute public drunk.

Leah pulls her coat tighter around her against the chill with a bright smile to George. "That's pretty cool. Do you get to go to Washington, too?" She asks before she says. "I'm a writer. I write fantasy novels. And sometimes I sell clothes, 'cause that doesn't quite pay the bills. Yet."

George nods, slipping his hands into his pockets. "I've mostly been on the in-state end of things, but I've gotten to go out there a couple of times. Traffic back and forth was awful. So, what kind of fantasy novels?" He's noticeably interested in that topic above and beyond small talk, but that could just be the liquor.

"Travel is mostly fun in the middle part and not in the going and coming home." Leah says, wisdom from the drunk girl. She pauses for a moment before she adds with a laugh. "I write about werewolves. Fantasy, though, not just romance." That last bit is added a little defensively.

"If you have a long enough middle part to actually have time to enjoy it, yeah." This soon after his boss's return to public service, there probably hasn't been, yet. "Werewolves. Is there a lot of werewolf romance? Vampires, sure, but werewolves always seemed more like a sop to the male readers." And let's remember not to be mentioning a certain other type of supernatural creature, now.

Leah shrugs. "There's a good bit of romance with vampires, and a few have werewolves. Some stupid people think that if a woman writes about werewolves, it must be romance. Couldn't be a real fantasy book." Ah, we've gotten to the ranting stage of drunkeness.

Another look around, then George starts walking in the direction the crowd is thinnest, easily slow enough for Leah to keep up. Even lean on him again, if gravity is still being a pesky mistress. "Yeah, well, some stupid people think a woman shouldn't be doing anything outside the kitchen or the bedroom."

Leah does have to balance an arm on George's a couple times, but with the time they've been talking, gravity seems to be more her friend, even if the ankle she turned earlier isn't. "Yeah. Some people need to realize that they're not living in the 1800s anymore. Most people aren't that kind of idiot though."

George purses his lips, considering the issue silently at some length. "Well, I guess I'll have to give it a look-see some time." No major promises, but after all he just met her tonight in passing. "Oh, the place up there looks like it's got tables open, but I haven't tried it before— you recognize it at all?"

Leah looks over towards the place. "Uh, no. But now's as good a time as any to see what it's like." She states before another giggles comes out. "You should read my books. Leah Bristol. Most bookstores have em. Only two out so far."

Streets of New York

Going down Fifth Avenue, it's clear that just about everything is closed. "As I suspected." he says, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket and dialing a number. No answer. "Also as I suspected, Pete is out of town. We can go there and watch the chaos continue from a safe distance."

Celeste smiles, "Sounds like fun, will he get mad if we go there?" she says looking to Adam, "So which way to his house?" she says with a grin.

Adam shakes his head. "We both rotate out use of the apartment when the other is out on business. I just assumed he was here and had myself a hotel room booked. But, I can cancel that easily enough." he explains, leading towards the Prestige Apartments. "This way. Pete is a real big geek, so he's got all the cool toys. Big screen. Computers and wireless internet. I just use it to watch tv shows and google things." The door to the lobby of the building is held open for Celeste.

Celeste smiles and walks in, "Well thank you." she says still smiling, "That's really kool you guys share the place, it can be quite convenient huh?" she asks with a grin, "Helps to have a place and not have to spend too much money on a hotel room, they can be so expensive sometimes." she says as she turns to Adam.

Prestige Midtown Apartments

Adam steps through the door behind Celeste, smiling as the door shuts behind him. "It does work out well. And if we both have the same time off, I usually end up staying in a hotel somewhere. Or taking a vacation." he admits, walking towards the elevator. "Hello, Gary." he says, greeting the elevator doorman. 'Ah, Mr. Kensei. I figured I'd see you, since Pete is out of town.' Nodding, Adam steps into the elevator, turning and motioning for Celeste. "Gary, this is Celeste. A friend from town here. Express, if you don't mind."

Celeste smiles and walks into the elevator with Adam, "Hello." she says to the doorman .

Gary smiles. 'Ma'am.' he says, before shutting the gate and putting the elevator into express mode. It's a short jaunt to the 26th floor at that speed. And when there, the gate is opened again. 'Have a good night, sir.' Gary says, as Adam moves out of the elevator, looking back to make sure Celeste is following. 2601 isn't but two doors away from the elevator, and he leads the way over to it, sticking a key in the door and holding it open. "Here we are."

Celeste follows along behind Adam, "This is a very nice place." she sasy to him looking around the place, then walking into the room.

Adam's Apartment

Adam grins, glancing her over as she passes through the door. "Thanks. Between Pete and I, we try to keep the place somewhat clean." he states, shutting the door and glancing around. "Judging by the current state, I'd say he hired someone to clean up." Motioning towards the couch, he finds the remote and turns the TV on. Volume low. But at least they can watch the chaos. "Make yourself at home. Care for something to drink? Beer? Wine? I think we might have some Sake left."

Celeste smiles and thinks, "I'll try the Sake, I've never had it but I have heard it's really good." she says looking at Adam before taking a seat on the couch, "This place is amazing, I just can't get over it.' she says giggling, "Sorry, I'm being silly." she says with a grin.

Sounds of rummaging through the cupboards are heard. "Ah!" More rummaging and the sound of glasses clinking. Adam emerges from the kitchen with the bottle and two champagne classes. "It's quite good, though a bit stronger than some expect." he offers, settling down on the couch next to her. "I think silliness go hand in hand with the new year." He pops the cork and pours two glasses, taking one himself and offering the other to her.

Celeste giggles, then takes the glass from him, "Thank you, how about a toast to the new year?" she says with a grin and raising her glass just a little bit.

Adam chuckles at the giggling. "I think it's only appropriate." he grins, raising his own glass. "To the new year. May it bring with it the realization of everyone's hopes and dreams." he toasts, lowering the glass and taking a decent swig.

Celeste takes a little drink of hers, not a sip and not too much of a drink, a little in between there, "So, what do you like to do when you aren't in New York?" she asks with a smile, "I've only ever been to New York, Brooklyn, and Michigan, I wanna go other places hopefully soon, I love to travel, just never really got to." she says with a grin.

"Well, New York is my home." Adam starts to explain. As he does, he keeps his gaze on her, only diverting to take a sip from his glass. "So when I'm not here, I'm usually out on business. Computer stuff." That might explain the high-end electronics. "I've been to those places too. But I still find New York the best. What about you? What do you do?"

Celeste smiles, "That's kool, I wish I knew stuff about computers, I find them fascinating." she says before taking a small drink from her glass, "Well I'm a tattoo artist, I work over at Slinging Ink in
Greenwich Village." she says with a grin, "It's not as good as your job, but it gets the bills paid, and I get to use my imagination." she says looking at Adam, "I'll have to agree with you though, I do enjoy New York, it's filled with so much to do, there is never enough time to enjoy it all." she says as she continues to focus on Adam.

Adam raise his brow in a sign of interest. "Tattoo artist, huh?" he grins, watching her with interest. "I've often considered getting one of those myself. Though, I'd be a tattoo virgin." There a small chuckle as he nods. "And getting bills paid is a good thing. You wouldn't want my job anyhow. Lots of repetitive work. It gets boring sometimes." Taking a sip, he nods. "So much to do here, never enough time."

Celeste smiles, "Yeah, It's pretty fun, never have to do the same thing once, but yet I still remember ever single one I have ever done." she says still smiling and looking at Adam, "That is fine, if you ever decide on getting a tattoo and I'll do it for you." she says with a smile, "Yeah, as long as my bills are paid I don't care where the rest of my money goes, Maybe but at least you get to go different places in your job, I'm alwayz in the same shop everyday, 6 days a week, from 10am-10pm Monday through Thursday then 10am-12am Friday and Saturday." she tells him with a grin, "Sorry if I talk to much, I just don't get to meet new people too often." she says with another smile.

Adam listens with intent as Celeste rambles on about her whole life. Or, at least parts of it. While she's talking, he manages to finish off his drink, and reaches for the bottle to refill his glass. The bottle is offered incase she wants a refill. It's also a convenient way for him to move a little closer. "That sounds just horrible. You need to get out of that place more often." he consoles, offering an equally consoling smile. "I hope they at leave give you vacation time." he adds, laughing. "It's quite alright, Celeste. Trust me, I've known people who would make your talking look slow in comparison." he says, returning her smile.

Celeste giggles, then finishes off her drink then getting some more, "Yeah I'm hoping to go outside of the U.S. eventually and seeing some parts of the world, I want to see Japan, Egypt, England, Translyvania, only because I'm into the whole vampire sorta thing, and I think it would be kool to live forever, you could see so much of the world, and get to see so much history happen, I would love to live forever." she tells him with a look of embarassment, "I love learning about history, It's one of my favorite subjects, I wish I could visit everywhere on this earth, but that in itself is something I will never be able to do because I can't live forever." she says with a smiling looking at him, "There is so much I wish I could do, but with the life I have, I won't even be able to put a dent in that." she says with a grin, "So what about you? We've been sitting here and I've only been talking about me, that must make me seem selfish, I'm sorry." she says looking at him and smiling.

If only Adam could tell her, she would total be enamored. Especially for someone like himself who has not just read about history, but actually been a part of it. But, for all he knows, she could be a Company agent. Best hold off on that. You can play it out. "Japan is lovely this time of year. In fact, I'm supposed to be in Tokyo in two weeks for about a week." Bait the hook. "History is sort of my favorite topic as well. My mother was a history buff so I got lots of exposure to it as a child." Taking a sip, he laughs. "Well, hard to get a word in with you going on. But it's all interesting. As for me, not much to me at all. Just your boring computer tech. Born in London. Eventually got hired there out of college with the company I'm with now. Then transferred to the US office. That's pretty much it."

Celeste grins, and thinks about one part of her life she can't tell him because she's afraid he might run off and tell the world of her power or might literally kill for it so she just listens to him intently, "That's awesome, I wish I could have been born somewhere else other than Brooklyn, then maybe my childhood would have been better." she tells him smiling, "That is kool I wish I could go to Japan, but I don't know what my boss would say if I told him I was going to go traveling, he would probably bite my head off." she says giggling, "Me and my mother never really got along so….I don't really know too much of what she likes or anything." she says with a small frown, "Anyways, I'll shut up so you can tell more or want to talk about something else." she says with a smile.

Adam lifts his glass for another swig, grinning across the rim at her. "It wasn't all it that glamorous." he admits, smiling back at her. "So tell him you need a week's vacation. Make up an excuse. I'm allowed at least family member to accompany me. They don't have to know you're not family." If she can, great. If not, maybe she'll be here when he gets back. "Me and my mom hardly ever talk anymore. She's upset that I left the UK and came to the US. There's not really a whole lot to me." Falling silent, he takes another drink while twisting on the couch to face Celeste more directly.

Celeste smiles and continues to look at him then taking a drink of her drink, "I'll talk to him, I'm sure he won't mind, I bet I could call him right now and ask him." she says still smiling, "I think it would be nice to go with you, I'll just tell him I have some things I have to do, and I'll need a week off, I'm sure it will work, but I bet if I tell him I'm going to go to Japan with you he'll still let me, he's been trying to get me to go out more anywayz." she says still looking at him, "You think I should call him now? That way we can figure out and make plans now." she says with a grin, "I'm sorry to hear about you and your mother." she says when she looks at him taking another sip of her drink.

Reaching into his pocket, Adam pulls out his cell phone. "If you want, you can use mine." Assuming she doesn't have a phone already. "Tell him whatever. If you think he'd let you go with the truth, then do it." he offers, smiling. "It's not a big deal. We still talk, just not as much." he adds, downing the last bit of his second glass. If anyone who knew Adam back in Feudal Japan were here, they'd tell you he can't hold his Sake. The second glass has started to kick in and his smile widens. "You know, you have wonderful eyes." he smiles, looking directly at her.

Celeste smiles and grabs his cell, "Thank you, I promise I won't be long." she says as she takes a bigger drink of her Sake, "I'm sure he'll let me." she says looking at him more intently, "Thank you, no one has ever told me that before." she tells him blushing a little as she dials Dani's number and lets it ring.
You paged Dani with 'hello. I'm here with Adam the man from the bar last night that just brushed me off, well we ran into each other and I was wondering if I could have a week off and go to Japan with him, he's asked me to go and I thought I would ask you before letting him know.'

Adam smiles and nods. "I hope so. I'd love to show you the sights and attractions of Tokyo." he admits, blushing a bit himself. Though that could be the Sake. "You're welcome. It's true. Wonderful eyes. And such a sweet voice too." he adds, falling silent as he hears the ringing of the cell phone.

Celeste finally Dani picks up, " Hello. I'm here with Adam the man from the bar last night , well we ran into each other and I was wondering if I could have a week off and go to Japan with him, he's asked me to go and I thought I would ask you before letting him know a final decision." she says as she looks at Adam, "Yeah, I'll leave my sketches at the shop just in case you need them, I can give them to you tomorrow, but I won't be leaving for a couple of weeks." she says as she looks at Adam, "Why thank you Kensei, you really are sweet." she tells him before Dani talks again, "So I'll see you tomorrow at the shop, thank you again…Bye." she hangs up the phone and hands it back to Adam, "Looks like I get to go with you after all." she says with a wide smile, "I'm so glad he let me off, I was so hoping he would." she tells him as she finishes off her second glass.

Listening quietly as the call and subsequent conversation are made, Adam smiles. He can tell by the one side, and the look she gives him that it's a go. When it's over, he nods. "I'm glad he gave you the time off as well. You'll enjoy Tokyo, I know it." His cheeks flush as he's called sweet. "Thank you."

Celeste smiles, "I'm so excited, I can't wait to see Tokyo." she says as she looks at Adam, "This is going to be Amazing." she says still smiling. "So what day and what time are we going to be leaving? That way I can have everything packed and ready to go." she says with grin.

Adam chuckles at the woman's enthusiasm. "It's a wonderful city. I've been there enough that I know quite a few little hole-in-the-wall shops that have some of the best food." he explains thinking for a moment. "Well, I don't have to be there for another two weeks. They usually have me fly out on a Friday or Saturday. Home by the same a week later. When I speak to my boss I'll get a better idea of the timeframe."

Celeste nods, "Okay sounds great." she says with a smile, "I'm looking forward to this trip." she says looking at him, "So now that we have that all settled and taken care of, what would you like to talk about now?" she asks with a grin, "I've been sitting here constantly talking about myself, and most of my life, Anything specific you would like to know?" she asks looking at him.

On the TV, the choas in Times Square continues. So glad to be rid of that. But Adam does glance at it for a moment. "I can't think of anything off the top of my head." he replies, chuckling at himself. "I would talk more about mine, but it's nothing special. Just work, school, and more work. I'm content with just sitting here looking at you." he replies, the smile growing more wider on his face. Yeah, the Sake is kicking in for sure.

Celeste grins, feeling a little light headed."Aww…You really are sweet." she says with smile, "I'm not gonna lie, I could sit here and look at you all night." she says her cheeks turning red, "You are quite the looker, I really appreciate you letting me go to Tokyo with you, how could I ever repay you?" she says still smiling at him.

Sake - 2, Inhibitions - Currently heading for the window. "I think you already said that once." Though he could be mistaken. "And you're welcome to look at me all night if you wanted to. At least once I've fallen asleep sitting up." he grins, chuckling a bit as his own attempt to be funny. At the offer of repayment, the grin widens. "Well, I'll leave that up to you. Whatever you think is a fair repayment method."

Celeste giggles, "I may have, but that sounds like fun. Looking at you all night." she says with a grin looking towards him, "I'm not sure what would be fair payment, I am willing to do anything to pay you back, You are a very sweet man, and very nice, I'm not sure how I can repay you, but I promise you I will do anything to repay you." she says with a smile.

Adam snickers and starts to slide himself on the couch so he'd be right next to Celeste. "I'd be care about saying that." he replies, eyes twinkling and reflecting the recessed spot lighting around the area. "I could come up with some wild requests." His voice carries a hint of laughter, as he watches for her reaction.

Celeste giggles, "Well you may never know, I might be up to some of your wild requests." she says with a grin. "You're eyes are amazing, they are so beautiful." she says looking into his eyes.

"That….would definitely be interesting." Adam admits, smiling back at her as he rests one of his arms on the back of the couch. It lays across the back and it just long enough that he can dance his fingers on Celeste's shoulder playfully. "I could say the same about yours. More beautiful than the stars above." he smiles, tilting his head slightly to the side as he gazes.

Celeste blushes, "Yes it would." she says with a smile, "She continues to look into his eyes, "So, I'm going to let you pick the repayment, so whatever comes to mind, you let me know and I'll do it. No matter what it is, I'll do it." she says with a grin still looking into his eyes, scooting closer to him.

Adam cracks a grins. "Like to live dangerously, I see." he chuckles, dancing his fingers on her shoulder briefly as he considers. "Let me think…" he starts, as he starts to ever so slowly lean in closer to her. "What could I possible come up with…." And closer. "Let's see where it takes us." he finishes, close enough that it's apparent he's trying to make the first move and kiss her.

Celeste smiles and leans in a little closer, "Yes I do like to live dangerously, I love the thrill." she says still smiling, and continuing to look into his eyes.

"Seems we have more in common that we think." Adam admits, looking straight into her eyes. "I think it's the risk that generates the thrill. Without the risk, it's just not the same." He continues to leans in, inching ever so closer. Eventually, one would suspect they're gonna bumb noses.

Celeste giggles, "Yeah, seems we do." she says as she continues to look in his wonderful eyes, "Yes, You are correct, no risk no thrill, then it's just boring." she says with a smile, leaning in just slightly.

Adam nods slightly in agreement. "And plain boring just won't do." he says, staring at her. "Just like now…" he adds, and then deciding to take the risk, leans himself in far enough that his lips reach hers. Queue the sparklers?

Celeste shakes her head, "Nope." she stares into his eyes until he kisses her, then she wraps her arms around his neck kissing him back, holding him close as they kiss each other, she scoots a little closer as they are kissing.

Feeling her scoot closer, Adam slides his hands down and around her waist. The interlock fingers behind her at the small of her back. Tilting his head, and closing his eyes, he lets himself be lost in the moment. For him, it's the first intimate contact he's had since being held captive by The Company for thirty years. And he's savoring every moment of it.

Celeste holds onto him kissing him with the intent to never stop, her eyes closed, she holds on tighter as if she were going to float away. She loves being there with him, he makes her feel special, no one in her whole life has ever made her feel this good in her life. She continues to kiss him with so much passion, she feels like she could burst.

Adam can feel the passion, and know that, decides to let his own passion out for a spin. It's rusty, and probably needs training wheels, but it's worth a shot. His arms flex as he tries to pull her closer to him, while the kisses start to cross from regular, into french. Who says the French were rude?

Celeste holds on to him tighter and kisses him even more when they go to french. She feels like the luckiest in the girl to be with this man right now. He's an amazing kisser, and she could stay right here for the rest of her life, she loves this moment, If only she could take a video of this moment and replay it over and over. She starts to move her hands up and down his back holding him as close as she can pull him to her.

When you're as long-lived as Adam, you learn things over time. Like how to breath through your nose while kissing. Wait, maybe everyone learns that. Regardless, he could stay in this moment for the rest of his life. She is utterly amazing. Passionate. And makes him feel like he hasn't in a long time. And it shows in his actions, as he slides one hand upward. Tracing along the contour of her body, until he slides it behind her head.

Celeste she kisses him with as much passion as she can muster holding him as close to her as she can get him. She starts to lay back on the couch pulling him with her holding even closer to her, continuing to kiss him not wanting to stop. She has never felt this way about anyone, and it is one of the greatest feelings on this earth. She could spend forever in his arms.

Adam follows her lead, and starts leaning himself forward. His hands remain where they are for the moment. One guiding her head backwards, the other resting on the small of her back. If she wants to spend forever here, she has the open invitation to do so. As she leans back, he shifts his body so he starts coming over the top of her. Still kissing, his tongue is delving deeper inside her mouth, executing a dance with her tongue.

Celeste holds him tighter kissing him like never before. Once she is laying down she holds him as tight as she can continuing to kiss him. Pressing herself against him more and kissing him with everything she has holding onto him.

Coming to rest on top of her, Adam lets himself be pulled in tighter against her. To him, it feels better than anything else he's had in a long long time. Which is nothing. And not giving it up anytime soon. Kissing her with a passion only rivaled by….well, probably nothing at this point, he lifts his head. "You…are absolutely amazing." he gasps, catching his breath.

Celeste smiles and takes in some fresh air, "Thank you." she says blushing, "You are the most wonderful man I have ever met, I'm so glad I have met you." she says to him looking into his eyes.

Adam smiles and even blushes a little. "I should be thanking you, as well." he says, using a finger on the hand behind her head to play with her hair. So soft. "I've been so involved, devoted, to my work, I've almost forgotten what it's like to actually have a life." His eyes gaze deeply into hers as they talk, as though peering deep into her soul.

Celeste smiles, "Sounds like me, I'm alwayz working, or trying to come up with new designs so people could use them for their tattoos, I never really have time to just relax." she says starting into his eyes. "I'm so happy here with you, I feel like I can be myself and not worry about anything. I can just relax and enjoy every moment being with you." she says continuing to look into his eyes and cherishing every moment with him.

"There's another thing we have in common." Adam grins. "Both workaholics." As she explains her feelings, he can't help but smile and nod. "I feel exactly the same way. I could stay here for all eternity with you in my arms." he says, staring back at her and leaning in to kiss those soft lips again.

Celeste smiles, "Yup." she says staring into his eyes, "I could stay forever in your arms also." she says blushing a little before kissing him and holding onto him again.

Adam locks lips with her, resuming the deep, passionate, and sometimes french kisses that he was dishing out a moment ago. His hand behind her head starts to slide around to the side. Whyfor? It's soon clear as it begins tracing over her ear and along her cheek.

Celeste holds him tighter kissing him passionately and deeply, feeling his hand on her face and moving, holding him even closer than before as her kisses start to heat up and become more passionately than before.

Fade to black…

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