2010-04-03: A New Me



Date: April 3rd, 2010


George and Robin make it down to DC to deliver Cora's new ID.

"A New Me"

Smithsonian National Zoo - Washington DC

It's a Saturday evening, sun setting low, and twilight quickly flooding in. People seem to be in high attendance at the Smithsonian National Zoo, even with the chill in the air. Colby's wheelchair seems to be moving of it's own volition, ala Charles Xavier. Conveniently she's sitting in front of the glassed-in and environmentally controlled chameleon exhibit, blanket over her legs and fingerless-gloved hands steepled together in front of her chin. She seems to be muttering something in some gutteral language, which ubergeeks would recognize as Klingon. She's wearing a dark blue windbreaker over her Georgetown sweatshirt, matching pants covered by the blanket.

Clothes make the man (or woman) - in this case, they make George less noticeable than usual, as he's traded his usual shirt-and-tie look for jeans and a green polo shirt, plus he's letting Robin walk a few paces in front and do most of the talking. Someone could still identify him if they were specifically looking for him (but the only ones doing so today are the ones he's here to meet), or spent long enough looking (but everyone standing still for that long is paying attention to the animals or their own families instead).

Robin is a pretty casual dresser to begin with, so there's not much change in his clothes. He looks every bit the geeky teen that he is, with his chess t-shirt and a jacket just a little too colourful to be considered cool. Shyness definitely isn't one of his traits, though, so he has no problem taking the lead as he walks ahead of George to the spot they were supposed to meet, and being the one to talk to anybody who tries to sell them something on the way. As they approach the actual spot, he slows, looking around and glancing to George.

Colby faces the exhibit but glances around now and then. She spies Robin, and then George blending in with the crowd. She smirks to herself as she wheels up to Robin, but not invading his personal space. "You don't see too many of these in New York, do you?" She asks in opening, letting George take up whatever position he wants nearby.

George meets Robin's gaze for a moment - yes, I'm still here, haven't gotten cut off by the crowd - then Colby's in turn, but leaves it to the younger man to follow up on the small talk. Hey, he spends enough of his day talking as it is! Besides, the… sensitive nature of today's topic isn't the sort of thing he wants to discuss openly in the middle of a crowd, even one that's not paying any special attention to them.

Robin looks back to Colby as she rolls up to him, and he grins, answering, "Well, you don't really see too many of them anywhere, that's the point I think." Then he asks, "Want to go somewhere quieter to talk? It's kind of noisy out here." He obviously recognizes that Colby's the one they're here to meet, even if he's never met her in person before.

Colby nods. "Food Court's got less people.. I just figured this place was out in the open and… interesting." She looks around, not knowing where Cora is, but hopes she sees the two… or three.. walk off so that she can join them. "Ever been to DC before?" She asks as she wheels her way through the lane that people make for her. It's a wonder how well people behave when there's a perceived threat of toe loss.

Cora is following, though of course, they can't see that. The cameras will, though, so she tries to make her pursuit look like it's not a pursuit at all, just leisurely wandering towards them.

Three, yes. George keeps a polite distance as well - apart from Colby, he's had to dodge any number of baby strollers during public appearances - and at one point glances directly toward Cora. Can he—? No, just another coincidence; a moment later, he looks the other direction, pointing. "It's that way, isn't it? I thought I smelled mustard and relish."

Robin nods quickly to the mention of the food courts, grinning, "Good idea. And I'm starving." At George's directions starts to walk that way, then he answers Colby's question, "A few times, for chess tournaments. Usually scheduled so tight I haven't got a chance to see much outside the hotels, though."

Colby smirks and can't help but giggle slightly. "Always gotta follow your nose, *Dad*. You're as bad as Scooby." She nods to her 'brother'. "Well one of these days I'll have to show you around when you don't have to run back home so quickly. I understand though. I had to do the same thing up in New York recently." She says as they make their way to the food court. She wheels up to an empty table and takes her spot there. "You guys go grab something. It's a long flight back, and those flight attendants get stingy with the peanuts."

Cora circles the food court, waiting for some sort of signal that it's safe to approach. For all her invisibility, she's not good at this spy stuff.

"It's not so much the absence of peanuts as the presence of beer. Not as bad as thirty thousand feet, but it still hits a bit strangely when you're in motion at the time." As usual, George took the train in, saving plane flights for longer trips and emergencies. At least the invisibility is still working fine— judging by his continued lack of reaction as he passes near Cora on his way to the hot dog cart.

A ways away, one man with a camera and a Hawaiian shirt does spot George, and snaps a photo with Colby in the background. Maybe this will turn out to be the scandal that pays his next month's rent!

Robin walks up to the stand too, waiting until after George buys his to get a Sprite and a couple hot dogs of his own. (He's seventeen, one hot dog isn't going to cut it.) Soon after he's heading back to the table to sit near Colby, setting down his food and taking a sip of his drink.

Colby smiles at the table and doesn't notice any photog. She's naive enough to think she's safe, and even cocky enough to think herself witty for coming up with it. "So.. Did you bring me something for my Easter basket?" She asks, when both men return.

George pulls up a chair, peering at Robin's selection - well, the guy deals with computer equipment on a regular basis, springing for a second dog is no big deal in comparison - then squints at Colby for a second. Ah yes, that's what she's getting at. "I'm all out myself, I'm afraid, but I think your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate here might have something."

Robin takes a bite of hot dog, then nods to Colby, putting it down and digging into his pocket. After a moment he pulls out a small wallet, and he passes it to Colby, grinning, "Here you go." He sits back again, sipping his drink before he says, "That should do you just fine."

Colby takes a quick look at it and smiles at the quality of the photo, a job well done in her eyes. She then places it into the folds of the blanket in her lap. "Just go about with business as usual?" She asks, looking around to give Cora some form of signal that it's alright. It's been alright, but at least now the girl can make an appearance to thank the men.

Cora steps out of a doorway after a moment, making her way over toward the table and having a seat with a smile. Where the hell did she come from? The doorway, silly.

Focused as he is on the byplay between Colby and Robin, George isn't too surprised by Cora's sudden arrival - for all he knows, she just snuck on them like people usually sneak up on other people. "Oh, hey, you made it! I was worried you might've gotten caught in traffic or something." Yay for small talk.

The cameraman is nowhere to be seen - he's already run off to process his shot of George and Colby, and move on to the weightier job of making up a lurid backstory to go with it. Not that he'd have noticed Cora either if he'd stayed… a pity, it would've made so much snappier a headline.

Robin blinks, looking up to Cora at her sudden arrival. He covers quickly though, nodding to her as he says, "Hello." Then to answer Colby's question he says, "Try not to draw *too* much attention, but sure."

Colby nods to Robin. "We won't. This is just to make it easier to get around." She beams when Cora appears. "Guys, this is Celia. Thanks for everything." She looks to George. "I'll pay y'all back somehow. Take it out of my allowance." She says with a quick wink.

Cora smiles warmly to Colby and waves to the other two. "Hello," she offers. "It's nice to meet you both."

Celia— that was the name on the fake IDs. It wouldn't also be her real name by stupid coincidence, would it? No, if it were, then Colby would have raised an objection. "Pleased to meet you," George offers, extending a hand to Cora. "And don't worry, I will— but I think you're both up for a raise anyway, after this month, so it should all work out in the end."

Robin nods to 'Celia' as well with a smile, "Nice meeting you too. Hope it all works out good for you," he adds, indicating the wallet he gave Colby. He picks up his hot dog to take another bite then, hunger only being pushed back for so long.

Colby nods. "So how're things back home?" She knows it's not the right time or place to talk about sensitive business, but she doesn't get much face-time with the Bossman, so it's a legitimate question all the same. She hands the wallet over to Cora.

Cora takes the wallet and tucks it away, not wanting to check it where everyone can see.

George leans forward, nodding to Colby in between bouts of working through his own single hot dog. (Half with jalapeno, half with Tabasco: a subtle nod to the other states he used to live in.) "Doing all right… we're gearing up for a press conference mid-month. Tax Day, budget initiatives— I can send you a copy of the overview if you like. We've got a surprise or three coming up, though, so it won't all be dry and boring."

Colby raises an eyebrow. "I'm certainly interested. if there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ring me. I'm gearing up for finals, but anything before One-May is clear in my books."

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