2007-03-23: A Night At The Irish Pub


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Summary: Sean asks Riya for directions - then, after a surprise convening of total strangers, they decide to go for dinner, which quickly whittles down to a date between Riya and Sean.

Date It Happened: March 23, 2007

A Night at an Irish Pub

Upper West Side; Irish Pub

Sean walks slowly towards Central Park, and, eventually, home. He was doing a favour for his boss - it meant a night off with full pay - but he definitely didn't know his way around nearly well enough. "Forget it," he says to himself, under his breath. Walking faster for a minute, he taps a woman on the shoulder. "Sorry, ma'am, I'm not from this area - which way is Central Park?"

Riya turns around, and smiles at Sean. "It's a bit of a walk, dear." She says, removing her jacket and idly riffling through it's pockets absentmindedly. "You might want to call for a cab, and take it, otherwise you might not get there in time."

OH geeez. Claudine sighs as she heads out of the museum of natural history while looking around for any familiar faces. She muses softly to herself, "Orion was probably somewhere wanting to kill something.." thinking about what happened earlier, but she shrugs it off, trying to not think about it before heading towards Central Park as well. She's dressed casually with her snug pair of applebottom jeans, and a Columbia hoodie. The only stitches that are visible are the ones on her cheeks and forehead from all the cuts received.

Vin doesn't look up until his book crumples up at someone's shoulder and nearly hits him in the nose. "Shit! Sorry," he says, taking a step backwards. This would be why he's been told to /not/ walk while reading.

Sean takes an involuntary step to the left as a slightly shorter Asian guy walks into his shoulder, book first, before he has a chance to respond. "Uhh. It's okay, don't worry about it." He laughs at Riya. "I like the walk, actually, and I don't have much to do tonight anyway - is there a major road I can get to fairly easily from here?”

Riya sighs. "Excuse me, miss?" She calls out to Claudine, beckoning to her. "Do you know the name of the nearest major road? A NYC native I may be, even I get lost." She says, grinning easily before Vincent is laughed at. "Hey, no problem from me. I'd run into him too." Gah. Flirting.

GAME: Riya has rolled CHARISMA + CHARMING and got a result of GREAT.

"Main is east of here.." Claudine says while running her fingers through her hair not really wanting to talk to people at the moment. She has too many things on her mind, and she's in one of those emo modes right now anyway..

GAME: Claudine has rolled CHARISMA+ATTRACTIVE and got a result of GREAT.

GAME: Vincent has rolled CHARISMA and got a result of POOR.

GAME: Sean has rolled CHARISMA+ATTRACTIVE and got a result of GREAT.

Vin looks up at the woman that the guy he bumped into was talking to, and blinks. Damn. He looks up at the guy who he bumped into. Damn. He looks at the girl who is stopped while walking by. Damn. "I need to walk around here more often…" he says, blinking.

"You'd bump into me any time, eh?" Sean says, raising an eyebrow and smirking. "Err… h-Hey, Claudine!" Sean beams, still mostly looking at Riya, but surprised and happy to see his friend. "Haven't seen you in ages! How've you been?"

Riya lets a small smile curve her lips, and she chuckles. "You wouldn't want to bump into yourself?" She inquires, stepping around Sean and Claudine to address Vincent. "Hey there!"

Well, it's been a while since she's been out and about considering she was ginzu knifed, and so, upon hearing Sean, Claudine quickly turns around and smiles. "Hey..I've been better.." she admits ruefully.

Vincent can't help but think /Yeah, I'd bump into you again, given the chance/ before Riya steps past and spoke to him directly. "Hey." Vincent smiles. "Sorry about interrupting your conversation there, hopefully I didn't interrupt anything important-" He stops himself midramble, and forces himself to look at Riya again and smile. "Let's start again. Hi, I'm Vincent, friends call me Vin."

"I dunno, I don't happen to know anyone who's able to bump into themselves!" Sean says to the girl as she talks to the kid who bumped into him. "That sucks, what happened here?" Sean says, brushing a stray chunk of hair from in front of Claudine's face, covering the stitches. "That looks like it hurt."

Well, I'm a secret agent trying to track down dangerous evolved, which is why I've been following you and Sakura around, but yeah, I got into a fight with Magneto Jr. and he ginzu knifed me…

That's what she would say, if she could and after looking pained for a few moments, Claudine just answers, "Um..car accident."

Chuckling, Riya holds out a hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Vincent." She says, putting on the charisma to keep him relaxed. "I'm Riya! Glad to see someone enjoys reading.. it's not something I got into much." She admits, chuckling wryly.

"Hehe…" /Wait, what? She actually wants to speak to me?/ "I'm a bit… well, I'm a really big nerd. Speaking of which…" He peers around Riya for a second. "I think I know her from on-campus." He laughs, thinking that that sounded a lot weirder than it did to anyone else.

GAME: Sean has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GREAT.

If Riya keeps talking, then Vincent is probably going to just fall over. "Hey." She says, shrugging lightly. "Nerds aren't that bad." She adds, licking her lips slightly, looking back to Claudine. "Oh? Campus? You got to NYU, or something?"

Sean's pretty sure that he's not getting the entire story here, somehow, but takes his hand away from her face. He'll ask her again later. "Ouch… well, was it your fault?" He says, chuckling.

"No. Drunk driver.." Claudine says matter of factly as she feels bad that she's gotten good at this lying thing. Or at least, she thinks so anyway. "That's why I missed classes for a week and stuff.."

GAME: Claudine has rolled CHARISMA+INFLUENCE and got a result of GREAT.

Vincent is pretty damned close to broken, Riya. But only mentally - he had a mental image of himself falling over, anime-style, at Riya /licking her lips/ while talking about nerds. "Actually, uh…" he clears his throat, really, really hoping he's not being too obvious. "Colombia, sorry."

Sean shakes his head sadly. "Damn. Did your windshield implode or something?" he asks, looking over at the woman he asked for directions and the kid who bumped into them. The kid looks vaguely familiar, and Sean has to laugh at how bad the poor bastard is at flirting.

A curious glance is shot at Sean and Claudine, then the girl shrugs a bit. "I think that's why I don't drive." She mutters, licking her lips again. "Hrm." Riya probably isn't helping at all, here.

"Um, it was bad.." Claudine says, not really knowing what officially happened, so she leaves it vague, just pretending like she doesn’t want to talk about it. Traumatic experiences and all.

Vincent takes a step and taps Claudine's shoulder. "Excuse me, sorry, but, uh… Do you go to Colombia? I think I've seen you on campus a bunch of times… I think you might have tutored a few of my friends in bio?" He takes a step backwards and to the side a bit, trying to include Riya in his body language as well.

Sean raises an eyebrow and takes a step backwards as his conversation with Claudine is interrupted, and then holds his stomach as it rumbles. "Tell you what - do the two—" he stops himself and smiles at the girl he first bumped into, winking. "Three of you, sorry, want to go ind some place to eat? I don't know about you guys - Actually, I don't KNOW two of you guys - but I'm hungry and you seem nice enough." He winks at Riya. "Up for dinner with complete strangers?"

Claudine is about to say something as she looks on over to Vincent with her nose wrinkling a little. "Um..maybe? I dunno? Perhaps? I sort of tutor a lot of people.." she says softly before running her fingers through her hair. She then looks on over to Sean, "I'm going to have to pass. I have a few work things that I need to catch up on.." she admits ruefully before bowing her head. "I should get going.."

And with that, she starts to head off, softly singing, "~I will be your father figure, put your tiny hand in mine. I will be your preacher, teacher, anything you have in mind..~"

"Awww." Riya says softly as Claudine backs off and walks off. The song gets a blink from the girl, but she does shrug a bit. "Food sounds good, and I'm okay with eating with perfect strangers." She says simply.

Vincent shrugs; he was going to grab food soon anyway. "Okay, sure." The reaction from the Colombia student - he could see her sweatshirt now, which made him mentally smack himself - wasn't great, and he was definitely feeling a bit miffed - but dinner with two random people sounded okay.

Sean smiles a bit sadly and waves at Claudine as she leaves. "Seeya later!" /Mental note: figure out what's up with her./ "Anyone have any suggestions?" He beams again, then falters a bit. "Or, uh, names? Mine's Sean."

Claudine has left.

"Alright then, let's get going." Riya says cheerfully, holding out her arms- one for each student, with the Rockette squished in the middle. "Wait. Where /are/ we going?"

"I know a really nice Chinese place, some family friends of mine own it," Vincent says, motioning with his head to the left. "It's cheap and really good, just out of the way, and, uh…" He trails off, looking at Riya. "The menus are only in Chinese, but Sean or me could translate for you, assuming you…" He looks at Sean. /Open mouth, insert foot./ "Assuming you can read Chinese. Oh, and, uh, Vincent."

"Yeah, I can read it… and I know a nice pub not too far away, with great Irish food. I know you won't be able to drink, Vinnie" - He decides that that will be Vincent's nickname from him from now on - "and… well, I don't know if you'll be able to either, uh…"

"I'm twenty-two, thank you." Riya says firmly. "And I have my idea. The pub sounds better though, Vin." She says warmly. "Oh! And I'm Riya." She gives her best charming smile with that introduction.

GAME: Riya has rolled CHARISMA + CHARMING and got a result of SUPERB.

"I…" Vin's not miffed at having his idea shot down - he's eaten there a lot anyway - but he's obviously uncomfortable. "I'll definitely be allowed in, though?"

"Yeah, sure - and if you want, I'm sure I can get you a beer or two, I know the guy who runs the pub. It's just around the corner, it's the only thing around here I know." Actually, that's where Sean was just coming from. "So let's go!"

Smiling, Riya starts walking off, whistling softly, hips swinging to her odd little tune. "Come on boys.." She calls over her shoulder. "I /am/ rather hungry you know."

Vincent stares at Riya. Specfically her ass. Err, hips. Yes, hips. Anyway, staring at that general area, he begins to walk, not realizing how obvious he's being.

Sean reaches over and smacks Vincent, a bit fondly. "Be careful where you look, she might see you." Laughing, he jogs a few steps to where Riya is and puts a hand around her shoulder, risking a chance at a new friend for a bit of fun. "We're turning left at the lights up there.

Riya chuckles slightly, and leans into Sean's grasp. "Come on, Vin. Sean. I'm huuuuuuungry." The fact that Vin's staring doesn't faze her one bit. Definitely doesn't faze her.

Vin rubs the back of his head and jogs the couple steps to hook his arm in Riya's. He'd just as well hook it in Sean's, but he figures the older man's reaction would be worse than Riya's.

As they approach the corner, Sean pulls the linked trio left, and unthinkingly lets his hand rest on Vincent's shoulder, hanging across Riya's neck. He disentangles himself after the second building on his left, and turns into the third, a pub called - fittingly - "Irish Pub". "This is the place!"

As he's about to go in, Vincent smacks his forehead. "Aiya, crap! I've got class, I really need to go, sorry!" He hands out his cellphone number, scribbled quickly on two scraps of paper he pulls out of his pocket - they do seem like nice enough people, and runs off, hailing a cab. Shit, more money spent!

Vincent has left.

Sean takes the slip of paper that is shoved into his hand and laughs a bit as Vincent dashes off and piles into a cab. "I'm so glad I don't have class anymore." He opens the door and holds it open for Riya. "After you!"

GAME: Save complete.

Riya chuckles and slips into the pub, waiting when just inside for Sean. "Hrm. Homey." She says,a bit nonchalantly. "So, where do we go? Lead the way."

GAME: Sean has rolled ATTRACTIVE+CHARMING and got a result of GREAT.

GAME: Sean has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.

Sean grabs Riya around the waist this time, instead of the shoulder - getting a bit more chancy, but waiting for any sort of negative reaction to warn him to back off - and leads her to a table nearish the bar, waving to the bartender as he passes by, receiving a hearty "Sean!" as he passes by.

Chuckling again, Riya wraps her own arm around his waist. For a dancer, she's quite light, and she chuckles at the yell out of his name. "I take it you come here often?" She says, teasing slightly.

"Fairly often, yeah," Sean says, sitting down on one side of the table and motioning Riya to sit at the other. "I work at another bar which is owned by the same guy who owns this one - much less classy, though, unfortunately, and it's just a bar. But I'll do deliveries occasionally, and I've worked here before." He shrugs, then consults the menu. "Don't go for anything with chicken. Cook's not great with it."

Sliding into the other seat, Riya leans back, and tries to prop her heels out, cheekily, next to Sean on his seat. "Thanks for the recommendation on the chicken." She says dryly.

Sean grabs Riya's legs, shifts sideways on his chair, and put them on his lap instead, smirking at her as he does so. /Seven years isn't THAT much./ "Hey, you'd be surprised." He laughs, then cocks his head. "So, we know what I do - how do you pay the bills?"

Riya smirks back as she leans a bit further down so her heels are propped up neatly in Sean's lap. "I'm one of the thirty-six Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. I dance, it pays the bill, and we get national coverage."

Sean jumps a bit, not wanting the pointier ends of Riya's heels to make contact with his nether regions, and shifts just slightly to make it less likely. "Wow, really? Should I have taken you to such a public place? Where's your paparazzi?" he jokes, mouth in a wide smile the entire time.

"Sorry, love." Riya drawls as he jumps, and she lets him shift so she won't geld him with her heels. "Really." She admits, grinning back at him. "Oh… most people don't know me unless I do the can-can, eh?"

"Ahhh. So no doing the can-can, then, eh? Don't wanna be in the tabloids." He says, then looks up at the waiter who has finally arrived. "Cracked peppercorn burger, house salad and a Guinness for me, with a tucked-in shirt by the time you come back with our food, please." He smiles at Riya. "If you want to call this a date, dinner's on me." Not that she would know that he gets food at half-price and almost-free drinks here anyway, and he could easily steal the difference. But still, thought that counts, right?

"I will admit, doing the can-can is probably a /very/ bad idea." Riya says gravely, and she too looks up as the waiter appears. "Bacon cheese burger, house salad, and get me a margarita, strawberry, and thank you." She coos a bit over to Sean. "But when did it go from dinner to a date?" She asks coquettishly, raising an eyebrow.

"Just now, apparently!" He wriggles his eyebrows a bit, and takes a swig of his Guinness, which is brought fairly quickly - ah, the benefits of not only being close to the bar, but close to the bartender!

Riya moves her heels a bit, playfully, letting more of that bare skin show up out from underneath the table. "Then it's a date." She says firmly, sipping on her margarita.

"Awesome!" Sean says, liking the view. Err, in a slightly less pervert—- wait, who is he kidding. In an entirely perverted way. Though, really, that's what she was expecting, probably. "So where're you from, Riya?"

"Well, Sean, you’re looking at a New York City native. Born here, raised here, and I have no plans on leaving soon." Riya says smartly, leaning forward a bit. "You?"

"Well, I was raised over on the West Coast, but came here when I was pretty young, so I'm pretty close to a native myself." He stretches his upper body a bit. "Ever been to University?" This /is/ still what normal people do on dates, right? Get to know each other?

"I'd say that makes you pretty close to a native." Riya admits warmly, continuing to prop her legs up in his lap. Sure, it's what they talk about!

"Ahhh - I see food!" Sean says, noticing that the kid - he can't remember his name, Josh, Jeff, something with a J - did, in fact, tuck in his shirt. "Thanks, kid. I'll make sure to mention the good service to Jack specifically." He gave him a warm smile, pretty much ensuring good service throughout the meal.

"Yay, food!" Riya chirps happily. For a skinny, well built dancer, she /does/ eat a lot, even as she smiles up at the server too. "Thank you." She chirps at him as well, helping seal the good service, probably.

"So, Riya - where are your parents from? It's an interesting name, I've never heard it before." Sean smiles, chowing down as fast as Riya is - or quicker. Probably quicker.

"Indians, born and bred. My full name is Riya Dawar, my mother and papa are Chandrika and Marcel. We take pride in our heritage." She smiles a bit at that.

"Ahhh. Thought so - but you've got a rare shade of eyes for Indians, if I'm not mistaken?" He smiles, and looks directly into those hazel eyes.

Smiling wryly, Riya leans back in her chair, stretching. "Gods, that was good. It is rare, indeed. But I'm so proud of my eyes." She admits, grinning wryly.

"I can imagine, and definitely see why - they're very pretty eyes." he says, finishing off his burger just after her, and starting on the salad. His beer's about half done now - his first one, at least.

"Thank you." Riya says, blushing slightly. Yes, Riya is blushing. Her margarita is still sitting nearly three quarters of the way full, but that's okay. She picks it up and sips on it quickly, before starting her burger.

Sean smiles a little bit at Riya blushing, the red shade showing through her darker skin. He's probably blushing a little bit himself - the 'asian flush' starts early with him. "I'm from Hong Kong - err, my grandparents are. The only bit of deviation from Hong Kong blood in me is mainland blood." He laughs a bit, and slows down a bit on his salad. It's too good to just plow through. Unlike women, where you only plow through the really good ones.

Continuing to gnaw through her burger, Riya watches Sean carefully as he talks. She notes the way he moves, and acts, and speaks, and a smile starts crossing her face before he's done. "Well, that's interesting." She says, neatly.

"Not really." Sean laughs, a forkful of dressing-lathered lettuce halfway to his mouth. "I don't have any awesome eyes or anything. Just about the only interesting thing I've got to talk about is that I occasionally find golden hairs in clumps on my head, and I've got a twin brother."

"Now /that/ is interesting." Riya says. Wether she's referring to his laugh, the salad, the hairs, or his brother, she's being ambiguous about, but it's Riya. What do you expect? "Mmm… this is good.." She's actually nearly done with the whole meal, just a few more bites of her burger left.

"What's interesting, specifically?" Sean asks, wriggling his eyebrows. "I'm sure I could show you some more interesting things back at my place, if you want to come see?" He's mostly joking - as in, he's joking unless she goes along with it, in which case he will deny ever having meant it as a joke.

"Oh, I don't know. You?" Riya deadpans quietly, finishing off her burger before pushing it and the empty margarita glass back. Then she smiles, and shakes her head. "As tempting as it sounds… next time, Sean." Her smiler gets wider at that.

"D'aw. Too bad," he says, winking. "We'll have to do this again some time - do you have a cellphone I can reach you at?" He pulls out his own cellphone, a surprisingly expensive one considering he really shouldn't have much money as a bartender.

"Sure do. 283-7492." Riya rattles off, flipping her own phone open. "Or 283-RIYA, if you want to go by the letters." She winks back, whistling broadly.

Sean laughs loudly, entering it into his phone's contact book. "Same - mine's 283-7326 — Or 283-SEAN." He grins broadly. "So who should get in contact with who?"

"We'll do it this way. We'll both just keep our phones on, and whoever remembers first gets to do it." She says, laughing along with him.

"Sounds good!" Sean stops laughing to beam at her - Always good to make a favourable last impression. "Thank you for a much more interesting dinner than this could have otherwise possibly been." He stands up, grabbing his light jacket off the back of his chair.

Swinging out of the chair, Riya chuckles. "Thank you very much for making a lonely out companionable." She remarks, leaning in to give him a light kiss on the cheek, before heading for the door.

GAME: Sean has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

As Riya leaves, Sean goes up to the counter and orders another Guinness, and pays for their dinners and drinks - a whopping $20, astronomical for someone who is used to paying a maximum of $5 for dinner. It was fun, though - and, at the very least, Sean made a new friend today - and possibly more than that.

GAME: Sean has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of POOR.

As his Guinness is being poured for him, Sean looks over and sees Riya dancing a bit on the way out the door - and, with a mumbled "Ahh, fuck it!", Sean takes the few large steps to where she is, grabs her around the shoulders, turns her slightly around, and smooches her.

Riya's whistling so she doesn't hear him coming- then as she's grabbed, turned, and kissed, the Rockette's eyes suddenly flash and she giggles after she breaks the kiss off." I'll call." She whispers, making a big promise, before she turns and runs out the door before it goes farther.

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