2007-09-15: A Perfect Dream


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Summary: A quick glimpse into the morning after Niki finds out D.L. is still alive, they try to look to the future.

Date It Happened: September 15th, 2007

A Perfect Dream

Las Vegas, Nevada

In a shade of neon blue, the hotel's digital alarm clock turns from one minute to the next. 6:43. That would be AM. The two people in this little hotel room aren't running on a normal schedule. The sun has only just risen, and the room is still dim, save for the bright sliver of light that cuts across the floor and the bed from where Niki has the curtain open. Cleaned up since the whirlwind events of the day before, but not since last night, she doesn't look too worse for the wear — just some minor cuts and scrapes — but it's obvious that she just rolled out of bed not long ago. Her wardrobe is one of the sheets, her blonde hair isn't exactly the picture of glamour. She's sitting at the window, where there's just enough of a ledge for her, legs drawn up.

Where there's one, there's the other. At least, that's the way D.L. wants this life to be from now on. He finds himself coming out of the bathroom, shirtless and muscles all over the place. His eyes move to the bed, where there's not a Niki and immediately, he's searching the room with his eyes to… oh, there she is. With a small sigh, of relief, he takes himself across the floor and off in the direction of that ledge-using wife of his. "Hey." comes the announcement of his presence, though he's definitely reaching down to plant his hands on her shoulders. Just to reassure her that he's alive. And well. Mostly. "You okay?"

The view of Vegas isn't as interesting as the man Niki shares the room with, apparently, because she abandons it in favour of D.L. as soon as he appears. She smiles in the sunlight. It's not just the warm light of day that gives her that glow - Niki actually looks well-rested for a change, radiant despite the pink scrapes here and there on her face and arms, despite all of the unanswered questions and what ifs. "I've never been better." Her voice is a little subdued and broken from having just woken up. She reaches up to hold onto one of D.L.'s forearms. "…Are you?"

D.L.'s fingers squeeze onto her shoulders for a bit, just to make sure that she really is okay. He's not quite sure she's telling the whole truth, but he'd much rather not have to deal with all kinds of crazy antics that may be forthcoming, if his being alive has anything to say about it. "I'm fine, baby. I'm alive, you're alive, Micah's alive…" He even smiles, leaning down to plant a kiss on her forehead. "I got my family back. I don't need nothin' else."

Niki's smile only grows brighter, looking up in something akin to awe. "It all sounds so … perfect," she says, with some hesitation — 'perfect' is a danger word with this family, isn't it? They can only get so much of a break. She glances down, but she's only reflective, not evasive. With her hand around D.L.'s arm, she runs a thumb up along the symbol scarred into his skin. "Like a perfect dream. Reminds me of… how it used to be, you know?"

"It can be like that from now on." D.L. remarks just as quick as he possibly can. He's trying to make sure she knows that he's still down for her and his son. Even though he was dead for some months. "I've been… looking into somethings. I'm not sure if they're going to lead anywhere but…" He crouches a little bit, trying to get himself on a more eye level with her. "I'm trying to find you a cure."

And while that would be a very good thing, D.L.'s words wipe the smile off Niki's face. Not instantly; it's a slow process, her smile gradually fading as she regards him with uncertainty. "You are?" She doesn't mean to sound skeptical…

"Not that I think there's anything wrong with you. Just…" D.L. sighs, not really sure about how to proceed. He's just trying to do the right thing here. But he realizes this could be something that he hasn't talked to her about. "Jessica can't keep taking control, Niki. She just can't. I never know when she's coming out and if she ever hurt Micah…"

"I've been trying to get help," Niki starts to explain; there's nothing the least bit defensive in her tone. Only determination, and maybe a little bit of hopelessness… but she's not completely hopeless. Not yet. She shuffles her tangled sheet around and tosses the end off the ledge onto the floor like the train of a white dress. She swings her feet down onto the floor, beside D.L., and leans over her knees. "I'm getting better at being the one in control," she insists. "But— you're right. It's still not safe. I'm still not safe — to even be around."

"It's not you I'm worried about. It's Jessica." D.L. wants it to be very clear that he wants Niki around. And that Niki deserves to be around her son. He just can't seem to figure out how he's going to make this easy for her. There's too much craziness that goes on when Jessica takes over that he's not quite sure how he's going to fix her. "I don't want you going back that place. I'll find you a doctor. One that can actually do what we need him to do…"

Niki shakes her head quickly, adamant. It serves a double purpose: agreeing with not going back to "that place" and disagreeing with the last part. "What doctor, D.L.?" Hey, she's open to ideas, but come on - she's a little cynical by this point when it comes to medical and psychological 'help'. She tries to smile, and though it doesn't quite work, she's earnest. "I've got people trying to help me — good people, honest people. Friends, even." Niki shrugs a little, but she's obviously trying to be optimistic. "…it's only backfired so far…" So much for optimism. That was fast. Try again, Niki. "But— maybe they'll figure something out. A cure."

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