2010-08-06: A Place to Stay



Date: August 6th, 2010


Cam reunites with KeLyssa, and she offers him a place to stay until he finds Micah, or perhaps longer.

"A Place to Stay"

Common Grounds

It's afternoon on a hot summer day, so of course Cam's retreated inside somewhere air conditioned. He sits at a table near the door, laptop open in front of him and iced cappucino still very icy as it rests by one of his hands. On Cam's screen is the Gmail website, he's apparently checking his email but not finding what he hoped for.

What a better place for Ice People to go than an air conditioned coffee shop with ice coffee? That's KeLyssa's thinking, anyway. So, now she approaches the barista and gives the woman behind the cash register a wide smile. "Howdy. I'll have m'self a ice coffee, extra ice if ya please, hun. Thank ya." She speaks just as kindly as her smile as she moves aside to wait for her order.

Cam sips his drink and then blinks as he hears that voice. He looks up, and grins as he sees KeLyssa, giving a wave. Not the energetic wave he once would have given anymore, he's grown up a bit beyond that, but should be enough to catch attention anyway.

It does indeed work in catching her attention. As she gazes at this boy, KeLyssa realizes who it is and her smile widens. Grabbing her drink as it's delivered, she scurries over to where he is sitting. "Cam!" She says quite energetically. "How are you?! It's been so long! We've got so much to catch up on!"

Cam grins, and nods, "I'm ok. How about you?" Then he nods quickly, closing the laptop for the moment as he says, "Yeah, been forever. What have you been doing? Get through everything last year ok?"

KeLyssa smiles brightly. "Kin I join ya? I'd love ta catch up with ya! I'm doin' alright now, I suppose." She says happily. Rolling her eyes, she says, "I got through it all, the jury is still out on how well I got outta it." She shakes her head.

Cam nods quickly, "Yeah, sure you can." He thinks a moment and says, "Last time I saw you wasa back before we moved to Niagara Falls, wasn't it? Wow, that was a long time ago."

KeLyssa furrows her brow. "Ya moved ta Niagara Falls? Wow! What took ya all the way up there, sug? I mean…that ain't exactly like movin' to Queens or somethin'. That's at the Canadian border!" She shakes her head. "I can't imagine movin' up there!"

Cam nods quickly, and says, "After that whole thing with Pinehearst, Niki and D.L. wanted a fresh start, so we moved up there. It was cool, for almost a whole year." Then he quiets a moment, glancing down, not meeting KeLyssa's face, "They died, last August. When the Protocols tested out using someone as a weapon, though we didn't find that out until later. Just knew it was an Earthquake in Las Vegas then, the building we were in crashed down. Niki held it up long enough for D.L. to get me and Micah into a vault, and when he went back for her…"

KeLyssa winces and sighs. "Oh Cam…I'm so sorry to hear that. I really am." She shakes her head, actually taking a seat now. "I can't imagine how ya feel loosin' 'em. They were important to ya. They took ya in. That's important." She frowns. "The Protocol. They caught me. Somehow knew I had…that I was special." She sighs. "I got out. But…I couldn't imagine loosin' nobody to it." Tilting her head, she says, "Where're you livin' now? Who're you livin' with?"

Cam shrugs a little to KeLyssa's question, and says, "After the fight against the Protocols was over, Micah and I took off, 'cause we knew they'd seperate us in foster care. We've been travelling all over. Until I got appendicitis last month. I had to turn myself in, stayed with a pretty cool family for a few weeks until I was better, but now Micah's not answering his emails."

KeLyssa sips her ice coffee silently for a few minutes, listening and thinking. "How'd you like to stay with me, Cam? I mean, I've got enough room an' I got a couple steady jobs." She says, though she doesn't say where exactly she's working. "How'd you like that? An' we try to find Micah together."

Cam blinks at that offer, and he looks down to his computer a moment. Finally he says, "Ok. Better than staying in a random hotel room, anyway. Especially since Micah had all the money." Not that Cam doesn't have the skills to get enough to get by. "But only until Micah's back, unless he wants to stay too."

KeLyssa smiles softly. "He's more than welcome to stay at my place too! I'm sure I can make room for both of you!" She says softly. "I just…I don't want ya'll wonderin' about on your own! I can give ya both a steady roof over your head an' good, healthy food. All ya'll need ta grow up good an' healthy like!"

Cam nods a little and gives a smile, "We've kinda grown up already, despite what our birthdays say. I mean, Micah led the resistance against the Protocols. Ever get a text from Rebel? That was him. And I was there helping him the whole way. Well, most of the way, we got seperated twice for a little while, but when it counted."

KeLyssa gasps. "He was Rebel?! I think I may've talked to him…at least once!" She frowns. "Unfortunately, no matter how much growin' up ya've done, you're still considered young'ns in the eyes of the law. It's better if ya live with someone who's an adult 'til you're 18. An' I can help ya along!" She says softly.

Cam nods quickly, "He was Rebel. And he was basically running the whole thing himself. Nearly killed him the day they rescued so many people from the trains." He nods a little again, "That's why we've been travelling. Been all over the country, and nobody's caught us until I got sick." Then he adds, "But it'd be cool staying with you for now, anyway, yeah. And if Micah wants to stay after, even better. But once I'm back with Micah, I stay with Micah, whatever he wants to do. Ok?"

KeLyssa smiles softly. "Of course, of course." She frowns. "What if I asked to join the two of you if you and Micah started on the run again?" She smiles. "But, I hope he'll want to stay with me too. I think it would be good for the two of you to have a stable home. And you can do whatever you need to do to help people like us from my place." She says happily.

Cam shrugs a little to the question and says, "I don't know, it's kind of been a brother thing so far. But, maybe, depends how things go." He smiles again then and says to that last part, "Cool. Because tomorrow there's this group I'm going to, started last week. It was a mess, but there were some real people like us there, want to make sure anybody who attends is safe."

KeLyssa twitches her nose slightly. "More people like us? Gettin' together? My…ain't that somethin' special. An'…didn't seem like the group was meant to collect us and take us in?" She asks, suspiciously. She'd seen posters for something similar, but she didn't really believe it. "I'd love to go tomorrow, but I've gotta work all day 'till late. But, maybe soon."

Cam grins, "I thought maybe, at first. But once you meet the girl running it, no way is she anything sinister. She really, honestly wants to help people. You should have seen how upset she was when the crazies practically took over last week. But someone might decide to go after the people that are there still."

KeLyssa frowns a little bit. It still seems too good to be true to her. She's grown suspicious in of all people wanting to help their kind, even if they appear to have good intentions. She tries not to let this show to Cam, however. "Well, sounds lovely. I'd love ta meet her sometime real soon. What's her name, the one runnin' this?"

Cam answers, "Annie. I think she expected mostly kids to come, either that or she really likes Disney music.. she does seem the type to. Anyway, she's definitely trying to help, in her way." Then he says, "Anyway, can we grab my stuff soon, then? Or I can go get it and meet you at your place, still living in the same spot?"

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "I'd thought about movin' after all that happened and all the memories, but I stayed. And yeah, I'll come with ya. I'll help ya get yer things over ta my place in a jiffy!"

Cam closes his laptop and picks it up to carry under his arm, picking up his iced capp with his other hand to carry with him. "Alright, let's go. I don't have much, just one bag's worth really. Won't take long to pick up."

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