2007-03-06: A Plan to Save Peter Petrelli


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Date It Happened: March 06, 2007

Summary: Hiro calls a meeting on the rooftop of the Devaux Building. Not everyone sticks around to hear him out.

A Plan to Save Peter Petrelli

Deveaux Building

The Deveaux Building. March 6th.

The Deveaux Building is a public building — and it's a familiar place. As good as any to meet; and, perhaps, Kaito Nakamura has mentioned, maybe in passing, that it could be a safe place. It's a warm night, and the sun is just about to set, when Hiro Nakamura pops into existence on the rooftop. He peeks around, sort of nervously, before stepping to the edge and peering over. Nobody is here yet, which is fine. Hiro — who is carrying a five-foot long cloth tube — sets said tube down on the ground, resting it against the brickwork. Now, to wait.

Mohinder received Hiro's message, and he's made the time to appear at this meeting. He's curious as to what is going on, although, he might have an idea based on a conversation with Molly. The doctor shows up alone, empty handed and promptly.

Sometime after the Arrival of Nakamura, a twenty-something brunette makes her way to the roof by far more conventional means; the stairs or elevator. Jane's clad in black from neck to feet and has a ski mask tucked into her back pocket. Her hair is tied into a ponytail and pinned atop her head. One hand holds a guitar with the strings removed. Her eyes are pained; there's fear, anger, depression, and worry showing in them. Hiro is looked for, when spotted she nods toward him silently, and turns toward Dr. Suresh without saying a word.

It's a few minutes before the fourth arrival joins Hiro and the others on the rooftop. She's a lean woman, clothed in a form-fitting black overcoat that contrasts starkly with the tangle of dirty blonde hair on her head, and she has her gloved hands buried deep in her pockets. It's Sydney — here as per Nakamura's cryptic request. The past few days have been difficult for the exotic dancer; one needs only look to the dark circles under her eyes and the haggard expression on her face to see the physical evidence of the soul-searching that she's been doing. Although she acknowledges the slightly rotund young man with a nod of her head, she says nothing, hanging back in the dusk’s lengthening shadows.

After finally getting word from Hiro, Jack is, in a word, overjoyed. Though he's dressed for business in loose, black pants, shirt, and light coat, it's all he can do to keep from whistling as he tromps up to the roof with Eliana in tow. Despite his outwardly jovial appearance, his steps are light and his coat bulges with the weight of a machine pistol in a concealed, under-arm sling. No taking chances tonight. After popping his head out to take a look at the fast assembling crowd, Jack nods to Eli and steps into view. The silence is almost tangible, and the Irishman isn't about to be the first to break it, but he grins widely in response to Hiro's alive-and-wholeness.

There is strength in numbers, which is one of the reasons why Eliana arrives with Jack and why she's answered the summons in the first place. Numbers. Her own charcoal grey peacoat is buttoned over a t-shirt and button-up combo, but it's the visible jeans and sneakers that mark the outfit as a casual one. No, Eliana didn't go into the office today, nor has she for about a week now. She doesn't move onto the open roof until Jack gives her the nod, and when she does, she's wearing an expression that is much more grim in comparison with his. She nods to Hiro and Sydney, then fixes Mohinder and Jane with a squint, not knowing who they are. How many people were in this group? How strong were their numbers? Then again, numbers aren't the only thing that matters.

The somber brunette in all black with the stringless guitar in hand lets her eyes wander, taking in each of the others assembling on this roof. Jane gives more attention to studying those she doesn't recognize, basically everyone except Nakamura and Suresh. After a time, however, she faces Hiro. "Have I met any of these people before?" An odd question, but one which seems to make sense for her to ask.

Mohinder gives Jane's arrival a nod and a brief smile, along with a look of surprise. He's not aware of the circles Hiro seems to be running in these days. Remaining silent for the moment, the geneticist looks towards Hiro, then takes note of those arriving. Eliana's squint is met with a nod of acknowledgement. He continues to hang back, watching the growing numbers.

Detective Damaris joins the gathering on the rooftop quietly and unobtrusively. She seems a little surprised by the amount of people already gathered here. She knew Hiro was assembling a team of sorts, but she never expected that there would be so many to buy into… well… The whole situation is a bit fantastical, really. Mara rakes her fingers through her dark hair and naturally gravitates toward the most familiar face - Doctor Suresh. She nods her head in greeting, "Mohinder." She looks as though she hasn't had a wink of sleep in days. Maybe she hasn't.

There is a time and a place when people need to be talked out of there stupid plans, and this happens to be one of them. Xander didn't know how many people Hiro Nakamura had pulled into this whole thing, but he figured he would try one more time to talk the man out it. Xander, wearing a nice beige suit, walks onto the roof of the Devaux building, his eyes skimming from person to person, and then locking onto Hiro Nakamura, as he says right aloud, an annoyed tone, "I didn't think you'd actually manage to convince this many people, Hiro…" His eyes passing over everyone else again, pausing on each one, and lingering on Mara for a moment, and then Jane, as he bites his lip, and tells the man, "But I'm going to try this one more time… Do you have any bloody clue what you're doing? My opinion is probably rather unpopular at the moment, but whatever it is you have in mind, there probably will be consequences for it."

Hiro sits quietly, although as opposed to looking cool and quiet and looks sort of dear-in-headlights quiet. Everyone is arriving, one by one, without saying a word. It's like watching the end of Ocean's 11. "Um. You came," Hiro says, and stands up, unconsciously reaching for his humongous stick. He sort of carries it with him like a walking stick. "Arigato." He stops to think. What would sound cool, in this situation? What would Captain America say? "Reports of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated." In his mind, Hiro attributes that, erroneously, to Captain Jean Luc Picard. Steal from a thief, hey. "I need to ask your help. Or, I mean… your advice. A good man is being imprisoned by the Company, and many others. We think they got Clint. Peter Petrelli saved the world. Now, he may need us to save him. But it is not as simple as when Clint and I went in the first time. It will not be as easy. And… maybe we should not. I need all of you to keep this a secret. We're not just here to decide what we're doing, but whether or not we should," he says, and nods to Xander and the point he's raised. He waits for everyone to promise, until he continues:
"The Company are bad people. They have hurt many, and will keep hurting people. But not everything they do is evil. Some of the people they imprison are people like Sylar. Some are dangerous. And Peter Petrelli…" This is the secret part, it sounds.

"Peter Petrelli /was/ the bomb." A detail that's been left out in stories of that night at Kirby Plaza.

Mohinder's brows lift again in surprise as Damaris joins the group. Well, this is going to be an evening of surprises. "..Mara," he greets as he gives her a look of scrutiny. "Before you come to my lab again, I insist you get some rest," he murmurs to the detective after approaching her. That's all he says before turning his attention towards Hiro. That's.. what he was afraid of. He does an admirable job of keeping his expression neutral and even.

It's true. Mohinder, Jane, and Trixie are all more or less foreign to Jack, as well. It takes him longer to place Xander as a passerby at the Den a day or two ago. Mara gets a slow nod. He scrutinizes them all for a long moment, then gives a minute shrug. There /is/ strength in numbers, after all, and Jack is an old fashioned guy. Got trouble? Bring your family and friends, gang up on it, and stomp in into the pavement. Still, Hiro's mixed-up jumble of statements is confusing, at best. It's hard for the natural fighter in Jack not to be roused by the mention of injustice, but he holds back his initial response and instead looks to Eliana.

Eliana returns Mohinder's nod, but she doesn't stop watching the gathering around the Indian man for awhile. Her message for Hiro can wait, certainly, and right now those who are still coming onto the roof and those already here are proving the most interesting. Faces are filed away in Eli's memory, as are mannerisms. A good writer is a good observer, after all. But when Hiro starts to speak and explain why they've gathered, her previously stony expression only grows colder. "I…well…" Jack's glance doesn't help her formulate her thoughts any better, but at least it spurs her into expressing more than a mess of verbal pauses. Eli lifts a hand to wipe at her mouth before she sighs and tries again. "I get it if he's a friend of yours," she gets out, and it's directed at Hiro, "and I get that The Company is this horrible, mysterious adversary…but shouldn't we be worrying about the other threats? The ones that could hurt more than just people like us?" The bomb is a perfect case in point, and if that bomb is locked up, even by The Company, well…

Standing silently and watching Hiro, Jane's eyes flash and her free hand tenses slightly into a fist when Clint's name is mentioned as a possible prisoner. The other tightens on her de-strung guitar. Her gaze continues to roam back and forth over the people she doesn't recognize. Talk of a bomb snaps her attention back to Hiro and keeps it there. Inwardly she has to wonder if any of this was something she once knew.

"Let him rot." This comes from Sydney's corner, though the woman doesn't step forward when she says it. Instead, she lets her gaze settle on Xander — a man whose opinion she's willing to put all her weight behind. "I don't like the Company any more than the rest of you, but if it's all that's keeping us from a fiery death at the hands of this Petrelli asshole, then they've got my seal of approval. It's like Eliana said. We have bigger things to worry about than a bunch of radioactive lab rats."

Kind of a late arrival? Who knows. Either way, Nathan steps onto the roof - the conventional way, this time, tugging a coat around himself as he glances over those here and recognising next to no one, save for Suresh, who gets a raised eyebrow in quasi-greeting and acknowledgment, and Hiro, whom Nathan nods to. Probably the reason he's even here. He cocks his head as his name Petrelli comes up, and the woman gets a very sharp look her way from the politician. "You're talking about a person," he says, speaking up now by way of introduction. "A man, my brother." Now, to Hiro. "Some rescue party this is."

"Peter Petrelli is a very good man," Mohinder finds himself saying aloud to the gathering. "He absorbed too many abilities. More than he could handle, and he lost control. I'm sure every one of you here tonight with an ability has found yourself losing control of your powers." Speaking of the Petrellis.. incoming. The doctor quiets down and turns to nod as Nathan arrives.

"Be quiet, Marx," Mara grinds out, fixing an irritated gaze on Xander. "If anybody understands the consequences, it's Nakamura. If you don't like it, you can leave." She absently rubs at her neck, wincing slightly. Mohinder earns himself a tired smile and she jokes quietly to him, "Why? I seem to get plenty of sleep at your lab, don't?" She licks her lips and then raises her voice to address the rest of the group, "Sylar is in jail. We should act while he's one less factor to worry about." She seems surprised by Nathan's arrival, but nods her head in agreement. "He's not just a bomb. He needs our help."

"And so does the rest of this city, before it gets picked up and dumped in Munchkinland," comes a quick retort from Eliana once a few more voices for the breakout join the air. She looks at Mara and nods. "I agree - we should do something while we can breathe a little easier, but I don't understand why that should be putting ourselves in another predator's jaws." Eli then looks at Nathan, and her eyes narrow anew with an added, mild concern, but her eyes then move to Jack. "Everyone has people worrying about them. Including the people who live in this city who have no idea that someday, maybe someday very /soon/, they might die." Feeling like she can't focus on enough people at once, Eliana takes a deep breath before she turns her attention to Hiro again. "We aren't the law. We can't condemn thousands of innocent people to die out of negligence, because we decided to focus on a few."

"This looks and feels like the gatherings our founding fathers had," Jane remarks quietly, "when they debated the role of government. How much, how little. Things like rights and trial by juries of peers. We need some form of organization, but we also need to supervise it so it fears us, and not us fearing them. Is anyone held by this Company convicted by a jury of his or her peers?"

It's clear that Eliana's statement doesn't sit well with Jack. He trusts Hiro, after all. Sydney's patented exclamation of distaste doesn't help things any. Stepping forward, he says, "I know if it was me who was locked up, I'd bloody well want to be sprung." Nathan's arrival only seems to cement his opinion further. "See? The lad has people who are worried about him. I say we get him the hell out and help him, not let him /rot/." Jack shoots a baleful glare at Sydney.

"Peter Petrelli saved the world," Hiro says, reacting immediately to Sydney's response. The counterpoint is /why/ he brought people here, after all, even if Hiro's own point of view is readily apparent. "Without him this would not be here!" he says, waving his arm at the skyline. "He is not a bomb. He is a man. He is a hero. And it is not just Peter Petrelli! There are others."
Hiro starts walking Jane's way, making eye contact with her. "Clint is missing. I went to his apartment. The door was broken. I think the Company took him. The Company is deciding who is a danger and who is safe. But they are not the law. Sylar has been captured… and we have no way of preventing the tornado right now." Something in Hiro's voice suggests that he's hatching a plan. "We can't decide for the world what is good and what is wrong. We cannot decide who is locked up and who is not. We are not the law. If we decide to abandon Peter Petrelli, we are the same as the Company. Just because we have the powers of gods does not make us gods!" The little guy is — getting pretty impassioned. Is there really someone who feels so strongly under that happy-go-lucky tiny guy?

"How do you know that we aren't just hurrying things along?" Sydney demands, her voice a low snarl, bristling in response to the look that Nathan fixes her with. "I don't know how many of you have seen those paintings that we recovered from the fire at Common Grounds, but one of them shows a tornado completely obliterating Manhattan. If your brother was a bomb, then maybe he's a natural disaster, too."

Xander takes a moment to nod to Hiro, promising the Japanese man to keep quiet about this whole thing, still keeping an eye on everyone, before blinking as he tilts his head a little, trying to wrap the concept of a human bomb around his brain… "Peter Petrelli? Isn't that the brother of…" The Devil is spoken of when Nathan steps up into the roof of the building, "The former congressman…" His eyes linger on Nathan for a moment, and then turning back to Mara, and glaring as the lights in the upperfloor begin to flicker, "Detective, getting Sylar is well and all, and I'm very happy you pulled that off, but that doesn't allow you to ride on a moral high horse, considering your rank." And then he looks back to Hiro, and asks, "Wouldn't this make Peter Petrelli dead, if he was the bomb? And what tornado? I appear to have been left out of a few details."

Nathan's gaze moves over those who seem in support of breaking his brother free, committing these faces to memory. He looks to Sydney, however, when she addresses him. "Maybe he /is/ a natural disaster," he says, almost agreeable but only in words, as his tone is argumentative with an edge of anger. "I should know. But are we - whoever you all are - really in favour of allowing something like the Company to keep its hold on a person who can obliterate us all? I didn't come here to discuss the option of breaking him free - that's just what's going to happen." He seems very certain, for someone who has just arrived and knows about two people of this group.

"There has to be some law," Jane remarks, "but the point is still the same. I don't think there's anyone in their hands who's been convicted of any crime, so it's wrong to leave them imprisoned." She rests the end of her guitar on the ground.

Mara squares her jaw at Xander's rebuttal. "Moral high horse?" She clenches her fists at her side and then lets it drop. She returns to addressing the group. "Petrelli's right," she says. "We do /not/ want Peter Petrelli in the hands of the Company. That's like giving North Korea your nukes to hold for safekeeping. They may do it, but do you /really/ trust that they won't just turn it against you?"

Hiro bows briefly to Xander. "We have reason to believe that the city is going to be destroyed by a tornado. A man — Isaac Mendez — could predict the future. It was the last thing he predicted. All of his predictions have come true, except for one. That was the bomb. It was meant to destroy New York." He pauses for a few moments. "The Company says that they wish to protect people from dangerous powers. But when they captured Sylar, they kept him alive — to study him. Mr. Petrelli. … it was the Company that tried to destroy New York, wasn't it?" He doesn't sound coy; rather, he sounds… quiet. Somber. Because based on what he knows, Nathan himself is partly implicated if he backs up Hiro's statement.

Jack shakes his head incredulously. "Listen to yourselves," he says, almost scolding. "Before anyone said that we should leave poor.. uh.. Whatsisname? Peter? Anyway, before anyone said that, did they think about what it'd be like to get locked up with no trial for something they couldn't control?" Though eloquence has never been his strong suit, Jack likes to think he made his point. Even considering leaving the poor kid in lockdown hints uncomfortably close to the 'save yourself at all costs' ideal that his parents had tried to grind into him.

Mohinder listens to the people, finding himself torn a little on the inside. He's definitely not going to soapbox here and now about the Company, for or against. Sighing, he raises a hand to rub at his temple. Already, things seem to be a little out of control. Unsure of just what he should say, or even where to begin with this crowd, he waits. "Peter Petrelli's ability to absorb the powers of others, this is what kept him from dying. As I said before, he absorbed more than he could control," his voice raises in volume. "How many of you here have abilities? How many of you were able to control it immediately after discovering you had them?"

"We thought Peter was dead," Hiro says, "But now we know he is alive, and held in Kirby Plaza."

Eliana turns to Jack, though it looked as though she were about to address Hiro again, and gives him a light shove in the arm. Even as she does it, Eliana has to literally bite back a rise in her heart rate, digging her teeth momentarily into her bottom lip. "Listen to /you/," she snaps back at Jack before she glances to Mohinder, narrowing her eyes a bit more before she sets the currently cool expression on Hiro. "Look, you're not the only one running around getting information. And /apparently/, you stab people in the back. Forgive me for not wanting to leap to the aid of someone who almost blew up the city." Once again, Eliana looks to Mohinder. "Intentionally or unintentionally."

Xander listens to Hiro and Mohinder, and also takes Nathan Petrelli into consideration, rubbing his brow for a moment, a little frustrated, but trying to keep his cool, before speaking up again, "Allow to first state that I don't oppose the intent to rescue Mr. Petrelli's brother from their hands, but isn't there a means of doing so that would be more -legal- and not absolutely suicidal? Do we know who we're dealing with when it comes to these people?"

Hiro gives Eliana that sort of folded-up-eyebrows look he gets when he is confused, because he is confused. "Stabbed in the back? I do not understand," he says. He looks as hurt as he is confused. He also turns to Xander, trying to coordinate different threads of discussion. "That is why I asked you here. When we first spoke, I could not give you any evidence. I need to know if there is anything we can do about the Company legally. But they can imprison you, change people's memories…"

"Your control of your powers, it's what separates you from people like Sylar," Mohinder states as he looks at Eliana, but the comment is directed at everyone. He then turns his attention onto Xander, accompanied by a short, mirthless laugh, "There is no legal recourse when dealing with the Company, sir. They are large, very powerful and influential. They aren't to be deterred or stopped by something like a lawsuit or investigation. Besides, the legal system works far too slowly to be effective or timely in this matter."

Nathan casts a look towards Hiro. It's an uncomfortable one, that's clear, but otherwise, it's hard to gauge out Nathan's true feelings on the matter. "The Company's aim was to let him wipe out Manhattan," he agrees. "Part of the grand scheme of things. And knowing those involved, they're not above trying again, believe me. If there was one person who didn't want that to happen," he flicks a glance towards Eliana and then Sydney, here, "it was Peter." He gestures towards Xander. "But he's right, even if they don't exactly stick within the rules. I want Peter out of there, for all those reasons and more, but I don't think it's particularly smart to walk into a death trap." There's a tone that implies 'but if that's what it takes', but he lets it stay implied.

Letting her eyes wander from speaker to speaker, Jane remains quiet for a time. She seems to have spoken her piece, and is content to hear at least some of it being repeated by others. Her fingers, if anyone is paying attention to her or anything she does, tighten on that de-strung guitar she holds to the point of being white-knuckled when altering memories is mentioned. "I think," she finally remarks, the question is already decided. "I think those of us who intend to get Mr. Petrelli out will do so no matter what the rest think. The question, then, is in or out, and from there to figure out a plan."

"Open Pandora's box if you want — I won't have any part in it." Sydney lets out a sharp breath through her nose. "Whatever else you need help with, I'm there, but most of us aren't like you, Hiro. We can't go charging into battle like a bunch of half-cocked valkyries." She's quiet for a short moment, letting that sink in while she composes her thoughts. "What you want to do is really fucking noble, nobody's arguing that. But it's also really fucking stupid if nobody here except Nakamura has an ability that'll allow us break into a heavily armed facility without getting caught and tossed in a cage."

Mara shoves her hands in her pockets at the mention of controlling abilities. "I'm in." Her eyes flicker to Mohinder briefly before moving on to the rest of the group in turn. "There are a lot of things in this world to fear. Never fear doing the right thing." Her gaze stops on Sydney, "The last thing in Pandora's Box was hope…" She leaves that thought at that. It is what it is.

For the first time, Jack turns to force of his second-best glare first on Eliana, then on Sydney and gives his head a regretful shake. As a general rule, he reserves his best glare for gunfights and people who serve lukewarm coffee. Then, pointedly, he moves up to stand next to Mara and Nathan. "Sorry, but if the lad's dangerous it makes /more/ sense to spring him and get him under our protection, not less. I might not shoot eye-beams or move mountains, but I still have a few tricks up my sleeve." Impulsive as this may be, Jack has been itching for a plan of any kind since the night the Mendez paintings were discovered and Common Grounds went up in flames. His narrowed grey eyes and firmly set jaw bespeak determination as he gives Nathan's shoulder a friendly cuff. "Don't worry, boyo. I'm with you, too. The legal route's all well and good, but sometimes you have to act."

Well, that does it. Eliana tucks her chin and plunges her hands deeper into the pockets of her coat when Jack leaves her side. "You're all headstrong and /foolish/, no matter how noble you /think/ you're being." She scans the faces of Hiro, Nathan, Mara, Mohinder, and Jack at the same time she struggles to keep her heart rate down. Still, the more she thinks about it and the more she expresses those thoughts, the more Eliana starts to lose her grip. That imperceptible gas starts to leak from her pores, and despite the open air, the area of the roof where they have all gathered isn't that big. Still, it's a slow process. Eli's eyes finally settle on Hiro again. "I don't understand it either," she says in response to his questioning words, "but that only makes it scarier. No, The Company shouldn't have a weapon like Peter. But you're all going to get yourselves killed. And I'm sorry, but /I/ can't risk that." Mohinder becomes her focus again, and Eliana furrows her eyebrows downward. "/That/ makes me /human./"

Xander is so very glad he's got at least some support with the notion that whatever they have in mind to do rescue Peter, it had better not be suicidal. The lawyer is somewhat annoyed that doing things legally wouldn't be possible, but still, he would like to make sure this does not end up dead or imprisoned. He takes a moment to narrow his eyes upon Mara, before taking a breath, and saying, "Before everyone goes off galavanting into Kirby Plaza, let's take a few things into consideration."
He raises his right hand and takes a moment to focus. After a moment, the lights in the roof and upper floors all flicker furiously, as sparks begin to manifest around his arm, and soon his arm is covered electrical arcs, crackling brightly in the darkness caused by Xander's power. "How many of us can do this?" He lets everyone get a good look at his arm, before the sparks subside, and he lowers his arm while the lights resume giving out light. "Well? Can anyone else do something like that?"

Jane's ultimatum — in or out — and Sydney's point that only Hiro has the facility-busting ability illicits a nod from Nakamura, and a sad look. He seems almost heartbroken. This didn't go as well as he thought. "I did not call you here to ask for help." Though the more, the better. "I could have gone alone. I cannot endanger someone else. But I must know that I am doing the right thing." So, that's why Hiro, the impetuous, super-brave, not-terribly-prudent superhero didn't just teleport to Kirby Plaza right then and there. Hiro feels his head get light, and takes a step back from Eliana. There is a cheap shot he could take regarding the ability control. He doesn't, but he carefully makes eye contact with her. Why is he so untrustworthy all of a sudden? He doesn't seem to understand. "Everyone has a different ability," Hiro says, to Xander. "I don't think any of us can."

Sydney's heard enough. If they want to go and get themselves killed, that's no business of hers — as long as they don't bring trouble back to her loft. She turns to leave, muttering something venomous under her breath about "Darwin's law," and how "maybe Sylar has the right idea." Not waiting to see how the discussion pans out, she disappears through the doorway that separates the roof from the Devaux Building, and is gone, leaving only the fading echo of her footsteps as she descends the stairs.

"It is entirely possible that in this period of time Peter has learned control over his powers. I've worked with one of you, spoken with another. You know it takes time, effort and patience." Mohinder says, speaking loud and clear. "Regardless, he is being held against his will, along with many others. Innocent humans whose only crime is having an ability. There are of course humans who are too dangerous to be on the streets, power or no. I will say this about the Company, their methods are questionable and undoubtedly illegal. The one good thing they do, is teach evolved humans how to use and control their abilities.." He turns to eye Eliana and nods with a kindly expression, "No one ever said it was otherwise, Miss. If you do not wish to aid Hiro, that is understandable." Then in response to Xander he points out, "It's not a simple matter of who can do what, but who can actually control what they do so that they are more of a help than a hindrance, or a ticking time bomb themselves." As to whether or not Hiro's doing the right thing.. "Hiro.. what you want to do, it is the right thing. I think.. I need to speak with Noah." As Mohinder, his neck's on the line just being here.

Nathan, by now, is clearly uncomfortable, but stays where he is. Oh, dear God, he's siding with the crazies, is what his eyes say, before he casts an awkward smile to Jack. They're crazies in support of his mission, at least, and really, it's not like this is a particularly sane circumstance anyway. So what the hell. Smile. This time, those in opposition of this get a slightly knowing look from Nathan, as if he wishes he /could/ be on their side, and his gaze follows Sydney out. But Xander has his attention, alla sudden, and Nathan raises an eyebrow. "What's your point?" he demands, gruffly. "You can make a light show, Hiro bends time and space, I…" He closes his eyes, and waves a hand vaguely, dismissing that. "You want to cause a black out in Kirby Plaza, be my guest." He glances at Mohinder and nods once. "Bennet should be here. If you're gonna go talk to him, I'll come."

The wheels seem to be turning behind Jane's eyes as the various people speak, and her attention goes to Xander when he makes the electrical display. "Not me," she admits. "Best I can do is make a storm of suddenly shattering glass, and maybe lead people through dark places. We need to somehow get some idea of who's held where inside the building, what it might take to get to those spots and out again, some form of body armor, and communications gear so everyone can be in contact. Dead or captured, nothing is achieved at all. Doctor Electric is right. Suicide is useless."

Mara purses her lips in thought, nodding first to Mohinder, then to Nathan. "The answer to your question is yes, Nakamura. This /is/ the right thing to do. If I can help, please… Let me know how." She frowns slightly, "I'm not sure I dare go with you, though. I have to focus my efforts at the station… I'm afraid I ran into some trouble during interrogation." She pulls her hands out of her pockets and unbuttons her jacket, pulling the collar aside to reveal ugly purple, handprint-shaped bruises over her throat. "I should've shot him," she mutters under her breath. "I need to keep a close eye on things."

Eliana's outburst earns her only a brief raising of eyebrows from Jack. He's a man with strong, if somewhat skewed morals, and leaving an innocent man in the pokey doesn't fit in with that. In response to Xander's slightly dramatic query, he makes an equally dramatic gesture. Stage magician's training coming to the fore, he whips the machine pistol from under his coat with a flourish and cradles it lovingly. "I have this. And I can help in ways I'm only going to explain to people who are coming along for the ride."

If it's possible, Eliana's face contorts even further with anger and frustration when Hiro takes a step away from her, but she soon shakes the deeper lines of the expression off her face. "It's a fool's errand," she says half under her breath before she squints at Mara's bruises. "You can only hope you come away without any battle scars that are worse than hers," the writer then adds, her eyes focusing on Jack as she does so, but her voice carries a thread of contempt for the show. Book or no, Eliana will have to come up with his chapter on her own, without first hand knowledge. She shakes her head once more, and with a sigh that carries the beginnings of tears, Eliana turns and heads back into the building, a hand to her mouth. But she pauses in the doorway and turns to look at Hiro again, her face pink and the gas oozing more easily now that she's given up any conscious control of it for want of strength, "Takezo Kensei was looking for you," she says in as deadpan a voice as she can muster, but it turns almost vindictive when she adds, "And I hope he finds you." Whether or not she means it remains unknown as Eliana then disappears.

Xander watches as Sydney and Eliana storm off in their little huffs, knowing that getting one's self killed. He glances between Mohinder and Nathan, taking a moment to speak to the politician, "I probably could, but blacking out the Plaza would probably reduce one's chances of survival even further." He shoots a little glare at Jane, before looking back to Mohinder and says, "Then let's find out, shall we? My name is Alexander Weston Marx, attorney at law, and I'm an electrical man." Making it sound like an AA meeting. He then looks to Hiro again, and tells him, "What you want to do isn't wrong. It's just very reckless."

Hiro looks all but heartbroken as "the artist" stomps off. Is he going to fail her like he failed Kensei? Hiro gives Jack — or, more particularly, his machine gun — a wide-eyed sort of stare. Holy hell. Then Kensei's name comes up. Everything seems to be falling apart. His friends doubt him. He isn't even certain of rescuing Peter Petrelli is the right thing to do. Sylar nearly killed Mara. How did everything become so complicated? Hiro sits down, stunned silent by the rapid-fire exits of Sydney and Eliana. He looks almost… lost. "I can't abandon Peter Petrelli. No matter what it takes. Even if it is dangerous."

Mohinder nods to Nathan, even if he's not sure anyone else should be in on the discussion.. he and Noah have their own suicidal ideas as it is. ".. When you have your people together for your mission. Share your abilities, work it out amongst yourselves. Play to your strengths. It could very well be only Hiro that's needed to go in, get Peter and get out. If a bigger breakout is to be planned.. then.." His gaze turns and he stares sharply at Mara's display. He sucks in a deep breath as he looks at the detective with concern. "..I warned you he was dangerous, even without his powers.." Eliana's outburst has him looking in her direction as she disappears, then his attention is turned towards Hiro. "I know you can't, that's just how you are. Try not to take it too much to heart. I've learned that you can't convince or win over everybody."

Nathan frowns as Eliana makes her exit. He doesn't know what to make of it, but clearly, there's more to all this than Nathan knows, and he casts the time traveler a curious look. "Then that's it. Anyone who thinks it's a stupid idea is welcome to leave," he says with a shrug. "Follow their examples," and a tilted head towards the door indicate Sydney and Eliana's departure. "I just want a plan from those who /are/ staying. I don't have any… power that'll help, so, got nothing to share and no light shows here, but I have money. That goes a long way. But then…" He looks to Hiro. "You got my vote, if you think you can go in there and get him out safely." A glance to Jack's gun. "No firepower required."

"I don't know your brother, Mr. Petrelli," Jane states solemnly, "but I do know someone who might be in there. If I were taken, I'd want him to come for me. I can't even trust my own mind lately. I have to trust in that." She glances over toward Dr. Suresh for a moment, then back to the former House member. "You can buy the body armor and the comm gear, maybe, Mr. Petrelli?" From there her attention settles on Hiro, she remarks softly "You're not alone."

Xander would probably be the last one to decide to stick to this one, or just walk out of here… He looks towards the remaining people who are standing here, and takes a moment to rub his temple a bit, before letting out a breath, lowering his hand and says, "Well, there's no justice in letting this organization keep a hold of those people, is there?" Saying without saying that he's in. He folds his arms and asks, "So what's the plan? You do have one, don't you Hiro?"

Hiro stands up, still looking far too serious for his own good. "I have not told any of you about my power," he says. "At least not entirely. Many of you know I can teleport, but I do not have super-speed." That being the logical conclusion from most of Hiro's demonstrations. "I can control the space-time continuum. I can teleport. I can travel through time. … And I can stop time," he says. "I have a plan to save Peter Petrelli. One thing follows the other.

Needless to say, Mohinder is trying to keep his head about all of this. If anyone from the Company knew he was here, not that he's contributed anything particularly helpful.. Having not strayed far from Mara, he looks then sees that she appears to be reaching a breaking point, he reaches to place a hand on her shoulder. "Bullets.. might be the least of your worries." He hesitates, then addresses those still gathered. "There will be conventional weapons, and the Company does employ the services of humans with abilities. There will be that to face as well. It won't take them long to realize they've got a small scale invasion on their hands. They will use any means at their disposal to subdue you." He's torn between keeping is own neck off the chopping block and doing ultimately what's right. As Hiro speaks again, he gives the Japanese man his attention.

Nathan raises an eyebrow at Jane and Jack, but then nods his consent. Meaning, he'll get whatever's needed. He's mostly silent, now, as he's said his piece and god knows /he/ doesn't have much of a plan. Folding his arms, he looks towards Hiro. "Whatever the plan is, you know I'm there," he says quietly. Perhaps reluctantly, as if stating a fact he's not entirely happy about.

Jane studies Nathan for a moment as he seems to agree on the gear, and moves on to Mohinder. She walks over to stand near him, remarking quietly "It seems we're both busted, seeing each other here. I obviously haven't told you things, and I sense the same from you. We had our reasons. I suspect someone thought I knew too much, and acted. You don't want this to happen to you. I get it. Is the Company involved in what happened with me, Doctor?" And another glance goes to Nathan, she asks quietly "Who's Bennet?"

Mara tilts her head to one side, pressing her cheek lightly against Mohinder's hand on her shoulder, grateful for the comfort. Jane's words cause the detective's brows to furrow in a quizzical expression. However, she does keep her mouth shut.. for now.

Nathan's amiable attitude toward equipment requisition pleases Jack. He can relocate things, sure, but sometimes it's better to do it the old-fashioned way. Frowning, he shoves his long-fingered, pianist's hands into his pockets. "So… What is your plan, Hiro-san?" Pardon Gambit for being impatient, but his common sense is finally starting to get the better of him. Danger. Warning. Building full of thugs and other people with unknown powers? Very Bad Thing.

Xander just keeps watching for a while, and takes a moment to say, "So long as we've agreed to hash out some sort of strategy, we may as well get to know each other a little bit." His gaze glances to Mara, then to Nathan, Hiro, Mohinder, Jane, then Jack at last. "As I've said, I'm Alexander Weston Marx, though may call me Xander if you so wish… You saw what I can do, and you know I'm an attorney… I know some of you to some degree…" Then he points to Mohinder and Jack, "I don't know either of you…"

"The one thing we need to worry about most is the Haitian," Hiro says. "He can block our abilities. We must avoid him. But his power does not work when he is unconscious. Then, we need to know where in the building Peter and Clint are. If we can't find out before, I can stop time long enough to find out, but if I get near the Haitian, it will be all over. We can only act when we know exactly where the Haitian is, or when we have knocked him out. If Peter and Clint are able to teleport, between the three of us, we can get several people out. We need to find out where Peter is, where Clint is, who else is held against their will. We need to stop the Haitian. We need a place bring them that is safe. And we will need to do all of this without being captured by men with guns, or with powers like ours." Sounds like a simple enough order. … ahar. Right? Everyone here knows him, to Hiro lets the introductory phase sort of… slide.

It's with great reluctance that Mohinder gives a short nod to Jane. He retracts his hand from Mara's shoulder, then says with just a touch of sarcasm. "Perhaps we should have worn nametags this evening." Then, a sigh as he wills himself to not stress. "Mohinder Suresh," he says by way of introducing himself. He has nothing to add to Hiro's quick layout, as he's trying to pretend he knows nothing of this.

"Nathan," comes Nate's short reply. Everyone knows his last name - heck, people probably know his first name, but it's almost as if permission is given to drop the 'Mr. Petrelli'. He considers something for a long moment, then rolls his eyes skywards. "And I can fly." May as well lay out all the cards we have to work with. It's a leap of faith, and one Nathan seems to loathe to make, but there it is. "As for who Bennet is… he's a man on our team, and we have means," he glances meaningfully at Hiro, "of finding out where people are. Peter is in the basement of the Kirby Plaza building. And anyone who's not gonna rely on their abilities can go after the Haitian, but once we're in there, I'm finding Peter."

Hiro looks up suddenly. "If we can get a map of the facility — we can find which /room/ Peter is in. Which room Clint is in." It's all about the resolution of your map, apparently.

"Thanks, Doctor," Jane offers, her face hardening a bit. "Hiro, you told me about the Haitian, when I mentioned my blackout. I don't want to be around him. I don't trust my temper if I run into him. There are bigger things than my own axes to grind." She turns to the people she hasn't met, looking over each quietly. Mara, Jack, and Nathan, specifically. "Jane Forrest. I'm a real screamer."

Suddenly, the cop looks ill. "Detective Mara Damaris," she murmurs numbly. "I'm a…" She hesitates before finally responding, "Psychometer." She pulls her jacket around her tightly and shoves her hands into her pockets.

"The moniker's Jack." So named, Jack lifts one hand in a brief, waving salute. For the moment, he leaves his ability undefined. After all, it's kind of hard to explain without a demonstration. Then he frowns. Hiro's plan seems a bit… vague. Still, he makes his best attempt to be productive and helpful. "If you can get me near this Haitian, I might be able to take him down. I can fight without my power." Despite his earlier bravado, it's clear that the idea of being separated from his abilities doesn't really appeal much to Jack. A guy's gotta do his part, though.

Xander nods a little, biting his lip for a moment as he listens, his attention held longer by Mohinder, before looking about and clapping his hands together. "Acquiring the blueprints of the building might not be so difficult, actually." He allows himself a smirk, "I know a few people who might be able to acquire it, so we ought to be able to learn of the general layout of the building." He's mildly surprised that Nathan can fly, he doesn't delve into that. He takes a moment to look to Mohinder, and says, "Suresh, as in Chandra Suresh?" He just wants to get that curiousity out of the way.

Hiro nods, and looks out over the skyline. "Thank you, everyone, for coming," he says, quietly. There is great conflict in this one, suddenly! "We will get the blueprints. And then we'll finish our plans and go. The sooner, the better."

"We'll discuss this in private Hiro, about the blueprints that is," Mohinder says as he clearly doesn't want to out Molly in front of strangers, and he's fiercely protective of the girl. He looks to Jane and says gently, "Try to not feel too harshly towards him, the Haitian that is. He has his orders." Mara earns a great look of concern, "I think you should go home and lay down. You don't look well, and you've had a very rough few days." He's also hesitant to suggest any sort of sleep aid. He looks to Xander and just.. he shakes his head. "Usually building plans are a matter of public record. This.. is not going to be the case. And.. Chandra Suresh was my father."

Nathan nods once when Hiro seems to call the meeting to close, or at least, his part of it. Nathan adds, "If we get my brother back, I'll be in debt to all of you," glancing over everyone there, landing finally on Hiro. "Thanks." He glances towards the edge of the building, where there's nothing but a sudden drop should one step over it, before he turns his back on the group and makes for the door.

"So we have a solid chance we can get into the exact spots and extract people without anyone knowing we were there until they discover the escapes," Jane remarks. "If that's not possible, run it by me again how exactly we're going to proceed, folks. And what our plan is for after this, to defend against people simply coming out to recapture anyone we set free." She glances back toward Mohinder. "I get it. I can't even be sure he did it. But he is the top suspect, the only suspect, so I don't trust my temper, that's all. Thanks for being kind to me, in one of my darkest hours."

"Mohinder…" Mara frowns faintly before she finally relents and nods. "I'll be downstairs. I need to talk to you when you've finished here." She flashes a strained smile to the group and fixes her gaze on Hiro. She doesn't say anything to him, but the smile he gets is genuine, if a little concerned. She turns and heads for the stairs.

Jack frowns. Planning's not usually his department, but this idea still seems pretty thin. Hopefully it'll flesh out, given time. He shrugs his right shoulder, adjusting the firearm tucked securely beneath his coat. Apparently, this meeting of the impromptu X-Men is at an end. He steps forward, gives Hiro's shoulder a reassuring pat, then turns to leave.

Xander is annoyed that the building plans aren't going to be so easy to acquire as he had thought, but at least he tries. However, he nods to Mohinder, and replies, "I see… You have my condolences. Looks like we have something in common." He doesn't go deeper into that, and looks about, "I can't fly, so I'm going to head down… I've still some business to take care of at the DA's office… There's a psychopath I'd like to have a few words with as well… I'll see you all when we next meet…" With that, he nods to most everyone else, and steps down, into the loft, and down the stairs.

Hiro remains at the edge, before grabbing his sword and slinging it back over his shoulder. "Mara — Sylar took to the Kensei Sword. I'm worried that he destroyed it. If you find anything out, please let me know," he says, and it seems he will soon be left on the rooftop alone, just as he began.

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