2008-05-16: A Roof Away


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Summary: After flying Niki away, they discuss what needs to be done.

Date It Happened: May 16, 2008

A Roof Away

A Roof

The flight doesn't take long. Straight up and then a quick jump to the east for a short burst, before they're settling down on a nondescript roof of a business building. Unlike the first time they offically met, the landing isn't rough or staggering, just a gentle landing where their feet touch the solid roof. Peter's face still shows a great amount of tension, determination, but a shaky breath betrays a far deeper emotion. But they are safe and fairly far away from his father. And the woman's home.

Niki holds on with all her might and it doesn't seem like enough. When they land, she still hangs tight, pressed against Peter, her eyes shut. She should be guilty, too, so it's no wonder she is: because of her, because of what was hiding away in her head, what Arthur was able to just look in and see— it's what they were afraid of.

She's reluctant to let go, but she does so suddenly, backup up and looking around the rooftop, all manner of different anxieties written all over her face. "How did— " Niki's scattered thoughts hone in on the most important of them all, and she turns toward the roof's edge. Not like she can fly herself, but she would if she could. "Micah— "

As she turns toward the roof's edge, Peter lets his hands drop away from around her. It's unlikely he suspects she'll really try to fly, but he understands why she would, especially when she mentions the name of her son. Peter'd been altering her memories for a while to protect her son's identity, but that had stopped when they stopped spending time together. Weeks ago. He hasn't touched her in weeks. "I got him out first," he says quietly. "I took him somewhere safe and then I came back for you— I'm just glad I wasn't too late." The worry in his eyes shines through. The guilt. The failure. Followed by frustration. "Wasn't too late for you, at least."

Niki looks over the ledge, onto the street below. The news that Micah is somewhere safe takes a weight off her shoulders. She closes her eyes. The air, this high up, is a little breezier. She takes a moment to just breathe, tucking a lightly flying strand of blonde behind one ear before turning around. What with everything happening so fast, and her mind being in so many places at once, worrying at the speed of a hundred miles a minute, this is the first time she's looked at Peter — really looked at him. "…You knew… that this was going to happen."

"It wasn't supposed to happen now," Peter says, jaw tightening and words becoming a little thicker as he steps back, running a hand over his face. "It wasn't supposed to happen yet. Everything moved. It's happening faster than it should be. Cass…" He shakes his head, grimacing. What was changed that made two major events happen closer together? At least he stopped it before her capture led her to… far more than just a headache. He was able to protect her. Just like… "I said if you got found out, I would save you. At least I kept that promise." He looks down toward the roof.

"Thank you." It's not just a formality, it's heartfelt. "And for making sure Micah was okay." Niki strides slowly across the rooftop, but she's still distanced once she comes to pause. She's quiet for a little spell, watching Peter. "What's going to happen to Cass?" she questions quietly, the kind of question she's not sure she wants the answer to, deep down. "We tried— to warn her…" Even if they had no idea it would be from this. Not that it matters now, right?

At the thanks, it's all Peter can do to nod slowly as he continues to keep some distance between them. The guilt hasn't faded too much, even if he is very grateful to have managed to save one of them. "If she's been injected then… she'll develop an extremely dangerous ability that… It won't seem dangerous, but… believe me it is. You can still stop the worst from happening, though," he shakes his head, as if trying to get rid of that worry. "Do you have any idea how much he was able to get out of your head?"

"Not everything," Niki is quick to answer with a shake of her head, fresh on the heels of learning Cass gets a dangerous ability. It's hard to wrap her had around, quite frankly. That vexed look on the blonde's face— it's not going anywhere anytime soon. "I don't think he got as far as the list." She gives Peter a vaguely stormy, questioning look on that word, list. "He might know about… Nathan. And the Company— I gave them…" Niki trails off uneasily.

"We'll have to move Nathan— move you, too. I've had a clone in Washington for a few days now, I'll have to reabsorb him and find out what he knows…" Peter speaks quietly, trying to figure out timing on everything, think of locations. Having Micah will help with a lot of things, using his ability to control the computers and cameras and everything else to make it easier for them to opperate. But wait… Suddenly he looks back at her, eyes sharpening. She did trail off there. "What did you give the Company?"

Niki's relationship with the Company is a bedgrudging one. So is her voice when she answers Peter. "Information… files. Research stuff." A sheepish look comes and goes, dismissed by force as Niki crosses her arms. "Move … where are we gonna go that he can't find us, Peter? Why didn't you just— " Toning down a voice that was on the road to heated, she's more sympathetic when she finishes more quietly, "…you could have killed him. You could've at least tried to end it."

Instead of looking disappointed, Peter just nods carefully, a hint of understanding flashing across his face. "He doesn't have the ability to find people anywhere. Not yet," he explains, using that as a reason for how they're not completely ruined as people. But… he could have killed him. There's a grimace across his face and he steps back. "Do you want me to do that?" A simple question, but one directed directly at her. There's an accepting look in his eyes.

"It's not up to me." Niki is looking straight at the person who has to make that call. She steps toward him without taking her eyes off his. He stepped away, but she inches closer. "He's the cause of all this, isn't he? The one… domino that'll make them all fall down." She shrugs at her metaphor with the shoulder that's been stitched up.

"At this point, there's very few people who could kill him," Peter says, looking down and away from her for a long moment. As she inches closer to him, he watches her shoulder, her hair. "I'll have to make sure that people are safe before I try again. In case I fail. Cause he could kill me just as easily." Not that it would be easy at all, for either of them. It'll be a fight, but… "You can stay with me tonight. I have an apartment. You didn't know about it until now, so neither will he. It'll safe. And you'll be with your son." And him.

Niki accepts the plan of action with a vague, distracted nod. "We'll have to get Cam too." She looks down at the rooftop they stand on. "Killing someone… especially— your own father… I'm not saying it's the best plan ever," God knows she wants to keep things as gruesome as murder in her own past, "But it's kind of all we have." Yeah, other people have plans, coming together, fighting against Pinehearst, and there's Micah's skills— "Everything else is just buying time."

"Right, Cam, too." Peter finally moves closer to her again as she speaks, even if the topic of killing people isn't the nicest of things. His fingers brush her cheek once. "We'll figure things out." Because the alternative of figuring things out is nothing anyone wants. "Once I get everything moved around, we'll have to look into getting Cass out of Pinehearst. It may require everything we've got. But we'll do what we have to." He'll do what he has to. Even if it means killing his own father. Suddenly his hand drops away with a hint of a grimace. He has no right to be this close to her anymore.

Niki glances down sharply. She hadn't flinched from the familiar touch, but she does now that it's gone. "You know," she says without looking up, a vague laugh hiding somewhere in her breath, "if I'd listened to you… and… I dunno, just stayed away from everything after we got to Logan, maybe… this wouldn't've happened." The woman's head tips up, a sad and sort of desperate look on her face. She reaches out for Peter's arm— but, it becomes clear, it's for practical reasons. "Can we go now? I want to get back to Micah and make sure Cam gets there okay."

"Yeah, we can go now," Peter says, masking the emotion that he might be feeling as his hand clasps around hers. Eyes close, and the next thing she knows she's being shifted to another location. A simple apartment. One that isn't unoccupied. A second later the hand opens and the man who brought her there disappears, leaving her alone with her son. Persumably to go locate Cam.

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