2007-09-30: A Royal Mess


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Summary: Bennet receives a report from Agent Damaris.

Date It Happened: September 30, 2007

A Royal Mess

Noah Bennet's Office

The office is cramped, enough that Noah swears that this was a closet before the 'reorganization' effort. For now, he just deals with it, using a provided work laptop to check out reports. There are no file cabinets, merely enough room for a desk, his chair, and another chair. He doesn't even have a coat rack, his gray jacket slung over his chair. Thankfully for those looking for him, there is a paper sheet taped to the door to let them know that this is Mr. Bennet's office. While it's unknown the state of his mini-fridge, Noah sips from a cool V8 as he glances over more intel reports over what happened.

"A royal mess," he admits to himself before he sets the can down to do more work. A media player is on his machine, tapes from the attack up and paused in various points. He seems to be looking for something in particular, but there seems to be little clue as to what that might be.

There's a quiet knock on the door before it opens just enough for Agent Damaris to stick her head in. She doesn't seem to be keen on waiting for permission to enter, however. She just wants to ensure he's there by himself before she steps inside. "You sly dog, Bennet." Mara grins widely and takes a seat in the unoccupied chair. She undoes the single button on her blazer and crosses one leg over the other. "Partnering me with the rookie. I thought you were punshing me for a minute there. And then, I thought you owed someone a favour. Did Murphy tell you that I asked him point blank whether he was related to someone important or just expendable? He said the former, but I'm reasonably certain that being someone's nephew doesn't make him any less expendable."

The refreshingly complicated man known as Noah Bennet looks up as he sees Mara enter the room. He doesn't speak until she finished her thoughts on her new partner. He looks up with a small smile. "There are always reasons for what I do, Miss Damaris. Hopefully the pair of you will be able to work well together. I figure you both have some things in common." He looks back down to some paperwork as his smile swiftly disappears. "Though next time, knock before entering my office." Seems like Mr. Bennet likes his privacy. Or is just having a rough day. With all that's gone on, it's understandable if someone's a little cranky.

"I'm hoping that you have that investigation finished… Right now, timing is critical. We can't afford to waste a second with the prisoners running around." Sylar isn't mentioned, but Sylar's always been a threat. He's just being an annoying confrontational threat again instead of the hidden one he's been for the last few months. Noah glances up to look at Mara right in the eyes, clearly expecting his hopes to not be misplaced. While it was nice for Kellie to be subdued, the cost was far too high.

"I refused to tell Murphy what I saw down there concerning Agent Bishop," Mara says coolly. "But you knew that would be the case all along." Clever man. "Gray isn't happy he was deceived. But a happy Gabriel Gray is almost worse than an unhappy one. Call me vindictive, but I do love it when things don't go the way he planned." She smiles thinly and laces her fingers together, resting her hands over her knee. "I think I've learned all I'm going to be able to learn from Level Five. I'll give it another sweep if you really want, though."

Nodding at the deception and it's apparent effectiveness. "Thank you for respecting the 'need to know' policy we enforce. It makes everyone's lives easier in the long run." While sadly not all share Mara's discpline in that regard, few Agents are without serious flaw. "Go over again what you got and I'll let you know if another sweep will be required," he states, back in his chair. His elbows rest on the armrest, his hands clasp as he readies for a grown-up verison of story-time.

This is why Mara never puts too much effort into her reports to Bennet - he always prefers to hear it straight from her lips anyway.

"I started my investigation at the entrance to Level Five. Gray and K-11E infiltrated with little difficulty. Met with resistance, the agents on duty proved no match. I moved further into Level Five - to the place where Miss Bishop was attacked and investigated the events there. She was left there to die, you know. Several agents were in the vicinity at the time of the attack." Mara leans forward with a bit of a grin, "Would you like to know which of them are cowards?"

"If you could tell me who was involved that would be great. I'll leave the labels until I check some things myself." After all, if there was nothing that could be done, there is nothing that could be done. Sadly, there have been quite a few holes in the surveillance. Of course, that's why Mara was send in by Bennet himself. "How did the two infiltrate the area? Did you get any conversation between them?" As usual, Noah is focusing on the details.

"I'll include their names in my secondary report," Mara responds smoothly. She can't throw too many stones from her house made of glass, after all. Those details are minor compared to what Bennet's just brought up. "Unfortunately, those two aren't much of a chatty couple. It was obvious they had different goals when they broke in. Incidentally, K-11E seemed to be the one flexing all the muscle to get in there, initially. Gray looked more like he was showboating."

Merely nodding at the mention of the secondary report, Noah focuses on what he figures is important. "So, it was pure force that got them in… No outside assistance other than the pair having a 'lay of the land' so speak." Noah muses on that for a second. No, whoever is behind this wouldn't be so careless, Noah is sure of that. Still, even the best and brightest make stupid mistakes from time to time. "Now, what details can you tell me about the impostor Elle and her interaction with Sylar?"

"I'm not saying they didn't have an informant. All I'm saying is they weren't stupid enough to leave me any clues." Unfortunately. It draws a frown from the redheaded agent. "She was far too… all together, for our favourite electric Barbie doll. Her attacks did, however, damage the integrity of the cells." Not that she's around to be punished. "She was, however… Appropriately terrified, you could say."

"Of course." Noah repeats upon Mara's thoughts on the possibility of an informant. Lifting a hand to rub the side of his temple, Noah tilts his head faintly before speaking once more. "We are already aware of the fate of the woman and who fled… But was there any communication that you were able to get between prisoners and Sylar or the prisoners between one another? From what little I could get, it didn't seem so, but anything that was said that suggests organization or possibilities of alliances would be of importance."

"Your power looks interesting, he said to her before she died, I can't wait to try it for myself." Mara's expression turns cold as she repeats the killer's words. It's unsurprising she would have committed it to memory. "He wasn't there to rescue anybody. He was hungry. I could feel it. The prisoners didn't have anything to say - the deadly ones usually don't. Woods was fairly chatty, but that isn't anything new. Petulant one, that."

The details of Sylar's personality are noted, but he doesn't doesn't seem to pay them much mind. Mara has gotten a lot, but it seems nothing has caught his attention for the time being. Noah returns to his V8, finishing the contents and preparing to put it in the trash can… Only to find that it isn't where it used to be in his old office. He sets it back down on the desk for the time being. "Anything else you believe would assist this investigation that you were able to gather?"

"Find the others and I think we might find Gray. He came for the buffet, and there are very few exceptions in which Gray will play with his food. Perhaps it's time we convince Suresh to stop coddling Molly." Mara looks away, momentarily lost in thought. "If you can temporarily reassign him, I think I can convince the girl to find them all for me. She'll be kept safe. I don't see any harm in using her gift to mount a pre-emptive strike."

"I was referring to information from your reading, but I'll take your opinions into consideration. In the end, the Company will do what it feels is best in handling this new threat. As will reassignment. I appreciate your desire to vouch for Miss Walker's safety, but if we feel she needs to find someone, she will. Everyone in the Company does their job." There is no anger in his tone, but there is a noticeable firmness that suggests that he is in 'laying down the law' mode. Noah knows exactly what HE'D do, but sadly, his views are rarely shared by Bob and the other higher-ups. Still, there are a great many things he CAN do now, some of them on a much more personal note. Standing up slowly, Noah reaches for his coat. "Unless you have any more details of note involving your investigation, I think our meeting is over. I apologize for the closing our conversation so soon, but I have things I need to handle."

"You know I'm behind you one-hundred percent, boss." Mara stands up, re-buttoning her blazer before reaching for the handle of the door. She smirks. All he has to do is pass the orders under the table, and she'll do her best to make it happen. She has a few resources at her disposal that they both know she's willing to make use of. "What would you have me do now, sir? Go back to watching over the girl? Or field investigation?" It doesn't take a telepath to know that Mara would prefer to be actively hunting, having spent enough time as the hunted.

Right now, Noah plays things by the book. Only when his back is against the wall or his daughter is in danger does he throw the rulebook away. It's likely one of the reasons why the Company is content to let Claire be at the moment and promote the man that actually killed his boss. Nodding at the vocial support, Noah gives a brief smile before going on with marching orders.

"Right now, I want you to go make that secondary report. After that, check out Rainer's office. I want you to see what you can gleem. Perhaps he was involved with this plot or 'Kellie' let some important information slip out before killing him. We already have agents out there with their assignments. Should they fail in getting their targets in the proper time… We'll see if there are better people suited to the task."

All that said, Noah opens the door, clearly planning to leave himself as soon as Mara exits the door. "Prepare yourself, Damaris. It's gunna be a long month."

Rainer's office. Mara nods solemnly. "Sure. But I'm working alone on this one. I'll report directly to you, or Bishop. The kid may not be able to tell when I'm lying through my gappy teeth, but I don't know him from Adam." The turn of phrase draws the ghost of a rueful smile from the agent. "If we've got a rat in our ranks, I'm not trusting anyone."

Obediently, Agent Damaris pulls open the door and steps out into the hall before her superior. At his parting remark, she grins wide. "I look forward to it, sir." On her heel she turns, keen to start on her report so she can move on to bigger and better assignments.

Noah watches Mara as she heads out. He doesn't need to tell her that she's doing right in keeping the information to herself. That's the way it should be for agents. Pulling out his cell phone, he checks the voice mail. Good, nothing from home. Sadly, while he's done with work, his day is far from over, deciding that like Rainer tried to do, it's time to protect the things that matter to him most. Hopefully, he'll have better luck than Mr. Madson did.

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