2007-06-29: A Side Of Bacon And Psychokillers


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Summary: Peter makes Heidi breakfast for Nathan.

Date It Happened: 29th of June, 2007

A Side Of Bacon And Psychokillers

The Petrelli Mansion - Kitchen

Sleeping off the worst hangover EVER… Peter didn't stumble back into the house until evening hours— and after checking with the guard, and turning the night-time alarm back on, he strolled upstairs to check on the boys and Heidi… to /very distinct sounds./ This is revenge, isn't it? Retrieving his poor puppy, he goes into his guest room and lays down on the bed, making a single phone call, and then tries to sleep. Eventually he has to turn on the radio and put the pillow over his head. After finally getting some rest, he takes an early shower and then heads downstairs to make some coffee and eggs, wearing loose and comfortable house clothes, and with puppy in tow. He'll feed the animals while he's at it, but it's early enough he probably beat the boys.

So the world is still on the brink of ending, as far as Nathan knows. Has been since February. His wife is in mortal danger. He has a particularly savage political opponent to deal with. And yet it's a /pretty good morning/, all around. Currently, he's dressed in 'not about to go to work or in public anytime soon' clothes, which is pajama pants and an old t-shirt of some kind and then a robe so he's not scaring the hired help, and the only thing he needs currently is coffee. So he heads downstairs to wrestle with the coffeemaker, and pauses at the sound of someone in the kitchen. He can pretty much already guess it's Peter, even before he steps into the room. "Morning," he greets, glancing away from his brother to see if he happened to make coffee for more than one.

The coffee machine is already in the first stages of heating up, and Peter's checking the fridge for things to cook. Eggs are set out, along with potatoes that he'll take the time to slice up for hashbrowns, and bread. That's pretty simple. He's working on the potatoes when his brother approaches, and he quirks his left eyebrow. Here he is, standing in an apron, and his brother's looking /smug/. Yes, there's a smugness to his looks. "Morning. Glad to see you're back." And in more ways than one.

Nathan simply smiles at Peter. Smugly. Then, he ambles across the kitchen to retrieve two coffee cups for himself and Heidi, half asleep. Well, a quarter asleep. He's a little more awake now that he has to speak to someone, even if it's just Peter. "Glad to be back," he responds, retrieving cream from the fridge. And then hesitantly, sugar from the pantry. He never puts it in his coffee, but he's pretty sure it's how Heidi takes her's. "Heidi mentioned to me you were staying here."

Eyeing the sugar, Peter can't help but smile a little. Just a small quirk at the corner of his mouth. "Yeah— I've been staying for a while, except yesterday— spent the night at my apartment." The little white dog — still a puppy really — has curled up near her cousins on the floor, with her new summer cut leaving her less fluffy but certainly cooler. Her tail, still full, sweeps back and forth happily. "…Did you two talk?" he asks as he cuts up the potato, paying a lot more attention to his brother than his fingers. But hey, he could /cut them off/ and there'd be no harm done except blood potatoes. "About… why I'm staying here?"

A slight frown goes here, and Nathan glances sidelong at Peter as he sets things out for coffee. True, they didn't really brush on the topic any further than a mention, and Nathan had come to his own conclusions. "We talked," he confirms, leaning against the counter now. "She told me the… what happened. About the clinic, those women." Just so Peter doesn't have to dance around the topic. "Figured you came to make sure she and the kids stayed safe."

"Yeah— additional security," Peter says quietly, "Not that I'm very good at it." He can't really have much faith in his ability at times like this. A few slices later and he starts on a second potato, and glances towards the fridge. "I— am glad the two of you talked. I'm sure she would've told you earlier— once it— came up— but— telling you that kind of thing over the phone probably isn't a good idea." Who knows if their phones are tapped! …Okay, really not that. But worrying him to the point he abandoned his campaigning probably wouldn't be a good idea. And— his brother wasn't the only one in the relationship with secrets, they've come to learn. "Think she'll want some breakfast?"

"I think she'd love some breakfast," Nathan says, glancing now towards the set up Peter has going. Not a word about the apron, for risk of Peter making Nathan /help/ or something like that. He pulls his robe around him a little tighter, arms folding. "She took up the subject with me about five seconds after 'hello'," Nathan says, with a shake of his head. "I'm not mad at her, if that's what you're wondering." Well. Maybe mad would be a strong word, yes, but he wasn't - still isn't - happy that he was out of the loop. But he knows not to be hypocritical out loud. "Do you know anything more about this guy? That's— that might be after her."

"Go pick out a meat for me," Peter says, gesturing towards the freezer. There should be bacon and other breakfast meats in there, but he's not normally the type to cook that. He wouldn't cook it for himself, but he'll cook it for the man's wife. The potatoes require the most prep work, anyway. "I could describe him to you, but other than that he killed… Elena's mom… I don't know too much more." There's a pause, as if he's listening for the boys, before he continues. "He has the… ability to tell people what to do, but apparently has to know their name. Can actually turn them into slaves." It's disturbing. "But they've fixed it so Heidi probably won't be affected— and I've shown strong resistance to that in the past, so…" He hopes he'd be immune. However— the man definitely KNOWS Nathan's name. "Now that you're back we might see if they can do the same with you— If you want." It might help.

"They?" Nathan moves to go and retrieve the bacon, glancing the package over before handing it to Peter, and resuming his spot of leaning. "Elena's father? Heidi mentioned that." It's a good idea. It makes Nathan feel /utterly/ uneasy, however, and so he delays his response to Peter's suggestion. Out of all the abilities he's encountered, it's telepathy that he would want the most, if he had to choose, and hates the most as a result. He drums his fingers against the counter top. "Can't you do it?" he asks.

With the meat chosen, Peter starts to set out the pans, having finished prepping them for becoming golden crispy hashbrowns. Ripping open the package, he begins all the important cooking things, and starts getting together a breakfast of meat, hashbrowns and eggs, scrambled with cheese, and generous amounts of salt and pepper for seasonings. "I can /try/… but I've never used the ability like that before— I'd have to ask what he did, or maybe I could look at Heidi and figure it out on my own…" It's hard to know for sure— but he could try. "Why don't you stick some toast in?" he gestures towards the toaster, giving his brother the easiest of all jobs. "There is… something else I need to mention…" he's hesitating. A lot. Paying more attention to the food, than his brother.

Toast. Why yes, he can manage toast. When Peter looks back at his cooking, Nathan shoots a glare his way, but goes to retrieve a stunningly healthy loaf of brown bread that appeals only to adults and that the kids won't touch with a ten foot pole. Dropping a couple of slices into the toaster, Nathan then moves to fill his mug with coffee, the machine beeping its readiness. Thank god. He glances over his shoulder back at Peter. "Okay," he says, promptingly and warily. What more news can anyone possibly have for him?

Bad news, that's what. With all the food cooking, Peter continues to put most of his visual attention there, even if he's thinking about something else. "Stopped by Jack's bar the other night— that's why I wasn't home yesterday. I was sleeping off a hang over." Yes, he still gets hang overs apparently. Regeneration doesn't make him immune. Though he could have shot himself in the chest and see if coming back to life fixed that. "While I was there… Mara showed up." That's where the pause is made, and he finally looks over. It's a touchy subject, and he listens for footsteps. "She wanted me to ask you to call her." And from the sound of it, he almost didn't intend to… "She wants to tell you a few things in person— probably mostly about… Gray. He contacted her." At that grave admission, he moves away from cooking and grabs plates from the cabinets.

Nathan doesn't look Peter's way when he tells him of going to a bar and getting a hangover for his troubles. He does raise an eyebrow, but otherwise, no comment. Yet. Only because he wants to know what Peter has to say - he'll ask him what the hell Elle did this time later. Just a guess. He stirs cream into his own coffee, but his actions pause when Peter approaches the subject, and he turns to look at him. He doesn't look disbelieving, or stunned. It was really only a matter of time. He does, however, look mildly sick, gaze falling away from Peter to study the ground. So, Gray's back and wasting no time. Wonderful. "Ever hear of the ability to be in two places at once?" he finally states, bitterly. "Reckon I can trade in mine for that one?"

Good guess. But not the complete truth. Peter starts to prepare the plate, but he can't help but give his brother a sympathetic look. "Don't think you can trade in abilities," he says in a sad way, but— "I'm not going to stop you from going to see her. Or trying to help her out if there's even a chance you can— but…" This would be one of those moments where he might lecture, isn't it? With the plate all prepared, he walks over and sets it down on the counter near his brother's coffee. "Know that it's impossible to choose who to protect— but Mara has— other people she can go to now too. And she can still call me. You can't be in two places at once— and if she needs to see you… All I can ask is that you… don't mess this up."

Once Peter starts talking, Nathan moves to pour out a second cup of coffee for Heidi, stirring in cream and sugar. Peter has that tone of voice. It's not a very lecturey tone, to be fair, but Nathan knows it - knows it better these days than he ever did before, too, and he carefully doesn't look at him throughout most of it. When he does, coffee set out, Nathan gives Peter a rather sharp glance. "That wasn't the plan, no," he says, tone civil, if a little icy. "I'm not going to choose anything, Pete. I'm going to do what I can, where I can." Generally how it works, anyway. Toast is then set on the plate Peter prepared. "Besides, don't you think that's a little rich, coming from you?" he asks, although his tone is lighter, here - more wry than argumentative. "Aren't you the one who has to help everbody?"

What he can, where he can… that's really all anyone can do. At least right now. Peter nods carefully, and lets him have the plate, before he goes to prepare the second one. This one's for Nathan, but he's getting the exact same thing as she got. "Actually— you're the one who helped everyone last time," he says when he turns around with the second plate, dropping it towards him. Now, he'll retrieve the tray, to make carrying easier on his brother. "You saved the entire city, and me too." Because it would have destroyed him otherwise. "I have a lot to catch up on." With the tray laid down, he stops working, to look at his brother for a longer time. "But I'm not the one trying to save a relationship. You are."

"Yeah, but…" Nathan mutters, vaguely, and leaves it at that. Sums up his attitude towards that event quite aptly, actually. I saved NYC. Yeah, but, I almost let it explode. I would have died. Yeah, but, I didn't. I'm a hero. Yeah, but, I'm not. This… being why Nathan doesn't bring the subject up very much, or really think on it too often. He takes a sip from his own coffee, and looks down into it when Peter makes that final point. He really has nothing to say for that. Which is why he diverts, into; "Apparently you're not, no. What'd Elle do this time to drive you to the Den?" he asks, arching an eyebrow.

There's a bit of tension around Peter's eyes, before he looks away. "She didn't do anything," he says simply, before he pushes the tray a little closer to him. "Maybe it was me who did something to her." He'd never claim he's perfect, but this definitely seems to have made his mood take a nosedive. Maybe he really did something bad this time? Or at least he thinks he does. The last is probably the most likely, knowing him. "Go take your wife breakfast before you have to microwave it." It makes him move away a little as he says that, starting back to begin clean up, so he can start his meat-free breakfast. "I'll talk to you about it later."

Squint. Nathan knows when Peter is pushing him away. That usually leads to Nathan insisting and pushing right back, even when time and place dictates he should leave it alone. This time, though, Nathan finds himself picking up the tray when it's urged towards him. "Fine," he allows, moving around the kitchen island, heading for out. "Thanks for the breakfast." In an effort to lighten the mood - or maybe Nathan's just being honest - he adds, "I'm stealing the credit."

"In that case, maybe I should microwave it," Peter says with a hint of a smile, to at least give way for some of the lightheartedness that— he'd really like to have. "We will talk about it later… Just give me some time." That's all he can really ask for on this. Time. He did the drinking thing, and now he needs what comes after on the road to recovery. Hopefully it won't take too terribly long. "Hope she likes it," he adds with a gesture of his hand, towards the breakfast that he won't get credit for — until she actually eats it. Heidi isn't dumb. She'll know either a maid helped out, or Peter had a hand in it.

Yeah, she probably will. But it's the thought that counts. Or some crap like that. Nathan made the coffee, she can be content. "No doubt," he says, on the topic of breakfast, but also on the topic of talking about it later. Peter is free to choose which statement that's a response to. Perhaps the last, curious glance Nathan sends his way is a good indicator. With that, Nathan heads out of the little domestic scenario and aims for upstairs, trying to focus on not slipping plates off a tray - which is far safer a subject to focus on than the conversation he's left behind. For now, he'll have breakfast with his wife. Later, he has a phonecall to make.

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