2007-11-10: A Slow Night


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Summary: Tyson is watching some fights when Ophelia shows up for a brawler's audition.

Date It Happened: November 10th, 2007

A Slow Night

Bronx, NYC - The Brawler's Headquarters

To say the least, tonight was a slow night and even with the single fight going on at ring number four, Tyson had really nothing to do. The guys who were fighting weren't even going all out, not that he expected that they would, it was only their first times in the ring. Watching them, Tyson couldn't help but get a sense of nostalgia about his first fights and how anxious he was… Luckily things had been in his favor…

"C'mon, guys!" He called from a ways away, not even worried with the fight getting out of hand. "You've got to fight harder if you want to become a regular… we aren't waisting our time on failures from the getgo…" Which was more or less a lie sense, the money was pretty much all the same.

Money. It didn't sound like a bad thing to have. And Ophelia was a little lacking in funds at the moment. Getting up enough money to afford an apartment in New York with very little job experience? Not so great. Going home was not an option, and she already felt pretty guilty for mooching off of her few friends who gave her a couch to crash on.

The promise of money was one that brought Ophelia over to the Brawler's Headquarters, but there was something about the curiousity that had gathered when she had talked to Tyson before that drew her to the place as well. Stepping inside, she folds her arms over her chest as she looks around, eyes taking in everything that's visible to the naked eye for the moment.

Literally walking away from the fight in the far ring, Tyson made his way to the entrance with his head hung and eyes closed. "God, I'd better get some quality fighters before December or I'm screwed…" He was speaking to himself and before he raises his head to address Franky at the front, he was all ready speaking again, "You know, Franky? I'm a little worried about these guys. I'm starting to think we should just turn the rings into a strip club. We would-… hey…" He had looked up seeing a very familiar face enter the club. She was close enough that she could have heard him, but he was prone to mumbling so he could only hope she hadn't heard him going on about strip clubs.
"You know her, Ty?" Franky asked from behind the table.
"Not formally, but I've /met/ her…"

Ophelia's gaze drifts over to Tyson, arms folded comfortably over her chest. She seems relaxed, comfortable even in the midst of unfamiliar surroundings. Moving inward a bit, she approaches, but only so far as those around seem comfortable with. After all, she doesn't want to interrupt or make a bad impression. She gives a nod, first to Franky, then to Tyson.
"You said I might have to do an audition, so to speak?" Straight to the point, she is.

Francis looks from Ophelia to Tyson as the latter seems a little to stunned by the situation. Not giving him the oppurtunity to be awkward, he slid a clipboard towards her with a pen, announcing, "Read and sign this." There was some writing listed above a bunch of written-in names. It read:

By signing this, you give the Brawler's Headquarters to use and promote you in fights while being paid wages for your service. Medical expenses will be covered in the event of serious injury.

Having been nudged by Franky to say something, Tyson complies, "Oh… yeah… I mean, I guess you're sure about it afterall." He was still unconvinced, deciding once and for all to go along with it, "Well, looks like somebody's got to make sure you're not going to get hurt in a real fight… I'll be your opponent."

Skimming over the clipboard and the writing on it, Ophelia leans in and carefully signs her name before glancing back over towards Tyson. Her calm, mostly collected demeanor continued, and she looks back towards the ring. "Alright them. Shall we?"

Tyson nods at the girl's enthusiam for the brawl and takes the clipboard of names before leading the girl towards the other ring in the back. Examining the list, he looks back at Ophelia and speaks curiously. "Your name's Ophelia Hunter? Not that I expect you to lie on the document that's going to keep you from being arrested… I'm Tyson. Harris."

"Yeah, yeah. We'll get to it." Tyson said climbing into the ring and standing ready to help Phi in as well. "I've just got to be a trainer for a moment." Whether or not his assistance is taken, he remains ready while looking out over at the ring across the way closer to the dance floor on the balcony than from where they had just came; the fighters there were resting for a moment having tired themselves out. Disappointed, Tyson spoke out, "Hey, Brawlers! Come over here and try to learn something…" He laughs lightly to himself and looks back at Ophelia, "I hope you don't mind…? Having a crowd being kind of the point here…"

That causes a tiny grin from Ophelia. "Yeah. That's the name. Call me Phi, though. I prefer for people not to think I'm about to go scream about flowers and drown myself." She follows him towards the ring, nodding. "Tyson, then? Shall we get started?" Even in spite of the fact that they're about to fight, her tone is still polite and cordial.

"Yeah, yeah. We'll get to it." Tyson said climbing into the ring and standing ready to help Phi in as well. "I've just got to be a trainer for a moment." Whether or not his assistance is taken, he remains ready while looking out over at the ring across the way closer to the dance floor on the balcony than from where they had just came; the fighters there were resting for a moment having tired themselves out. Disappointed, Tyson spoke out, "Hey, Brawlers! Come over here and try to learn something…" He laughs lightly to himself and looks back at Ophelia, "I hope you don't mind…? Having a crowd being kind of the point here…"

Another grin. "Oh, not at all. Always nice to put on a show." Ophelia glances over to the brawlers. "They might learn a thing or two." She climbs carefully into the ring, accepting the assistance inside.

"All right, all right!" Tyson riles as he moves to the middle of the ring getting hyped. "Everybody gather round and get ready to see Phi Hunter and me, your favorite Junior Brawl Commissioner, Ty 'The Guy' Harris." No, nobody ever calls him that… "The rules are to use whatever method you choose try and subdue me. Brute force works… as has being a hottie… but as usual-" Tyson's tone becomes grave with warning, "No Crotch or Eye shots!"

Ophelia can't help but grin at the 'introduction', her face still calm and collected. She's really just taking the moment to study her opponent. Studying people is one of her major talents. Warning or not, she's aware. Fight rough, but even within that there are limits of decency. A good fight, a good brawl, a good show. She stretches her arms out a little, then looks back to Tyson.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty was always the best part and this time was no difference. Granted she was a girl, an attractive girl, Tyson had no other reason to not go his all… he didn't think she'd have a problem going against him, though. In his pondering, he decided to leave it up to Phi for how things got going; all the while focusing on the space between them… "Phi, I feel bad just going to town on you… I'm almost tempted to let you come on over and get the first shot!" He laughs tauntingly. If she would not make the first move, though… he was more than happy to.

Sure, it was a taunt and she knew it. Ophelia can't help but grin. This could definitely be a fun fight, no matter the results. "I don't know.. I'm usually not the one to just go up and hit on a guy.. I usually let them come to me.. but I think in your case I can make an exception." She moves forward, quick, as it appears she's light on her feet. She stops, right before him, not going for a punch, but instead a kick for the shins to bring him right down and try and get an advantage over him.

"Aren't you a little assertive? You'd better be careful or someone'll think you actually /are/ hitting on them-" The girl was quicker than expected and Tyson was apparently not prepared for it, her own retort gumming up the works and causing him to react too late to completely dodge the shin kick. In the end he managed to swing his left leg behind his right only to have the kick carry him around, almost knocking him off his feet, but fortunately he still had moves. Almost behind her, Tyson refrains from going into his trance a while longer to see if he was good without it. He lunged at Phi's obliques to grab her if possible in an attempt to try and pin her quick.

Almost. She got a good hit in on him, enough to get him off balance a little. He wasn't expecting it and that was what Ophelia wanted most of all. As he moved behind her and made for the grab to try and bring her down, he did manage to get ahold of her, but Ophelia didn't go down easily. Instead, she shifted her weight, ducking down lower and attempting to back up right into him to try and knock him off balance. "Would've been better if you'd come to me," she manages out between controlled breaths.

Being off guard doesn't last forever though and as Phi pushes back on him, Tyson began pushing against her too, using his strength to force her away while using his own momentum to skirt around Ophelia to get her in a headlock and plant his right forearm into her stomach. Not only was he trying to restrain her, but he hoped that if she failed to break free or reverse it, he was going to toss her. Saying, "Trust me, when you're good, it doesn't make a difference…"

While Ophelia attempts to twist away from the grasp, she succeeds in only getting caught in the headlock. There's a little bit of grunt as his forearm connects with her stomach, but surprisingly, she actually gives little reaction. Restrained or not, it really doesn't seem to affect her much. Reaching her arms to grab at him as well as get better footing quickly, she attempts to reverse it and actually throw him to the ground. Her reply is quick, words mixed in between movements and struggles, "No, but you would have enjoyed it a whole lot more."

Lying on his back while looking up at the girl standing over him, Tyson can't help but feel a strange feeling in his gut. Some air had been knocked out of his lungs by the impact, but when Phi spoke, he found his second wind. "It's been good for me…" He began, whipping his legs around in a wide windmill of an arc that might as well have been well-rehearsed and aimed at the back of Ophelia's legs in an attempt to trip her up while he rolled himself to his feet to stare at her from a safe distance whether or not she had been downed like he had been. "Okay… All right… I think I've got an idea of what you can do…. We'll cut this audition short."

While Tyson was down, Ophelia took a moment to catch her breath, only to find the boy's legs making a quick move that sent her sprawling, despite her quick reaction to try and get away. Pushing herself carefully back up and getting to her feet now that Tyson proclaimed the little exhibition over, Phi can't help but grin. "It was great, I think," she murmurs before glancing back over to those watching to gauge reactions.

With the fighting over, Tyson looks around at the silent crowd, "What do you think?" The crowd indecisively murmured amongst one another as the questioner pondered the question without any real intention of taking their opinions into consideration. He had been the one to fight her and that was what mattered to him, "She surprised me with her speed. Was with that backside of her… AND floored me." A curious, almost laughing, expression on his face as he thought the question over a while longer before slowly making his way over to where she was and extending a hand out towards her to help her to her feet…. "I'd say she's in." The crowd cheering uproariously just to have had a decision made.

There's a bit of a grin still lingering on Ophelia's face as she accepts the hand back up, getting up fully to her feet. "It was a good match, I'd say. Well-fought." She studies him. "Underestimated you a bit, I think." She nods. "Guess we both learned a little something, hm?"

"Yeah, yeah." Tyson nods, "You've got something… you're eighteen, right? Cause you should definitely enter the Winter Tourney going up. No matter, I've got some money for you." With that, he was in his pockets, pulling out a roll of bills, and examining it. "I was entertained if nobody else was." The guys at the edge of the edge whooped and hollered suggestively as he winked back at them with the same intent.

Peeling off a couple hundreds and offers them to Ophelia while pocketing the larger roll, and looking over at the large clock on the wall and noting the time. "Now, though, I've got to run home for a moment and deal with the patriarch, but you're free to hang out some more…" Looking back at the guys at the edge of the ring, he reaches back into his pocket and pulls out a couple twenties and a fifty, "But… If you stay and work with these guys, I promise there'll be more money in it for you…"

Accepting the cash, Ophelia genuinely seems grateful. "Yeah. I might just have to enter. Sounds like it could be fun." Pocketing the cash, she glances back to Tyson before looking over at the guys outside the ring. "Sure, I don't mind a little more exercise. Enjoy dealing with the patriarchal figure.. that sort of thing can be rough sometimes." She pauses. "We'll do this again." The last sentance is a statement, not a question.

Tyson nods, "I'll leave this up with Francis, then. He may seem like a beast, but he's really a kitten. Just tell him I owe you some money for watching the boys. Oh, and you're right," His tone becoming provacative, "And you're right, we we will be doing this again. Later, Phi!" He affirms before quickly hopping out of the ring and take off for the exit, stopping by Franky on his way out, and pointing back at Ophelia emphatically a couple times and putting something down on the table. Even from her distance though, she would have surely heard, if nothing else, his loud burly laughter as Tyson dropped his head and exited.

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