2007-03-16: A Small Contest Of Boundaries


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Summary: Ed catches Matt to have a few words with him about the Gray/Sylar case. Matt flexes a new muscle to gain some ground.

Date It Happened: March 16, 2007

A Small Contest of Boundaries

New York City - Police Station

Ed's been trying to get a hold of Parkman for days, but they've just missed each other each time; until, that is, now, when he finally stalks through the room, wearing a cheap suit that screams "Fed" as he walks up to Parkman's desk. "Detective Parkman! You're a busy man. Agent Hansen told me all about you."

There is a fair amount of detective work that must be done behind a desk. The files that are spread in front of Parkman have to do with a missing young woman, but when he's addressed, he immediately looks up. While he's never met Edward Boone, it's not hard to tell who he is. Matt has to fight to keep at least a neutral expression on his face. "Did she tell you how I like my coffee?" With a nod to his empty cup, he adds, "I could use a refill." At the same time, Matt slowly turns up the 'volume'. Rianna was right. His own mind and what it can do is a better weapon than his sidearm.

. o O (This guy is Parkman? He better be everything Hansen said.) O o .

"I do my homework, Detective, but I didn't get that one. I'm Special Agent Boone. Edward Boone. You can call me Ed," he says. . o O (What am I, this guy's intern? Give me a break. But I need his help. Damnit.) O o . "You know why I'm here. It's about the Sylar case. I've been brought in… or, rather, allowed to come in, in an advisory capacity. I believe that Gabriel Grey is Sylar, and that you guys had the right man. We need to catch him before he kills again."
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Matt lifts one eyebrow slightly above the other as he listens. "Agent Boone," he says carefully and in a softer voice, lacing his fingers over the files on his desk, "We're on the same page here. But if you are at all familiar with the murders that Sylar, also known as Gabriel Gray, has committed, you know that there is absolutely no physical evidence that would link him to his crimes. All we have is an MO and a crazy man who thinks he's special, and that other presumably special people aren't worthy of their…well, whatever /makes/ them special. Thanks to whatever buddies this man has on high, we couldn't keep him locked up long enough to build anything solid."

"That doesn't mean we can let him go free," Ed says, and sits down. . o O (Come on! Work with me here.) O o . "We've found that a large percentage of his victims owned copies of a book by some Indian scientist. It's called Activating Evolution. It's about… people with special powers. The profile suggests that he thinks he's better than everybody else, and that he wants to prove it by killing everybody who also thinks they might be better. But we can watch sales of the book. I've already gotten a warrant to access sale records," he says, vaguely skirting privacy laws. "And we have something we've never had before," he adds. "We've got Detective Damaris. She's gone further into his head than anyone ever has. I think we can finally start closing the net on this guy."

Parkman visibly bristles at the mention of Damaris' name. "Doctor Chandra Suresh, son Mohinder Suresh. We've already got Gray's phone records, proving he was in contact with Suresh before he was killed, presumably by Gray himself." Matt smirks the smallest bit. "You're not telling me anything I don't already know, Agent Boone. And Dectective Damaris took a risk doing what she did, and the confession she /was/ able to get is inadmissible in court. If you use her, you'll only be shooting yourself in the foot." Parkman squints a bit, and while it's riskier than trying it out on Mohinder first, tries to project a whispered, almost voiceless thought into Ed's head. (Give this guy a hour in a room with Sylar, and you'll find out what his favorite color is.)

Ed's face goes white, and he sits himself down amlost on reflex. He's speechless for a couple of seconds, staring at Parkman, before he continues. "Ah, um. Right, well. As it stands, Detective, you and Detective Damaris have more history with Sylar than anyone on the planet, except for Special Agent Hansen. If we get him again, I want you to take point on his interrogation. Agent Hansen thinks you might have an insight."
. o O (Was that? What was that? I gotta get it together. Wish I could figure out why the hell I can't get to sleep at night. ) O o .

Parkman immediately starts inwardly kicking himself. How much had Hansen told Boone? He nods, looking humble. "Thank you, Agent Boone." As much as Parkman hates to admit it, the Sylar case in general /is/ more of a federal matter than an NYPD one. "If you speak to Agent Hansen again, tell her she was right about the police dogs. She'll know what I mean." Damned Damaris. "Anyway, we both have our work, and you look exhausted. We're watching Sylar like a hawk," and Matt's about two seconds away from buying a second map to tack to the wall and have Molly stick pins in, "Go get some rest."
Boone does look pretty fatigued. He rubs his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. "Yeah. Please, understand. The Sylar case is of… personal importance to me. And I'll tell her," Boone says. . o O (What the heck does Agent Hansen look like? Why can't I remember? I met her just last week… I must be worse off than I thought.) O o .

"Listen, you've know how to contact me. I just want you to please, please, keep me in the loop. I'm a Fed, and everybody can tell, but you know firsthand how important it is to put all that aside and catch this guy."

It's true - eliminating Sylar is more important that making him withstand the American Judicial System. "I do, Agent Boone," Parkman offers as assurance before he nods, but he can't help but squint a bit at Boone's internal comment. How can he not know what Hansen looks like…unless… Did he have the tell-tale marks? But that's something to find/figure out some other day. "I'll keep you updated if you extend me the same courtesy."

Ed nods. "Yeah," he says. . o O (Just keep your nose clear of my business, buddy. We're not going to have to prove that Sylar's guilty. I'm going to kill him for what he did to McCain. Just keep your nose clean, and you and Jodi Foster'll keep your careers. I'll take the heat on this one. I've earned it.) O o . Ed stands, and reaches out to shake Parkman's hand. "To the same courtesy, then, Detective. I've got your number.

Parkman stands up and takes Boone's hand, giving it a strong grip before he shakes it firmly. Sylar's Lecter now? Sorry, but he's just not that bright in Parkman's book. "And I have yours. Take care of yourself." And then, perhaps to leave Ed on shakier ground and reassert his own control, Parkman once again attempts to project in that whispered voice: (Probably not wise to put too much faith in a loose cannon like Damaris. She's not a team player.)

. o O (What am I thinking? Damaris is a basket case. … I hope she can pull this off. Maybe I can count on Parkman, instead.) O o .

Ed stands up, and looks away. "Good hunting, detective."

. o O (I hope I can, anyways. If she's no good we're back at square one.) O o .

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