2007-10-25: A Snag In The Plan


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Summary: Following the events in Strike One, Meryl rallies the troops and they discuss a plan of action.

Date It Happened: October 25th, 2007

Log Title A Snag In The Plan

Hotel, Cairns, Australia

The realisation that she left Nova alone doesn't really register until she's partway down the hall to the rooms the others picked for themselves. In Meryl's ideal world, they would all be rooming together and stay up late at night having pajama parties while watching movies. Oh, well.

Nova will be okay for a couple minutes, right? The important thing here is making sure the others are okay. And, well, making sure Nova's okay, too. Too much. Where no one can see her, she leans against the wall, threads her fingers through black hair, and balls her hands into fists, pulling. Frustrated. Moment of panic over. Meryl can handle this.

Approaching Ben's door, she beats the palm of her hand against it. "He was here in the hotel, Ben." She knocks again, louder this time. "Wake up, we have work to do."

The door to Ben's room doesn't stay closed for long. It's opening within moments of Meryl saying 'he was here'. There are probably three guesses as to who 'he' is and the first two don't count. There's a serious look on the man's face as he shrugs on the complimentary bathrobe over his pajamas and belts it around his waist. "What happened? Where in the hotel and who saw him?" He doesn't mean to rapid fire the questions at Meryl, but this really isn't a time to small talk your way up to the big answers.

"Nova went down to the vending level for ice." One floor down. Benjamin will likely know the place - it's somewhere they've been many times already for late-night snacks to keep themselves awake. They have limited time here… It seems Dorsey isn't content to wait any longer. "I need to check on Megan, make sure she's okay. I've got Sawyer down there checking for fingerprints and everything. Nova's…" Meryl pauses. Looks up a Ben. "Nova's not okay. She's in my room. Go, I'll be right there."

Meryl's fingers brush Benjamin's shoulders, and give him a little push before the dark-haired woman heads down the hall toward Megan's room, just to make sure. After this, they really are rooming all in one spot, for safety, even if it's not remotely convenient.

Benjamin grabs up his key card for his room and actually says something under his breath that might be a swear word. "How'd he get onto us so fast? We've been playing it low.." His gaze quickly sweeps his own room as if checking to make sure no one's about to pop out. The key card is pocketed as he briefly wonders just how someone got the drop on Nova. There's time for that later however. Leaving Meryl to check on Megan, he's rushing barefooted for Nova's door, barely stopped before he's knocking at the door.

It doesn't seem very likely for someone to be able to surprise Nova… However, it did happen, and now the poor girl is left with a memory full of more holes than swiss cheese. At least that's what Meryl's been able to determine so far, though the extent of the damage might not be obvious until Nova … settles, would be a good way to put it. She might never get used to it.

After peeking in on Megan, Meryl heads back toward her room, where Benjamin's waiting at the door. Really, Meryl's not sure that Nova will remember to answer the door between hearing the knock and getting up, so she cards it and pushes it open. "Nova, I brought Ben back." Biting her tongue, she decides it's better not to add, 'do you remember Ben?'

Nova, dressed in sweatpants, a wife beater, hair loose a little messy from the recent brawl and her own running her fingers through it, is still seated at the table when the door opens. Holding her head in her hands, she looks up now, staring at the two people in the doorway. Her eyes are a little red, which could be attributed to a lack of sleep, but maybe not. "…okay," she says, voice filled with uncertainty as she studies Benji's face. Trying to recall why he seems familiar.

Benjamin drags a hand through his hair, tousling the curls further into a mess. He didn't want to barge in on Nova, but it could be that she may have forgotten to answer the door. It's definitely a disturbing thought and puts a whole new perspective on Meryl's situation. While one woman's had nearly a lifetime to adjust, one's only had a brief few hours. Ben tries to smile at Nova as he enters behind Meryl. It's a difficult task. Especially when there's something that could very well be anger welling up at the knowledge that someone as strong minded as Nova has been reduced to this. "I hope you at least hit him hard," he finally manages to say with little humor behind his words.

"I can't… really get much out of her," Meryl says in undertones, propping the door open so that she can hear and see if anything happens out in the hall. "She says she thinks she hit him, but he got her. I don't know what he really actually did yet, but he's been messing with her head. Nova, how're you doing?" She offers the other woman a worried sort of glance, notes the confusion, and adds for Nova's benefit, "…Ben. Came with us to Australia."

Peeking into the hallway just to make sure nothing's going on, she takes a few more steps into the room. "I'm hoping this is only temporary." Maybe it'll wear off after a couple hours. Hey, think positive! Meryl doesn't sound like she believes that, though.

She sits up straighter in her chair, attentive, more observing this conversation than really engaging. Hit him hard? Nova's gaze settles back onto Benjamin. "I didn't hit /anyone," she says, but the voice is more quiet and certain than defensive. Back to Meryl, she shakes her head, briefly, then stands up. "I'm fine. But we need to catch Dorsey, I saw him— he was just here a moment ago. No, not here— but he did to me what he did to you," and this last part is blurted desperately, as if it's the most solid thing she's grasping, the most solid thing to communicate.

Benjamin seriously doubts this is temporary. "We'll catch him and make him reverse what he's done," he says with firm and sober conviction. It may not be as simple as making him.. but they have ways. He folds his arms across his chest, looking from Meryl to Nova. "We can go over his file and the different aspects of his ability. Narrow down what it was he did, so we know what he needs to do to change it. I still would like to know how he got the drop on us, even if that should take a backseat to finding him and stopping him." He draws in an audible breath and exhales. "Meryl, you're staying in a room with Megan. I'll stay with Nova. No one leaves alone. Not off this floor." When Nova speaks up, he looks at her, almost in surprise. Quietly, he says to Nova, "We know.. and he's not getting away with it. We'll get you set right."

This is why Meryl wanted to bring Megan with them… Because if she's able to use other peoples' powers - and she is - she actually can make Dorsey reverse what he's done. "No, all together," she replies. "There's suites on this floor that'll fit everyone." On one hand, she's almost tempted to allow Benjamin to take charge of everything. He seems amicable to the idea, but… No. It falls to Meryl. The experience is there, even if it's a little dormant at times. "After we make sure everyone's okay, we'll move to the room at the end of the hall. It'll be cramped, but we'll be all right. Listen." She comes around to take both of Ben's shoulders. "We're not catching the guy tonight. We're hoping forensics can give us clues about where he was before this, and where he intends to go next. We're doing this the right way." Looking over her shoulder at Nova, she lets go of Benji's shoulders.

That repetition is frustrating, but at least it means her memory hasn't been totally chewed up and spit out. She goes to ask another volley of questions, but pauses, before simply saying, "Tell me stuff about Dorsey."

Nova stands awkwardly as Meryl and Benji talk, as if having forgotten why she stood in the first place, so— she sits back down, staring down at her feet in socks that are still damp from spilled ice water, a curtain of blonde hair partially hiding her face. Meryl's question skims by her awareness, like a pebble over a lake, but finally, Nova talks. "Dorsey was here," she repeats, looking at them. "He's gonna get Amanda, put her away, we should make sure she's safe. He had a gun." Never mind that she's actually talking to 'Amanda', that's just more information that she can handle. Her gaze slides towards Benjamin, and she frowns. "When did you get here?"

"I fully realize we're not catching him tonight. As much as I want to. It's just not that easy." Even a newbie like Benjamin can recognize this. This secret agent type business isn't as easy as James Bond makes it seem. (Even if he didn't have superpowers.) He doesn't shake off Meryl's hands or put up an argument on either front. "Fine. Safety in numbers. I'll move into that suite tonight. No one needs to be by themselves." No one really meaning Nova. It's hard seeing the woman in such a delicate state of mind. "Forensics should get us information that we need.. we also still have the so called Alzheimer's cases that can be used to track him." He falls silent when Nova stands, sits back down and then speaks. "Alright.. he's got a gun. We should be prepared for that. We should all stay armed. I know I'm a terrible shot with a gun, so I'll take a tazer in case my ability fails." A weak smile forms though as he addresses the Amanda comment. "She's safe, Nova. Amanda is alright.. and I got here just a few moments ago."

Deep breath. Deciding that they've gotten about everything they're going to get out of Nova for now, Meryl sits down on the corner of the bed, atop a few papers that probably aren't very important in the long run. As Ben speaks with Nova, Meryl nods, adding to the comment just to fill space: "Amanda's fine. Little frazzled, but fine." The reason for the name change became kind of moot several years after it was done, but the name's stuck, anyway. "From what I know about his ability, he shuts off the brain's ability to— do that thing where it— " She makes some sort of pointless gesture with her hand, which means everything to her, but probably means nothing to everyone else. "It's like… ah— One of those pull drains in a bathtub. Or— The expressway at Rush Hour."

Blinking, she wonders why she just brought up Jackie Chan. And poor Ben is going to have to field two addled people for the moment, as she looks up and asks, "What was I saying?"

"Kind of like that," Nova says, joining the conversation with more alertness. She reaches out her hands and makes a grasping motion, then— delicately pulling, trying her best to represent what it felt like. The miming is an indication of pulling something apart, and she clasps her hands together again. "He did that," she says, flatly, now looking towards Benjamin. "Then I smacked him around a bit."

"It's okay Meryl, I know what you meant," Benjamin says gently as it gets clearer for him just what effect that man's ability has on people. He gives a nod of his head in Nova's direction, along with a smile. "Good. He had it coming and worse." Unsure if he can sit still, he remains standing, and fights the urge to pace in agitation. "When Megan comes in, we have to rethink our strategy. It's probably safe to assume he has eyes in this hotel." How else did he get ahead so fast?

Words cannot express how badly Meryl feels for Nova. But it'll be okay, it'll work out. Meryl and Nova will be sane again, Meryl will get her parents back, and the world will be a better place! Meryl does reach over to put a hand on Nova's shoulder… Whether it's wanted or not, Meryl knows that she wanted a little comfort when it happened to her. Now… Now she has to make a call that she doesn't want to make.

"Megan might be around soon. I mighta woken her up when I barged into her room and asked her if she was okay." And by 'asked,' Meryl means 'shouted loudly.' Following that, she slammed the door. "Nova, I need you to try and stay focused for awhile, just concentrate on holding onto your thoughts." Taking Nova's shoulders, Meryl meets the other Australian's eyes. "Okay? Just try."

Speak of the devil…or, well, a Scotswoman, and she may very well appear. That's the case for Megan. Stumbling out of her room dressed in pajama pants and a t-shirt, she has one of the plush hotel robes hastily pulled on over that. Hair still mussed up and unsure as to what all the fuss is about, she blinks bleary eyes at the gathering here and just stands a few feet from her door as if waiting for an explanation as to what's going on. "Wha's going on?" Pulling her robe closer around her, she fiddles with the belt nervously. Something happened, she's not so exhausted that she can't figure that out from the look on everyone's faces.

Nova blinks owlishly at Meryl as the woman's hands come down onto her shoulders, and she even nods - just once, a jerky sort of twitchy response, a hand coming up to press against her forehead. As though trying to keep said thoughts in. Then Megan enters, and her head whips around to look at her, expression one of wary edginess, as if seeing an intruder. "Are you supposed to be in here?" she snaps, on guard.

Benjamin moves to stand near the door, torn between acting on his first instinct. (Which is to hide.) The other decision? Poised and ready to lash out with his ability if something jumps out and shouts 'Boo!' or similar. So when Megan enters, he jumps slightly and catches himself just in time from trying to put her to sleep. "Sorry," he mumbles slightly in apology. Sleepy vibes probably got out, or possibly weren't noticed given the fact that she's still waking up. "We've hit a snag in our plans," Ben explains as he nods his head in Nova's direction. "It's okay Nova, this is Megan.. She's here with us," he's quick to placate the moment Nova shows edginess.

Dammit. "Nova, that's Megan. She's supposed to be here. She came with us on the plane." Meryl's jaw is set, she looks like she's about to yell, and yet if there's one thing she's learned from her years with an addled brain, it's patience. Still, she gives Nova's shoulders the tiniest shake, born out of frustration.

"Dorsey was here, in the hotel," Meryl explains to the other woman, looking past Nova's shoulder. "He did something to Nova, like what he did to me. It's like she can't…" Meryl lapses again, eyes focusing on Megan's robe and the texture therein, which is damn interesting, but also distracting, and Meryl's thought trails off without being finished.

Whatever it was that she expected to be woken up about, this certainly isn't it. When Megan sees Nova's reaction to her, she freezes, hand tightly gripping the belt of her robe. It's like a deer caught in headlights and now cannot move to get out of the way of the oncoming truck. While she's still feeling sleepy and she has to blink her eyes a couple of times to try and make herself more awake. This seems like something she needs to be awake for. "Ye mean…" Her voice is quiet and horrified. She looks to Nova and can't help but stare. "He knows where we are?" That's very troubling.

One of us. A Company agent. Okay. Nova relaxes a fraction, but tenses when Meryl shakes her, even slightly. A flash of 'who are you?!' crosses her features, then— Amanda. That's who she is. It's okay. Still, Nova shrugs Meryl's hands off her, standing up to pace across the room, hands up to her face - she observes the light bruising and swelling across her knuckles, and rubs it absently. "Like I can't remember," she finishes for Meryl, but more for her own benefit, voice quiet.

"He's a step or two ahead of us. Knew to target and take down Nova." And really? It was a good move. Nova was full in charge of her mind and a by the book agent. Benjamin's own jaw is set as he steps forward away from his brief post by the door. Moving to stand behind Megan, he briefly lays a hand on her shoulder before quickly retracting it. "She can't stay focused. The mind stays 'busy' and she's.. just like Meryl." Of course the explanation probably isn't necessary after a few moments in the same room with Nova and seeing how she is now. "This will be fixed Nova," he says with firm conviction, as if trying to make himself more positive about the situation.

"He's trying to scare us." It's working, at least on some level. "He wrote on her shoulder, 'one down, three to go.' We're being hunted." Oh /god,/ THAT SOUNDED JUST LIKE THE VETERINARIAN ON JURASSIC PARK JUST BEFORE HE GOT EATEN. And to that end, she mutters, "He's like a velociraptor."

Which means, of course, that she has to check behind the curtains, to make sure there aren't any additional raptors waiting to attack them from the sides. Actually, Meryl does look out the window, so it's not a totally pointless move. "I dunno how he knew we were here, but we're stepping up security. We'll be sleeping in shifts, two awake, two asleep. Nova." Turning toward the girl, she says, "Nova, I want you to help, but I can't leave you on your own." Ever. "It's possible to function with what he's done to you, but you have to learn how, and it's not going to be easy." And then, confirming Benjamin's words, she says, "We're gonna fix it, yeah." But how.

Not sure how to take this, Megan just ties the belt a little tighter and remains standing right where she is. The hand on her shoulder makes her jump a little, but seeing how Nova is acting, the woman is badly shaken. While he knew that the possibility of something like this happening, actually seeing it in action is terrifying. "Hunted?" That's…that's not good. What is she doing here? Nova was a trained Company agent. The head of their team. What chance does she have against someone who could do this to Nova? How do the fix something like this? Is it even possible? What are they up against. "Why's he doin' this?" she asks softly.

Nova turns to Meryl when she's addressed. Out of all of them, it seems as though this woman is the one that's most familiar to her right now, and she nods her understanding. "I can help," she says - too much reassurance in her voice, the confidence and authority she always spoke with before completely gone. "I'm not even tired, if we— " What are they supposed to be doing? She shuts her eyes. "He knew I was here. We should go somewhere else. Tomorrow." There. That's simple logic. Sure, it doesn't have fancy words like 'relocate', but…

Benjamin knows damn good and well that the chances of having Megan forcing Dorsey to use his power is growing larger. He doesn't voice this just yet. First things first. Find the guy and contain him. "He uses his ability by touch, so we have to keep him from making physical contact with us." Which.. will be fun. "The original team placement stays on the table. Nova, you're with me." Megan's question is a good one, and one he's asking himself too. "He's a bad guy. Just.. instead of using brute strength to terrorize people, he's abusing his ability. Just like the thief who gets a hold of a gun and decides to up the winnings by robbing a bank." He raises a hand and scratches along his jaw, "Not a bad idea.. although that's what I'd expect us to do. Move. We could use it to our advantage, or we simply stay put and wait for him to come to us."

How do they fix it? They need a plan, and Meryl hasn't thought that far ahead just yet. "I don't know. He must've heard we were after him, though I don't know how. He was a criminal. Prolly has eyes and ears everywhere."

The fact that Nova's still together enough to form rational ideas is good, and something Meryl hadn't even considered. …The moving part, not the 'forming rational ideas' part, though sometimes that's debatable. Again, it occurs to Meryl that she's now the senior member of the team, and despite the fact that she's distracted by shiny objects regularly, she's still responsible for the rest of the people here. Closing her eyes, taking a deep breath, she outlines the rest of tonight's plan.

"That's part of what we'll consider tonight. Goal's to have some sort of action plan by eight hundred hours. She looks at Megan, looks at Ben, then at Nova.

"Ben, I can't allow Nova to have a firearm. I'm sorry, Nova. If you forget— If you're— I don't want any friendly fire, accidental or not. She's still part of the team, but you're gonna have to look out for her. Megan. Sometime between now and tomorrow morning, you have to figure out how to use Ben's power when you want to." Not just if she's surprised. "You can work on that and still listen in, both of you.

Then, to Ben… "Bingo, I'm going to have to teach you how to shoot a firearm and not kill the people you're protecting."

A bad guy. That makes some sort of sense. But don't bad guys have some sort of motivation, too? They do in the movies. Megan frowns and her eyes flicker from one person to another in the room. But, mostly, her eyes are on Nova. Because this happened to her and it's horrifying. As for moving, the Scot frowns. "But if he knows where we are, he could just come'n attack us any time. F'we move, he wouldna know where we were any more." That's her argument, but she's the newbie in all this. Though she's tired, there's a nod at Meryl when she says that she has to learn Benjamin's ability and after a second, realizing that the tall man is still behind her, she simply just tells him, "Catch." And then, she's reaching for his arm, or his hand, which ever will lend itself to skin to skin contact. Obviously, she means he should catch her when she goes unconscious from possessing him. She's not going for the entire shut down version like before. This is more of a passive one.

Nova says nothing when she's told she can't have a firearm - her eyes on narrow, but she knows, deep down, that there is logic to this decision. Besides. She can hit hard. She's silent, for now, listening and observing and trying to keep track of what's going on - almost practicing.

"Could be, even though we stayed down and quiet after arriving." And no talking in public out loud about the mission either. Benjamin nods to Meryl and doesn't argue. "Not a problem." He doesn't need to be told to look after Nova. He was going to do that anyway. "I'd rather not have to use a gun unless it's necessary, but.. alright." No time to argue the point. Noah already ripped into him about his lack of spine about being ready to kill. "I need a backup in case I'm not able to use my ability," he admits even as he hopes it never comes to that. However, that thought train derails as Megan says 'Catch'. There's a moment where he doesn't understand, but he acts fast to keep her from hitting the floor. "Okay… this.. is a very weird feeling.." Since he was out for the count last time.

OH GOD, SHE HAS TO LEAD A TEAM. AAAAAH. /AAAAH./ HAMS. Ham sammich would be good right about now.

Now what do they do? Okay. "Pros and cons of moving. Cons: I like this place and we have a floor to ourselves, and if we decide to move, we have to contact our company people here in Australia and call in another favour. Pros: Velociraptor-proof doors. Even if we move, if he's watching us now, he'll know. I…" Think, Meryl. And try not to be distracted by the fact that your friend and fellow agent is possessing your other friend and fellow agent.

"All right, so… I guess I'm in charge. As scary as that is, I need to be awake to be in charge, so… Practice on Nova." Yes, there's logic there, too, except it's said without any eloquence whatsoever. "As long as you're both 'there.' Meg? Ben?"

Once in Benjamin's body, Megan finds it just…odd to possess Benjamin while he's still awake. Before she had entire control of his body and now it's like trying to fight against the current. Using Benjamin's voice, it's a little strained and slow, but she's still understandable. "Stop fighting me. You're making it twice as hard," she tells the Company Agent sternly. She's still annoyed. And trying to bring up the feeling that she had when she was scared by Meryl, she closes her eyes - Benjamin's eyes - for him and thinks. Keeping an image of Nova in her mind, she tries to keep a hold of the fear she already has for her life from Dorsey and then tries to merge it with the desire for Nova to get very sleepy. Suddenly, she can feel something at the base of her spine and then, in a burst of energy, she releases it. Maybe she should have given Nova a warning about sitting down before trying this. But, well, the woman did break her arm. And if she doesn't remember this after this is all over…no harm no foul.

Even if a warning might have helped the scattered woman, she's certainly not in the right presence of mind to see the signs and react. Nova frowns, looking from Meryl, to Megan, to Benjamin, and— TIMBEEEER. There's not much more to say. Her eyes slide shut, the woman's knees buckle from under her, and Nova collapses - with a very loud THUD - into a heap on the ground. Not a few seconds later, she starts to snore lightly.

There.. are many bad reasons behind having Meryl in charge.. but Benjamin doesn't have any better ideas. He's still very much a newbie, but.. nevermind. No time to waste on arguments. "So we might as well sit tight, increase our awareness and don't go anywhere alone… okay.. now this is just too weird." The latter comment is made in regards to Megan possessing his body as he moves her form to rest in a chair. "I'm still here.. and gah.. this is just.." Unlike anything he's ever experienced, but it's something he'll have to adjust to and fast. It really makes him feel self concious, like maybe he should have shaved and put on something other than his pajamas. "Aaah! SORRY! SORRY! Okay.. okay.. calming down.." He stops fighting and relaxes best he can, letting Megan have control.

"Ah, well done. That's one less thing we'll have to worry about. Nova, dear…" She crouches down next to the unconscious agent and gives her a poke. "Wakey. It's time for school." Now, the question is, is Nova going to remember why she's asleep? And then, is she going to try to punch Meryl upon regaining consciousness?

Distracted by making sure Nova's okay, her attention is off of Ben and Megan. Benjamegan. Whatever. Still, as she pokes at Nova, she does offer the comment, "Oh, you get used to it. Believe me, when you've got Megan in your head for a couple days, you kinda have to." Taking a break from her poking, she looks up a Ben, but the smile is for Megan. "Well, the good news is, if we can get close enough to Dorsey for you to touch him, Megan, we've got a plan."

Still in Benjamin's body, Megan can't help but be excited about the fact that she just did that all on her own and without the help of being scared to death by Meryl. She's so surprised that she jumps and claps her hands making a very un-Benjamin-like squealey noise. But, then, she turns and faces Meryl, forgetting she's still not in her own body. "But. You said that his power works through touch, too. I'd have to touch him to possess him and he'd be touching me and able to do…" she waves Benjamin's hand in Nova's direction, "while I was trying to do that."

No response from Nova, the woman sprawled unceremoniously as Meryl attempts to wake her up. She is, for all intents and purposes, in a very deep sleep. She twitches away from Meryl's urgings, only to resume the light snoring, shifting in her sleep to curl up more comfortably on her side. She'll probably wake up with a few bruises, but at least not a crick in the neck.

"Well… when I realized I wanted to get closer to Megan, this isn't exactly what I had in mind," Benjamin admits, with a slightly joking tone… then.. Megan takes over.. "Stop that! Before I have to do something very embarrassing and male that will scar you forever." Cause squealing, bouncing, so not him. "You may not have to get close enough to touch him when awake. We can take him down, then you can possess him. It will be safer for you that way. We can taze him, shoot him or I can try and knock him out." Then.. "Megan? Go ahead and try waking her up now. It's going to be disorienting to put her to sleep, wake her up, put her to sleep and so on. Just as a warning."

That? Is adorable. Meryl covers her mouth to hide the smile. God, poor Ben. He'll never live this down, even if it wasn't him at the wheel. Abandoning her attempts to wake Nova up, Meryl stands. If there's one thing she remembers perfectly, it's how Dorsey claims his victims.

She walks over toward Ben, frowning, looking him - and Megan - in the eye. Then she reaches up to touch the back of his head, just at the base of his skull. "Here. This is where he did it. It was the same for all three of us. I remember." Even if she acts like a child most of the time, she really looks the part right now. "I had to watch as he took mum and dad from me. This is how he did it."

And, taking her hand away, the moment is over just as suddenly as it occurred, and Meryl is all smiles again. "We'll figure out a way. It won't be easy, but we'll figure out a way."

There's a frown and Megan puts a hand on her hip. There will be no getting closer to Megan. Oh, wait, she's not supposed to be making Benjamin look like a drag queen. "Sorry." Quickly, she lets him take the wheel behind his actions and tries to sit back like a good little passenger. But, all the excitement and victory of making Nova sleep doesn't help her focus on getting her to wake back up again. Plus, the eerie feeling of Meryl touching the back of Benjamin's skull - which she can feel, too - doesn't add to calming her thoughts. Though she tries to focus, it's harder to make someone wake up than it is to make them sleep. For now, there is nothing.

Nova zzzs.

"Alright.. that's good to know. Don't let him touch the back of your head. It probably has something to do with portions of the brain and affecting them, but that's all over my head." But Benjamin remembers enough of the jargon thrown at him by Company doctors during his own testing to put two and two together. "As for a plan.. we go about our job and mission. Finding him. Just because he knows we're here doesn't mean we just sit still. That's what I think anyway. We take him down before he takes us down." Sounds simple in theory, it won't be that easy, but it's a basic plan of action. Get him before he gets you.

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