2010-01-24: A Starting Point



Date: January 24, 2010


Botched waffles turn into a plan.

"A Starting Point"

Fred's Apartment — Brooklyn

Having heard nothing from Agent Baker and not seen any sign of black clad men, Sydney has settled into life over the course of the last week, so much that she's lost the goth gear. When inside, anyways. In a pair of dark wash blue jeans and a pink-hued sweater wrap-around sweater. Her dark hair is pulled up into a braided bun while she stands in Fred's kitchen making her specialty: waffles.

"Jamie! First batch is done!" she calls as she pours more batter into the iron, flinching as she does so; pouring was never her forte. Actually anything with balance isn't her forte. She bites her bottom lip and squeals as it seeps out the sides and drips onto the counter and then the floor. Instinctively she bends over to wipe up the batter on the floor, only to slip on the spilled batter and slide on the kitchen floor, winding up on her butt and spilling the rest of the batter bowl everyone. "Oh Fu-" she begins before she remembers Jamie's there "-lip!"

Jamie, having been watching TV, is slow at first getting up to go get the waffles. But, as she hears the crash, that changes and she ends up running over into the kitchen. She blinks as she sees Sydney on the floor, and is unable to keep herself from laughing just a little even as she asks, "You ok?"

It's taken a little getting used to for Fred, having other people staying at his house. He isn't accustomed to being a host, especially over a long period. As well, having allowed the others use of his bed and sleeping on his inflatable foamy mattress has meant he's spent more time in his office than he'd care to admit to most people, between sleeping and working. Today is no different. It may be breakfast time, but he's in his office, the door slightly ajar. Upon hearing the crash, however, he rushes toward the kitchen. "Is everything alright?!"

"I am OKAY!" albeit covered in waffle batter. Shaking her head, she sighs at the mess and shoots Jamie a lopsided grin before trying to get up, only to slip again, sending her into a fit of giggles amidst which she manages to get out the words, "I swear I'll clean it up," she manages between her giggles before shaking her head. "If I ever get up!" she adds with an equally lopsided grin. "I made like… four waffles…" and it was going to be a lot more.

Jamie starts to giggle more as Sydney laughs, and then moves to try to help her up. She's not very strong, but at least it's a bit of leverage. "Didn't know waffles were so slippery." Then she grins at the mention of four being ready, and says, "That's two for someone, and one for the other two. Or one and a bit for each of us, I guess."

Fred raises an eyebrow and shakes his head, laughing as well. "Somehow I don't remember you ever being this clumsy back in high school. At least when you slipped back then, it wasn't your fault!" He grins, trying to avoid spilt batter as he moves to help Sydney up as well. "Here…I think I have a mop somewhere around here. Go clean yourself up, Syd. Jamie and I will clean up, right Jamie?" He says with a wide smile. "And then Jamie can have two waffles. And maybe, just maybe, I'll make some more."

Sydney accepts both hands, using them as leverage to stand up out of the mess. With a still lopsided grin, she struggles to stop giggling, "Thanks guys. I swear I'm a good cook! I just… fell and couldn't get up." She giggles again as she rubs at some of the batter which has somehow found its way to her cheek. "I'll be back in a few. I'm sorry for the mess." That said, the batter-doused therapist, disappears from the kitchen.

Jamie nods quickly to Fred even before he says she can then have the two waffles, "Sure!" She stands there to wait for Fred to get the mop, looking down at the mess that is the waffle mix all over the floor. Then she brightens as Fred mentions having two, and says, "Thanks!" Looking back down at the mess she says, "This'll be easy."

Fred disappears shortly after Sydney, only to return quickly with a mop and bucket full of warm, soapy water. "All right, lets get this mess cleans up so we can eat!" He says happily. "Now, since you're the water expert, what's the best way to mop all of this so the water will clean it up right as rain?"

Jamie grins to Fred, and then steps forward. She raises her bare foot (since she's still in 'pajamas' that is the large shirt she was given), and it turns to water, and starts squirting like a water gun at the stuck bits of waffle mix. Just enough that the water pressure loosens it, then her foot resolidifies and she steps back, "Now you just mop it up, it's all loose now."

Fred smiles widely, mopping up the remnants of the waffle mix, cleaning the mop in the bucket a few times before everything is completely clean. "It's never a boring day in this apartment, is it?" He says with a grin, dumping the now dirty water into the sink. "What do you think, Jamie? Should I attempt to make some more waffles, or do you think there will be another disaster like this one?"

Jamie smiles back to Fred, shaking her head quickly. Then to the next question she nods, "Sure! It can't go this bad *again*," she adds with a bit of a giggle. She looks then to the fully cooked waffles, and asks, "It ok to eat now?"

Fred chuckles and shakes his head. "I think you're right…how could it go this bad again?" He smiles, starting to get the ingredients out. "I think you should wait for Sydney before you eat. She made them, after all." He says softly. "They'll still be warm."

" — I found batter in my ear," Sydney quips as she strolls back into the kitchen in a fresh pair of blue jeans and a black sweater. "Sorry about that guys… thanks for cleaning up the mess! That was really fast," or she changed really slowly, "I swear that's never happened before — " her cheeks redden involuntarily, exposing yet another smudge of waffle batter along her cheek, but she's still grinning. "Yes, Jamie, please go ahead and eat." She peeks over at what Fred's making, and says, jokingly, "Be careful, waffle making is dangerous."

"So, I'm thinking about things…" she says as she glances at Jamie. "I think we need a lawyer. What the government did… can't be legal, not even under the patriot act. I'm pretty sure sedating children is frowned on at the human rights level —"

Jamie smiles brightly at Sydney's words, and says, "Thanks!" She gets her plate and waffles, and then asks, "There any strawberry sauce?" She looks back up to Sydney and says, "I know a lawyer. She's the one that got my dad outta jail. She's great."

Fred laughs. "Sometimes you just plain amaze me, Sydney. Just when I think 'Oh hey, she's not as clumsy as she used to be…' you come up and get waffle batter in your ear!" He grins and shakes his head, starting to mix the non-liquid ingredients in a bowl, which doesn't take too long. Starting to slowly add the liquids, Fred says, "I'll be sure to run away the instant it appears the batter is gonna bite." He shoots Sydney a grin over his shoulder. "Strawberry sauce? Ummm…check in the fridge. The side of the door." He tells Jamie. "A lawyer? I think the first thing you wanna do before getting a lawyer is getting enough evidence against the government, isn't it?"

"I'm not that clumsy! Just… a little… it's why I gave up coffee. I always spill it. Seriously, it never fails. I don't even know how it happens," Sydney beams as she leans against the counter and hmmms, "That's good to know, Jamie," Sydney shoots her a warm grin before hmmmming again. "It's true, it would be good to have more against them. I just don't even know where to begin. Other than formally take a statement from our young friend," she says with a broad grin. "And maybe get in contact with my other friends… we need some serious detective work. And I'm sure there are lots of people like you. The trains were full, right? I had a friend help take them down… what we need to do is record everyone's experiences and then any physical data we can find…"

Jamie runs to the fridge, opening it and looking inside. She comes back out with the strawberry sauce, and goes over to apply it liberally to her waffles. Then she puts it back in the fridge, closes said fridge, and quickly goes back to start eating her waffles. "I still know cell numbers for Rebel, and Charlotte, she can teleport people, and find them wherever they are. They can get evidence. But talkin' to Jane first might be good. Took *months* to get my dad outta jail, and all the evidence they needed there was me."

Fred starts stirring the batter. "Yeah…tell that to your sixteen year old self, Syd." He grins, winking. "I kid." Smiling, he frowns. "There's a government office somewhere downtown…maybe you guys should start looking there? Sifting through records? Or maybe look at newspapers over the last few months of odd disappearances and happenings of unusual circumstances?"

"That's… brilliant Fred! Genius! We could try to piece this together… and if people have been going missing, there must be something we can go on, right? Someone had to have noticed. We can get newspapers and the like from the library. I wonder though… I might have some pull at the police station still… although arguably I'm likely a suspect in a murder investigation… it's a risk… let's focus on the library, the lawyer, and your friends," Sydney nods at Jamie, "Well we can try contacting this lawyer, this Rebel(?)" is that even a real name? "and this Charlotte friend of yours and we can go from there. I just know I'm not okay sitting on my hands and waiting for them to take more people like us." She grins, "I think we can do this. It'll work." With a broad grin of satisfaction, she nods. They have something: a starting point.

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