2008-01-25: A Storm Is Coming


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Summary: Noah warns Benjamin of hard times to come, and surprises the rookie with expectations.

Date It Happened: January 25th, 2008

Log Title A Storm Is Coming

Undisclosed - Company Hospital Facilities

The past three days have felt almost like an eternity. There's been some delay in getting a 'Help' message relayed to the healer on call, but that's okay. At least Benjamin's off the IV and no more drug induced nightmares have been had. Yet. He may still be hurting, and mostly useless, but at least he's getting a release from the Company medical facilities with light duty orders. Mostly dressed back in his 'civvies,' he's still wearing the hospital gown over his pants. He forgot to replace his last emergency set of clothes. So it's this mismatched outfit he'll be wearing until he gets home. And home is where he's intending to go next to rest in his own surroundings before coming back and hitting the paperwork.

This time around, Benjamin will see the trouble coming his way before he hears it. Bennet, looking just as pissed as before walking down the hallway. "We need to move and we need to move now… If Petrelli has issue with it, she'll talk with me soon enough. As for the location, it's just a matter of time."

The two younger agents give a simple 'Yes Sir!' before they scatter, leaving Benji alone with the man just noticing his presence. The blue eyes are upon him once more. "Agent Winters."

Sometimes, there's just not enough drugs in the world to prepare one for dealing with HRG. In the process of pushing himself up from the bed, preparing to leave the building, Benjamin stops once on his feet. "Mr. Bennet." Having caught some of what was being said, he makes no mention of it. "There's been some delay in getting in touch with the healer. It shouldn't be too much longer if you need me sooner than expected."

Noah tilts his head faintly to one side as Benji speaks. The well dressed Agent has little to say fo the time being, save one comment… "I heard you were the one that helped bring Miss Gomez in." Seems like Noah is still getting right to business with his usual speed.

"Yes sir," Benjamin confirms as he stands there, looking at Noah. "I volunteered for it." Despite Noah's caution about personal lives. "Fortunately that went smoother than bringing in Miss Hanner." He settles back to sit on the bed's mattress. If Noah's getting to business, well, he's going to ask something straight up. "What's happening with Miss Gomez? Is she being left alone?"

Leaving the matter of Miss Hanner for Benji to beat himself for, Noah worries about the matter at hand as he seats himself in a nearby chair. "If I told you a straight answer, I'd be lying to you. The fact that Angela Petrelli is calling the shots for the Company and Elena is seriously involved with her terribly unstable son Peter… It's best not to try and guess. She won't kill her or seriously harm her, if that is what you're worried about." Noah sighs, adjusting his glasses after looking down for a moment.

"Until the family drama plays out, we're just going to have to do our job to the best of our abilities. Because if you lose sight of your ideals and vision," Bennet says, pausing a moment to look into Benjamin's, like a father speaking to a son. "…you have nothing to ground you when the storms come."

"I understand. I just feel responsible for Elena as I know her father. This is a relationship that goes back to before I joined the Company." Which is as problematic as anyone could tell Benjamin. "I don't want /any/ harm to come to her," he firmly states, hoping that he isn't sounding out of line, but in a way not really caring. Although, at the change in Noah's tone and expression, he quiets and gets curious about what exactly is at play here. It can't be as simple as an unstable Peter murdering Kaito, then the seemingly random defection of Elle. Right? Or maybe it is. Ben has no clue of the coming war that's brewing between factions as he isn't up to speed on Pinehearst, or even seen a briefing on them. "I can't be kept in the dark forever sir. It might be better if I close my eyes and just do what I'm told, but I'm curious about what you need me for." Along with the unasked questions of this storm Noah is suggesting.

"If I had more information I could tell you, Winters, I would give it to you." Noah's voice is firm. "As it stands now, I only have experience and hunches to know how this is going to play out. If you cared for Elena, bringing her in yourself was the best thing you can do… I promise you that some of our Agents would have been far less gentle."

"Yes sir," Benjamin states, accepting, but not liking the answer. However, it'll have to do, no matter how much it feels like fumbling in the dark. He doesn't know much of anything about Noah, but what he does know? Tells him that Noah's hunches are probably going to be good. ".. That's why I volunteered. I also wanted to see if she would cooperate if I explained things. I had to give it a shot. I know you warned about personal lives and our line of work. It was still something I had to do."

"No, I actually agree with you on what you did." Jot that down, Ben, Noah doesn't say that to rookie agents often. A brief smile soon disappears as Noah continues to speak, leaning back into his chair. "…As long as you don't lose sight of why you're here, you'll learn that you can do what's right without being a rebel without a cause like our dear friend Peter Petrelli."

Color Benji stunned by that statement. Now here's to hoping he does nothing stupid and gets carried away. Rookie mistakes will only be tolerated for so long. "I'm not familiar with his record at length. I've met him a few months ago and he seemed like a good man, wanting to find Sylar and stop him." Now it seems he's gone in a different direction.

"He still wants to stop Sylar. He just thinks he can redeem him." If Noah was crude, he'd spit at the floor at the thought. But the hate and disdain in his eyes says more than a wad of water of the floor. It's a look that may scare Ben… The look of a man willing (and wanting) to kill. He likely notices he has his SYLAR MUST DIE face on and sighs, letting the anger go where it should. In a nice bottle that's tightly sealed, stored for when the time is just right.

"Maybe there is a chance he is right… But there is something important that Peter really doesn't understand, a reason why we both are in this Company, and the reason why things may get very hard very soon." Noah's tone softens as he goes on, leaning forward with a frown.

"From what I've heard about Sylar, and what I've seen, I think it's going to take a few lifetimes to redeem his actions." Benjamin's heard a lot about Sylar, been stabbed by the man and even had to fend him off in a park. Some part of him wants to think he doesn't know the whole story, give Sylar the benefit of the doubt. Yet, it's so difficult to come to that thought process. Noah's expression is enough to unsettle Benjamin and put him back on edge about the senior agent. When Noah's visible anger deflates, it does little to put the narcokinetic at ease. "I'm afraid I don't understand.. about things getting hard very soon. There are a few things going on, Peter, Elle Bishop, Sylar.."

"Bob is missing. Elle has left. The release of the Level 5 prisoners has never fully been explained. It's clear that there is only one reason why are having such difficulties. An inside job… Or someone that has had extensive experience within the Company." Noah pauses as he stands up. "Of course, I have no real proof that is the case, just a hunch." Shrugging it off, Noah is swift to go into another topic. "While you lack the experience, Winters, I also have the hunch you could become one of our best. You think for yourself. You understand greater good. On the other hand, you follow orders. You know when you're outdone or outclassed." Other people would call the last thing 'humility', but Noah is Noah.

The Company Man pulls out his phone, checking a text message. Considering his era, he doesn't feel the need to text back or even attempt to learn how to do that. "You wanted to know why I want to make sure you're ready for action? Because you're needed."

Noah pauses for a moment, remember hearing those words from a Russian many years ago. Hopefully, things will work out better this time around. Standing up, Noah straightens his tie and puts his phone away. "I've got to get going in a few… Anything you need to talk about before I go?"

… Woah. Wait. Back it up there. Benjamin double-takes and stares hard at Noah. Bishop being missing? That's news to him. Then again, he's been laid up in the hospital for the past few days and has a lot of Company communication to catch up on. "I can see how that would be a possibility. Someone who may not fully agree with the way the Company is run, or certain tactics. Maybe even a personal grudge." He sounds as if he's talking more to himself than Noah, then again, something is nagging at his mind. It shows as a dark cloud seems to form over his expression. Something he's /not/ going to confide in Noah about is rolling through his mind. Perhaps to someone he feels more trusting of.. but not the senior agent. These internal thoughts have him feeling troubled, and the comment that he could be one of the best only makes him feel worse and more weighed down. "While I've learned a lot about my ability and how to use it in just a year's time, I know I have a lot to learn and a long way to go still. It's only common sense to me to realize when I'm up against something I can't handle."

A shake of Ben's head is then made, "No Mr. Bennet. Nothing else. I'll ask Meryl about the healer on call again. Find out when she can give us some of her time. If it comes down to it, I'll help as I can. Even if I have to stay out of sight and work unseen like I did with Elle."

Dismissing Benjamin's comments almost as much as his face, Noah doesn't even see the potential that Winters is holding out info. Of course, if it comes out later… Well, hopefully, Benji will be wise in how he does things for the next couple of weeks. Shaking his head at the rookie's musings, HRG turns to leave. "Whatever the case, Winters, speak to no one of it. I only gave you my warning because I want to see you see you alive at other side of this. Get better." With that, Noah turns and walks away.

Benjamin may not realize how much he needs to watch his ass in the coming days.. Not just yet anyway. The point will need to be driven home and fast. "I won't say a word Mr. Bennet," he confirms as he pushes himself back up off the bed, preparing to leave the hospital room himself.

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