2010-01-27: A Tremor Of Truth



Date: January 27, 2010


It takes as much as 1,000 years to form just one inch of fertile soil and only a few words to break the woman that moves it.

"A Tremor Of Truth"

Building 27

The sad little window admits thin, weak streams of light. The weather outside is gray…just like the mood inside. Those weak rays land in the middle of the small cell, falling upon one lone figure. Still shackled and cuffed firmly to the metal chair, the woman slouches, stiff from sitting so long and just trying to find some measure of comfort in the captivity. What the time is, and how long she's been here, she has little idea. All the days and nights run together anymore.

There haven't been many notes written up on the subject, past her initial processing and what research and surveillance Jo managed to put together before the bagging. What is known is that she participated in the derailment of one of the trains, there is strong evidence to point in her direction regarding a certain neighborhood in Greenwich Village that experienced an Earthquake. Enough so that the woman could be considered a danger to society. And we can't have dangers to society running amok, that would be inhuman of the government.

Cody had spent the better part of the night reviewing all of her captures and memorizing almost every detail of their files. For Alexandra Lambert, she was just a lucky find initially, but one that seemed important enough to reveal a visit to the cell by Agent Hamm. A visit that wasn't documented in full. If there's one thing about the government, it's that all paperwork is riddle with triplicates and (most of the time) so exact that it borders on the absurd. So the lack of detail and fine points from Hamm's visit signaled a red flag in the mind of the blonde woman.

Entering the room, she closes the door softly behind her. Her footsteps are so light that they are nearly silent, to a drowsy woman, they may not register in the conscious mind at all. Under her arm she carries a file folder, a notebook, and a syringe. In the other hand, she has a styrofoam cup filled with dirt. She kicks the chair on the way past the brunette, making sure she's awake. "Wakey wakey Miss Lambert. Time to rise and shine." Her words aren't friendly at all, not like their meeting in the lobby of the prisoner's apartment building.

"Ugh…I AM awake…" Alex groans groggily. With some effort, she manages to lift her head and look at this agent…someone she hasn't seen in this cell before. She HAS seen this woman before, though. Through the mild-sedative haze, she recalls meeting her…on a subway! When her purse got stolen. When this woman returned it afterward. There wasn't anything missing, but then, you don't need to steal ID to write down the address.

The kick manages to stir her from her slouch, and she sits up straight, struggling to shake off some of that drowsiness. Even though she can't see clearly through the hair falling over her face, her eyes let Cody know that she remembers her. They burn with recognition; she glares at Cody from under her brows. "YOU," she says, flatly. "Let me out of here…now. I didn't commit any crimes."

"Yes, me. I'm afraid I can't do that, Miss Lambert, you've been labeled a terrorist by your country. You have two choices. You can be good and cooperative, or you can take a little trip down to Guantanamo where you'll disappear for the rest of your life." Cody's voice is very even, no nonsense, completely serious. It is at this point that she sets the little cup of dirt down on the floor in front of the brunette. How the dirt might affect the woman isn't something her interrogator quite knows for sure… she's hoping that it'll be like water to someone lost in the desert.

"Agent Hamm was here to see you already, we're going to go over what you told him. Every detail." She flips open the notebook in her hand and pulls a pen from behind her ear. It's note making time, something she's pretty good at. She doesn't bother to hide the page, a reason that becomes clear when she begins to write… In Farsi.

"I didn't tell him anything…not a damn thing. Well…other than how I hate him? How if we were on equal ground, I'd kill him?" Ha, looks like she can still be punny with the best of them. She even manages to give Cody a little sneer. And while she eyes that dirt, eyes it very carefully, she won't give Cody the satisfaction of seeing her stare at it with that sort of adoration or lust that she knows Cody wants to see. "It won't work, you know. They have me drugged too much," she very casually informs Cody. I can't do anything with that."

"Oh, I'm not worried about what you can and can't do with it. It's just here to remind you about what you're missing out there. You know, where I come from, there's just a lot of sand. This kind of dirt, quality dirt, is pretty hard to come by unless you're lucky enough to be born in a region with it." Cody's accent doesn't betray her to any specific area of the country or even the world. She could be talking about the Mojave just as easily as the Sahara. "What did Hamm do to make you hate him so much? Just the fact that you're here? Caught?" She pulls a small aerial photo of the train wreckage from her notebook and holds it in front of Alexandra. "How much of that were you responsible for? And please be honest… with today's technology and what we know about your ability, we can likely use forensic science to find out. So the real question you need to ask yourself is… How much of a patriot are you and how long do you want to be here?"

"I'm angry because of who he is…who you people are. Why am I here? Why am I the one in cuffs and shackles, when you people are the ones out kidnapping KIDS and keeping them drugged? Has that ever occurred to you, bitch?" That…seems to be a sore subject to Alex. The whole train incident, that is, and she's letting Cody know that, right now. The venom practically oozes in her voice, an uncharacteristically aggressive hiss, complete with throwing herself forward in the chair and straining what little bit of muscle she has in an attempt to get free. She growls and stares Cody down, struggling for just a moment, before she settles back into the chair.

"I derailed it. The whole thing. The whole car. I made the earth rise up and stop it," she says with quite a bit of pride. They know about it, so why try and hide the fact. "I just did what I had to do, to save others. Now you have me…and they're free. Trade one for many…seems like you're on the short end of the stick." Then, Alex laughs. It's a creepy, strange little sound in the room. A childish little giggle, something almost…filled with glee.

Looking down at Alexandra, Cody's eyebrows knit together and almost seem to bristle. "Unfortunately, Alexandra, it's not us who are at the short end of the stick. It's you. Those kids will all be caught again, you've only delayed the inevitable and outed yourself in the process." In a quick scrawl of curly foreign letters, the blonde writes down everything she heard. The muscles in her jaw clench and unclench just once before she lets out a long breath through her nose. Then she steps to the side of the chair, not within reach of the other woman, but out of sight of the camera and murmurs something in a very low breath. "If you know what is good for you and your country… You won't be so proud of possibly becoming a weapon of mass destruction. You've already proven yourself quite capable. Reign it in, soldier."

"Weapon…of mass destruction?" Alex finds herself repeating, once Cody says it. The inflection that Cody used is carried over into Alex's voice as well, and she speaks in just a whisper. Turning to face Cody, her eyes aren't filled with the same kind of fire they were before; now they're huge and filled with a sort of terror. They wouldn't…they couldn't. She wouldn't let them. She'd rather die. That little giggle of a moment ago is replaced with the grim silence as Alex starts to realize what they might have in store for her here. "I…I…I won't!" she cries out, but by then, Cody's picked up the dirt and moved on. The door slams shut, just like it did when Hamm was here, and once more, Alex collapses down into a little heap, secured to her chair.

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