2009-11-10: A Trespass of Memory



Date: November 10, 2009


A seemingly random encounter causes Noah to see threats to his daughter from two seemingly safe things: An innocent young woman named Sophie and… his own mind.

"A Trespass of Memory"

Upstate New York

It is a cool late fall day, grey and windy, but not raining.. yet. The leaves are mostly fallen, a few still clinging to the trees, so the outside seems to match Sophie's current mood. Though she has been hiding out, eventually even she gets a little stir-crazy. In an effort to try and clear her head, get some air, she decides to take a walk along the country road the farmhouse is located upon.

Finding a safe house for some of Noah's stuff from his Company days was hard, but for some of the larger and perhaps more secretive items, he found the place. Where is that place? Like heck would he tell you! Regardless of where it is exactly, Noah seems to be on the return trip, merely moving through the old dirt roads. He casts an eye up toward the skies from time to time, hoping to beat the rain. After all, it's annoying as heck to go through the dirt roads when they are wet. Might as well just ask for half your car to be caked in mud. For the time being he doesn't notice Sophie, but she will likely notice him first, the black Camry speeding along the dusty road without a care about things like 'speed limits' or 'cow crossings'.

Sophie has her hands shoved in her pockets. Even for the weather, she is dressed oddly, fully covered from head to toe, barring her face. The hands in her pockets? Gloved. She has her head down, staring at her feet, but then turns, spinning on a heel as she hears an unexpected car. She moves quickly off the side of the road, perhaps oddly quickly..

The car speeds… and then kinda slows… And then roughly fifty feet after it passes Sophie, it sputters to a stop. "You have got to be kidding me," Noah states as he gets out of the car. "She told me that she put in at least two gallons. That's the last time I trust her without a receipt," the Man with the Horned Rimmed Glasses states as he gets out of the car. He is still dressed in his usual suit, though the tie is not as professional and tight as it could be. Instintly, he pulls out his phone, hrmming as he sees that he barely has one bar. He could try a phone call, but it would likely be easier to just use someone else's phone.

Noah pauses for moment as he notices Sophie. "Hey, got a moment?" Noah says, giving a faint smile toward the young woman.

Sophie pauses, darn altruistic streak. She turns, taking a breath, and moving back toward the car. "Umm.. yes?" she says, hesitantly. Well, could just be normal 'don't talk to strange men' caution, you know.
Looking up to the skies in fear that they will pour down on him, Noah speaks to Sophie. He reaches into his car to pull out a mini-umbrella, just in case. "I don't mean to put you out, but you know where the closest landline is? I thought I could make it to the next gas stop, but I guess I pushed it too far and need to get a tow to the closest station."

Sophie pauses, "Oh..umm.." she glances toward her house, then she says, "I.. think maybe one of the houses next door?" she offers, "There's a convenience store down the road.. oh, that's like a mile." she wrinkles her nose. "Your car is out of gas?"

"It would seem so," Noah states, glancing at the car once more. "The house up here…" He nods to a very familiar farm house. "Doesn't have any lines at all?" A brow goes up, clearly not believing Sophie in the least.

Sophie glances back to the house, then she says, "I.." she pauses, nobody there right now as they went on a shopping expedition. "Well, I guess it'd be alright. I'm staying with a friend, but they're not home." THAT much, at least, is somewhat true.

It's clear that the girl is uncomfortable to Noah, a man whose life depending and was advanced by the little things he could pick up in people. However, she is not a person he needs to investigate nor does he have any wish to pry. "Well, could you make a call for me… Tell them Fredrick Brownstone needs lift… Here's my AAA card if you need it." With that, Noah withdrawls his card with another person's name on it. While most Company Agents have to search out their own alter identities, Noah already have a couple on file.

Sophie pulls her arm from her pocket. She's wearing black gloves of some thin material, but her sleeve rode up from being in her pocket, leaving some bare skin available. She reaches for the card, a little unsettled by the speeding car, the questions, and such.

The card is handed toward Sophie, but Noah takes a couple steps toward the house. He looks at the house, noticing a few details here and there. "Large family?" he inquires, though where he gets that conclusion is anyone's guess. "Hard to imagine that everyone's gone.."

Sophie turns toward the house while she is reaching, trying to see what he's looking at. This jerks her hand over, causing her bare wrist to brush against his hand, just as he hands the card over. For such casual contact, the effect is immediate, and electric. She tenses, with a gasp and a look of horror. Her eyes seem to be looking somewhere else, past you. She seems to be reaching out, saying a greeting.. in Japanese?
Noah is one of the world's best Company Agents. His mind words the second Sophie acts different. He notices the hand contact, but sees… That she is horrified and suddenly talking in Japanese. In a firm tone, he states a simple question to Sophie.

"«Do you speak Japanese?»"

Sophie's expression changes as she sees what she.. seems to be looking at. It isn't you, and she doesn't acknowledge you. But the one sided conversation she is having, in Japanese, it sounds very familiar. Something about taking care of the child, as her hands seem to grasp something with a touch of awkwardness. There's a nod, and acknowledging that she is only watching the child until it 'manifests'.

As the conversation continues, it dawns on Noah what has happened. This is HIS memory. She is acting as if she was there. Time to break her out and, if needed, let her know the gravity of her situation. A hand goes out toward Sophie's arm, shaking her violently as he tries to stop the memory as it is one that he does NOT want to be shared. Not now. Not ever. "Miss? MISS!" Noah states, shouting into her ear almost if she doesn't acknowledge the softer attempt to get her attention.

Sophie is locked in, she really isn't 'there' mentally. It is only after the softer look appears on her face, and she turns to leave, that she drops to her knees, out of your reach and gasps.

The eyes of Bennet harden as they rest on Sophie. She has gotten herself into a bad spot. If she knows about Claire… There is no telling how much she knows. "You are going to explain your ability to me now," he states in a cool tone. He doesn't ask, he orders, clearly expecting what he seeks.

Sophie breathes heavily, muttering to herself, "It wasn't a bad one.." in some sort of shock. Then she looks up, pausing, "Umm.. my..what?" Ok, so she REALLY sucks at the lying.

"You have forced yourself into places you had no right to be in," Noah replies, his tone as icy as it was before. The Friendly Stranger has turned into the Cold Company Man, loyal to the family that never understands. "After what you did, lying is the worst thing thing you can do. Now, you are going to explain yourself and you are going to look me straight into my eyes. Because my ability is to know when you are lying, to know when you are holding back." He takes a step forward, his gaze attempting to pierce Sophie's. "Now, I'll ask one more time… What is your ability?"

Sophie says, scrambling back a bit. "It wasn't forced, it was an accident. You touched me." she tugs her gloves back up. "I.." she sighs, "Its kind of complicated, but its all got to do with memories. I mean.. sometimes, when I brush up against someone, I get to experience their memory. Usually an important or.. intense one. This was one of the few times it wasn't really painful." she takes a breath. "Umm.. I can do other stuff too, like search or store memories, or transfer them.. erase them, though I don't /do/ that, but.. I didn't do any of that."

There is a pause as Noah just studies the girl. While he is lying about having an ability, he can tell that the deceitful nature is not shared by Sophie. That or she is too good and then he's screwed anyway. Another Haitian… though her powers are wired a bit different than his. Something to remember for later. But for now, he presses the matter that matters most. "What 'important memory' did you see?" While he has a feeling he knows exactly what it is (it's HIS memory, after all), he needs to be sure.

Sophie frowns, "I was.. somewhere, it looked like a roof or something. Maybe a deck, but it was high. And talking to some Japanese man. He is handing this baby over, and saying something about taking care of her?"

"Because it was my memory, you understood the Japanese." There is a long pause. The Old Noah battles with the New Noah. One solution involves a bodybag, another involves the Haitian. For now, he tries a different route. Sighing with some relief as if everything is okay, he says with the shake of his head. "You should learn to control your abilities, keep them in check. Forcing yourself to wear gloves works well in the winter, but that's not going to work for you all the time."

Sophie sighs, "I did it all last summer. Now.. I just don't go near anyone.. ever." she murmurs, moving back a bit.

So this is what happens when there is no Company. Evolved are just left to fend for themselves. He could offer to train her, but he can't let anyone too close to himself. Not when Claire is still at risk by the government. He comes to a common solution in his life… A compromise. "I have a PO Box at this station." He withdraws another card, which is a business card for Kopy Kingdom. "Just look at the handwriting on the back… the name is just of an old friend of mine." If you consider a guy whose thumbs you almost broke a friend. "If you leave some contact information at the box, I'll see if I can help. If you don't trust me, that's fine, but the information is on this card just the same. Now if you excuse me, I've got some get some bars." With that, Noah withdraws his cellphone and starts walking down the country road, hoping it won't be too long before he gets to TWO bars and with that the chance to tell the tow truck where the heck he is.

Sophie nods slowly and she says,"Umm.. thank you." taking it far more carefully. She slips it into her pocket. She murmurs, "This is still better than being drugged and strapped to a table." as she turns to leave. "Good luck getting gas for your car."

Noah makes sure that he has his AAA card safely in tow and then… Noah is off like the might man that he is. At least he got through an encounter without drugging them or capturing them, right?

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