A Tribute

I Have No Life Productions presents: HeroesMUSH, a Tribute to the tune of Weird Al's "One Week" which is to the tune of BNL's "One Week". See what I did there? It's like a parody of a parody. That's how I roll.


One Week on HeroesMUSH

It’s been one week since I got to read
Crazy antics from those darn Petrellis
Five days since they had that scene
With Hiro, Ando, and that troll on his A-team
Three days so derivative
Heroes self-reference plotlines, hey, what gives?
Yesterday, it occurred to me
I’ve been spending my time on that Heroes roleplay.

Holy cow, were you on it last week?
Well, they’ve got this one geek
Who’s got a fully working R2
Hey did you know, that although
That it is her that he should owe
That Mohinder’s tattled on Daphne to the Company
Hey, see the scene when they shot M
She likes to yell ‘HAMS’
And confess her love to Asian strangers
Now Cass goes to face her father
And he’s all bothered
‘Cause what he does puts her in danger
Regen-er-a-tor is more for war
It’s like the way he did before
They all keep trying more ridiculous maneuvers
Hit where it hurts, go ask Pinehearst
Random deserts, villains assert
Then jump ahead some years and see the bleak dark future

They’re always rollin’, strippin’, givin’ SARS, on that game
In OOC? They don’t care, they’ve got no shame
There’s not one day goes by without less than three
And the need to make dirty verbs out of everything
They have a tendency to do EVERYTHING IN CAPSLOCK
Pete’s got a history of dying on the fifth

It’s been one week since there was the fight
With an ultimatum, to keep Claire out of sight
Five more since that big break in
The start for someone who finds hero within
It’s been three months since the bitter feud
Between Benji’s mom and that Scot talks to dogs dude
But, yesterday, finally dawned on me
Spendin’ way too much on that Heroes roleplay

Nathan: Baby, I’ve been sleepin’ with another character.
Heidi: Oh? Well, which one?
Nathan: All of them.
Heidi: Oh! Well, I’ve been sleepin’ with your secretary, George!
Nathan: Yah? Well—well, me too!
Heidi: Oh!
Nathan: And I’ve been sleepin’ with my ex, Meredith!
Heidi: Meredith, you bitch! Well, I’m also ridin’ on your wild horse!
Nathan: That horse doesn’t love you!

Once you log on here, there’s just no stoppin’
Your brain shuts down, then your free time’s droppin’
MUSH is the way to spend your daytime
Also your nighttime
Crack o’clock is still the best time
It’s totally zany, w-tf
It’s like a lolcat
Don’t wanna click but you do anyway
Hang on, I’ve got to finish this pose
You get how that goes
Playerbase growing larger everyday
If you’ve seen the show, well then you know
It’s drama everywhere you go
Plus mods are crazy and abusin’ all their powers
So pretty soon Melatonin
Logs in the room and then it’s BOOM
Now your name is suspiciously the wrong thing

Well, it’s the kind of game where people die constantly
Dot dot dot, puttin’ things on the spotlight
“Sero! Sero!” Now we’re off on another plot
Should I get off the wiki? I just can’t!
I have a tendency to watch it religiously
We have a habit of posting each scene

It’s been one day since the one about
Elle and Gabe got problems, then they make out
Five days since the big surprise
When we all find out that Nathan’s that Logan guy
Three days since Pete intervened
In a bunch of crazy dream-influencing Kory scenes
Yesterday, it occurred to me
That I’ve been spending a bit too much on this roleplay
Been puttin’ my time into that Heroes roleplay
I’ve got to get to class but I’m on Heroes roleplay
Look, there’s someone new to check on +finger

And goodnight.

Also, I <3 you for taking over my mind.

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