2007-03-07: A Walk In The Park


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Date It Happened: March 07, 2007

Summary: Daniel and Claudine enjoy a walk in the park. Seamus and Max work as vigilante justice. Randall loses his cheese-dog.

A Walk in the Park

New York City - Central Park

It's later at night, and Claudine is risking going out to central Park all by herself, cause well, she's had one hell of a day. A rather bad day. Realizing that perhaps a telepath is the reason why certain memories are missing tends to make one cranky afterall, and considering she feels she was violated by one earlier today..well..that's just a lot of stress to work off.

Upon finding a rather secluded area that isnt exactly well lit, she starts to set up, taking a few bottles of water out of her backpack. She dehydrates when using her powers afterall. Once that's done, she starts a perimeter check to make sure there arent any homeless or any people snooping around that she could possibly hurt with her powers..

Homeless people? No. Snoopers? Yeah. After having passed Claudine for the second time, a stealthy pursuit seemed to be in order to investigate, and by the time Claudine begins checking the area Daniel has made himself quite comfortable belly-down on an outcropping of rocks, giving him a good line of sight to her but a decent amount of cover. Still, he's not really paying attention at the moment, since his cell phone has spontaneously started to vibrate. BZZ BZZ BZZ shutupshutup/shutup/.

Well, it's a good thing that one of her powers isnt superhearing, or Daniel would so be busted for following her, and then she'd just think he was stalking her, and that wouldnt be a good thing. She wants her 'me time' afterall, and this is a perfect place to do it, since she hasnt found anyone around the area.

Claudine sighs, running her fingers through her hair as she yawns a little and takes off her sweater to reveal a tightly clinging white t-shirt. Even with the cold weather, she doesnt want to sweat too much or else she might get some hypothermia afterall. "Stupid Johanssen Foundation.." she says rather angrily as she looks around to a pile of rather large pieces of rubble.

It's then that she focuses her anger and tries something for a few moments. She stares that rubble intently and she squints a little, almost looking like she's constipated. A few minutes pass and then she clenches her fists causing the rubble to pulverize to powder…

Johanssen Foundation? That's a new one. Daniel files away the name of the organization that's apparently angered Claudine, though he can't for the life of him think why she'd be annoyed by it. The teenager rolls over a bit and slaps his hands down over his leg, turning off the phone's connection. He can answer it later, and - "Holy /shit/!" Startled by the explosion of rock into a fairly loud verbal response, Daniel swiftly quiets himself and hunkers down again.

Okay..that she heard. Phones vibrating..that she can not hear, but she gasps a little, her eyes an eerie red, that soon turns to back to it's original hue of dark brown as she scans the area once more. "Who's there?" she asks as she heads over ot her backpack and grabs a flashlight, along with her bottle of water. Claudine's thirsty afterall, and that little bit took a bit out of her.

Once it's all setup, she chugs half of the bottle before starting to scan the area with the flashlight towards the source of the sound..or at least it's general area.."Who's there?" she repeats herself once more..

As luck would have it, the beam from the flashlight eventually catches Daniel's face. He squints and lifts a hand to shield his eyes from the sudden change in light, grimacing. "Jesus, turn that thing off." Obviously found out, the boy pushes back and sits up, brushing a bit of dirt and twig off of his shirt as he does. "You always destroy things when you're pissy?"

Claudine's eyes widen as she heads on over and crouches down to face him, her face just inches away from his before canting her head to the side a little. "Do you always end up stalking girls with powers?" she asks curiously with a slightly snarky tone before shaking her head at the question. "Well..usually not on purpose.." she says sheepishly with an amused chuckle escaping from her lips.

"There's a difference between stalking and following by chance, Crazy." Daniel scratches at the back of his neck and grunts, pushing up to his feet. "…and I think that was pretty much done on purpose. If it wasn't, then you'll end up being one of those rogue superpowered weirdos who kills all within sight."

"No..just relieving some stress.." she says matter of factly as she eases on up once more and offers a hand to help him onto his feet. "It really wasnt a good day, and you had nothing to do with it this time.." Claudine says with a coy grin before chuckling once more. "And following by chance..it can still be construed as stalking ya know.."

Daniel hesitates for a moment, but ends up reaching up to take Claudine's hand. He pulls himself up and kicks at the ground, getting a bit more dirt off of his pants. "It's not stalking unless it's habitual. This is the first time I've actually followed anyone, so I don't think it really counts."

"Okay, then you're a newbie stalker.." Claudine quips as she lets out a hearty laugh. It seems that crushing the rocks to powder helped with her stress and anger management issues. "But..still, you should know central park isnt exactly the safest place at this hour, especially since we're in a rather secluded area. There are muggers and stuff around.."

"I figure I'm safe as long as I have a psycho mutant killer on my side. Muggers aren't really a problem when you're like - well. Like /you/. Are they? At least not in the middle of the park." Daniel runs a hand through his hair and shrugs. "And I'm no stalker, like I said."

"I'm not a psycho mutant killer!" she says as she play punches him in the arm while furrowing her brows towards him. "With that comment, I should totally let any potential muggers have their way with you.." Claudine says before sticking her tongue out at him. "So there.." and with that said she heads back to her backpack to pull out a rice krispy treat and offers it to him. "Want one?"

The boy takes the punch in good stride, but he does give Claudine a rather dirty look after she mentions muggers. "I guess they /would/ go after me, 'cause I'm definitely the prettier part of the two of us." As the snack is offered he just waves it off, then glances back towards the path. "And we should probably clear out."

Claudine rolls her eyes as she shakes her head at the little comment, "No,they'd go after you cause you'd squeal louder.." snarking back at him before looking over to the powder that she just pulverized. "Waittaminute..I wanna try something.." she says while putting out finger to his lips, not wanting to leave yet.

With that, she intently focuses once more, except this time, she extends both her arms out towards the pile of pulverized rock. Initially nothing happens. In fact, it stays like that for a good couple of minutes. Then five..then ten. And nowit's been fifteen…

Daniel stares slackjawed at Claudine, apparently in danger of being very offended by the girl's response. Or at least a little bit horrified. Instead of attempting a snappy response, though, he just glares at the ground that Claudine's looking at. "I wouldn't /squeal/. I think you're just jealous 'cause I'm definitely hotter than you."

"Will you shut up for just one second?!?" Claudine hisses as she continues to stare at the pulverized powder once more. It takes a little bit more time, but soon the powder starts to form the rather large rock once more and this time she's sweating like a pig. Ewww.

After wiping the beads of sweat from her brow, she shakes her head and polishes off her bottle of water before grabbing another one and chugging it. Once she's done,she just sticks her tongue out towards him once more. "Oh, you are so not hotter than me..I'm the hotter one..that's why you followed me.."

No. Apparently Daniel will /not/ shut up for just one second, because he continues talking through Claudine's experiment with the rock. It's nothing special - he actually literally comments on the weather. It's just to be a jerk. The boy smirks a little as Claudine displays her own level of maturity, and then rolls one shoulder in a shrug. "Nah. I'm definitely hotter than you are, and if I was looking for someone I'd definitely look for someone who meets the standards that my own appearance sets."

"You know..I think you're lying. I bet you secretly like me cause I'm hot and you have the hots for me. That's why you're being a jerkface..doing that whole 'oh, maybe if I'm mean to her, she'll notice me' bit that elementary school children do.." Claudine says as she pokes him in the chest as she starts to get in his face about it.

"If I thought you were hot, I'd be hitting on you. Don't give yourself too much credit, crazy girl." Daniel reaches out to poke her right back, his fingertip connecting with her left shoulder. "In any case, we /really/ shouldn't be out here so late. It's not safe."

That was a low blow! And Claudine pouts a little, letting out a little harumph and just sticks her tongue out towards him once more. "Fine, fine..I should head back to campus anyway.." she says with a slight shrug of her shoulders. "Or maybe grab some food..I think Taco Bell or Mcdonalds is still open.."

Evening in Central Park after destroying and recreating rocks, and Claudine wants /McDonalds/? Daniel stares at her for several moments before shaking his head and heading back towards the path. "Right. Because I totally want my arteries to be as clogged as immigration. I think you should perhaps invest in a better food-providing source."

"Nothing's absolutely wrong with McDonalds when you're hungry.." Claudine snaps back at at Daniel as the pair are in a dark and rather secluded part of central Park. No, they're not making out..quite the opposite as they dont exactly seem to care for each other's company too much. "And besides, there's not one far away..it's the closest place that's public so muggers cant come so you dont squeal like a little girl.." she says matter of factly.

It's then that the sound of cocking guns can be heard as a voice behind her can be heard. "Actually..I want both of you squealing.." says a rather deep baritone from behind the pair. With him are several others..totaling ten gangbangers. "I want that guy to come out again..ya know, the one who threw the knife at my crotch.." he says while pointing the gun towards Claudine.

All that comes out from her is a slight meep..

Daniel plays enough video games and watches enough movies to know the sounds that guns make, and it's because of this that both of his hands immediately shoot up into the air, hovering near the sides of his head. Shit. Shit. /Shit/. Unlike some other inhabitants of New York City, Daniel isn't a moron, and he has absolutely no desire to play the hero. The boy turns his head a little to peer back behind him, taking stock of the situation. "I have money. If you like, I can throw you my wallet and just clear off."

Dark and secluded is awesome, so far as Seamus is concerned. Fewer people to see certain crimes being committed. Like pickpocketing. Or — or — oh holy crap, what? The mechanic freezes, hidden behind a tree just off the path. He was /going/ to attempt a bit of sneak-thievery, since the two people up ahead seemed to have been too deep into their conversation to probably notice until it was too late. Seamus, though, knows the sounds that guns make from /personal experience/. Holy /hell/. He'll just… stay right here. Behind and hopefully out of sight of the muggers. He may be reckless, but he isn't /retarded/, and he does not have a gun.

FINALLY. I. AM. HEALED. Overjoyed, Max stretches his arms and rolls his broad shoulders, and for the first time in weeks there's no pain. No creaking protest. The knife wounds in his left arm are whole. His dislocated shoulder is now responding as God intended. His worse complaint is the narrow slash across his upper thigh, but having been skillfully stitched by Id, it hardly pains him.

Max is just tugging straight the collar on his dapper new silk suit when he hears the sharp, metallic click of firearms being locked and loaded. Damn. This is what he gets for a late shortcut through Central Park. Still, there's a portion of him that relishes this opportunity. Suddenly predatory, his blue eyes narrow and his fair face pulls into a cold, calculating smile.

Daniel and Claudine are deep in a rather wooded area of the park and as such, the young girl chews on her bottom lip, not wanting to make any sudden movements cause well, there's guns involved and she doesnt want to risk using her powers cause well, that would probably spook the gangbangers and then it would just get messy. "Look..my backpack is there, and I have my stuff there too!" she says in a high pitched tone, looking over to her companion with a sympathetic look as she mouths, 'you jinxed us!'.

The leader of the gangbangers, quite tall and muscular at 6'3" just laughs heartily as he continues to point his gun at Claudine while one of the others has a gun at Daniel. "Your money is fine and good, but that's not what I want. My boys recognized you girlie..and there's some masked vigilante who did my boys a great disservice. Now..we figure, if that guy is a hero, he'll come here and save your sorry ass once more..if not, then we'll have two less teenagers to worry about, right boys?" he says while looking back over to the others, who just laugh in response.

…wait, what? Daniel stares at the muggers, almost doing a double-take. "You guys are some kinda morons or something. Just 'cause some guy showed up once doesn't mean it's gonna happen again. In fact, the laws of probability say it /won't/ happen." It occurs to him a bit late that this is probably a bad thing to say to armed men in the middle of central park at night, but what's done is done. "…I've got like three hundred bucks on me. You can have the chick."

Seamus snorts to himself from behind his tree. Great guy Daniel is. Brat. Still… ten to one, or even ten to three, is not great odds. He may have flunked math, but even Seamus knows when too many is too many. God, what a day to be unarmed. What's he gonna do with a Swiss army knife and a set of lockpicks, seriously? His surname's O'Malley, not MacGyver.

Off to the side, Max has now approached close enough to watch the proceedings through a thin screen of hedges next to the path. He reaches out a hand, summoning his will and the magnetic energy that accompanies it. Then he pauses. After all, this could prove interesting. Though Max's fingers are still outstretched and eagerly anticipating the use of his power, for the moment he restrains the impulse and remains hidden and inconspicuous.

"They can have me, your ass!" Claudine snaps at Daniel as she quickly turns around and just starts yelling profanities at him in Filipino of course much to the dismay and confusion of the gangbangers. Oh yeah, he pissed her off, and maybe that's a good thing because when she's pissed off, the more destructive nature of her powers becomes that much easier. "You know..this is just a shitty day and because some dumbass in a costume decides to make me his Lois Lane to his Superman, you guys want to go for me?!?!?" she says rather angrily while throwing her arms into the air in exasperation.

At that moment, the soil and gravel underneath two of the men start to shift, and just as she raises her arms in the air, the soil follows her subconscious mental command to just literally move from underneath two of the gangbanger's feet to where two pillars of earth are formed that are about six feet tall and four feet in diameter. Of course, those two thugs, they're now in holes about the same size.

The gangbanger's eyes widen at that and he tells the other men, now just having eight of them total. "What. The. Fuck!?!?! That guy must be playing hero around here somewhere..scatter and look for him, I'm keeping the bitch and the brat here.." he says as he points the gun at both Claudine and Daniel again.

"Jesus, don't get your panties in a twist! You're the one with the freaking X-Men shit going on, not me!" Daniel considers this to be a very valid and relevant point. If he was safely out of the way, then Claudine could kick some ass and take some names, right? He ends up just staring as the earth starts to move again, swallowing hard. It's not exactly the result he was expecting, but if two muggers are out of the picture he's not really going to complain. It's good to have friends who can mess with the laws of nature - hey /waitaminnit/. "I'm not a fucking brat, you prick! Fuck you!"

…What the /hell/. When the earth starts to move, Seamus drops into more of a crouch behind his tree, ready to break and run if necessary. And… then… there are holes and pillars of dirt. The Irishman's jaw drops, and he /stares/ at Claudine. "Wha' th' bloody fuck," he mutters under his breath. Yeah, he can fix a car just by touching it, but this is a little beyond expectations. When did the world start going insane?

Scatter? Max doesn't much care for the sound of that, tucked away as he is in his nice, cozy hiding spot. Time to get creative. His reached-out hand slowly clenches into a white-knuckled fist. In response, the gun still pointed at Daniel and Claudine squeals as its barrel clamps shut, then folds over. Still behind cover, Max shakes with suppressed laughter. Let the little bastard think on that one.

The lead gangbanger isnt sure what the heck is going on as everyone has scattered now, looking for whatever was the cause of that little trick. He keeps his gun pointed at both Claudine and Daniel, "Keep your hands where I can see them!" he yells rather emphatically.

Of course, not wanting to get shot, Claudine keeps her arms in the air, not moving them an inch, cause well, bullets..they look like they would hurt and stuff. "I cant believe you were trying to get them to keep me around..coward.." she tells Daniel a little with her nose wrinkling a bit. Then, in an opportune moment she mouths, 'I cant do jack anymore cause I cant move my arms'. Hopefully he gets that. If she cant move her arms, no X-Men shit is coming from her..yeah.

From there, the girl just watches the barrel of the gun clamp shut, and her eyes are wide open with disbelief as she mouths to Daniel once more. 'Did you do that?' Please, God no..this boy cant have powers or the world is going to end.

Meanwhile, a couple of the gangbangers, head towards Seamus while the rest of the group heads in various different directions, a couple of them also heading towards where Max is..

Like Claudine, Daniel keeps his hands up. "I'm still not the one with the fucking /superpowers/, /Claudine/," he hisses out of the corner of his mouth, grunting. "I'd also rather not get shot by someone with an IQ more than a hundred points lower than mine, thanks. You seem capable of taking care of yourself. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not." And then the gun crushes inwards on itself. Daniel stares, perplexed, and then turns his head to look at his own hands. "…or, shit. Did I just spontaneously develop some wicked awesome shit of my own?" This is immediately discounted as being unlikely, however cool it would be. "I don't think we're alone," he mutters.

Oh. Oh. Oh shit, they're headed this way. Seamus ducks a little lower, weighing his options. Break, run, possibly get shot in the back. Do something stupid and reckless, possibly get shot in the /face/. …Can he do reckless without doing stupid? Fuck. Seamus turns in his crouch, pressing his back to the tree to stay out of sight of the gang-bangers, flicking open the corkscrew attachment to his Swiss army knife. This will be interesting. Come on a little closer…

When the two thugs round the edge of Max's hedge, he's casually striding toward them. "Shh," he whispers as he lifts one finger to his lips. Then, too fast for the eye to follow, he's driven his clenched fist into one delinquent's throat. Before the other has time to even utter a sound, Max is standing in front of him, clutching the man's windpipe in his grip. "Shhh.." he whispers again as he squeezes tighter, eliciting a soft, sickening crack as larynx disintigrates beneath his finger.

That's four down at least. Two in the holes and two that were taken down by Max though perhaps his methods were a bit more violent than Claudine's. Either way that makes six left, including the leader and the two that are just passing by Seamus now, unaware of who's there.

"SHUT UP!" Claudine hushes at Daniel once more as she chews on her bottom lip a little, her eyes warily looking towards the end of the gun barrel that's been shut. Fortunately for her, the lead doesnt know it's shut, but she doesnt want to risk the fact that he might have other weapons as well. She's not a fighter, she's just a normal college freshman..or at least a college freshman who can control rocks, soil, dirt and other things like that.

"Really, do you get more annoying and condescending when your life is put in danger? Sir, you can totally shoot him..I mean, I was the one the guy you're after saved, and I doubt that whoever it was would want to save this brat.." she says as she motions towards Daniel, much to the lead gang banger's surprise.

As the other four have scattered, two more make their direction towards where Max disposed of the others. They dont see their friends, so maybe something happened to them over there..

"Wh-" Daniel's head whips around in the other direction so he can /stare/ at Claudine. "/No/, he /cannot goddamn shoot me/." Still, the threat of bodily harm seems to go far in ensuring less vocalization from the youngest person present, and the boy simply clams up. The glaring, however, continues.

As the two men walk past his tree, obviously completely retarded not to see him crouching there, shadows or no, Seamus silently rises to his feet, takes one half-step forward, and jabs the corkscrew into one thug's shoulder, just beside his neck. The man lets out a strangled cry, causing the other to whip around, gun raised — and Seamus's hand snaps up to close over the barrel. The man pulls the trigger — and not a damn thing happens. Seamus wrenches the jammed gun out of the gang-banger's hands and brings the butt down on first the top of the disarmed thug's head, then whips it across the back of the one he stabbed. Both crumple, and for a moment, Seamus just stands there, staring. "…/Fuck/," he hisses, dropping the gun and stepping back to level himself against the tree. Right. Staying /right here/. Staying /right here/ until this shit is over.

With a wiggle of his fingers, Max lift the two bodies by the metal buckles, buttons, and zippers on their clothing. With a quiet grunt of effort and an outthrust palm, he tosses them both a solid thirty yards away where they land well out of earshot. Unfortunately, he turns back just in time to get himself thoroughly surprised by two /more/ punks. With a grunt, he clenches both fists tightly. In response, the criminal's guns squeal in metallic protest as they clench into tight, crumpled wads of useless steel and brass. One of them goes down in a pool of blood, pierced through the groin by a misfiring round. The other is ashen with horror at the combination of strange sights. He doesn't even see it coming when Max slams a fist into the side of his head, knocking him unconcious. Then, with a groan, Max's muscles begin to clench and unclench spasmodically. He nearly falls to the ground, but manages to regain his equilibrium at the last moment.

And then there were two..one who just looks over at the strange sights and runs off and then the leader, who seems tired of both the teenagers bickering at each other that he tries to shoot the both of them. This is why he didnt have kids. Instead, the gun blows up and he falls back completely stunned as his eyes widen. "What the hell?!?!" and with that he runs off, bleeding from the misfired gun.

"See, that was totally my plan, trying to get him to shoot you so his gun would explode. It wasnt anything personal.." Claudine says matter of factly with a toothy as she heads on over towards the two holes with two people still inside. "Shit.." she says, shaking her head. "We gotta get them out of here and I need to put this stuff back..there cant be evidence of what happened.." her tone filled with concern as she continues to stare at the two dumbfounded gangbangers in the ground..

"Oh, fuck no. I say we clear of right now." This isn't just talk - Daniel swiftly starts to sidestep and begins jogging uncertainly down the path, keeping a careful eye out for anyone else who might leap out of nowhere and attack him. "Jesus christ. Where the fuck did the other ones go? Think they're coming back? /Shit/." It's difficult to decide what to do when you're ignorant of the situation. Daniel doesn't approve.

Well… /two/ of them are at least down for the count. Seamus knows that much! …Jesus did he seriously do that? He's just about to step forward to, uh. Retrieve his Swiss army knife from that guy's /shoulder/… when a figure passes his tree, and Seamus presses his back against i— oh, wait, shit, it's the brat. "Jesus, kid, 're you alrigh'?" If Dan's mobile, things must be settling? The Irishman leans past the tree to peek around it, and on seeing no more thugs, sighs in relief. "/Shi'/." This has been… /eventful/.

No. It's too soon.. Far too soon to exhaust himself so thoroughly. Limping as further muscle spasms hinder his balance, Max treks away from the scene. Four down.. Two dead. One more likely to die. Not a bad night's work. Already, Max is fixing the details of tonights brutality in his mind's eye for later, when he can sketch it.

As events with the larger group begin to head south, Randall is walking closer from a moderate distance, working his way through a hot dog with extra cheese. He isn't headed for it specifically, just happens to be going in that general direction. As the gun catches the glint of a street light, he stops and frowns; as it misfires, he tosses the food aside and hits the dirt, looking up only after the bodies go thud in the distance. "Holy shit!" he mutters under his breath.

Can this get anyworse? Claudine just facepalms as she hears yet another person witness whatever the heck just happened and she lets out an oye. Oh yeah, the Company might get a bit cross, but surely they'll understand the situation..or something like that.

She looks back over to Daniel, "I..fine. We gotta go.." she says matter of factly. Really, she just has to go. This is perhaps one of those times she should use it..or maybe not. Who knows..and with that she just starts to head off in the direction towards Morningside Heights.

Daniel nearly has a heart attack when he hears Seamus speak, one hand flying to grasp at his chest while his spine straightens reflexively. The boy spins around and stares, breathing hard. "What the fuck - why - /what/?" Seamus being here makes no sense at all. "Shit, man. I'm getting the hell out of here before those other creeps come back. I'd haul ass if I were you."

And yes..Claudine didnt stay to chit chat with Seamus. She just ran home..or something like that..

"Thanks fer th' advice," Seamus scoffs, stepping forward and wrenching the corkscrew attachment from the fallen thug's shoulder. …Ew, lovely. The Irishman mutters to himself, pulling out a handkerchief to wipe most of the excess blood from the metal spiral. He'll need to wash the damn thing later. "Y'alrigh'?" he asks again, folding the knife back together and slipping it into his pocket next to his lock picks, even as he steps over one of the fallen thugs. "Th'didn' 'urt ya, did they?" That would actually be genuine concern in the mechanic's voice, and he glances over his shoulder again in time to see Claudine clearing off. Guess she's alright. "Bloody fuck," he mutters yet again. "Eventful" doesn't cover it.

After spending a suitable length of time in the Boom Coming Over position, Randall finally pushes up on his hands and knees, dusting himself off as he cautiously heads over toward Seamus. "No kidding," he offers, nodding in the direction of the handkerchief. "What about you, you didn't get shot there, did you?" Evidently, between the distance and the poor lighting, he didn't catch many of the nuances properly.

It takes Daniel a minute to really process what exactly is going on. Those lumps on the ground are apparently bodies. That corkscrew is bloody. Holy /crap/. /Again/. He takes several steps back into the middle of the path, pointing at Seamus. "…/murderer/. You're, like, in the Irish mob or something and you're gonna kill us all, aren't you. Don't bother lying, I-" And then Randall shows up. daniel jumps again, his heart rate pounding away and shaving a few years off his life. "/Jesus christ/."

"I— wha'? No, I didn' —" Seamus glances down at the two men behind him, then back to Daniel, and then /snorts/. "You're's dumb as y'look, aren' you? They aren' /dead/, they're jus' —" Whoa, what the hell! The Irishman whips around to face Randall, hand dipping back into his pocket. …Guhhh. "'M fine," he nods to the other man, though he remains wary of the newcomer, given he's never seen Randall before. A beat, and then he turns his head back to give Daniel a Look. "If I 'adn' knocked 'em ou', they'd'a sho' me'r you or both. So shut th' 'ell up." Just what he needs; crazy teenager calling him a murderer. Fuck.

Randall quickly takes a few steps backward, putting his hands out in front in the classic don't-tase-me-bro stance. "Okay, okay." He starts to say something else, but that's when he finally catches sight of Daniel as well. He stares for a while, then lets his shoulders slump. So much for any hope of understanding what the hell's been going on.

"—they sure look dead, you crazy Irish freak. I'm pretty sure that wasn't ketchup on that screw, either." Daniel points a shaking finger at Seamus, his eyes darting between the aforementioned serial killer and Randall. "He's crazy. He's fucking /nuts/, man." No, Daniel will not shut the hell up. His voice will not be silenced! Still, though, he isn't running off screaming into the night, so perhaps he's willing to at least listen to any other excuses Seamus might present.

"Oh fer bloody— don' be a /twit/." Seamus gives the nearest "body" a good kick, and the mass of man grunts slightly at the onslaught. "Tha' soun' dead t'you? Jesus." Seamus also reaches into his pocket and takes the knife back out, flipping out the still-red-flecked corkscrew. It's about two inches long, tops. "An' y'think I could kill summa' wi' tha'? I didn' get'im in th' /neck/, ya blind brat, I go' 'im in th' shoulder." Christ. The Irishman shakes his head, scoffing again as he slips the Swiss army knife back into his pocket. "Go th' 'ell 'ome. You're 'ysterical."

Jamming his hands in his pockets, Randall looks back and forth from Daniel to Seamus, and back again. He doesn't say anything, in fact he backs up another step as the knife is brandished, regardless of how much reach or take-down power it actually offers in practice.

Well, okay. Maybe they're /not/ dead. But some weird shit definitely went down in addition to Daniel being menaced by a gun-wielding freak and having his life threatened. It's been, at the very least, an extremely stressful night. It's time to freak out just a little. The boy's legs buckle a bit and he ends up suddenly sitting down in place, planting himself on the path while taking deep breaths. "/Fuck/." Is it time to call the cops yet?

"Oh Jesus." Randall gets a quick glance from Seamus, but the quick step-back doesn't make it seem like the other man holds a lot of trust for Seamus, so the mechanic just scoffs. Fine; he's on his own. As usual. He shakes his head, approaching Daniel carefully and slowly, his hands out and open to show he has no weapons and means no arm, ending up in a half-crouch as he nears the boy. "'Ey. Are ya alrigh'?" What a question. The redhead plops onto a knee next to the kid, assuming Dan doesn't scramble away. "Y'need me ta… walk y'ome or somethin'?" For fuck's sake, he didn't mean to traumatize the kid.

Randall still doesn't know quite what the hell's been going on, but he knows a good opportunity when he sees it; while Seamus and Daniel are distracted with one another, he turns and heads off in another direction, hoping to clear out of the park before any cops show up and ask pesky questions. Who knows what /they/ would make of his presence during the whatever-it-was.

Daniel isn't going anywhere just yet, since he's busy coming down from a relatively short bout of panic. All in all, someone could take being almost killed a lot worse. "I'm fine. I'll wait here for the cops to show up; someone's probably called 9-1-1 by now." Hopefully. In any case, the police need witnesses, and Daniel is one of two victims in this particular incident. Claudine's predictably cleared off. He sets his hands on his knees and squeezes them slightly, leaning a bit to watch Randall's retreat. He might be freaking out, but that's put him on high alert. Any movement is suspect.

Argh fuck. "An' wha' if they 'aven't?" Seamus protests, reaching out to grip Dan by the shoulder. As he does, the two "bodies" behind him stir, and one of them groans. He jerks, whipping his head around to look at the fallen men in a panic. "/Shi'/ — come on, kid, ya can' stay 'ere." He gives the boy a slight shake, hoping to pull him out of his panic-induced little stupor. "If'n they wake up b'fore the cops get 'ere…" Well, it'll be /bad/, okay?

The wonderful thing about being intelligent is that intelligence can trump panic. Seamus' words get through to Daniel, helped along by the movement of the incapacitated thugs. The boy reaches up to slap a bit at Seamus' hand, hurriedly gathering himself and soon pushing up to his feet. "If no one's called, then someone /should/ call. Did you see what happened? That gun just /retarded itself/."

"Yeah well, /you/ can call once we ge' th' fuck out've 'ere," Seamus points out, rising to his feet again. One of the thugs groans again and lifts a hand to his head, and panic sets in. "C'mon." The Irishman seizes Daniel by the wrist and starts dragging him down the walk. No, Seamus didn't see what happened, and he doesn't plan to stick around to find out what /will/ happen if they're still around when the thugs wake up. One of their guns still works, and there's no telling what other weapons they have on them. Witnesses can always come forward later, but they have to be /not dead/ first.

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